SOCIOPATH-IN-CHIEF?: Lack of empathy, unhinged attacks!


All the president's symptoms:
In last Saturday's matinee performance, the sheer stupidity of Donald Trump's claims occasionally provided some comic relief.

The rare matinee performance began at 4:15 PM Eastern. Before long, the president was reciting one of his favorite monologues—the one about the way the fiendishly dishonest governors have been making absurd requests.

Governor Cuomo was named without being named. The commander in chief said this:
TRUMP (4/4/20): It’s very understandable that officials would seek to get the most they can get for their communities, but the fears of the shortages have led to inflated requests. We have some states and areas where they’re just asking for far more. I mean, look, we had one state asking for 40,000 ventilators. Forty thousand. Think of it: 40,000! It’s not possible. They won’t need that many, and now they’re admitting they don’t need that many. But we’re getting as many as we can to them.

Again, nobody has ever seen anything like this in terms of ventilators, in terms of protective equipment and uniforms and outfits. But it makes it more difficult for distributors to prioritize the real need, and it could intentionally and, you know—look, they everybody has proper intentions but they want to make sure they’re 100 percent. And sometimes, when they know they don’t need it, they want it anyway. It gives them that extra feeling of satisfaction, but we just can’t do that. It’s not even possible to think about it.
Some governors are asking for ventilators even when they know they don't need them! According to the commander in chief, it gives them "that extra feeling of d=satisfaction" when they get more than they'll ever need.

The commander was attributing conduct to unnamed governors which was virtually sociopathic. Comically, he soon recited another monologue.

In this second performance, the governors ask the commander in chief for far less than they actually need. If people weren't losing their lives every day, this would simply be humorous:
TRUMP: A lot of times—and we have to stop playing this game—if a governor wants 200 ventilators, and I say, “No, we’re going to send you a thousand. We think you need more than 200.”

And then the media meets with the governor and they say, “Oh, you got more." "Well, it’s not enough. The president should have sent more.”

So he’s asking for 200. We give him a thousand. They say, “How’s the president doing?” “He should have given more.”
Because that’s politics. That’s politics. And that’s unfortunate, because we can’t play that game.


In order to most effectively target the distribution of supplies, we’ve been asking states to provide us with daily updates on the number of ventilators and their utilization rates, because some states have more ventilators than they need. They don’t even like to admit it. They’ll admit it when everything is over, but that’s—it doesn’t help us very much.
According to this emerging monologue, when some governors ask for 200 ventilators, the commander will send them a thousand! The commander had now defined his two major problems:
1) The governors who ask for way too little.
2) The governors who ask for too much.
Even in this second storyline, the governors continue to behave in a deeply dishonest way, dishonestly badmouthing Trump to the press. Meanwhile, please note:

A third storyline emerges in the excerpt posted above. According to this third recitation, some governors already have too many ventilators, but they refuse to admit it. Eventually, these governors will admit that they had too many, but only when the plague is over, when it will be too late.

As presented by Donald J. Trump, this third set of governors seem a bit "socio" too.

Some governors ask for way too much, some for way too little! Watching the matinee performance, we were struck by the sheer stupidity of those two conjoined tales.

That said, we were also struck by another symptom of psychiatric disorder. We refer to the relentless way the commander in chief slimed and savaged all comers over the course of almost two hours.

Yesterday, we showed you what he said about Captain Brett Crozier, who didn't make the decision to stop in Vietnam with the USS Roosevelt. Above, we've shown you the way he attributed behaviors to three sets of unnamed governs who seemed to be virtually sociopathic, given the circumstances.

That said, these were just a few of the attacks which littered Saturday's televised performance. The commander started in early on the press as a whole, delivering this appraisal:
TRUMP: Every decision that we’re making is made to save lives. It’s really our sole consideration. We want to save lives. We want as few lives lost as possible. It’s therefore critical that certain media outlets stop spreading false rumors and creating fear and even panic with the public. It’s just incredible. I could name them, but it’s the same ones. Always the same ones. I guess they’re looking for ratings. I don’t know what they’re looking for. So bad for our country and so bad—the people understand it. You look at the levels and approval ratings, and they’re the lowest they’ve ever been for media. It’s so bad for—for our country. So bad for the world. You ought to put it together for a little while, get this over with, and then go back to your fake news.
Just as he didn't name any governors, he didn't name any news orgs at this point. That said, their behavior tilted toward sociopathic. And then, there were the individual reporters Trump would later attack.

