HIDE BEHIND THE CHILDREN WELL: Why were children on that stage?


Part 4—Because our team's adults have failed:
Will the precocious kids from Douglas High end up saving the world?

In the realm of novel and fairy tale, that's the way it happens. In the realm of our failing society and our broken political culture, there's no real way to tell.

The nationwide marches on March 24 are likely to be compelling. They may help trigger a break in the dam. Some sort of legislation may follow. Or not!

Along the way, some students from Parkland's Douglas High have in fact been quite precocious. Other students haven't been—nor is there any reason to think that teenagers should be able to heal our broken world.

That world has been produced, in large part, by several generations of self-dealing, highly advantaged "liberal" elites. We're sure the Slate gang are very nice people, but we'd have to number them among the gods who have failed.

In the wake of our most recent mass shooting, quite a few Douglas High students have attempted to speak out, even to act. They stand in contrast with the codes of silence long observed among the Dahlia Lithwicks, among the highly advantaged people with whom she consorts.

In the face of decades of silence, the teen-aged students from Douglas High are actually trying to act! Inevitably, the useless Yale grads at the useless site Slate have aligned themselves with the childish pleasures of novel and fairy tale.

We hate to single Lithwick out. We have no doubt that she's a good, decent person, though one who's committed to maintaining silence where silence confers vast advantage.

That said, Lithwick has recently singled herself, first with an attempt to explain her silence in the face of sexual harassment, then with the pitiful essay in which she (correctly) said that a bunch of high-school students are morally and intellectually superior to her own pitiful guild.

Lithwich was certainly right about that, but she tried to slip past the implications of her accurate statement. Is it time for all the Lithwicks to go? Instead of imagining that, she hid behind one teen-aged student, presenting this novelized tale:
LITHWICK (2/22/18): The adults forgot to tell the kids at Stoneman Douglas that they can’t win against the NRA. As Alec MacGillis suggested last week, decades of demoralized fatalism have allowed progressives to persuade themselves that the NRA and Republican interests are too powerful to overcome, causing liberals to give up the fight before it begins. But no one shared this received wisdom with Emma Gonzalez. “If you actively do nothing, people continually end up dead, so it’s time to start doing something,” she said last weekend. That may sound naïve to an older generation of progressives, but it’s also the only possible starting point for changing the terms of the debate. I, for one, am grateful to be reminded of its essential truth.

...that’s the beauty of the Parkland kids. They don’t care.
We scoff that theirs is a generation raised on reality shows, Instagram, and YouTube, but they are more aware of what is real and what is fake than the adults around them. Far from acting, or ritualized performance, these students have veered so far from any received post-tragedy script that, one week after the shooting, they are still dominating the news cycle. This is what being awake and alive and human and compassionate actually looks like. Pitting all that against Dana Loesch’s hard, shiny little NRA talking points reveals the made-for-cable fakery we’ve bought into en masse.
When Lithwick bravely assailed Loesch's "hard, shiny little NRA talking points," she linked to this videotape from the previous night's town hall forum. The four-and-a-half minute videotape shows Emma Gonzalez, who's just 17, interacting with the NRA's Loesch.

Lithwick was hiding behind Gonzalez's skirts, just as the hapless Sheriff Israel had done during that CNN forum. Earlier, a younger Slate pundit had described the exchange on that videotape in this ridiculous fashion:
GRABAR (2/22/18): Over the last few days the public has been struck by the wherewithal of the Parkland students—their eloquence in the wake of tragedy, their good nature in the face of right-wing smear campaigns, their courage in confronting politicians and journalists on national television...

Perhaps the most moving contrast of the night was seeing Emma Gonzalez—whose angry speech at a rally in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday captivated the nation—confront the slick NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch. Her question, like the other two, was not a point of policy but of right and wrong: Do you believe it should be harder to obtain semiautomatic weapons and modifying devices like bump stocks? Loesch’s answer was the first of several disingenuous deflections and attacks she made over the course of the evening. After a while, Gonzalez interrupted to remind her what the question was.

That the Parkland kids don’t share the older liberal generation’s defeatism on gun control was evident. But the things they wanted to know reminded us that in a public forum, the answers don’t matter as much as the questions. It was powerful to hear disbelief in the status quo expressed by young, frustrated people who haven’t yet learned that’s the way things are. Together with the roars and jeers of the audience, the wrenchingly unassuming questions breathed new life into a debate that gun-control advocates have mostly convinced themselves they’ve lost.
As Lithwick would do later that day, Grabar trashed Loesch's response to Gonzalez without reporting what Loesch had said, and without explaining what was supposed to be wrong with her statements. Meanwhile, the Slate stars romanticized the children well, rushing past the looming question:

Why do they have to take the leadership role? What explains the massive failure of the advantaged, "liberal" elites who, we're told, are put to shame by the brilliance of these high school kids?

