Birther watch: The Times goes Hawaiian!


Don't ask, don't make Trump tell:
It took them a few weeks more than a year.

It took them more than a year—but last Sunday, in a lengthy front-page report, the New York Times finally did it! At long last, the famous newspaper finally pretended to examine the claims which made Donald J. Trump the king of the nation's birthers.

To read the report, click here.

Trump became the nation's birther king in 2011. At that time, the gentleman's hometown New York Times was extremely reluctant to criticize his disgraceful, ridiculous conduct.

The Potemkin "newspaper" is like that! Last Sunday, the faux newspaper finally pretended to examine Trump's widely-bruited claims. The assignment went to Ashley Parker, one of the famous paper's silliest "political reporters."

Parker started at the newspaper, straight out of college, as Maureen Dowd's "research assistant," whatever that could possibly mean. Last Sunday, her 1835-word "news report" appeared on the paper's front page under this headline:

"How Trump's 'Birther' Claims Helped to Stir Presidential Bid"

Parker was the lead reporter on the piece, but she hadn't labored alone. Steve Eder was listed as co-reporter and, according to the Times byline, "Michael M. Grynbaum and Maggie Haberman contributed reporting. Kitty Bennett contributed research."

Presumably, editors also worked on the piece. As always, they went unnamed.

Five different reporters had worked on the front-page piece! Their lengthy report helps us see what phony "reporting" looks like.

As noted, Donald J. Trump became king of the birthers in 2011. As Parker managed to note rather late in her front-page report, Trump "said repeatedly that he had sent a team of investigators to Hawaii to unearth information about Mr. Obama's birth records."

Parker even quoted one of the things Trump said about his alleged investigators. ''They cannot believe what they are finding,'' he said in an appearance on the widely-watched ABC program, The View.

From that day to this, several rather obvious questions have begged for review. Here are a few of those obvious questions:
Obvious questions which beg for review:
Did Donald J. Trump really send investigators to Hawaii? Or was he lying when he kept making that claim?

How many investigators did he send? What are a few of their names?

If he did send investigators to Hawaii, what were their findings about Obama? Trump said they were startled by their findings. What were they startled by?
Those are blindingly obvious questions about this gruesome episode. Given the prominence of Donald J. Trump, these questions should have been examined in real time.

When Trump became a White House contender, these questions became even more salient. Last Sunday, the New York Times finally pretended to check them out, a bit more than one year later.

We say "pretended" for a reason. Ashley Parker's front-page report is a prime example of Potemkin journalism, in which a newspaper pretends to tackle a politically difficult subject while plainly failing to do so.

Did Trump send gumshoes to Hawaii? Despite her 1835 words, there is no sign that Parker. or her unnamed "editors," actually tried to find out.

How bad does reporting get at the New York Times? Before we examine the heart of Parker's evasion, consider the type of ridiculous error which typifies New York Times work.

Below, you see the way Parker's began her report. In paragraph 5, we're told that Trump "even proposed dispatching private investigators to Hawaii" (our italics):
PARKER (7/3/16): Joseph Farah, a 61-year-old author, had long labored on the fringes of political life, publishing a six-part series claiming that soybeans caused homosexuality and fretting that “cultural Marxists” were plotting to destroy the country.

But in early 2011, he received the first of several calls from a Manhattan real estate developer who wanted to take one of his theories mainstream.

That developer, Donald J. Trump, told Mr. Farah that he shared his suspicion that President Obama might have been born outside the United States and that he was looking for a way to prove it.

“What can we do to get to the bottom of this?” Mr. Trump asked him. “What can we do to turn the tide?”

