Nuzzi disagrees with Blow!


Wants prime-time TV shows aired:
In last Monday's New York Times, Charles Blow's column appeared beneath these headlines:
Stop Airing Trump’s Briefings!
The media is allowing disinformation to appear as news.
One fact is plainly true. It's true that Trump's prime-time "briefings" have spilled with mis- and disinformation.

That said, something else is true. No president has ever been handed such an arrangement, in which he's given two hours of TV time, every night, to peddle self-serving narratives, whether they're false or they;re true.

Should cable channels be airing such nightly sessions—sessions which involve very little new information?

Blow said no, but New York magazine's Olivia Nuzzi disagrees.

In a new opinion piece, Nuzzi says the nightly sessions should be aired in full. As she starts to lay out her case, her reasoning goes like this:
NUZZI (4/29/20): Can the press protect the American people from the president? Should we?

That initial reasoning is rather slender. In the following passage, Nuzzi puts meat on the bones:
NUZZI: What a lot of Trump critics miss is that the biggest threat to his presidency isn’t the pandemic and the collapse of the global economy. It’s Trump. The more we see him—rambling, ranting, casually spitballing about bleach and sunlight—the clearer that becomes. But that’s not the media’s problem, and taking the spotlight off of him as he displays the full extent of his inadequacies would only serve to help him and to make the public less informed about what the federal government is doing—or not doing.

Watching Trump dangerously improvise is, in itself, information. It’s pure access to his thoughts and ideas and emotional state
, presented to the world in real time. Trump’s presence at the briefings is not valuable if what we hope to get from them is factual information about the pandemic. But if we want to learn more about what the government is doing, and why it’s doing what it’s doing, what could be better than this?
Nuzzi explicitly says that these sessions provide little new "factual" information. Even so, she thinks it's informative for people to see what Trump is saying and doing.

In one sense, that's certainly true—but what about all the mis- and disinformation the president spews at such times? Like so many others in the upper-end press, Nuzzi doesn't seem to have an especially strong focus on matters like that.

What about all that misinformation? Consider one example, of many:

At Monday's session, President Trump delivered the familiar monologue about the brilliant success he's engineered with respect to coronavirus testing. For perhaps the ten millionth time, viewers saw him say such things as this:
TRUMP (4/27/20): We've launched the most ambitious testing effort, likewise, on earth. The United States has now conducted more than 5.4 million tests, nearly double the number tested in any other country, more than twice as much as any other country. Think of that!
For unknown reasons, Nuzzi thinks that provided viewers with a chance to "access Trump's thoughts and ideas." In fact, it merely gave viewers a chance to hear his claims—and very few viewers would have a way to evaluate the accuracy of his presentation.

We know of no major news org which has adopted the burden of fact-checking this disordered man's endless repetitive claims. Viewers of his daily programs hear all sorts of songs of self-praise—but are they hearing accurate claims?

How is a viewer to know?

As almost anyone can see, these prime-time programs have served, in the main, as propaganda sessions. As Nuzzi herself concedes, little information is conveyed. But all sorts of claims get made.

Those claims are repeated, day after day, as our journalists sit and stare. The New York Times is too lazy and too indifferent to create a daily page dedicated solely to fact-checking these endless, repetitive claims. But then again, so is Nuzzi, and so is New York magazine itself.

Should cable channels broadcast these prime-time sessions? That is a matter of judgment. But if they do, we think, at the very least, that they should do two things:

First, corporate bosses should explain why they're doing so. No information is being conveyed. So why are they airing these shows?

Their second responsibility would be this. If they're going to air these sessions, they need to create high-profile, full-length programming dedicated to fact-checking the endless array of claims aired by these endless programs.

People watching President Trump don't know if his statements are accurate! They don't know if his endless claims are technically accurate but grossly misleading.

So Nuzzi, how about it? How does American testing compare to that in other lands?

Please come back with detailed information about world testing and the president's claims. Be prepared to post your info, in a high-profile way, every freaking day!

Trump has been using the children as props. The cables have been letting us watch.


  1. "No president has ever been handed such an arrangement, in which he's given two hours of TV time, every night, to peddle self-serving narratives, whether they're false or they;re true."

    Perhaps not.

    But also, dear Bob, I'm pretty sure your zombie presidents would not be able to talk for 30 seconds without lawyer-vetted focus-group-tested memorized zombie bullshit instilled hypnotically into their empty skulls.

    ...also, dear Bob, what about one Barry The Demigod, who was awarded nobel peace prize (of all things) and then proceeded to bomb 7 countries? Has any other president ever been handed such an arrangement?