He attacked the Wall Street Journal's Catherine Lucey when she asked about the problems which seemed to be occurring within the new SBA loan program.

These problems had been widely reported. But Trump insisted they didn't exist, that the program had been "flawless so far."

AS he made this improbable claim, Trump said these things to Lucey:

"This is typical with you in particular...You should say, 'I hear you’re doing well, but maybe—'...Here something is working so well and you ask a question in such a negative way...It’s doing great. You know it and so does everyone else. Everyone is shocked how well it’s doing."

Lucey was being dishonest too, according to the commander. But then, once again for comic relief, consider what happened when the commander attacked CNN's Jeremy Diamond.

The blinding stupidity was back on display as Trump attacked Diamond for asking about the possibility that, in the end, we'll end up with a "shortage of ventilators."

"Always a nasty question from CNN," the commander initially fumed. When Diamond restated his question, the commander delivered a long soliloquy on the brilliance of his own performance and the dishonesty of the governors who ask for way too much.

Diamond had asked the exact same question a second time. Speaking to the same reporter about the same question, the disordered commander now ended his diatribe by saying this:

"It’s a very fair question. I understand that question very well."

Just like that, Diamond's question had gone from "nasty" to "very fair." Cable networks continues to give several hours of free time per day to this vastly disordered man.

Trump's flip-flop with Diamond provided some comic relief. No such relief could be found in the commander's savage attacks on a string of other players.

Inspector General Atkinson? He was "a disgrace to IGs...He's a total disgrace."

The unnamed whisteblower from the Ukraine matter? "He’s a fake whistleblower. And, frankly, somebody ought to sue his ass off."

Captain Crozier? He was mocked for conducting "a class of literature." He was falsely accused of making the decision to stop in Vietnam.

Joe Biden? If Biden was watching the matinee, "he doesn’t understand what he’s watching."

Governor Cuomo? At two separate points, the commander ran through his grossly misleading monologue about the way Cuomo could have purchased 16,000 ventilators for a very good price a few years ago.

"I'm not blaming anyone," the commander absurdly said.

The attacks went on and on, a phenomenon which has only increased at these televised sessions in the past two days. Vicious attacks on all comers may signal a type of psychiatric disorder. More striking, perhaps, was the lack of empathy the commander displayed during Saturday's matinee session.

We refer to a new monologue, one he debuted at this session. By Sunday, he'd amped his performance up. On Saturday, he said this:
REPORTER: Is there anything you want people to do to show their support, show their support for the medical community? Is there something that— We’ve seen people clapping when nurses leave. I’ve seen people make—

TRUMP: Well, we’ve seen a lot of that. You might say something there. I have seen such support. I saw this morning where everyone—they’re clapping for fire department, they’re clapping for police. But they are really going—these people are—

REPORTERS: What should people do?

TRUMP: You know what they’re like? They’re like— Tony, they’re like warriors. Mike, they’re like warriors. They were going into Elmhurst Hospital, which has been tragic—right near where I grew up, in Queens—going in. And the people in buildings—there’s—going. I mean, they’re the rock stars. They’re warriors. Nurses, doctors, first responders, what they’re, what they’re going through.

And they don’t even know what’s going to happen.
I mean, they go in. And, by the way, even if they have great equipment they’re catching it. You know, great equipment. They have good equipment, they catch it. They catch it with good, with bad. It is evil.
"They don’t even know what’s going to happen?" Let's translate for the commander:

When those nurses and doctors walk into those hospitals, they don't know if they're going to die.

By Sunday, the commander had improved his inspiring tale. By Sunday, he was displayed his lack of empathy in the following manner:
TRUMP (4/5/20): I would ask that all Americans pray for the heroic doctors and nurses, for the truck drivers and grocery store workers, and for everyone fighting this battle. I had mentioned yesterday, where I see the nurses rushing into hospitals, and they’re putting on their outfits, and they’re putting on their masks and goggles, in some cases. They’re rushing into war. They’re rushing into war.