Mr. Farah recalled that Mr. Trump even proposed dispatching private investigators to Hawaii, Mr. Obama’s birthplace, to resolve the debate.
Let's assume that Farah's recollection is accurate—that Trump really did "even propose" sending gumshoes to Hawaii. You have to read all the way to paragraph 31, very deep in the lengthy report, to learn that Trump ended up repeatedly saying he'd done so:
PARKER (pgh 31): Mr. Trump also said repeatedly that he had sent a team of investigators to Hawaii to unearth information about Mr. Obama’s birth records. “They cannot believe what they are finding,” Mr. Trump told ABC’s “The View.”
You don't learn that until paragraph 31, deep inside the lengthy, 46-paragraph piece! But a mere 12 paragraphs later, Parker seems to have forgotten what she wrote. Absurdly, she offers the highlighted point:
PARKER (pghs 41-43): Now, Mr. Trump almost assiduously refuses to discuss the topic, which, according to several people close to him, was always more about political performance art than ideology.

“I don’t talk about that anymore,” Mr. Trump told the MSNBC host Chris Matthews after a Republican debate last year.

Raising questions about the president’s birth certificate—and even threatening to send a team of investigators to Hawaii—had served its purpose, raising Mr. Trump’s political profile and, whether he knew it or not at the time, providing him with the rudimentary foundation upon which he built his 2016 campaign.
Even threatening to send a team of investigators to Hawaii? Just like that, Parker seems to have forgotten that Trump repeatedly said, in public forums, that he actually did so!

How do newspapers make such absurd mistakes? Only the New York Times knows! But that absurd bit of memory loss is a relatively minor problem with Parker's report. The major problem lies at the end—and with the blindingly obvious questions she plainly refused to ask.

Did Donald J. Trump ever send gumshoes to Hawaii? Or was he just lying when he made that repeated claim?
These have been obvious questions for the past five years—but only in her final two paragraphs does Parker pretend to raise them. This is the way she ends her lengthy report:
PARKER (pghs 45-46): But for all of his fascination with the president’s birth certificate, Mr. Trump apparently never dispatched investigators or made much of an effort to find the documents.

Dr. Alvin Onaka, the Hawaii state registrar who handled queries about Mr. Obama, said recently through a spokeswoman that he had no evidence or recollection of Mr. Trump or any of his representatives ever requesting the records from the Hawaii State Department of Health. (end of report)
If you read all the way to paragraph 45 of a 46-paragraph piece, you see Parker suggest the possibility that Trump was lying all along. But she never states the possibility in such an unpleasant way, and she offers extremely flimsy "evidence" in support of her speculation.

Most significantly, here's what she never does at any point in this long front-page report. She never asks a string of Trump factotums to answer those obvious questions!

Did Trump send gumshoes to Hawaii? Or was he simply lying? Bowing and scraping to Donald Trump's power, Parker never poses those question to Farah, with whom she opens her piece.

She never poses those questions to Roger Stone, another Trump factotum whom she interviews in her piece. She never asks Sam Nunberg, "who was one of Mr. Trump’s advisers during that period but was fired from his current campaign."

Parker quotes from an interview with Nunberg about the birther episode. But she never asks him the obvious questions: Did Trump send gumshoes to Hawaii to probe Obama's birth? Or was he lying when he kept saying he did?

Parker never poses those obvious questions to Farah, Stone or Nunberg. And needless to say, she never poses those awkward questions to the Trump campaign.

Parker writes that Donald J. Trump "declined to be interviewed about the subject." That said, what happened when she posed the obvious questions to Trump's spokespeople?

Parker never tells you that! In truth, there's no sign that she ever posed the obvious questions to anyone from Trump's campaign.

Did Trump send gumshoes to Hawaii, or was he simply lying? Judging from her lengthy report, Parker never asked!

Parker is one of the many sillybills on the Times political staff. Some of their political sillybills are hapless youngish men. But in the years since its famous "Creeping Dowdism" has come to define the New York Times work, the paper has seemed to prefer hiring hapless youngish women to perform its political work.

(Amazingly, several competent people are still on the New York Times staff.)

In this particular pseudo-report, the Times pretended to go Hawaiian, just as Gidget actually did so many years ago. In this instance, Parker showed how fake it can get when the Times pretends to talk truth to power without really having to do so.

Was Donald Trump lying all along? Playing a very familiar old game, Parker and her unnamed editors completely forgot to ask!


  1. Well, he was asked but he won't tell.
    Why don't you ask him, Bob.
    Because The dirty Don is so truthful and character is unassailable.