Also, to what extent are these teen-aged kids prepared to take that leadership role? The Slatersters were ready to put them in charge. But were these high school students ready to enact that novel?

Was the town hall forum "compelling terlevision?" That's what Yale 2012 said.

We thought it was an embarrassment.

A floundering sheriff shamelessly hid behind the skirts of a high school student, seeking reflected glory. A Douglas teacher confronted Loesch with a presentation so bumptious and inept that it made the analysts cringe, even as the teacher's students applauded and cheered her on.

Worst of all was the specatcle of the pressure now being dumped on the head of the very young Emma Gonzalez. At the age of 17, she shouldn't have a sheriff, and a gang of useless pundits, trying to gain reflected glory by showering praise on her head.

At age 17, there's no reason to think that she, or anyone else, should have been prepared to offer leadership in that moment.

Even so, it came to pass. Where pundits saw a precocious star, we saw a struggling high school kid subjected to much too much pressure. We saw a kid struggling in a moment for which she wasn't (yet) prepared.

Go ahead—watch that videotape! You're looking at a high school kid who's been thrown in way over her head, in large part because people like Lithwick have massively, willfully failed.

How precocious was the student's performance? Just before the start of that videotape, her performance started like this:
GONZALEZ (2/21/18): First of all, I want to thank Mr. Foster for teaching us everything we learned. I could not have written that speech without you. Half of you was like directly from notes and I want to thank you for that.

Second of all, oh—I had a thing I was going to say. Happens to the best of us. All right.
Good lord. Gonzalez started as if she was giving an Oscar acceptance speech. This is what happens when extremely young people are showered with fawning praise, in a plainly unhealthy way, by the insecure and useless adults around them.

It "happens to the best of us," the student proceeded to say as she forgot her second point. This is where that video starts. As it starts, the student says this:
GONZALEZ: Dana Loesch, I want you to know that we will support your two children in the way that we will not—you will not.

The shooter at our school obtained weapons that he used on us legally. Do you believe that it should be harder to obtain the semi-automatic and—weapons and the modifications for these weapons to make them fully automatic, like bump stocks?
She started with a weirdly personal, wholly gratuitous insult. The childish among us will cheer for this. We'll say this proves that she is braver than the rest of us have been.

The student then proceeded to ask her fully sensible question:
Do you believe that it should be harder to obtain semi-automatic weapons and the modifications for these weapons to make them fully automatic, like bump stocks?
That was a very good question! As the NRA spokesperson starts to respond, you'll see her condescend to the high school student, praising her for her activism, suggesting that she might end up as great as Dana Loesch!

(The high school student thanks her for that. Silence would likely have served her better.)

Loesch, of course, is a deeply experienced spokesperson. She also routinely engages in hideously divisive conduct, though she didn't do so this night.

Indeed, as Loesch proceeded from there, she seemed to say that her answer was yes! Yes, she and the NRA do want to make it harder to obtain semi-automatic weapons, at least for dangerous people like the Parkland shooter.

In fact, she seemed to say that the NRA wanted to make it impossible for disturbed people like the Parkland shooter to obtain any weapons at all. She seemed to say that she and the NRA don't want criminals or the mentally ill to have access to any weapons!

From there, Loesch seemed to start saying, disapprovingly, that many states aren't reporting the requisite information to the federal "background check" system. Unfortunately, the catcalls and the jeering were starting to drown her out.

For the third time, Loesch stopped because of the catcalls from the precocious high school kids. Here's what the young person on stage with her said:
LOESCH: It is not federal law for states to report convictions to the NICS system. It's not federally mandated. That's the big question and I wish that this network had also covered this more, as other media networks would have covered it.

That's a huge—wait a second, wait a second—

GONZALEZ: You guys, if I can't hear her statement, I can't come up with a rebuttal. Please!
Loesch seemed to be offering a version of yes. Yes, she did want to make it harder to obtain semiautomatic weapons, at least for people with mental issues or criminal convictions.

