Trump returns to the briefing wars!


The dumbness of yesterday's comments:
Late yesterday afternoon, at 5:38 PM Eastern, the American president returned to the briefing wars.

About three minutes in, he said what's shown below. He'd already delivered his memorized monologue above having so many ventilators, way more than the governors need:
TRUMP (4/27/20): We've launched the most ambitious testing effort, likewise, on earth. The United States has now conducted more than 5.4 million tests, nearly double the number tested in any other country, more than twice as much as any other country. Think of that!
"Think of that," the dumbest known human said.

Have we really done twice as many tests as anyone else? We're not sure, but it's possible! Part of the reason would of course be this:
Total population, various countries
United States: 328.2 million
Italy: 60.4 million
Australia: 25.7 million
Lithuania: 2.8 million
Quite a few countries seem to have done more testing than we have done on a per capita basis. But we have the third largest population in the world, trailing only China (no reliable data) and India (very poor).

These prime time gong shows will continue to crawl with silly, stupid remarks. Our newspapers do not maintain "dedicated pages" which record, on a daily basis, all the blatantly stupid things the nation's commander says and says and says and says over and over again.

In fairness, sheer stupidity has been the lingua franca of our upper-end press corps itself for a very long time. They say and do so many dumb things that they may not notice, let alone be disturbed, when others sample the culture.

That said, how stupid did yesterday's comments get during Q-and-A? After a CEO Serenade, one presentation by Trump went like this:
REPORTER: Mr. President, Dr. Anthony Fauci says that we need to increase testing by—double it at least, and so does the Rockefeller Foundation. When are we going to be doubling testing?

TRUMP: Well, that—it doesn’t really matter what they say there. And we just left him; we just had a meeting, but—because we’re going to have much more than double it very soon.

Now, there are big believers in testing, and then there are some governors that don’t feel as strongly about it at all. You understand that. They feel much differently about it.

But we’re going with maximum testing, because it’s something we’re very capable of doing. But we’ll be much more than doubled.

You know, Mike, I’d like you to answer that. We’re going to be much higher than doubled on testing very shortly.

Mike, please.
Let's translate! First, Trump told the vice president what he should say. Then, he told him to say it!

Thus prompted, Pence delivered one of his excruciating soliloquies. Later, though, this occurred:
KARL: This sounds incredibly promising. Walgreens, CVS for the drive-through tests, the diagnostic agencies. But we sat here in the Rose Garden back on March 13. These companies were here, some other companies were here. By my count, only 69 drive-through test sites have been set up by the companies that were here. I'm wondering if—

Of course, Mr. Vice President, back in early March you said we'd be at four million tests by the following week. We've just now got there in the last few days. What have you learned about what went wrong a month-and-a-half or over the last month-and-a-half or two months, and what's going to go right now? What lessons have you learned from the mistakes over the last month-and-a-half or so?

PENCE: Jon, I appreciate the question, but it represents a misunderstanding on your part and frankly, a lot of people in the public's part, about the difference between having a test versus the ability to actually process the test...
Thus triggered, Pence orated from there. When he was done, Karl followed up:
KARL: So when you said 4 million tests, seven weeks ago, you were just talking about tests being sent out, not actually being completed? I’m a little confused.

PENCE: Jon, I think—precisely correct...
He hadn't meant that four million tests would (or could) be conducted. He just meant they'd be sent out!

The spectacular dumbness of these sessions defines a failed national culture. In closing, we'll offer an obvious thought about one other Q-and-A:
REPORTER: The bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee came out with the fourth installment of its report. It concluded that Russia interfered in the 2016 elections and there was not political bias. Do you accept its conclusions?

TRUMP: Oh, I don’t know. I haven’t seen the report. I haven’t seen the report.

[To different reporter] Yeah, please. Go ahead.
If Trump holds another gong-show today, will someone ask that question again? Citizen, please! What are the odds?

The ludicrous claims are made day after day. This conduct has been normalized.

Big news orgs don't seem to notice or care. Mike, please! Think about that!


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  2. "Quite a few countries seem to have done more testing than we have done on a per capita basis."

    This is dumb, dear Bob. Real dumb. For a number of reasons.

    If there was an unlimited number of testing kits on this planet, readily available, then indeed the number of tests could be judged on a per capita basis.

    But there is no unlimited number of test kits. They have to be produced domestically or purchased from abroad. And, dear Bob, it's much easier for a small country to obtain a small number of kits than for the US of A to obtain millions.

    And of course, dear Bob, most of the US doesn't need testing. There's no reason to test Montana or Iowa. Problematic regions are only a few zombie-controlled ones.

    So don't be a dumb dembot, dear Bob. Please.

    Besides, testing is a waste of time and resources anyway. Japan doesn't do mass-testing, and it's doing great. Testing never healed anyone. It's just dembot distraction.

    1. Why is Trump bragging about testing if it is a waste of time?

      Japan is an easily closed island dumbfuck virgin.