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  2. Police interviewer: "Did you kill your wife?"

    Man in custody: "No, of course not."

    Police interviewer: "All right, off you go then."

    Yes, this is exactly how you get people to talk about things. You ask them point blank and when they say they don't want to talk about it, you never ask again.

    Somerby's point is that this is how powerful people are interviewed about touchy subjects. Regular people get asked the same questions over and over, get their own words thrown back at them, have interviewers come at things from a variety of directions, endure repetition because interviewers want to see if the same questions get answered the same way over time. Reporters used to know how to do this kind of thing. Parker probably knows how, but she also knows that if Trump doesn't want to talk about something, you don't ask him twice, because he's a BSD in NYC and you don't want to antagonize him, even if he is also a big fat liar.

    Who cares whether the public gets told anything true or is sold a pile of garbage disguised as news about how Trump grew his campaign from his birther crusade.

    You don't ask someone a question to get the truth. When that person is a liar, like Trump, you ask the questions to get the lies on the record, to document that he is a liar. That's why he doesn't want to talk about this stuff any more.

    The NY Times is the paper of record. Somerby isn't. What good does it do if Somerby asks the question? Parker needed to -- and she failed because Trump will soon no longer be a candidate and people in NYC are perhaps worried about the aftermath of his campaign. Remember this is a very vindictive man, one who carries grudges, especially against women. Parker is ready to be intimidated by someone who uses his wealth to deter the questions any other candidate would be asked repeatedly.

  3. It might be worth noting.

    Donald Trump is not a legitimate office seeker.
    He is a bad comedian.

    Politicians equivocate, present half truths,
    ingage in dubious conjecture, and on occasion

    No sensible person can expect Donald Trump
    to remain consistent on a given position two
    days in a row.

    The voters must treat him as an aberration
    and hope and or prey that they are correct.

    1. Trump is a joke until he wins the election and decides to change his name to Hitler.

  4. Moondoggie MatthewsJuly 9, 2016 at 11:50 PM

    In his 1546 word post belittling an 1835 word NYT article, Bob Somerby plays off the title of a film from the series of beach girl films that began in 1959 with "Gidget." It featured Sandra Dee as the title character who many boys Somerby's age at the time no doubt pleasured themselves thinking about.

    Of course the exact cinematic title Bob is alluding to is "Gidget Goes Hawaiian," a 1961 film starring Deborah Walley as the plucky girl on the beach. But you'd have to surf through all 34 of Bob's original paragraphs plus all those he cut and pasted from the Times before you realize Somerby completely forgot to even mention the film.

    Of course in the next to last paragraph Somerby does mention the character by name, and gives perhaps the best clue why he left out attributing his clever headline to its Hollywood creators. Writes Somerby:

    "In this particular pseudo-report, the Times pretended to go Hawaiian, just as Gidget actually did so many years ago." Somerby seems to believe the girl Gidget was real and actually went to Hawaii. Or he wants the gullible youngsters in his herd to think so. All his analysts do.

    Somerby is s big fan of the surfer cinematic genre, once picking the obscure film "Blue Crush" as one of the best of 2002. In fact he made it the first film reviewed in the Howler and covered it three more times that year and kept mentioning in for the remainder of the decade. He admitted seeing the string bikini filled flick three times. It made him advise his readers to "paddle hard."

    Because of Somerby's interest in the simple life stories in film's of this type, which teach the type of lessons Somerby hopes to lead liberals to follow, many call him the Big Kahuna.

    1. You should ask for your money back!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. What is the point of writing a comment like this that makes no sense?

    4. Troll "Moondoggie" brings what one brings when one has nothing to bring -- which is why it happens so very very often.

    5. During the dead of winter each year I like to stay up late on a weekend night and watch the classic The Endless Summer (1966). A beautiful film.

  5. From yestereday's comment thread:

    July 7, 2016 at 2:28 PM

    Nobody parses meaning by counting words."

    July 7, 2016 at 2:29 PM

    Autistic and schizophrenic people, with frontal lobe deficits, do this."

