BREAKING: Agent Strzok had a strong sense of smell!


We've been down this road before:
We're sorry to raise such a negative point, but we think it'd worth recording. We refer to the sense of smell of the FBI's Peter Strzok, as described in the New York Times:
APUZZO AND FANDOS (6/20/18): At the heart of Republicans' criticism were two senior F.B.I. officials, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, who exchanged text messages about their dislike of Mr. Trump, his supporters and his policies—even as they investigated his campaign's ties to Russia.

''Just went to a southern Virginia Walmart,'' Mr. Strzok wrote in August 2016, just a few weeks into the Russia investigation. ''I could SMELL the Trump support.''

Representative Jim Jordan, Republican of Ohio, said such quotes have undermined public faith in the F.B.I. in ways that stretch beyond the Clinton investigation. ''The arrogance and condescension and the elitist attitude, that's what ticks people off,'' he said. ''As they look at all this and see what Strzok said throughout these investigations, that's why their confidence is so shaken.''
A lot has been said, and correctly so, about Donald J. Trump's sense of "infestation." Agent Strzok's acute sense of smell reminds us that we finer folk, the ones Over Here, can sometimes lose our way too.

''The arrogance and condescension and the elitist attitude, that's what ticks people off?" Strzok made it amazingly easy for the perpetually furious Jordan when he texted that remark.

Long ago and far away, we've been down this road before. Soon after Nixon's re-election, film critic Pauline Kael offered a famous remark:
KAEL (12/28/72): I live in a rather special world. I only know one person who voted for Nixon. Where they are I don’t know. They’re outside my ken. But sometimes when I’m in a theater I can feel them.
Kael could feel The Others in darkened rooms; Strzok can smell Them at Walmart. In this and a million other ways, our team can sometimes show the world that we may not always be as fine as we tend to say we are.

We tend to look down on The Others. Have you seen a single person discuss this Washington Post report about The Others' lack of access to dental care?

The report appeared in the Outlook section on Sunday, June 10. And no, you haven't seen it discussed. Such things simply aren't done.

As many people mentioned this month, Robert Kennedy famously went to Appalachia and famously showed that he cared. That was long ago and far away. Today, such incomprehensible things are no longer done!


  1. "...and famously showed that he cared."

    Fuck that. That's exactly what sociopaths do: showing how "they care", while getting paid by the banksters to export your jobs abroad. Thank god for The Donald.

    1. More good news for the mythical economically anxious tRump voters sitting in those MW diners.

      The era of Gilded Age cosplay on the Supreme Court that began when Mitch McConnell hijacked an empty chair reached a new high point today when Justice Neil Gorsuch delivered a 5-4 majority opinion in the case of Wisconsin Central v. United States. In this decision, Gorsuch made sure that the pension benefits of railroad executives will be made safe from grubby taxation that might benefit the hoi polloi. Robert LaFollette revolves spiritedly beneath the sod.


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  2. "Agent Strzok's acute sense of smell reminds us that we finer folk, the ones Over Here, can sometimes lose our way too."

    I don't know Agent Strzok. I don't know anyone who knows him. I don't even know Kevin Bacon. How did he become the representative of "We finer folk" or "Us over here"? Did I miss that election?

    Strzok isn't even representative of the FBI, most of whom are Republicans and most of whom apparently hated Hillary Clinton to the point of sabotaging the election to keep her out of office.

    I don't know whether Strzok is even a Democrat or Liberal, as opposed to a never-Trump Republican. I don't consider FBI agents to be the elite in anything except maybe law enforcement, which is not generally the elite of society anyway.

    Strzok was a public servant expressing personal political opinions in private emails to someone he was having an affair with, presumably a friend. I'm sure he never expected his messages to become public and he was definitely not making a public statement. The idea that any public servant must be a robot with no opinions whatsoever and no friends with whom to talk, is ludicrous.

    Somerby is being an ass again if he thinks that all people in government jobs must self-censor everything they say to friends in private communications when it concerns people in Southern Virginia, or the President or his supporters (or their boss, or Beyoncé?). Censorship is essential to maintaining liberals as the elites he thinks they should be (or claim to be? or are failing to be? not sure where elitism comes in here).

    Get real. Somerby is just being an ass again, trying to paint all liberals as people who look down on Southern Virginians, those fine people who live so far away from me that I couldn't find them on a map. What did all those Southern Virginians say and think about Californians? I want to know so that I can decide if they are better elites than we are.