    2. Easy to debunk these robotic defenses of our senile leader when he wets himself on national TV.

    3. Japan is no longer doing great. It has seen a recent spike in new cases.

    4. Orange man screams tests
      Says: We have done so many
      Alas, no results!

    5. "Testing never healed anyone."

      That's about as dumb as it gets. Maybe the guy is writing? satire

    6. 9 people in Iowa died of corona.


    7. Precisely, dembot.

    8. Mao needs to research testing and prevention a little more.

    9. Hopefully life gets better for Mao. He's very angry and very lonely. He's so alone and so unsatisfied. Life is not great for him and it hasn't been for a long, long time. But it can get better, I hope it does and the fog of anger and resentment is replaced with some kind of harmoniousness. But God knows the trauma this guy has been through.

    10. 8:20,
      It's not getting better for Mao. It's over. The Trump reelection is dead, the Senate is probably lost, and people are pointing out that his Establishment friends aren't pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, but instead are crying out for Daddy government to save them.
      I'd feel bad for him, if he wasn't such a Right-wing piece of shit troll.

    11. "9 people in Iowa died of corona"

      So if you knew one of them and had been in contact with them recently, you would turn down a test if offered?

      (This is of course hypothetical as you have no friends or acquaintances and never leave the house. Being a lonely virgin and all.)

    12. Can we collect 10 triggered soros-dembots here? 15?

      Yes, We Can!

    13. Life broke him hard but there's always hope for him and all of us.



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  3. Our national press, which is no longer being supported by much advertising, is supposed to publish lists of past stupid statements by the president. Where then would the actual news be printed?

    Since online space is unlimited, they could present a link to such material, but who would spend much time reading it? Not Republicans. Not the people who followed such statements in real time. Democrats are generally sickened by this stuff. So who would read it? And given search engines, why aren't the papers that first reported such statements archive enough? Anyone can find them later.

  4. The plan is to bamboozle the public with these nonsense briefings, while in fact doing little to nothing about the virus.

    Trump is playing his part rather well, isn’t he?

  5. “The ludicrous claims are made day after day. This conduct has been normalized.

    Big news orgs don't seem to notice or care.”

    It has been normalized: The passive voice construction of that sentence makes it unclear who precisely has been doing the normalizing. The answer includes more than just Somerby’s bogeyman “the media.”

    At any rate, “big orgs don’t seem to notice or care?”

    Well, there’s the Washington Post’s continually updated Fact Checker:

    That even got a mention or two by Somerby in the past.

    Of course, you do have to search it.

    Here are others:

    (Updated up until Daniel Dale left)

    All the President’s Lies About the Coronavirus

    Fact check: A list of 28 ways Trump and his team have been dishonest about the coronavirus
    (Daniel Dale again)

    As others have pointed out, these are available on the web, but who will make use of them?

    1. WaPo and The Atlantic, eh?

      Yes, Glenn Greenwald was right: scummy dembots and scummy neocons are one and the same scummy bunch of psychos.

    2. Mao, and yet you obsessively, glued to your computer, with post after post, as an obsequious sycophant, express adoration for the supreme scum bag of them all. To adopt your mode of expression.

  6. Jon Karl's goal appears to be to find fault with the President. Fortunately for Karl, a brand new, unknown virus provides many ways to do this.

    The virus is so new that any decision is a guess. With the benefit of hindsight, the President can be faulted for those guesses which turned to be wrong policy.

    When the President makes a courageous decision for an action that turns out to be right, he can be faulted for not doing it sooner E.g., the shutdown. He can be faulted for not doing a more extreme version. E.g., Pelosi suggests that Trump shouldn't have let American citizens return from China.

    If the President sets ambitious goals, he can be faulted for not achieving them, even if what he did achieve was very good. E.g., getting the number of tests from a few hundred per day to around 200,000.

    If there's a "least-of-evils" choice, where any option has downsides, the President can be faulted whichever choice he makes. The critic just ignores the downside of the other choice. E.g., opening up the country.

    1. You can look at other countries and institution's performance as a baseline to judge President Trump's performance on this issue. You can also look at the information to which he had access, what he knew and when he knew it. For instance, he was warned that major pandemic was coming that would kill tens of thousands of people yet he didn't even get around to ordering more masks until April. And of course there were all the absurd statements and predictions he made that ran counter to the information he had. These are the types of questions that Trump will have to answer in front of a grand jury after this is all over with. I'm sure you have a lot of questions too about his strange performance. We will get it all on the public record so we can understand it better.

      You're right that this is a very, very difficult situation for any president. It's the type of situation that separates the men from the boys, so to speak. History handed him a chance to prove he is a great leader, a great man. It's very rare that history will give any president or any man that chance, the chance to kill the dragon, to leave one's footprints in the sands of time and become an eternal historical great.

      Unfortunately, Trump let his chance passed through his fingers and not at all gracefully.

