FEMINIST HERO: Stephanie Clifford's #MeToo story!

MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2018

Part 1—Perhaps too dumb to prevail:
When Donald J. Trump fires Robert Mueller, will the center hold? Will the center push back, reinforcing American norms?

The chances are good that it won't. The chances are good that we will learn, at that time, that our basic expectations and norms are "lost, stolen and strayed"—that our presumptive norms have been reinvented, changed for all time, purloined.

Investigations will come to a halt. The Congress will grumble, but fail to act. Either that, or Donald J. Trump will finally start his war—and yes, this really could occur, no matter what the Princeton professor says, based on his predictive models!

Such as it was, our civilization will have ceased to exist. In large part, the reason will lie with Us.

By "Us," we mean us Over Here in our liberal tents, where a simple truth prevails—given the way our standards and our norms have evolved, we may simply be too dumb to survive or prevail.

The sharks will always devour the lambs—or they'll pay the wolves to do it for them. It seems to us that our piteous bleating can already be heard.

However well-intentioned we may be, just how dumb are we the liberals at this point in time? How ill-equipped for the fight?

Alas! The spectacular dumbness of this liberal era was put on painful display this weekend. It was put on display in an essay at Salon—an essay which defines Stephanie Clifford as a "feminist hero."

Is Stephanie Clifford a feminist hero? Everything is possible! Also, it all depends on what the meaning of"feminst hero" may be!

That said, it's amazingly hard to see how any clear-thinking liberal or progressive would want to see Clifford in those terms—in the terms which blare from the headline on the new piece at Salon:
Stormy Daniels is a feminist hero
And we owe it to her to give her the respect she deserves in her fight to break her silence
Please understand. We aren't saying that Clifford should be frog-marched into the country side for years of re-education. (Though we might recommend that type of assistance for her lawyer, Mark Avenatti.)

We aren't saying that Stephanie Clifford should go to prison for her current conduct. As far as we know, there's no justification for that.

We aren't even saying that Stephanie Clifford should be publicly attacked for doing something "wrong," although it seems to us, as a private judgment, that she has perhaps done many things which aren't especially admirable and may just plain be destructive and wrong.

We're not saying that Stephanie Clifford should be dunked in an Essex County pond. We're saying it takes a very soft head to think that she's a "feminist hero," or to offer this account, as seen in Salon, of her current exertions:
Why has the feminist left been slow to embrace her? Why is there still a mocking undertone when we talk about her? Is it because she’s a Republican? A stripper and adult film star? Is it because of her campy Make America Horny Again tour? Maybe it’s because she allegedly had consensual sex with Trump, an act that’s unthinkable to so many of us? But she was 27, and it was 2006 when the alleged tryst happened. As Clifford’s friend/assistant Kayla Paige said to Rolling Stone, ”Who hasn't gone and f**ked someone we regret?”

The bigger question is a rhetorical one: Should any of that matter when a woman wants to share her #MeToo story?
For what it's worth, Kayla Paige may be a very nice person. The Rolling Stone piece in which she's quoted suggests that she may also be extremely unwise—that she certainly isn't someone from whom the liberal world should take direction, unless we really have decided that we plans to let Donald Trump win.

The Rolling Stone piece in which Paige is quoted is a rather sad production. In its headline, it too refers to Clifford as a "hero."

That said, even Rolling Stone—the mag which blew the whistle on UVa's mistreatment of Jackie on its way to stupidly losing its shirt—isn't dumb enough yet to refer to Clifford as a feminist hero.

Beyond that, why on earth would anyone think that Clifford is trying to share "a #MeToo story?" If you'll permit a moment of sanity, this is the story in question:
Step one: In 2006, Clifford engaged in a sexual affair with a newly married man whose wife had just given birth to a baby boy. There's nothing illegal about that.

That said, we'll assume that Clifford hadn't yet achieved the status of "feminist hero."

Step two: Five years later, Clifford apparently tried to sell her story about this affair to a tabloid magazine. For a payment of $15,000, the feminist hero was willing to tell the story about her exciting affair with the father of the child who was now five years old.

According to this report in yesterday's Washington Post, Clifford abandoned her attempt to score the 15 grand under threat of a lawsuit. Was the disappointed Clifford a "feminist hero" yet?

Step three: By 2016, the man with whom she had the affair was a much more significant personage. If we might borrow Salon's transcription, Clifford was therefore now offered $130,000 to shut the f**k up about her exciting affair.

