Comey watch: Acolytes honor Comey the God!

TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2016

Lester Holt, fashionably clueless:
In this morning's New York Times, David Brooks provides some backwash from the decrees emitted by Comey the God.

We think you know what happened last week. Instead of simply reporting the FBI's recommendations to the Justice Department, Comey the God mounted the stage to tell the world what he thought.

He was breaking with standard procedure in a fairly remarkable way. In God-like fashion, he trashed the way that Hillary Clinton had broken with standard procedure!

In early May, we offered a warning—given his stiff-necked reputation for probity, Comey the God might do something like this. Last week, in typical fashion, the press corps bowed low to their new god and gulped down the things he had said.

As we noted yesterday, Dana Milbank performed the ceremony which made Comey a press corps god. In recent days, we've seen many guild members agreeing with everything Comey said—and with everything Comey suggested.

The voice of Comey the God has been heard throughout the land! In response, his acolytes tremble. Sacred offerings must be made. In this morning's New York Times, David Brooks offers this:
BROOKS (7/12/16): Blood was in the streets last week—victims of police violence in two cities and slain cops in another. America’s leadership crisis looked dire. The F.B.I. director’s statements reminded us that Hillary Clinton is willing to blatantly lie to preserve her career. Donald Trump, of course, lies continually and without compunction. It’s very easy to see this country on a nightmare trajectory.
Comey the God helped us remember that Clinton will blatantly lie!

In Saturday's Washington Post, Colbert King also bowed before Comey the God. In 2000, King trashed the appalling Candidate Gore right through to the end. Thanks to the revelations of Comey the God, he has said what follows, and many more things, about the vile Candidate Clinton:
KING (7/9/16): By using her own, unclassified email servers to communicate and store highly sensitive government information—as the FBI established—Clinton, as with [Henry Cabot] Lodge before her, placed personal interests above the obligation to properly protect classified information.
Was "highly sensitive government information" recklessly placed at risk? That's what Comey said and suggested; King goes on—and on, and on—from there.

Brooks and King are influential Establishment Washington figures. Ar the gruesome new Salon, one of the most incompetent professors in the nation has also swallowed the gruel of the god.

We often marvel at the fact that Sophia McClennen could possibly be a Penn State professor. In her latest remarkable effort, she throws in her lot with Brooks:
MCCLENNEN (7/12/16): That’s where we have to pause for a moment and assess how Clinton has actually responded to the email scandal. First of all, there is ample evidence she simply lied. A lot. We know that she originally stated she used a private server to allow her to email from one device. That has been proven false. We know that despite apologizing for poor judgment, she has consistently passed the blame onto others, suggesting that her colleagues were the ones who should have known the rules. We also know that she has really refused to take seriously the idea that sensitive and classified information was mishandled and that that information may have actually been leaked. Most importantly we have clear evidence that she has handled this mess with spin and rhetoric more than actual leadership.
Brooks tells us that Clinton blatantly lied. McClennen says she lied a lot.

As usual, there is little sense that McClennen has any idea what she's talking about. We routinely marvel at the fact that she's a full professor.

Candidate Gore was also anointed the world's biggest liar, of course. The children rushed to honor the gods who brought them that immortal decree. The treasured narrative has been in play for the past twenty-five years.

In the current case, the most remarkable bit of Comey-devotion may have been performed by NBC's Lester Holt. Astoundingly, the network star said this, last Friday, in an interview with Clinton:
HOLT (7/8/16): Madam Secretary, our time is short. If I could switch gears. This is the first chance we've had to chat since the head of the FBI called you out for careless handling of classified documents on your personal email server.

You said that none of the emails you sent were marked as classified. He said they were. You said it was a single device. He said there were multiple devices. You say you turned over all work- related material. He says you didn't.

Did he get it right? And if not, where did he get it wrong?
Good God! By the time Holt spoke with Clinton, the facts about the highlighted matter had become quite clear.

Holt didn't seem to have heard. But so it goes when these puzzling life-forms come face to face with their gods.

Did Clinton blatantly lie, a lot, the way the acolytes now assert? Tomorrow, we'll start with Holt's remarkable questions, the fruit of Comey the God.


  1. Sophia McClennen? Penn State? We all KNOW what is more important... THERE!

  2. I saw that Lester Holt interview. It didn't even appear he watched Comey testify. Truly unprofessional and incompetent work.

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  4. You Can't Blame The YouthJuly 13, 2016 at 11:54 AM

    Many among us tried to warn early on: The press will turn again on Clinton, hard; she is not a safe nominee; it isn't fair, but she's been dangerously damaged by previous press malfeasance.

    Look at her polling negatives, we pleaded.

    But her supporters were on a high. The most overt press hostility from prior years seemed to have receded. That bullshit about the Foundation and about Goldman was still always lurking in the background -- but really, it was just noise, right?

    She'd bested the Benghazi hearing, they said. Feeling the buzz, they just knew she'd shown she could stand up to anything.

    And besides, there was no way the Dem establishment could accept the insurgency represented by Sanders.

    Better to undermine that. Better to ignore the real demographics, that the single determinant splitting Sanders supporters from Clinton supporters was age. No, better to pretend it's sex. Better to pretend it's race.

    (It took months for our press to see their way to seeing through that baloney. Mysteriously, it took only 24 hours to spot it an ocean away after the Brexit results. Hmmm...)

    Well, the bed's been shit. And then the linens have just been made over it anyway, as if nothing was wrong.

    Thank Christ for a fucking dog of a GOP candidate, we may still have a shot at keeping the White House out of the hands of the lunatic fringe.

    But it should never have been like this.

    1. Yes, we should let the press veto our candidate. Maureen Dowd should appoint the president.

    2. You Can't Blame The YouthJuly 14, 2016 at 9:00 AM

      It's not a question, midget Caesar, of letting the press veto your candidate.

      It's a question of recognizing, acknowledging the hideous damage a potential candidate has suffered and making a judgement that it represents a serious barrier.

      You had another potential candidate. He was generating huge enthusiasm and wasn't burdened by pre-existing vast negatives.

      Your party decided to shit on him. You "let" #CorrectTheRecord pretend his supporters were racists, sexists. It worked. Hooray!

      Your candidate won.

      We warned you that wasn't going to be good enough.

      We hope we're wrong. Most of us still plan to vote -- out of pure desperation -- against Trump "for" Clinton. The polls though show the race now on a knife's edge.

      There was a better way, but the Dems decided to destroy their untarnished, popular candidate (disparaging his supporters into the bargain -- who needs them!) and go with the anointed loathed candidate.

      It's quite a thing really to see you, wee Caesar, pretend Clinton's nomination represents a triumph of the voters over the press.

    3. Youth,

      Has the United States increased their support for a very leftist candidate since 1972? (47,168,710 - 29,173,222)

      Sanders declared himself a capital-S Socialist.

      He had zero chance.

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