      But he should be proud that he even put himself and the position to have that chance. So few men do. There's no shame in failing at that level, with stakes that high.

      For now, we will just bury our dead and move on together as we fix this and prepare for the next one.

    2. @11:09 -yes, you can look at other countries as a comparison, but which countries? In terms of per capita mortality, South Korea and Germany did much better than the US. OTOH the US did a lot better than most major European countries, including UK, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Ireland, Sweden, and Switzerland.

    3. Yeah, dembot. Obviously, on your zombie planet it's the president of a country of 330 million people who orders face masks and cotton swabs.

      On your perfect liberal-zombie planet, your zombie hospital administrators never read the newspapers.

      They just sit there and wait for the president to figure out that they may need more cotton swabs.

    4. Tough shit Mao. Trump is poor, so he gets the blame when things go wrong. That's the how we hold people responsible here in the USA.

    5. Yes, that is my point. It seems he did no less worse than those European countries although he had a head start on them. I don't mean that as a criticism of Trump but am saying we do have a baseline on which the grand jury and history can evaluate his performance.

      Make America No Less Worse than Europe Except for Germany. That would look good on a hat. ;)

      No sense in debating it now. History and the courts will sort it out. All I'm saying is we do have a baseline. For now, let's just tend to the tens of thousands of dead and multiple millions of unemployed who will be sliding into poverty under Trump's leadership.

      Mao - I see your name and ignore what you write.

    6. I agree with David. President Trump's response to the predicted pandemic was a great example of the American unexceptionalism that will be his legacy.

    7. David, your Acting President needs volunteers to go work at plague stricken pork processing plants. It's ok though, if you get the virus and die and slow painful death he's not going to fine the billionaire owners. He will sign an executive order protecting them from all liability and eliminating OSHA protections for yourself. This would a double win for you. Isn't that great!

    8. @3:56 AM

      Thank you for your kind reply, dembot. Still, you're way too harsh on Andrew The Idiot-Son of Mario Cuomo and on zombie governors of NJ and CT.

    9. Shorter Mao: Trump is no less worse than Democrats! What an endorsement. ;)

    10. Shorter and longer soros-dembot: Orange Man Bad.

    11. Well, he didn't do great here did he?

      Yes, orange man not great. Democrats not great.

    12. Mao seems to be brought up to only understand politics in a reductive, binary way. Just like they planned.

    13. Anyone who critical of Trump is automatically a Democrat hahahahaha.

      Sad to have such a stupid, reductive worldview. But that's the worldview they programmed you to have.

    14. Um, nah, dembot, I don't have a problem with the feds, what was done of the federal level. What the feds are responsible for, they did fine. Banned the foreign flights, quickly organized mass-production and delivery of various stuff when zombie-controlled states started screaming.

      You zombie cult, on the other hand, did fuck up bad, naturally: zombie-controlled states and cities were unprepared, and of course all your zombie cult did was Orange Man Bad: banning the flights is racist! go to the Chinatown and hug a someone there! all the usual zombie shit.

      Oh well. Zombies, what do you expect.

    15. Sounds good Mao. The courts and history will sort it all out. If you think Trump did great, it's your business. But it's not my zombie cult. I hate Democrats.

    16. There is going to be a campaign to prevent Americans from understanding what happened within the Trump government during the critical months of January to April, 2020. Many times Donald Trump told the nation that it has nothing to worry about because he and his people have the coronavirus well under control. They did not. He misled the country about that.

      This basic fact is so damning, the evidence for it so mountainous, and the mountain of evidence so public — and so personally attached to Donald Trump — that the only option is to create confusion about these events, and about the pandemic generally, in hopes that people give up and conclude that the public record does not speak clearly and everything is propaganda.

      Creating confusion is basic to how he operates anyway. But now his time in power and control of Congress are in doubt because of the pandemic. The stakes are unimaginably high, not just for him, but for the entire Republican Party and for all who have gained from his chaotic reign. The manufacture of confusion will thus move to the center of his 2020 campaign strategy. Is the American press ready for that? No, it is not. And that’s a problem.

    17. It certainly is your zombie cult, dembot; don't be coy.

      We've seen different species of dembots, dembot. Simple rule, dembot: if your message is Orange Man Bad, you're a dembot, soros-dembot. And you are. And you -- and everyone else -- know it.

      Courts? Try not to appear dumber than most of other dembots, dembot. It's not difficult.

      Now, history. History doesn't sort things out. History is a narrative written by those in power. Anything is possible, of course, but populist movements (which is what trumpism is) are rarely commended, because the elites - any elites - hate them. So, there.

    18. Mao, let's remember the word of God

      "For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God."

      Mark 9:35

    19. Mao yes, I realize you feel if your message is Orange Man Bad, you're a dembot, soros-dembot. If that's the way you view the world then I am a Soros dembot (in your view). Sounds great man. Have a nice day. Good luck with everything.

    20. Thanks, dembot. Good luck to you too.

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