Clifford's payday was much larger than the one she'd originally sought! Consensually, she took the cash. Did this make her a "feminist hero?" Was she some sort of feminist yet?

Step four: By 2018, Clifford had decided that she wanted to "share her story" in public after all. A cynic would say that her potential payoff had exponentially risen by now, though that would be speculation.

At any rate, Clifford now began to look for a way to escape the earlier cash deal she had made. That's where the story stands now.
We're not saying that Clifford has done anything illegal. We're not even saying she's necessarily done something "wrong."

That said, we now reach today's basic question. That question goes something like this:

At what point in this seamy, back-alley affair did Stephanie Clifford become a "feminist hero?" Even more strikingly, when did her story—a story of f**cking, indifference to others and material greed—turn into a #MeToo affair?

We're so old that we can remember when the #MeToo movement was dedicated to stories of sexual harassment and outright criminal assault. Truth to tell, this takes us all the way back to some time last week!

That's what #MeToo stories were once said to be. When did this back-alley tale of chasing the money turn into a "feminist" #MeToo affair?

There's really no way to be polite about the piece which appeared at Salon. Realists, though, may want to say this about that:

Over the course of the past fifteen years, our emerging, new-world liberal culture has become monstrously dumb, spectacularly clueless.

We've moved from decades of liberal silence to a new regime of liberal dumbness. Everyone can see how dumb we routinely are—everyone except us.

This spectacular dumbness is a key tool as the deranged and disordered Donald J. Trump reshapes the norms of our civilization. Every time we showcase our tribal dumbness, we add one more link to our chain.

Again and again and again and again, we liberals have turned out to be just very dumb. We're self-impressed and impressively clueless. We've been like this for a while, following on a previous era of spectacular silence.

This fact has become painfully clear over the past fifteen years. Donald J. Trump has ridden our Dumb all the way to where he is. For example, to the brink of a possible war—and yes, it really could happen.

All this week, we'll be exploring the claim that Stehanie Clifford is a "feminist hero" who's bravely trying to tell her "#MeToo story." When a tribe or a movement has become so dumb that it can swallow notions like that. then it's just as Professor Brown once said:

There may come a time when the secret agreements are gone, when a civilization may end.

Lincoln put it differently last night in a vivid dreamlike appearance. "The mystic chords of memory" are being ripped out, he morosely alleged.

Tomorrow: For starters, a visit to Rolling Stone


  1. 'By "Us," we mean us Over Here in our liberal tents, where a simple truth prevails—given the way our standards and our norms have evolved, we may simply be too dumb to survive or prevail. '

    Somerby, since you are clearly a Trumptard now, 'Us' is now the tribe of Tumptards as far as you are concerned.

    1. You clearly have trouble understanding complex thinking beyond the 5th grade level. Unless, of course, Putin is your master.

    2. Someone who valiantly defends Trump and attacks liberals at almost every opportunity is no liberal, except to someone whose grasp of complex thinking is restricted to "Somerby calls himself a liberal, therefore he must be one"

    3. anon 10:35 and 5:50 - TDH's has always deplored the fact that Trump got elected and that 'our side' ain't doing that well in elections. He isn't happy about Trump - it couldn't be more clear. His thing is that "our side's" dumbness had contributed to the situation. You may not agree with TDH, but to claim he is a "Trumptard" is stupid. That type of stupidity contributes to "our side's" losing.

    4. SOmerby seems to ignore times when liberals do well in elections and spends his time defending the likes of Roy Moore. His playbook would doubtless have cost the Dems Alabama.

      "Our" side's problems may contribute to the situation.

      Spending all one's time attacking "our" side, ignoring all the right wing media completely is the hallmark of someone who wants liberals to lose. And SOmerby does want liberals to lose, so he can bitch for another 18 years about Al Gore 2000.

  2. Hookers and lawyers are experts at playing the gullible and weak for cash. That's all that's happening here. It's true though. Many liberals don't know they are getting suckered. Live and learn.

  3. Some people are supportive of Stephanie Clifford therefore Trump and his evil oligarchs are going to walk all over us when he abandons all pretense at democratic government? I don't see how that follows.

    I also don't believe the middle will lie down and go calmly when Trump fires Mueller. I believe some Republicans will join Democrats to object. Further, I believe the midterms are going to change the nature of the House so that impeachment proceedings can begin. Meanwhile, the investigations of financial wrongdoing will result in arrests of Trump and his family, among many others, and they will go on trial for their non-political activities, at the state level where no pardon can save them.

