Convention watch: Howard Dean dies for Maddow's sins!

TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2016

When corporate clowns serve as anchors:
Let's refashion the famous line from the late Molly Ivins:

Did you watch Rudy Giuliani's ranting, shouting, screaming speech last night at the Republican convention? Giuliani spoke at 10 o'clock sharp. In effect, he was the keynote speaker.

Giuliani kept ranting and waving his arms. We thought his speech would have gone over better in the original beer hall.

Watching Giuliani, it was hard to avoid thinking of very bad history from the last century. His screaming and ranting helped us see where things can go at times of fantastic tribal division.

It was hard to avoid thinking of very bad history. Unless you were Rachel Maddow, who made Howard Dean take the fall for her own corporate sins.

Much of what follows just isn't true. But this is what Maddow actually said as soon as Rudy stopped shouting:
MADDOW (7/18/16): You know, there's a speech like this at every convention. And sometimes it, sometimes it plainly works and sometimes it plainly doesn't, and sometimes it is a litmus test and half the country watching it will think that's the greatest thing that ever happened and and the other half will think that was maybe satire.

I think that happened probably with Jennifer Granholm's speech last Democratic Convention. I think another example of that on the Democratic side would have been Howard Dean screaming into the microphone after the Iowa convention—the Iowa caucuses.
There's a speech like that at every convention? For starters, that just isn't true.

You very rarely see a speech like that at a convention. At any rate, when Maddow started giving examples, Howard Dean was asked to die for her own corporate sins.

Briefly, let's be fair. Let's assume it isn't easy to co-anchor a live event—to offer commentary, off the cuff, for several hours.

That said, you almost never see a speech like Giuliani's rant! And good God—Howard Dean? Did he have to die again for Maddow's corporate sins?

Maddow offered no examples of Republicans making "a speech like that." It fell to Republican strategist Steve Schmidt to mention Zell Miller's crazy speech at the GOP convention in 2004. (Miller was still a Democrat at the time.)

Remarkably, no one mentioned Pat Buchanan's famous speech at the 1992 convention. Instead, Howard Dean took the fall again for the brief moment when he "screamed."

Giuliani's craziness is a symptom of our very troubling times. So is Maddow's wide array of dysfunctional work.

She talks down to liberals each weekday night, dumbing us down and making us dumbly happy. In many cases, this makes us almost as dumb and self-righteous as Giuliani was last night. If you doubt that, watch our own excesses when we unleash our own furies next week.

Giuliani ranted and screamed. Thinking quickly, Maddow let Dean took the fall.

Jennifer Granholm's speech: Granholm's speech in 2012 was brief and largely positive. She was praising Obama for all the jobs he saved by rescuing the U.S. auto industry.

In the end, she was quite exuberant. But it was nothing like Rudy's beer hall bash last night.

You can watch Granholm here. Uncle Pat went unmentioned.


  1. Was Giuliani's speech really crazy?? he is only saying the same things, and with the same vitriol, that my conservative friends have been saying on facebook for years.

    And I personally think most of the complaints are much ado about nothing. For example, the touched on the we are at war with extremist Islamic terrorists rant. I have had conversations with my angry conservative friends where when questioned about what they dont' like about the president's policy on terrorism, it boils down to he won't say "extremist Islamic terrorism".

    To borrow from Bob, can we talk. Does anyone truly doubt that the president of the united states does not understand that we are at war with extremist Islamic terrorists, even if that is not the phrase he uses.

    Guiliani also touched on how much him and the conservatives love cops, as if all democrats hate cops. again, if you read Obama's speech from dallas, he talks a good deal about the hard job cops do, and also talks about the individual officers lost. I don't believe that the president and democrats hate cops. but for some reason the conservatives are all riled up about it.

    if they are riled up about political correctness, I think it is the media doing that more than anyone, maybe they should yell at them instead...

    1. Probably the carelessly implying that cops go around shooting black people for fun is what's making them mad.

    2. who is carelessly implying that cops shoot black people for fun...I am not sure that I have hear the president say that...

    3. 1:58 PM,
      Good luck finding those who belong to the voices in Matt the Crown's head.

    4. No, it's the black people who are just having fun ... Skittles!

    5. @ 2:53 PM - more like a chorus.

  2. Please. Conservatives LOVE political correctness (making it verboten to say something that might hurt someone's--or some group's--feelings).
    Ever try to talk about Wall Street and bankers crashing the world's economy through fraud? You'll get shouted down by conservatives who think you are "criminalizing success". Or try speaking the absolute truth in public about religion, "there is no God and there never was", and you'll see how quickly they cling to the PC world about how you can't say that because you're insulting so many Americans. To say nothing about how pointing out the USA isn't "Number 1 in anything but executing the mentally retarded, will get you treated.

  3. She just told us tonight that Donald Trump Jr's speech was "great." That despite its dated, nutcase content.

    The content apparently wasn't an issue with her.

    Bob's right. She's really into earning her $$$$. What a horrible person she is.

  4. Yesterday's headline says "Hillary set to stiff her base." The article is just a rundown on all of the candidates being vetted for VP. No one knows who Clinton will pick, but somehow the Huffington Post knows that Hillary will "stiff" her base.

    Media figures keep talking about how little enthusiasm the Democrats have for Clinton. This, despite the votes she won in the primaries, the money she has raised from large and small donors, the numerous endorsements and people campaigning for her, and so on. Her campaign is historic and people in many states are thrilled to be working for her, but there is supposedly no enthusiasm!

    Clinton rules. No matter what she does, it isn't enough.

  5. Howard Dean died and nobody came to his funeral.

    1. More Howler commenters are interested in dancing on Trayvon Martin's grave than tossing a flower on poor Doc Dean's coffin.

  6. More MDS from BS. All because an old, southern, conservative, white guy can't emotionally handle that an intelligent, gay woman has a cable show and he doesn't.

  7. maddow is just annoying

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