    1. [QUOTE] The Villages [LINK] is America’s largest retirement community, a carefully planned, meticulously groomed dreamscape of gated subdivisions, wall-to-wall golf courses, adult-only pools and old-fashioned town squares. It’s advertised as “Florida’s friendliest hometown,” and it’s supposed to evoke a bygone era of traditional values when Americans knew their neighbors, respected their elders and followed the rules.

      It has the highest concentration of military veterans of any metropolitan area without a military base. It has strict regulations enforcing the uniformity of homes (no second stories, no bright colors, no modern flourishes) as well as the people living in them (no families with children, except to visit). And it is Trump country, a reliably Republican, vocally patriotic, almost entirely white enclave that gave the president nearly 70 percent of the vote....

      [78 year-old Trump supporter Ted] Sturgess told me he doesn’t think he’s ever met a Villager who protested or even opposed the Vietnam War, and he wouldn’t know what to say if he did. The Villages represents the traditionalist side of a cultural and political war that began in the '60s and never really ended, an us-against-them battle over values between conservative Red America and progressive Blue America.

      At the Legion post, it almost goes without saying that Hillary belongs in jail, the Russia investigation is a witch hunt, the Democratic Party is a treasonous band of communist hippies, and the president is bringing back the good old days. “We’re proud to be deplorables. We’re proud to have a president who gets things done and doesn’t take any crap,” said Louise Kneisley, a 69-year-old Villager from Rock Hill, S.C. “All Obama did was play golf.” When I pointed out that Trump plays more golf than Obama did, she didn’t miss a beat: “OK, but then he goes to work!”

      Kneisley and her boyfriend, 78-year-old former Marine Joe Campbell, believe Obama dragged America into a virtual state of anarchy. Even though crime rates have been dropping for decades, they carry .380 Berettas when they leave The Villages in case they encounter carjackers. “Damn right—it’s dangerous out there,” Campbell says. And even though the population of undocumented immigrants did not increase under Obama, Campbell is sure they’ve been pouring across the border: “We need the wall, because a lot of them are rapists and killers — and the ones that aren’t, I’m tired of paying for them.”

      Campbell says he beat up two hippies who spat on him and called him a baby-killer when he returned from Vietnam [NYTimes], and he’s just as disgusted by those who protest police brutality today during the anthem. He sees The Villages as a refuge from America’s drift into moral decay, and Trump as the solution. [END QUOTE]

    2. [QUOTE] ...Romney won the three-county area that covers The Villages, a large chunk of the politically crucial I-4 corridor bisecting the state, by a resounding 76,000 votes.

      But Trump carried those counties by a much more resounding 115,000 votes four years later, not because he was so much more popular here, but because so many more Republicans had moved here. In Sumter County, GOP registrations increased 10 times as much as Democratic registrations during the Obama years—and in 2016, its GOP turnout of 87.5 percent was the state’s highest.

      The expansion and mobilization of The Villages and demographically similar exurbs explains why Trump narrowly won Florida after Romney narrowly lost it, even though Hillary Clinton actually outperformed Obama in the state’s Democratic cities. And it explains why Republicans here remain confident about 2018, despite all the angry energy Trump has unleashed among the Democratic base.

      “It’s a numbers game, and people in communities like ours are very good about voting,” says Sumter’s GOP chairman, John Calandro, a former Nissan executive who was a county commissioner in suburban Detroit before moving to The Villages.... [END QUOTE]

    3. I was there for 2 days once. About 5 years ago. It was one of the wildest places I've ever been in my life. There are all drinking, taking Viagra and fucking. It's a huge, huge fuck fest and non stop party. It's interesting also there is a caste system. There are hierarchies with leaders and followers etc. It's kind of like Animal Farm. Children are not really allowed. I was there on a photoshoot. We went into Starbucks and everybody looked at us like we were from Mars. That is a fascinating place.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Meh, a 69-year-old 'Villager' could very well live longer than a typical 30 year-old gangbanger Clintonista. In all likelihood, he'll be 96 and still drinking that champagne, long after you rot away somewhere on the streets of beautiful Oakland.