That said, Gonzalez didn't seem to realize that she was receiving a version of yes. Beyond that, she seemed to assume that she was there for one reason only—to "come up with a rebuttal." It didn't seem to have entered er head that some sort of agreement might be seized upon this night.

Regarding the student's demeanor at this point, we'll only say that she was, in our view, displaying a version of the badly swollen head which will often result when very young people are pandered to by adults around them who have failed. We think that swollen head is quite evident as the student chastises the crowd.

Mountains of fawning praise tend to be bad for young people. We think you'll see this rather plainly if you watch that tape.

Eventually, you'll see the student interrupt Loesch to restate her original question. Here's what you'll see her say:
GONZALEZ: I think I'm gonna interrupt you real quick and remind you that the question is actually:

"Do you believe it should be harder to obtain these semi-automatic weapons and modification to make them fully automatic, such as bump stocks?"
The student didn't seem to realize that Loesch had been giving her a version of yes and an answer to that question. For all the childish talk about these precocious high school kids, this student didn't quite seem to understand what the NRA shill had been saying.

In response to that restatement, Loesch made a fuzzy statement about bump stocks. The precocious kid let it go.

At this point, you'll see the bumptious sheriff jump in to showboat at Loesch's expense. He gets a big hand from the kids in the audience as he scolds Loesch for failing to answer a question she hadn't been asked.

Can we talk? There's zero reason why a 17-year-old student should have been thrown into that situation that night. That said, by objective standards, her performance was poor from beginning to end.

Given her age and inexperience, there was zero reason to expect anything different. She was on that stage for one reason—because liberal adults have failed.

The very next day, the useless elites at Slate swung into action. Two of them trashed the "hard, shiny little NRA talking points" of the "slick NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch."

In the familiar manner of their breed, neither made any attempt to report what Loesch had actually said. Neither made any attempt to explain what was supposed to be wrong with what Loesch had said.

Emma Gonzalez, a good and decent and very young person, should never have been on the stage. She should never have had her community's somewhat embarrassing sheriff hiding behind her skirts.

She was there because people like Lithweick have failed. They continued to fail the next day. They've failed and failed for the past thirty years, building sweet careers in the process.

Why were children on that stage? Because our extremely useless, extremely self-serving Yale/Stanford elites have failed.


  1. It's easier to demonize Donald Trump and the NRA than to devise and enact specific policies that will actually reduce school shootings.

    1. Specific policies that will actually reduce school shootings are "unrealistic". This is the United States of America, not some fantasyland where legislators aren't bribed by the NRA.

    2. David,

      Just in case it slipped your mind: Donald J. Trump (a Republican) is president, Mike Pence (a Republican) is Vice President and has the power to cast a tie-breaking vote in the Senate; Republicans are the majority party in the House of Representatives “led” by Paul Ryan (a Republican) and Republicans are the Senate majority party “led” by Mitch McConnell (a Republican). Being the majority party, congressional Republicans control committees and set the legislative agenda. To boot, the majority of Supreme Court justices (5 of 9) were appointed by Republican presidents.

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  2. Ah yes, how nice: hate-mongering liberal sages, churning out more mindless liberal zombies every second.

    Kids keep murdering other kids -- and every time it happens we, all together, must ignore the root cause (whatever it might be) and hate-hate-hate the NRA. Sure, this is definitely gonna help...

    1. Surely you have gun control in St. Petersburg ?

    2. The root cause is money in politics. What's your suggestion Mao?

    3. Mao, ask Uncle Vova to establish the people's right to keep and bear arms in Russia. Explain to him that gun advocates in the USA say the purpose of this right it to give the people the power to defend themselves against the government. Surely the Russian people deserve this right. Uncle Vova is splendid, but some day Russia may have a bad leader, and the people must be ready.

  3. Somerby pins the blame on various groups, but the most amorphous is this:
    "She was on that stage for one reason—because liberal adults have failed."

    That's an awfully broad indictment.

    Now, here's a question: if conservatives have such brilliant and effective ideas for stopping these mass murders, why haven't they done it? Why is it all liberals' fault? One could just as easily suggest that it was *conservative* adults who failed.

    Or, a rational human being without a "badly swollen head" would look at all sides, and not single out just one.

    1. No fair. Conservatives control all three branches of the federal government. How are they supposed to get anything accomplished? (Other than the grifting, of course).

    2. Correct. Bob is right that the "liberal elite" haven't covered themselves in glory all the time, but he acts as if conservatives have no agency in the world and that everything that happens is caused by the acts or omissions of liberals. That certainly isn't fair or accurate.