    Today the Autistic and/or schizophrenic Bob Somerby shows his frontal lobe deficit skills by counting words and paragraphs to parse meaning, intent and priorities.

    1. You cheated -- you added the words "intent and priorities"

      Somerby still isn't using counts of anything to determine meaning.

    2. Not only cheated, in your view, but @ 12:06 "disappeared" something, too. Bob counted reporters as well as words and paragraphs.
      Which all shows the meaning of "phony."

    3. Sergei, your 1925 film was phony, fake, Potemkin.

    4. Unlike Gidget, who really didn't go to Hawaii, Potemkin really was in Odessa. In fact, Saturday Night Fever was perhaps based on the Friday Night Fever from Odessa where everybody was just "Staying Alive" doing the steps.

  6. According to the Times article Somerby slashes apart here, Trump's bout of birtherism lasted about six weeks starting in March of 2011.

    Has anyone reviewed the incomparable coverage of and by your Howler during the period Trump was "birther king?"

    Did Bob Somerby note in real time "the gentleman's hometown New York Times was extremely reluctant to criticize his disgraceful, ridiculous conduct."

    In comments in the minutes, hours, days and maybe even weeks ahead let's review the work of our Potemkin blog, starting with the first mention of "birther" in April, 2011. The post turned out to be about Geroge Will. Or at least the headline was about him. The real focus seemed to be....are you ready for this?????....Rachel Maddow.

    Many of you may say it's time for me to go. Funny, but those were the words of Somerby back then too.
    your Howler gets results!

    1. Allow me to make a correction. Bob's claim that "influential conservative" George Will had "trashed" the whole birther movement came in March, 2011, not April.

    2. Uhm...

      "To refer to this swill as political porn would be far too kind. How does this bottom-feeding harm the republic? Millions of gullible voters simply don’t know that Trump (and Hannity) are playing them for fools. They come to believe the things Trump is saying; this heightens their distrust of Obama. Beyond that, it heightens their distrust of any claims from the mainstream press, since the mainstream press is so plainly hiding the truth about Obama. And as millions of voters are turned into fools, millions of voters who read liberal blogs are, in turn, transformed into tribal haters. At sites like Digby’s, the word “they” is used with increasingly reckless abandon—even as we assure ourselves that we are the most tolerant people who ever drew breath on the earth.

      Tribal war is thus ratcheted up by Donald Trump’s disgraceful behavior. The sheer stupidity of our culture is taken to the next level. And this morning, Davis Brooks, in a deeply disgraceful moment, tells us he wouldn’t want to live in a country without such men. He wouldn’t want to live in a country that isn’t driven by ugly delusions.

      There’s little chance he’ll ever have to. By now, we all live in the country Mark Twain described in his comical portraits from the frontier—a world in which various touring buffoons mislead highly gullible people. In the current instance, Brooks cheers one of the vilest charlatans on—and the editorial board at the New York Times still won’t discuss Trump’s behavior. In such ways, our highest-ranking “journalists” agree to accept our remarkable, gong-show political culture—as they’ve done for a very long time.

      In the case of the Times editorial board, they were there at this culture’s birth, as they themselves spread wild claims all around about Clinton and then about Gore. For ourselves, we remembered those wildest political days as we watched Chris Matthews, and two handsome stooges, during last evening’s Hardball."

    3. You jumped ahead hardindr. Before Somerby was lumping Digby into the equation with Trump and Hannity (leading of course to the inervitable return to Gore and Matthews, he was blaming the hosts of the View. That and more ahead. Watch this space.

    4. Imitation is flattery -- @3:01 looks like he has a serious case of Somerby envy.

    5. I'll save you the trouble. Isn't Barbara Walters a famous journalist and long-time reporter/broadcaster for ABC News? Too bad she was too incompetent (like Woopie and Behar) to tell Trump on The View that Obama had already shown his birth certificate.

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  8. It was all just political posing. Trump's first investigator was probably a lawyer who pointed out that the relevant law says is does no matter where Obama was born. His mother was an American citizen at the time of his birth, so Obama was a natural citizen.

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