    6. Go back to sleep Hugo Kalmar. Nobody gives a shit what you have to say.

    7. Yeah, the right person will lead you zombies into the promised land. Where all genders, 'races', and sexual deviations are proportionally represented in the ghettos and in the boardrooms. Where every foreign country on the planet is bombed for human rights and democracy, at least once a week.

      Yeah, definitely.

    8. 12:42,
      Where Bankers and Wall Streeters, who crashed the world's economy through an epidemic of fraud, are treated like a black guy selling loose cigarettes on the street.

    9. Why don't you talk to Barry the zombie Demigod about it.

      I hear he's now getting $500K/hr from those Bankers and Wall Streeters.

    10. The question for Somerby is that as for voters who, supposedly, are on the cusp of voting Democratic or Republican, how come they're not as offended by the impolitic on the right as Somerby assures us they are about the impolitic on the left?

    11. Wow. Sounds like Obama is in line to be Trump's next Treasury Secretary.
      Thanks for the heads-up, Mao.

    12. Don't worry dembot, his beautiful (and now very rich) wife will be, most likely, that same "right person" who will lead you, TDS-suffering zombies, out of the desert.

    13. Say what you will , but you can't deny that Trump loves the Elites.
      Why else would he give them a HUGE tax break, while reducing funding to help children and families?

  3. TDH has no idea what Strzok meant by that comment. Happily he will be testifying to the power abusing GOP controlled Congress.

    1. Let's hope he's less disingenuous about what he meant about "SMELLING" Trump voters at Wally's World than you guys.

    2. yeah, and I'm pretty sure he didn't mean "smell" in the literal sense. But go ahead, play the victim.

    3. Strzok's words don't make me a victim anymore than when some poster here starts spray painting Republicans.

      But then I can roll my eyes at partisan blather. No Strok is investigating me.

      I don't assume that Strzok was routinely inclined to be biased toward a conservative or Republican in an investigation. Its likely he could be fair toward smelly Wal-Mart shopping slobs in official matters. It's likely as well that Strzok would be happy to hobnob with Republicans of social standing in DC, and probably did to a limited extent.

      However, Strzok hates Trump. He made that clear. It does not follow though that he therefore adored Clinton.

      He hated Trump and he hated his great unwashed followers who he feared might actually pull off the election of Trump. The great unwashed that before Trump, he could dismiss.

      Mueller became aware of this via the text messages and booted him. The FBI should ask him to resign too. He's too tainted now and impossible to find trustworthy.

    4. "Mueller became aware of this via the text messages and booted him"

      Hmm, not exactly. The text messages have gone public, and so Mueller had to boot him.

      Mueller might be aware of a whole bunch of his agents (including himself, for that matter) holding exactly the same attitude, but as long as it's all hush-hush, it's not a problem.

    5. That's not the chronology, Mao.

      Mueller had fired Strzok months before the news of that and the text messages came out.

      As an aside, in my opinon, the best chronicler and analyst of this story has been Lee Smith of The Tablet magazine.

      I think everyone will find him a worthwhile read even if they don't concur with all of his conclusions.

    6. Fine, I stand corrected. But still, he became aware of those messages when they were discovered during an official investigation. I don't see any reason to believe that he would've fired an agent expressing exactly the same sentiment to him one-to-one over lunch.

    7. We don't know either way.

      If we can assume anything it's that most folks are careful what they say around their bosses.

    8. It's funny how this whole IG investigation got flipped around from finding who in the NY FBI field office was consistently leaking shit to Rudy and Joe DiGenova, which was the original impetus for the investigation in the first place.

      “[Y]ou guys are finally going to get that bitch.”

      Which FBI agent from the NY field office said that? How come we don't know his name? Who is protecting him?

      Top FBI executives held conference calls with retired agents who had complained about “why we let her off the hook, and why she should have been prosecuted.”

      The bottom line is whatever feelings Strzok had abomination Donny the Chickenshit Coward Traitor, it did not lead to any actions by the FBI to impact to election. Whereas, the extreme bias demonstrated by anonymous FBI agents in the NY field office against Hillary Clinton clearly and most definitely lead directly to improper actions by the FBI director which provably harmed Secretary Hillary Clinton.

    9. I don't know who suggested to you that there could be no one in the FBI who would leak to congress, let alone the media.

      That there could be no agents at the FBI who thought Clinton was as dirty as a public restroom. Let alone some attorneys at the NYSD...