    I see no reason for the gloom and doom predictions by Somerby here. And I fully agree that Somerby is not a liberal and shouldn't count himself as part of the coming solution to our nation's problems.

  4. "At what point in this seamy, back-alley affair did Stephanie Clifford become a "feminist hero?""

    That happened when powerful men decided they could suppress her efforts to protect herself and she decided to resist them. At that point, she became "everywoman" and her fight against Trump became an example of why women need to fight back. Like her or not, she is showing courage on behalf of women and that makes her feminist and a hero.

    There is a large literature among feminist theorists about whether all marriage constitutes prostitution of one sort or another. The feminist movement includes women who have sworn off men and marriage and any sexual dealings with men as inherently compromising. The role of sex workers has been controversial and polarizing among feminists. But many of us see them as exemplifying a compromise all women make in order to succeed in a world that is unequal and rigged against women. That means women like Stormy Daniels have always been regarded as feminist heroes by some feminist theorists.

    Somerby knows very little about feminists or about women for that matter. Thus this seems like a strange drama to him. It really isn't. And it isn't about sex or sordidness at all. It is about power relations between men and women, just like everything Trump does is about power in some form.

    1. Remember, "The personal is the political"? Liberals do.

    2. Perry, that type of logic will sure be great in trying to win the next elections against the GOP.

    3. AC, I'm not sure "logic" has much to do with the way people vote. If at all.

    4. And I guess, AC, liberals could adopt and enforce some sort of "cone of silence", whereby they refuse to utter their opinions, or the truth, because it might conceivably piss off some (conservative?) voter somewhere.

  5. "We've moved from decades of liberal silence to a new regime of liberal dumbness."

    Puh-leeze, Bob. Your dumbness has been evident for decades.

    What happened early in the morning of 11/9/2016 is that, sadly, your heads exploded. And since, apparently, there's no room in Hell, you fellas are now destined to walk the Earth.

    Tsk. Sad.

    1. Never fear. David Dennison the Magnificent is here.

  6. "Donald J. Trump has ridden our Dumb all the way to where he is."

    Somerby helped put Trump in office when he supported Bernie, the Russia-funded instrument to split the Democratic vote, then failed to support Hillary when it became clear that only she could stop Trump at the polls. Somerby called her weak and doomed even before the election. He holds more blame than the many liberals who worked their hearts out for Hillary only to have the election stolen from us by actions that had nothing to do with our supposed dumbness and everything to do with election-tampering.

    If Somerby isn't receiving a pay check from Russia, he ought to be. The left isn't dumb. It can win elections and did so, putting Obama into office for two terms. It isn't sleeping or lying down on the job. It is alive and well.

    Clifford is a feminist hero because there is no reason why any woman who sleeps with a man is required to keep her mouth shut about her experience. There is no reason why men should be able to pay for silence when they are busy cheating on other women. There is no reason why powerful men who control access to jobs and business opportunities should be able to barter that access for sex, then coerce women into shutting up about it.

    Trump introduced money into his affair with Stormy Daniels. She didn't demand it -- that would be prostitution. She has the right to refuse to take it, to give it back, as she has tried to do. She also has the right to talk about her own goddamned experiences in life. She has the right to talk about how Trump believes he can buy his way out of any predicament, the right to take whatever appeals to him, even with a wife at home who he has made vows to. She has the right to ridicule his exceptionally tiny body parts (to mirror Somerby's offensive term) because Trump has rated women and mocked their physical appearance in public, often without provocation, and to challenge the assumption of power that permits him to do what is forbidden to her by some "nondisclosure agreement."

    Of course she is a feminist hero. And Somerby is no liberal if he cannot see why this is so. But we all know that Somerby is no liberal.

    1. Clinton made terrible decisions pre-campaign. A lot of it has to do with her instincts. It's not Bob. Her instincts can be terrible.

    2. That's because the only reason she was where she was was because she was married to Bill Clinton, who was the true political star in the family. Hillary Clinton was just riding his coattails. She wasn't a star and she has terrible instincts as we all saw.

      Apologists may try to blame Bernie or a blogger but the proof is in the pudding and the reality is there for all to see once you take the blinders off.

    3. Of course, she doesn't have doesn't sharply tuned instincts possessed by her opponent who mocked a disabled reporter, attacked a woman debate moderator for "bleeding from her whatever", defended Putin by attacking his own country - "There are a lot of killers. You think our country's so innocent?" - and bragged about the size of his dick in front of a nationally televised presidential debate. To name just a few off the top of my head. I guess some people are just born with those finally tuned instincts.