  4. Why is it the liberals' fault? This article provides one possible answer:

    How could a sheriff’s department ignore 45 credible calls from citizens reporting the impending danger from Nikolas Cruz?

    Sheriff Scott Israel prided himself on limiting arrests, thanks to federal programs

    The jailbreak agenda is definitely on display in the Broward County law enforcement agencies. It turns out that Broward County has been promoting a program, funded in part by the federal government, to incentivize local officials to do everything they can to keep juveniles out of jail. The central problem with all these programs, though, is that the way to keep people out of jail is to prevent crimes, not to prevent actual criminals from going to jail.

    Yet the Broward County “PROMISE” program (Preventing Recidivism through Opportunities, Mentoring, Interventions, Supports & Education) did the exact opposite. As Catharine Evans writes at the American Thinker, Broward County “had the highest number of school-related arrests statewide at 1,062” before Obama began his Common Core-style grant programs for local jailbreak agendas. Once millions of dollars were doled out for juvenile feel-good programs to avoid arrest, such as the PROMISE program, the number of arrests plummeted by 63 percent from 2011-2012 to the 2015-2016 school year. As Broward County Sheriff Deputies Association President Jeff Bell told Laura Ingraham last week, PROMISE “took all discretion away from law enforcement to effect an arrest if we choose to.”

    These new policies were adopted by the Broward County School Board on November 5, 2013, in a Collaborative Agreement on School Discipline, which was signed by Sherriff Scott Israel as well as all the other major local officials. While the agreement gives lip service to not infringing upon the “discretion” of law enforcement, it dictates that officers “shall” take numerous specific steps before making an arrest and generally encourages them to work outside the traditional criminal justice system, a catchphrase of the juvenile jailbreak movement.


    1. Didn't this already fail when Congress incentivized the government to not imprison the bankers and financial executives who crashed the worlds economy through fraud? Why are they trying this again?

    2. At least they're trying to get Nikolas Cruz locked-up before he does more damage. If only they would do the same with the Jamie Dimons of the world.

    3. David says it's easier for liberals to demonize Trump, etc, then blames Obama for everything.

    4. impCaesarAvg,

      I agree that intemperate comments are generally not a very good idea. However, the notion of persuading David in Cal is laughable.

    5. You go to a lot of trouble looking up info and making arguments to persuade David and he just comes back a month later saying exactly the same thing, as if he had never read a word you said.

    6. Anon 5:22. I’ve noticed that over the years. It’s like the woman overhearing her husband tell a pretty young thing he takes one lump in his coffee.
      “I always put two on your coffee!”
      “I know dear. For years I told you not to, now I just don’t stir.”

    7. You might persuade him but would never know since he would never admit to it.

  5. Those kids were on that stage because (1) they were present at a shooting, (2) they are nearly adults and thus articulate enough to answer press questions and make their own statements. They are not there because adults failed at anything except gun control, which is the responsibility of liberals and conservatives alike.

    Somerby has a huge nerve suggesting that young people should not express their views, especially when it is helpful and therapeutic for them to do so. No adult is forcing this on them. That's why some of the kids are speaking out and others are not. Plenty of adults have previously spoken out about gun control, so neither they nor the parents of these kids are "hiding behind" them. Victims and bystanders are interviewed on the nightly news every night, for a varying array of crimes. This is what the media does.

    You cannot lock up people for being mentally ill. The stats don't justify it. The percentage of mentally ill people who ever become violent is smaller than the number of non-mentally ill who become violent and too small to make preventive detention reasonable. Further, they have civil rights, just like everyone else.

    There is some question whether these very angry young men are mentally ill (setting aside that shooting other people is by definition abnormal). They don't meet diagnostic criteria for mental illness, while many other criminals and non-criminals who are mentally ill never shoot anyone. Anger is not mental illness. That means we must work this problem from the other end, from the access to guns that makes it possible for these young men to express their anger in violent ways.

    As a feminist, I'd like to see some curb on the websites that engage in violent talk against women and other targets. Hate talk doesn't help the problem of lethal violence either. The increase in hate crimes doesn't seem to bother anyone, especially Trump, but it too is resulting in more deaths. And then there is the connection between suicide and social media. If it were legal to engage in research concerning gun control, it would perhaps be more obvious that some of these shootings are actually elaborate attempts at suicide by cop, going out in a burst of attention that belies the insignificance or meaninglessness of someone's life.