      Andrew McCabe, second to Comey, leaked (and later lied about it) that the Obama DoS had put pressure on the FBI to close the investigation into the Clinton Foundation. He did this because after an WSJ piece came out highlighting his wife's ties to Clinton, Comey wouldn't allow him to be part of a meeting on the Weiner laptop case!

      McCabe, the victimized by Trump lawman, who Rachel Maddow begged her audience to support via GoFundMe...

      The IG did make clear that Comey had already written the brief exonerating Clinton before he had even interviewed her or secured any of her devices. We know that Strzok later toned down the language of that brief so that the descriptions of her carelessness would coincide with the description used to define criminal negligence.

      We know that Strzok and Paige were making fun of AG Lynch's mea culpa promise (after her tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton) that she would then defer to whatever Comey decided about Clinton (a inappropriate negation of her office) because Lynch knew Comey was going to exonerate Clinton (a judgment that was not his to make).

      We know too that Comey describes his reopening of the Clinton case as an attempt to prorptect the legitimacy of her presidency, so sure was he of her election.

      These were our wonderful media's heroes for months and for months. We can put them right up there with Stormy Daniels and her lawyer.

    10. "We know too that Comey describes his reopening of the Clinton case as an attempt to protect the legitimacy of her presidency, so sure was he of her election."

      I'm pretty sure he just needed an official excuse to lay his hands on the Weiner laptop, to sanitize it. Seems like the most obvious explanation.

    11. As usual, Cec, you have your facts completely fucked up.

      I don't know who suggested to you that there could be no one in the FBI who would leak to congress, let alone the media.

      I have no idea what hallucinogens you're taking that would cause you to hallucinate the idea that anything I have written suggested that.

      Andrew McCabe, second to Comey, leaked (and later lied about it) that the Obama DoS had put pressure on the FBI to close the investigation into the Clinton Foundation. He did this because after an WSJ piece came out highlighting his wife's ties to Clinton, Comey wouldn't allow him to be part of a meeting on the Weiner laptop case!

      Where the hell do you get your facts, Cec?

      Taken directly from the OIG Report:

      In particular, McCabe authorized Special Counsel and AD/OPA to disclose to Barrett the contents of a telephone call that had occurred on August 12, 2016, between McCabe and the then-Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General (“PADAG”).

      Among the purposes of the disclosure was to rebut a narrative that had been developing following a story in the WSJ on October 23, 2016, that questioned McCabe’s impartiality in overseeing FBI investigations involving former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and claimed that McCabe had ordered the termination of the CF Investigation due to Department of Justice pressure. The disclosure to the WSJ effectively confirmed the existence of the CF Investigation, which then-FBI Director Comey had previously refused to do.

      So, contrary to your completely distorted and ass backwards representations, McCabe authorized "PADAG" to rebut information leaked to the WSJ that the FBI had terminated the CF investigation.

      The question no one seems to ask or be interested in is who was planting that false story with the WSJ.

      I don't have time, Cec, to fact check the rest of your zany mixed up crazy bullshit at the moment. Perhaps later.

    12. By authorizing Paige to rebut the WSJ, he essentially leaked the fact of the Clinton Foundation investigation (which Comey had not wanted) and by directing Paige to discuss conversations he had with the DoJ over the closing of the probe, cast himself as the hero. Later he lied about it.

      What of that info would the FBI have wanted a reporter to know?

    13. Well as usual you have things ass backwards. The WSJ was already aware of the preposterous abusive unjustified baseless CF investigation. By directing Paige to rebut the WSJ bullshit story leaked to them by Clinton haters in the NY City FBI field office, he was confirming information that could only damage Secretary Clinton.

      Again, Barrett of the WSJ was already getting leaks from "Trumpland" FBI sources confirming the existence of the baseless CF investigation. Yet the person's in the NYC FBI office who were responsible for recklessly talking to the WSJ reporter about this ongoing investigation were never identified in the OIG Report. The question is why, a question you studiously avoid addressing.

      My original comment had nothing to do with the McCabe issue, something you decided to gratuitously throw out there to distract from my original comment concerning the more recent OIG report that curiously neglected to address the actual serious issues of bias at the FBI resulting in real improper conduct and actions by Comey and others which harmed Secretary Clinton.