    4. And that guy won.

    5. And that guy won.

      Not because her instincts were bad. What was done to her this election was little short of criminal, and I'm not just talking about the Russian intervention. It was the media fascination with that lying blowhard and 600 straight days of emails, emails, emails, Benghazi!!!!!!.

      Go peddle your bullshit to Bernie and his Our Revolution, I understand they're organizing a protest of Secretary Clinton at Rutgers.

    6. Anyone who knows the Clintons, and both Clintons themselves, acknowledge that Hillary has been part of a coequal political team. A good part of Bill Clinton's charisma comes from the fact that he is male while women are not typical of what a politician is supposed to be. Hillary's personality is different than Bill's but not so different from many successful male politicians. From their college days, before their marriage, Hillary Clinton's friends saw her as a potential presidential candidate. She is every bit as smart, savvy, motivated and effective as Bill Clinton and together they were unbeatable with Bill as the Front man. It is our country's shame that a woman who is just as talented must overcome so many more obstacles to achieve the same goal. Read some of the things said about Hillary by those who actually know her (not her political opponents) and they will say the same.

    7. 1:08/clueless:

      "Clinton made terrible decisions pre-campaign. A lot of it has to do with her instincts. Her instincts can be terrible.'

      That's a quote from a Clinton advisor. It was in the podesta emails. So it's not from her political opponents. That's the opinion of her people. That she has horrible instincts. Which, is completely obvious to anyone once they take their blinders off. She's definitely smart. She's probably the most motivated (to be president) person in the history of the world. Savvy, not even close. Effective, we'll never know.

      She was only in that position because her husband was a political Superstar. Without him, she never would have been in the position she was to run for president and, through her acknowledged horrible instincts, fumble the ball and lose it to an idiot .

    8. My word, all these Hillary lovers here. You have to realize that the darkest place is under the lamp. You have to look at yourself. You have to look at her. You have to take responsibility not throw it out and everyone else besides yourselves. You're making a classic mistake.

    9. She isn’t running again. No need for more Hillary bashing. You should be looking at Bernie under that light since he is the one planning to try again.

    10. That's a quote from a Clinton advisor.

      Yes, you prove my point. The reason you were able to read this is because Russians hacked Podesta's email and leaked to WikiLeaks to dump on her at crucial moments during the campaign. What person running for President has ever had that happened to before. What you read are candid conversations who were dedicated to getting her elected and were plainly frustrated by the non-stop email bullshit they had to deal with.

      I would love to read the candid emails going on in tRump's campaign, or Bush's or Romney's or Gore's. Unfortunately, only Hillary got this treatment.

      The problem here is you place these candid comments by her advisors without any context or points of comparison. You think they prove something that distinguishes her from any other candidate running for office. The reason being you don't get to see what other campaign's advisors say about their chosen candidate during the heat of the campaign. So take your WikiLeaks bullshit and stick it where the sun don't shine, thank you.

    11. Then stop blaming others for "failing to support Hillary". She lost it on her own. She was the one who never went Michigan until the end or Wisonsin at all. I mean, wtf? That's Bob Somerby's fault?

      Her own advisors talked about her horrible, horrible instincts and how they were hurting the campaign. She lost the election because of strategic mistakes she made. Stop blaming others. Stop lying to yourself.

    12. mm That's a quote from a Clinton advisor. "Her instincts can be terrible." That's great if you feel different. History shows that that is clearly true. Lie you yourself all you want.

    13. And we come full circle, without you once addressing the point. Her instincts can be terrible? Compared to what? And you're full of shit about Michigan:

      She also noted that in Michigan, she had about 140 more staffers on the ground than Obama in 2012, spent 166% more on TV ads, and made seven visits during the general election campaign.

    14. If you ignore all the times Clinton spoke about how she would help the people suffering economically, you can make the argument that she lost because she didn't speak at all about how she would help the people who are suffering economically.
      Well, that and because Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are using private servers to conduct government business, which makes what Clinton did at the State Department that much worse.


    15. Compared to people who have won presidential elections - like her husband for instance. The Clinton advisor made the claim about her horrible instincts. You know more than her? You think she said that because she was "frustrated by the non-stop email bullshit they had to deal with". Stop being stupid. She said it because it was true. She would have directly complained about the non-stop email bullshit they had to deal with if that was what was on her mind. What is the matter with you?. You don't think she has lousy insticts? Just google it for specifics. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but she made some huge mistakes and you can't blame it all on others. (actually blaming others for her failures is one of her horrible instincts)

      But her misteps and horrible insticts are well documented.