    Why doesn't Somerby talk about the media's failure to address any of this?

    1. "Anger is not mental illness. That means we must work this problem from the other end..."

      I don't see any logic in this statement. Wouldn't you want to figure out what might have caused all that anger and try to fix it?

      Incidentally, as I remember, a couple of years ago someone in South of France drove a truck into a crowd, killing dozens of people. What are you going to do about that sort of things?

    2. Life causes anger. Poor coping skills result in violence and substance abuse. They put up concrete barriers in public areas now to prevent both accidents and deliberate driving into pedestrians.

    3. True, life causes anger. Here 'life' stands for something like 'socio-cultural environment'.

      Only certain kinds of environments routinely turn kids into mass-murderers.

      It seems to me, fixing the environment ('life') is how you deal with it. The alternative being a maze of concrete barriers and fortified towers.

    4. Only vulnerable kids in non-supportive environments with difficulties in cognitive or emotional processing who encounter unusual stressors (bullying, child neglect and abuse at home, social and academic failure at school) may turn into mass-murderers, especially now that they can find tutors and role models for such violence online.

      I heartily agree that we should fix our social problems, especially poverty. If you are advocating this too, why are you supporting Trump, who is systematically dismantling everything that helps people in need so that wealthy people can be wealthier.

    5. I don't think 'only' is correct, although those factors you listed most probably do matter, along with many others (bellicose media and political culture, exploitation, militarism, etc.).

      Whatever you say about Trump, it all may very well be true (too early to tell). He is, however, in my view, much better (or should I say 'much less worse'?) than the alternative. Voters have managed to put the brakes on the neoliberal-globalist project, so there's hope, imo. ymmv.

    6. Mao, "bellicose media and political culture, exploitation, militarism" do not incite young people to violence. Neither do video games -- this has been extensively studied. Hillary Clinton was the alternative and every single one of her policies would have done more to produce a better society than Trump has. Use of a phrase like "neoliberal-globalist" is meaningless and doesn't describe Clinton, whoever it does describe. I think your complaints here are lacking in intellectual consistency, which is a key characteristic of a troll who is uninterested in expressing any coherent view but mainly intent on making trouble.

    7. Anti globalist for thee, not for me:

      US counterintelligence officials are scrutinizing one of Ivanka Trump's international business deals, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

      The FBI has been looking into the negotiations and financing surrounding Trump International Hotel and Tower in Vancouver, according to a US official and a former US official. The scrutiny could be a hurdle for the first daughter as she tries to obtain a full security clearance in her role as adviser to President Donald Trump.

      It's standard procedure to probe foreign contacts and international business deals as part of a background check investigation. But the complexity of the Trump Organization's business deals, which often rely on international financing and buyers, presents a challenge.

    8. "Mao, "bellicose media and political culture, exploitation, militarism" do not incite young people to violence."

      Thank you for your opinion.

      "Neither do video games -- this has been extensively studied."

      I didn't mention violent video games. But since you brought is up: it seems to me that only a completely zombified mind would be able to defy common sense so much as to believe that violent video games have no effect on children.
      As for 'been studied': there are studies in this world for every purpose. Studies concluding that smoking doesn't cause cancer, that more guns = less crime (see John Lott, for example), that human activity doesn't cause the global warming. Did you read and analyze them all? Or did your liberal sages tell you which ones to accept as the Final Truth and which to dismiss with contempt...

      "Hillary Clinton was the alternative and every single one of her policies would have done more to produce a better society than Trump has. Use of a phrase like "neoliberal-globalist" is meaningless and doesn't describe Clinton, whoever it does describe."

      Thank you for your opinion.

      "I think your complaints here are lacking in intellectual consistency, which is a key characteristic of a troll who is uninterested in expressing any coherent view but mainly intent on making trouble."

      I find it curious (though not entirely surprising) that people paying so much lip service to 'openness' and 'diversity' have such a totalitarian mindset.

      Anyway, sure, I know: any statement contradicting liberal sages is enemy propaganda. Save yourself: unplug your laptop immediately.

    9. Pure unadulterated gibberish. Mao is a writhing mass of self contradictions and double talk.

    10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_game_controversies

      Trump is the one suggesting that video games cause violence, like the Parkland shooting.

      The video gaming industry is neither liberal nor conservative. Scientists who study the effects of games are neither liberal nor conservative. The tendency to ignore science is a conservative thing.

    11. "The video gaming industry is neither liberal nor conservative."