    14. I'm not sure how you can blame NY field office for Comey announcing the Weiner investigation at the last minute. He had the info about the laptop from them and didn't act and they went to NYSD. Of course it leaked. The whole damn place is a zoo, but all we hear from the media is that Trump and company are badmouthing paragons.

      What McCabe did was a leak. It verified and fleshed-out the report, right from the top of the FBI.

    15. Comey should not have announced the investigation at all, at any time, last minute or not. That is the point. As Lynch testified in the report.

      Lynch’s Chief of Staff stated that Lynch told her about the conversation with
      Comey afterwards. Lynch’s Chief of Staff stated:

      [Lynch] said the Director had expressed that he needed to send the letter because he was very concerned about leaks, that it was going to leak out anyway that they had found these emails in relation to the Weiner investigation. She may have told me something else, but I don’t remember. I remember that being the big thing that he had focused on.


      Now, McCabe was fired for one instance of responding to a WSJ reporter to correct the misinformation being fed to him by these goons in the NYC FBI field office.

      As Deputy Director, he had that authority.

    16. Yeah, leaks are a bitch...

    17. Yeah, and sometimes they're criminal, you smug bastard.

  4. beautiful
    while i agree that the costal people do behave in a tribal way
    i am still waiting for bob over 15 years to start to preach about how those who are not of the coast also engage in the same type of behavior.
    ever go to a mega church or a nascar event
    bob you need to spread this around
    i am from nyc born and bred (brooklyn to be exact) and i don’t drink lattes or wine
    All tribal behavior should be your target not just DC and manhattan but all
    btw how dare they say they are from the Heart land
    sounds elitist to me
    what am i chopped liver

  5. Yastreblansky says (at Rectification of Names):

    "People who weaponize the word "elite", like Harlan Hill, or Donald Junior, or Victor Davis Hanson, belong to a faction of the power elite that seeks to disguise itself, the way the wolf dressed up as Red Riding Hood's grandmother, claiming association with its victims and their ressentiment of people who don't suffer from cultural status anxiety, which is another way of saying ressentiment of "the cool". Whether it's George Clooney on TV or the nameless black guy in the Old Navy watching you buy something that will not look good on you, because it's not about actual status, just the relaxation that comes from not needing to care about it (which I don't think I'll ever achieve but is what I will always aim at). "

    Why is Somerby joining those who weaponize the word elite?

  6. Where are the texts and emails from all those Hillary-hating FBI agents? Why have those not been released?

    1. One FBI agent said that Trump voters are uneducated and lazy pieces of shit, and another said that he was clinging to small pockets of happiness in the dark days of the Republic's destruction.

      Personally, I got a kick out of them.

    2. Trump's the lazy piece of shit. His voters are morons and racists.

    3. The agent in question in private texts also trashed the fuck out of Hillary and Bernie, because it was casual talk with a friend and lover. Rightwingers shriek about deep state conspiracy against Trump. The majority in this country hate Trump. Didn't vote for him. We haven't had an electoral chance to hit back at him. The voters will be out in droves to repudiate him.

  7. "Kael could feel The Others in darkened rooms; Strzok can smell Them at Walmart. In this and a million other ways, our team can sometimes show the world that we may not always be as fine as we tend to say we are."

    How does Somerby get from sensing someone to looking down on them?

  8. "We tend to look down on The Others. Have you seen a single person discuss this Washington Post report about The Others' lack of access to dental care?"

    No Bob, and neither have you. Way to go dragging up some obscure article to slam the libs yet again. Because you say so. Your permanent audition to join Fox News (who you never ever criticize) gets more pathetic all the time. You're too decrepit and old, they don't want you. They want slender blonde young women to trash liberals, not old men like you to slam and trash liberals. Who do you think you're fooling anymore?

  9. So, Bob. Conservatives condemn liberals for saying snarky, tribal things about them.
    OTOH conservatives condemn liberals for being PC.
    What must liberals do? What must they do?

    1. Spot on, but of course Bob has a slight variation on the same problem.

  10. We haven't even mention the FBI agent who wanted to "Get the bitch". Talk about bias.

    1. Actually, now you did mention it, and it's bullshit, like any other concocted in a hurry zombie 'narrative'.

    2. Mao,
      Are you the last person to realize Trump is a Soros plant to make all Conservatives look like grifter, Establishment-loving, shitty businessmen, who bankrupt their businesses and rant about things they know nothing about?

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