      She made all those trips in the last few weeks dummy. I didn't say she didn't go there. You are quoting from her book.
      She doesn't tell you it was in the end, too late and desperate. OMG you beleive anything she says. We'll just have to disagree on this one. You think she has good instincts? Okay. Great. She has great political instincts. It's other people's fault she lost Michigan.

      “I’ve never seen a campaign like this,” said Virgie Rollins, a Democratic National Committee member and longtime political hand in Michigan who described months of failed attempts to get attention to the collapse she was watching unfold in slow-motion among women and African-American millennials.

      “When you don’t reach out to community folk and reach out to precinct campaigns and district organizations that know where the votes are, then you’re going to have problems,” she said.

      With Clinton’s team ignoring or rejecting requests, Democratic operatives in Michigan and other battleground states might have turned to the DNC. But they couldn’t; they weren’t allowed to ask for help.

      State officials were banned from speaking directly to anyone at the DNC in Washington.

      Sanders threw himself into campaign appearances for Clinton throughout the fall, but familiar sources say the campaign never asked the Vermont senator’s campaign aides for help thinking through Michigan, Wisconsin or anywhere else where he had run strong.

      Rep. Debbie Dingell, who complained throughout the campaign about the lack of urgency and support, has told people since the election that Hillary and Bill Clinton both said in their final appearances in the state that they felt something was off.

      Said a former labor leader in the state. “The plan was not the right plan.”

    16. mm - I'm getting real tired of your ignorance. Wake up boy.

      “That result didn’t surprise me, but it did infuriate me that Clinton and her team didn’t show up until the weekend before the primary, when it suddenly became clear they had a problem. ... They never stopped on a campus, never went to a union hall, never talked to the Arab-American community. Sanders was in my district 10 times during the primary. How would any sane person not predict how this one would go? It was fixable for the general election.”

      The underestimation of Trump’s strength in Michigan became clear when former President Bill Clinton paid a surprise Nov. 2 visit to Detroit and hastily organized a get-out-the-vote meeting at an African-American church. Dingell told The Detroit News at the time as she rushed into the black church, “A lot of people got complacent.”

    17. Wait. Sanders won Michigan in the primary? And Clinton didn't ask him to go there and campaign for her in the general!!!???? OH MY! mm - if that news came from wikileaks whould have been any less of an idiotic move on Clinton's part? Oh my. mm go read What Happened a few more times and drink some more warm milk. You're done son.

    18. I'm wide awake, 4:35. Let us go forward together. I just can't wait for the next presidential election. We're finally going to have the perfect candidate that never makes any mistakes. That's what is needed when running against Donald the Magnificent who can literally shoot someone in broad daylight on 5th Avenue, NYC and not lose any of his support.

    19. Oh my. "Horrible instincts" is now never making a mistake. You are sound asleep youngn.

      I would download What Happened on audible and put on my pajamas and drink some more warm milk tonight. It's Bernies fault! Just listen to the audio, she'll explain it!

      Oh my.

    20. Thank God the hapless HRC is out of there for the next one. Thank God.

    21. No, no, you have convinced me. I can't even imagine why shouldn't have asked old sourpuss Bernie to help her out in MI. Perhaps he could have brought along his own chorus and reprised their "lock her up" chants from her convention. I'm sure that would have helped.

    22. Wow. The whole lot of you are so incredibly dumb. You deserved to lose. And you did. (I voted for her).

      Let's just move on. Oh boy. Oh my.

    23. It pretty much was Bernie’s fault aided by Russia and Comey. Why aren’t people talking about Bernie’s horrible instincts and mistakes?

    24. Congratulations Clitonistas, you've made it to where your hearts have longed to be, the sewers:

      "When the phones did ring... anonymous callers... would say, 'Did you know Helen Gahagan Douglas was a Communist?' and hang up."

    25. Poor CMike, still searching for his missing sense of humor. No matter, he'll just continue to substitute worn, played Alternate/Consortium cliches until he finds it.

    26. Salon is a virtual wasteland. They have a couple of good postings, but those are always about 1% of their content.

      "Somerby helped put Trump in office when he supported Bernie, the Russia-funded instrument to split the Democratic vote, then failed to support Hillary when it became clear that only she could stop Trump at the polls."