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    2. Theresa, could you cast a death spell on moo-moo, post-haste.

    3. Theresa cast a break-up spell on Mao, but it doesn't take effect until the morning of November 4, 2020.
      I predict a side of amnesia (he'll forget his girlfriend, Trump, ever existed) to kick-in around the same time.

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    6. Wonder if Bob thinks this was a terrible question.

  2. In the LA (CA) area, there are lengthy briefings every day by both the governor (as needed) and the LA mayor. They are both Democrats here and they are providing access for other staff and experts during that time. This is occurring on network stations, not cable.

    If lesser politicians have a great deal of access, on what basis could cable stations (and networks) deny access to the president of the US? It would be hard to argue that you could do that because you think the president is not saying anything worthwhile. That not only looks partisan, it looks arbitrary.

    I'm not sure Blow, Somerby and others have really thought this through. I think this is Blow's way of expressing pique at the president. Somerby, I believe, is disingenuous. I think it is just another way that he is attacking cable news media.

  3. Somerby asks "what about..." the stuff Trump says?

    No one believes Trump except his base (which has shown how stupid it is by drinking bleach). Beyond them, Trump has lied so often that no one pays attention to anything he says these days.

    The polls show that Trump has been damaging himself, even with his previous supporters. He has lost many of his independent voters. He is losing male voters. I agree with Nuzzi.

    How are people to know that Trump is spewing garbage? All they have to do is read beyond Trump/Fox and the right wing noise machine. There is lots of real info out there for anyone bright enough to change the channel.

  4. Trump sometimes exaggerates, but his statements are pretty near true. The media point out his exaggerations, but they ignore the meat of his statement, which is real and important.

    Trump exaggerated a tad when he said the the US had done twice as many tests as any other country. Russia, in second place, has done 54% as many as the US. However, the two important facts, which were present at the presser, are that
    -- The US has now done over 6 million tests.
    -- We're now doing around 200,000 tests a day.

    Which of you Trump critics were aware of these figures?

    1. A trillion monkeys banging on a trillion typewriters for a trillion years couldn't produce something this stupid.

    2. My daughter is a pulmonary physician in the Denver area. She says she cannot get tested (she has not yet been tested either) unless she makes a big issue of it. To get tested she has to have symptoms and have no one to replace her. So, tests are not available and all of Trump's lists of numbers have nothing to do with the reality on the ground. If pulmonary (which means lung function) doctors cannot get tested, tests are not truly available and it doesn't matter how many millions Trump says are being done.

    3. Thanks for you input, @7:56. Yes, the key is whether enough tests are available. If I'm reading your comment right, your daughter can get tested, but she has to make a big issue of it. Anyhow, that's quibble. I agree with you that tests should be routinely available to health care workers. We don't have enough tests right now.

      That doesn't lessen the Trump Administration's achievement. Getting 200,000 tests a day is something to be proud of. Tests don't automatically appear just because they're needed.

      BTW the Administration did a lot of work to make testing more widely used. Thanks to their efforts, they say the number of tests will double in the next few weeks. Hopefully, there will be enough testing so that it will no longer be a big deal for your daughter to get tested.

    4. "That doesn't lessen the Trump Administration's achievement."

      Actually, it does lessen the achievement because if our medical staff can't even get tested, it is questionable whether Trump's numbers constitute any kind of achievement at all.

      It might be fair to say that higher numbers mean that he is lessening his failure.

    5. at 7:56 PM,
      I don't know about Denver, but where I live tests were perfectly available even back when Trump said that anyone who wants it can get tested.

      In some 'health community centers' or some such. Back then it would cost you 200 bucks a pop. And now, the last a saw, it's $50.

      So yes, anyone who wants to be tested can get tested.

    6. Hm, could this be a clue to where Mao comes from?

      Nah, he's probably making it up.

    7. Moo moo is so stupid. As the dimwits sinks deeper and deeper moo moo tries to reinvent himself as an actual humyn being. What's next moo moo? You're an esteemed infectious disease specialist working on the front lines in a famous hospital in a major metropolis who can personally attest to the fact that it's all a hoax and the dembot zombies are the real lunatics and and and...
      So long moo moo

    8. Here, Denver. It took me the while 2 minutes to find it: One of many testing centers in and around Denver.

      Send it to your daughter, if you really do have one.

    9. @8:55 it is questionable whether Trump's numbers constitute any kind of achievement at all.

