BREAKING: Robert Samuelson, rank spoilsport!


Why can't these losers calm down:
We're so old that we can remember when people were deeply afraid because Donald J. Trump had hired the crackpot war-monger John Bolton.

Actually, that fear was widespread last week.

"John Bolton's extremism could lead the country to catastrophe?" So said the Washington Post's editorial board. By Sunday, even George Will was tagging Bolton as "the country's second most dangerous man."

Quite a few people said things like that toward the end of last week. Then along came Stormy's visit to Anderson's Playpen. All our fears faded away.

We got to simper and play and enjoy ourselves, in our accustomed manner. Entertainment ruled again, as did The Sex and The Chase.

What, us worry? Stormy and her reptilian lawyer were chasing our blues away.

After that, how sad! Along came Robert Samuelson with yesterday's worrywart column in the Washington Post. He began by quoting a joint Homeland Security/FBI memorandum from March 15:

"This alert provides information on Russian government actions targeting U.S. Government entities as well as organizations in the energy, nuclear, commercial facilities, water, aviation and critical manufacturing sectors."

You're right! Unpleasant words like "energy" and "nuclear" were plainly included there!

The evening of that joint release, Rachel Maddow interviewed a New York Times reporter, Nicole Perlroth, about the new memorandum. Yesterday, Samuelson started his column like this:
SAMUELSON (3/26/18): One curiosity of the cyber-age is that the American public seems relatively unconcerned by what, arguably, is the biggest threat from the Internet: attacks on the nation's "critical infrastructure"—the electric grid, payment networks and water systems, among others.

The reaction to the recent DHS-FBI "alert" is a case in point. The report received middling media attention the day it was issued—and then coverage virtually vanished. Americans and their news outlets seem more preoccupied with President Trump's endless political crises and Russia's interference with the 2016 election.

No one—well, no one except the president and his most ardent supporters—denies that these matters are important. But they may ultimately be less important than the disorder or chaos inflicted by a full-scale cyber-assault on the institutions and networks that sustain everyday life.
It sounds like this might be important. That said, we were struck by Samuelson's remark about "Americans and their news outlets" and about "the American public."

According to Samuelson, we Americans—and our news outlets—are too preoccupied with The Chase to pay attention to matters which may well be more significant. Similarly, fear about the Bolton appointment flared extremely large last week, then quickly faded away.

For our money, Samuelson is behind the times when he points to The Chase—to "President Trump's endless political crises and Russia's interference with the 2016 election"—as the source of our distraction. At present, our news outlets—especially on "cable news"—are much more preoccupied with The Sex, and with Stephanie Clifford's amazingly large body parts.

We just put on cable TV. CNN was discussing a serious bit of breaking news from Louisiana. On MSNBC, we were being entertained and deeply pleasured by wholly gratuitous video of Stephanie Clifford's body parts—body parts which signal a deeply retrograde sexual politics on the part of the horrible people who run that corporate concern.

As Clifford vamped and pimped her parts on videotape, Katie Phang and Chris Jansing were excitedly discussing—what else?—The Chase. We live in a time of idiocracy, but also in a time when everyone, even Jansing, is being dragged all the way down by the endlessly retrograde people in charge of MSNBC.

Samuelson ended his column as shown below. He didn't mention The Sex:
SAMUELSON: The Internet represents a permanent change in the international order. It has created new avenues for conflict and social breakdown, both at home and abroad. It has altered the nature of warfare in constantly evolving ways. We need to prepare national defenses just as we would for a conventional attack. We can't pretend this is a bad dream that will vaporize when we awake.

I admit that I thought the DHS/FBI memo would be the catalyst that crystallized public opinion.
People would recognize that our adversaries are messing not only with our political ideals but also with fresh water, reliable electricity and accurate medical records. Public opinion would shift from indifference to outrage, making possible a more aggressive response.