      Didn't have to read beyond that to understand that you're an idiot anon. But was quite amazed at the numerous responses. You should have been treated like Mao or DinC after that first paragraph. That is to say, there should have been crickets. Ah well.


    27. Hey CMike, tell us how Tad Devine became Bernie’s campaign manager.

    28. Tlm,

      I think you were going for "Alternet/Consortium." I guess that makes two of us who haven't been over there in a while.

    29. 10:36 PM,

      I don't know how Devine became Bernie's campaign manager. I don't know how Devine got high positions in the 2000 Gore campaign and in the 2004 Kerry campaign. Why do you ask? Oh, this [LINK] from the garbage dump [LINK] that is the Palmer Report:

      [QUOTE] Bernie Sanders must disclose what he knows about his campaign adviser Tad Devine and Russia [END QUOTE]

      Yes, Devine worked for Viktor Yanukovych's campaign in Ukraine in 2006. Is that your point?According to Wikipedia [LINK]:

      [QUOTE] Devine has worked as a strategist and media consultant for the winning campaigns of Colombian President Andres Pastrana in 1998, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak in 1999, Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo in 2001, Bolivian President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada in 2002, Irish Taoiseach Bertie Ahern in 1997, 2002 and 2007, Honduran President Mel Zelaya in 2005... He served as a strategist and media consultant for Ashraf Ghani's 2009 presidential campaign in Afghanistan. [END QUOTE]

      And, Devine, "worked again with Yanukovich in 2009 and 2010 for his successful Presidential bid." Is there some reason to think that, therefore, Devine is a Putin plant? If he is, I'm sure Devine will be low hanging fruit for Mueller to pick off. Has the former FBI Director called Devine in for an interview?

    30. Short answer, damned right there is. And when Bernie was asked about the possibility of Russia donating to his campaign, his answer was so what, who cares?

      In a just world he and Jill Stein would both be investigated because that’s how Hillary was sabotaged but there are more pressing priorities. It will all come out eventually.

    31. Ditto-heads make more sense than Clintonistas. At least the Establishment Dems are running a scam, what's your excuse 12:05 AM.

    32. I don't know if they make more sense necessarily, but they certainly manifest more logical, deductive reasoning, and a more coherent and complex worldview.

      Which is natural, as most of the ditto-heads are, after all, alive human beings. As opposed to exploded-heads liberal zombies...

    33. Hillary Clinton was a candidate who said the country was too good to elect Trump as President. It's like she never even heard of America's white supremacy fetish. Do we really need someone that naive in the top executive job?

  7. What has been the financial and political benefit to Trump of appearing virile, appearing to be some sort of alpha male because of the way he can have a series of beautiful women? Was it $15,000? Was it $130,000? More? Has he thanked any of the women who have helped him achieve his high status among male voters and in the male-dominated business and political realms?

  8. "Such as it was, our civilization will have ceased to exist. In large part, the reason will lie with Us."

    It is beyond ridiculous to blame liberals "in large part" for our "civilization" ceasing to exist.

    Do conservatives/Republicans have no large share in the disaster? Of course they do. But not in Bob's crackpot world. In Bob's world, there is only one real culprit.

    And thus his analysis is hopelessly simplistic and therefore practically useless.

    But his "analysis" is just shtick, and probably always has been.

  9. "When Donald J. Trump fires Robert Mueller, will the center hold? Will the center push back, reinforcing American norms?"

    Will the Republicans in Congress push back? Will Republican voters push back?

    Why is it all up to Us? Can We get a little help reinforcing American norms?

    1. Republicans in congress will NOT push back. You're falling into the trap of thinking "Trump" and "Republican" are two different things, when they have been the same exact thing all along.

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  11. Boris, how did the election in your home country go ?

  12. When Donald J. Trump fires Robert Mueller...

    It's striking how the liberal and media narratives are generally the same. Trump criticized Mueller, so the new media/Democrat narrative is that Trump is going to fire him. Of course, that's possible. I don't even think it's a likelihood, but it definitely not a certainly.

    1. So now Bob Somerby is just your garden-variety liberal? Does his long contrarian history of blogging not carry a teeny tiny bit of weight for you? After all this time, his opinion is that of just another worthless liberal's?

    2. Persuade or influence him? BWAHAHAHAHA!

      You'd have an easier time persuading the Rock of Gibraltar to jump into Lake Como.

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