      Thousands of people worked very long hours to invent new tests, to check and validate them, to produce and distribute hundreds of thousands of these tests, to establish additional test sites, to provide enormous amounts of necessary supplies, such as swabs, tubes and reagent, to conduct over 200,000 tests a day, and to report and tally the numbers,

      But, you say to these thousands of hard-working people, "Well, in my opinion, there still aren't enough tests, so all your long hours of hard work count for nothing." I personally feel grateful for all their hard work and their achievement.

      P.S. the reported number of tests today was 230,442.

    10. "Trump sometimes exaggerates" is akin to "David in Cal sometimes fibs."


    11. For testing info in Colorado, go here

      No, the gov won’t test you, unless you’re sick and have a note from your doctor.

      Yes, there are private providers. Colorado’s website lists 6. Obviously, they charge you. Got insurance? Good for you. Got a doctor’s note? Good for you, or use Stride Health, who will test anyone curbside. Got a car? Good for you.

      All sites give their testing hours. Usually from 9A - until they run out of supplies.

      Heckuva job, feral Trumpie.

    12. That doesn't lessen the Trump Administration's achievement.

      David, why do you suppose the Governor of MD had to purchase 500000 tests from S Korea? Was Jared busy that day?

    13. "No, the gov won’t test you, unless you’re sick and have a note from your doctor."

      Yeah, dembot, in your dembot dreams, as soon as you feel like it, Air Force One arrives with Our Beloved Commander hurrying out to stick a swab up your nose.

      Anything less is unacceptable. I'm sure if the Psycho-Witch was president this is exactly how it would've been done. Please accept our deepest apologies.

    14. Looks like Trump's failures are even starting to effect Mao's morale.

    15. Bots have morale issues?

  5. A new poll from USA TODAY and Suffolk University shows that nearly a quarter of Bernie Sanders supporters do not plan to support Joe Biden.

    1. That's partly because (1) conservatives have been supporting Bernie in order to split the Democratic vote, and (2) Bernie has also been supported by Russia, NRA and those who want to steal the next election, just as he was supported by those people in 2016.

    2. Here's what the 4/27/20 Suffolk/USA Today poll says in part:

      “There is a good reason the Democratic primary candidates endorsed Joe Biden after the South Carolina Primary,” said David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center. “Biden is showing unique general election strength against President Trump in a number of key demographics.”

      Biden led Trump 37 percent to 27 percent among independent voters, 50 percent to 25 percent among young voters, 53 percent to 30 percent among women, and 63 percent to 8 percent among black voters. Trump led Biden 46 percent to 35 percent among men, 48 percent to 39 percent among older voters, and 48 percent to 38 percent among white voters.

      Voters also were asked to rate Trump and Biden on traits including leadership and trustworthiness. Forty-five percent rated Trump as a strong leader, while 43 percent said the same for Biden. Forty-seven percent said Biden was honest and trustworthy, as opposed to 31 percent for Trump. Biden gets significantly higher marks on working with foreign leaders, 64 percent versus 45 percent for Trump."

      Where's your cite, Comrade at 8:23?

    3. Biden is senile. A person should not run for president if they are 80.

      If Obama for instance was to run for president at the same age Biden is now it would be the election of 2040.

      Biden is a total joke and a clear representation of the disarray of the Democratic party. A party that is stuck having to pretend like they are on the side of workers and people while supporting instead plutarchs.

      This is why they lose to inept fools like Trump (who isn't as bad as he is represented on TV but did bumble the virus hugely by not responding and mobilizing in February or March)

      All the people are fucked except the top 1%.

    4. You need to troll much, much harder to reach moron level.

  6. Trump has caused people to do things they would have sworn five years ago they would never do under any circumstance.

    Trump Derangement Syndrome is a genuine form of mental illness.

    No liberal thought he would ever promote the idea of news organizations deciding to censor the American president's briefings, urging them to choose to block the American people's access to an elected president's presentations, unfiltered by these news organizations, during a global pandemic killing thousands every day in America.

    Trump has made them insane.

    1. Somerby is no liberal, so don't count him in your tally.

      The point of these last few essays is that there is disagreement among liberals about whether Trump's briefings should be broadcast. So, I don't think you should overgeneralize this.

      Trump Derangement Syndrome is not a genuine form of mental illness. But it sounds cute.

    2. He can tweet as much as he wants. What's so newsworthy about him?

    3. "Trump has made them insane."

      I wouldn't call it 'insane'. It's just that in the morning of 11/9/2016 every US liberal (and some foreign ones) had a spontaneous head explosion.

      They became zombies. And they still are.

    4. The not so dirty little secret is that Mao's Establishment buddies have made a bundle with Trump as their leader.

  7. "The cables have been letting us watch."

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