It hasn't happened. What is certain is this: If we fail to act, we will have only ourselves to blame for the consequences.
He didn't mention The Sex. But the slimy people within our news orgs are actively chasing and selling The Sex. When we die in Mr. Bolton's War, they'll die with their [BLEEPS] in their hands.

They'll be airing retrograde video of their favorite tool flashing her oversized body parts. Even Jansing is willing to front such undisguised bullshit now.


  1. We here at our citizen station have sworn to forgo further wasteful indulgences, like blogs on discourse about preocupation with intercourse. Instead we are at full alert at our keyboard ready to fight any cyber attacks on our infrastructure. As all good citizens not armed and trained to protect our schoolchildren should be.

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  2. "On MSNBC, we were being entertained and deeply pleasured by wholly gratuitous video of Stephanie Clifford's body parts—body parts which signal a deeply retrograde sexual politics on the part of the horrible people who run that corporate concern."

    You see? Last week MSNBC didn't do any Stormy or other Trump t&a on the night the other Playmate had an exclusive on CNN.

    But they got right back to it quick.

    Believe me, it's true. That translates directly into ratings and then into ad dollars.

    That's the game and they are playing you.

    And you try to argue it's all about NDA's, feminism and free speech. HAHAHHA

    1. Says the commenter attracted to the blog that focuses on sex and body parts.

    2. Yes, there's no better place on the Internet for sex and body parts than the Daily Howler!

  3. "Americans and their news outlets seem more preoccupied with President Trump’s endless political crises and Russia’s interference with the 2016 election."

    How does Samuelson know what Americans think about cyber security, or what preoccupies them? Most of us don't control what gets on TV, or gets published in 'our' news outlets. Of course, he does use the Somerby staple word "seem", which makes everything following it perfectly acceptable.

    Ultimately, if this is so important, it is incumbent upon our elected leaders, from the president on down, to make this an issue and a priority.

  4. Anyone who doesn't watch any of the MSNBC shows can read the transcripts and find out what they are really talking about. This could be a scientific endeavor to determine how much time they report on any given story, like Stormy Daniels.

    Here was Maddow last week:
    Cambridge Analytica/Facebook (several extended discussions, including with Sen. Mark Warner);

    Russian attacks in Britain/US sanctions/Trump's response

    FBI/Homeland Security cyber/infrastructure vulnerabilities (2 separate programs, including comments from FBI director Wray);

    Bombings in Austin, TX

    Qatar/Saudi dispute, including the Kushner connection, also involving Erik Prince and Blackwater;

    Cyber security surrounding our elections;

    Is Trump a national security threat?;

    Discussion of Gun control, including interview with students from Parkland (2 separate programs);

    An entire show about John Bolton;

    The government spending bill;

    Trade war and Dow Jones;

    NRA/Russia connection;

    Attempt to get Leigh Corfman's attorney to publicly discredit her, complete with audio proof;

    Ban of transgender in the Armed Services;

    Not to mention MSNBC was live for the Saturday march in DC.

    Stormy Daniels? Not so much.

  5. Condoleezza Rice, Bush's NSC Advisor, was more or less a liberal intellectual. Didn't stop his administration from fucking things up on a gigantic scale.

    So, some psycho becomes an 'adviser' - is it really such a great reason for panic? I don't think so. Just another hate-mongering clown on tv.

    As for the "alert", that's just more russophobic bullshit. Bad timing, British clowns produced a better farce. Don't worry, they'll use it later.

    1. "Condoleezza Rice, Bush's NSC Advisor, was more or less a liberal intellectual."


      Poor Dimitri - doesn't know the difference between a neocon and a liberal.

    2. Thanks for sharing this, dear Dimitri. I sympathise. Perhaps you need to follow the example of your fellow dembot Boris, contact your 'controller', and ask for an upgrade?

    3. You forgot to note that besides being more or less a liberal intellectual, Condoleezza Rice was more or less a white male.
      This kind of oversight paints you as a half-asser in the game of propaganda.

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