      The only ideology industries practice is profit. They hire 'scientists' to produce 'studies', and pay pols and journos to zombify their followers accordingly.

      It so happens that the software industry is being serviced mostly by the Ds. But it could be the Rs, the other wing of the Oligarchical party. Doesn't matter.

    12. Yes, not many people are aware of this, but video games are completely outlawed in the rest of the world. Australians are only permitted to own Atari 64s and play Pong.

  6. Our world is "broken", says Somerby.

    ("That world has been produced, in large part, by several generations of self-dealing, highly advantaged "liberal" elites. )

    Who is to blame? The following ("in large part"):

    Our team's adults
    "Liberal" elites
    the Slate gang
    the Dahlia Lithwicks
    useless Yale grads
    useless site Slate
    advantaged, "liberal" elites
    liberal adults
    people like Lithweick
    Yale/Stanford elites

    What did these culprits do? They maintained a "code of silence."
    ("the codes of silence long observed among the Dahlia Lithwicks, among the highly advantaged people with whom she consorts.")

    Somerby's reasoning is close to being gibberish, but what could it mean?

    In what way is our world "broken?" Since this is a post about a gun massacre, perhaps Somerby means a world where gun massacres happen with horrific frequency. Of course, this implies a pre-existing set of pre-conditions necessary to produce such outcomes. Is Somerby really blaming his culprits (liberals/"liberals" etc) for the existence of these pre-conditions? He uses the vague phrase "in large part" as a way of weakly suggesting the possibility of other culprits. Does he hold his culprits 40% responsible? 60%? 90%? 99%? The tone of his column suggests a majority share. Is he suggesting in other words that liberals ultimately caused this massacre?

    Second, what is this "code of silence" he refers to? Silence about gun control issues? That doesn't fit the facts. Lithwick and many other writers have dealt with these issues for years. Democratic politicians have constantly discussed them. Do all of Somerby's culprits maintain this "code of silence?"

    Notice that Somerby puts the "liberal" in "liberal" elites in quotes, suggesting that these elites aren't really liberal, but he does not use quote marks when he names liberal adults as a culprit. Does that mean every adult in the US who is a liberal engages in a code of silence and thus has brought about ("in large part") our broken world?

    Whatever Somerby actually means, it's clear he wants to disappear the political realities of enacting gun control. And saying our world is broken also implies that it might have been whole at some point in the past or can be "fixed" in the future, but that because it is now broken, it is liberals' fault...in large part. That is irrational.

    Or Somerby is just bullshitting.

    1. I think Somerby is saying that the mainstream/"liberal" press and our liberal elites have brought about a world where liberals can't win at the ballot box.

    2. Yes, but that doesn't take into account the political polarization in our country, and the fact that many (most?) conservatives just don't like liberal policies, whether it's gun control, abortion, social programs that divert money from hard-working Americans to poor people, etc., irrespective of whether they find liberals insulting or how they view the press. Somerby's view also ignores the many causes of gun violence, and how the deterioration or breaking of our world cannot simply be traced back to one cause. I mean, liberals aren't the only ones who have a responsibility here, you know.
      And Somerby's imprecise language leads to all kinds of questions as to his real thesis, anyway, at least in this case.

    3. 'I think Somerby is saying that the mainstream/"liberal" press and our liberal elites have brought about a world where liberals can't win at the ballot box.

      And what was 2006, 2008 and even 2012 ? Liberals have been made some gains in 2017. If they had done what Somerby does attack other liberals, defend Trump and Moore, they would have failed too

      Somerby is wedded to liberal failure since he is a Trump acolyte now.

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  7. Yes, apparently the world was all peaches n cream at some point, probably in those idyllic pre-Internet days when Somerby was a kid, when the press had nothing but integrity and spunk. Then the liberals broke it, with their codes of silence and their R bombs. Now, the attempt by liberals to fix what they themselves broke is just a sign of their pathetic tribal weakness. Why even bother? Sigh.

    Did you know Al Gore invented the Internet?

  8. Bob can really go after those traumatized high school kids. What a man. Obviously the young people lucky enough to have gotten out of there without being killed is effective on a level of testimony. Is it dicey on a moral level as far as exploitation goes? Not sure, but we can note with certainty that Bob is a creep.

  9. Actually there was at least one thing to rebut in Ms. Loesch's statement. The reason that states weren't required to add the people with mental health issues to the federal data base is because of a law that the NRA lobbied for.


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