And I see people from apartment houses screaming and shouting and singing their praises. It’s an incredible thing. They’re warriors—these doctors and nurses. They’re running into buildings, and they’re literally putting it on as the doors are opening. They’re putting all their stuff and running inside. And they’re running inside to tremendous danger. Tremendous danger.
By now, the self-serving melodrama had been improved. Trump was describing doctors and nurses putting their equipment on even as they "ran into" their hospitals. He enjoyed a sponge bath of "stolen valor" as he described this scene while making one omission:

He didn't mention the fact that many nurses lack the requisite safety equipment because of his own massive bungling. They can't put on full safety equipment because they simply don't have it.

On Friday night, Don Lemon had interviewed a 28-year-old New York City doctor who said she had made out her will and shared her wishes with her family. She had done that because of the danger to which she was being exposed on a daily basis.

Cable news has spilled with reports of the way doctors and nurses have been performing in the absence of safety equipment. On Saturday afternoon, a man who seems to lack all empathy began to steal valor from those people. He seemed unable to grasp what his own words meant, to find the gravity there:

"They don’t even know what’s going to happen?" In fact, they don't know if they're going to die. The commander seemed unable to grasp the reality behind that state of affairs. Instead, he framed a new melodrama, designed to make us feel good, even whilke suggesting it doesn't matter if they lack equipment:

The evil virus will take them out whether they have full equipment or not..

Similarly, Trump auditioned a new storyline at this matinee. In his new storyline, which has since been abandoned, he creepily offered this:
TRUMP: One of the reasons that I keep talking about hydroxychloroquine is that the question that nobody ever asks, and the question that I most hate the answer to, is: “What happens if you do have a ventilator? What are your chances?”

And I just hope that hydroxychloroquine wins, coupled with perhaps the Z-Pak, as we call it—dependent totally on your doctors and the doctors there, because you know the answer to that question. If you do have the ventilator, you know the answer to that question. And I hate giving the answer.

So I don’t want to get them there. I don’t want to get them there. There’s a possibility—a possibility—and I say it: What do you have to lose?

I’ll say it again: What do you have to lose? Take it. I really think they should take it. But it’s their choice and it’s their doctor’s choice, or the doctors in the hospital. But hydroxychloroquine—try it, if you’d like.


But when you have a ventilator, don’t ask the answer because I hate it. If you have it, and it’s working beautifully — I don’t like the answer, because it’s not a very high percentage.

So I want to keep them out of ventilators. I want to keep them—if this drug works, it will be not a game changer, because that’s not a nice enough term; it will be wonderful. It’ll be so beautiful. It’ll be a gift from heaven if it works. Because when people go into those ventilators, you know the answers, I know the answers, and I’m glad you don’t write about it.
The commander was auditioning a new message—ventilators don't work.

It's obvious how this message might help him down the line. Apparently, it was rejected as too ghoulish, because the monologue hasn't been repeated in the past two days.

That said, the commander rarely seems to show proper respect for the value of human life. On Saturday, he repeatedly displayed his pique and annoyance with the idea that Cuomo would ask him to help. As we watched that day's performance, it seemed to us that the commander was perhaps providing a bit of a self-diagnosis.

Is it possible that our commander in chief is in fact a "sociopath?" The term is more Hollywood than DSM, but it's connected to real diagnoses—diagnoses of tragic psychiatric disorders which can cause great harm in the world.

Tomorrow, we'll discuss what that fraught term seems to mean. For today, we'll only say that the commander seemed to be showering symptoms all over the place during Saturday's televised performance.

Increasingly, President Trump won't let Dr. Fauci speak. In a somewhat similar way, the upper-end press corps won't let other specialists discuss the blindingly obvious questions we'll ask.

Tomorrow: Symptoms and prevalence


  1. "...the sheer stupidity of Donald Trump's claims occasionally provided some comic relief."

    There is nothing comic about Trump's stupidity when it has led to people's deaths.

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  2. "The commander had now defined his two major problems:"

    Our Beloved Commander informed you, dear Bob, of a couple of different dynamics, taking place in the context of the communications between the federal executive branch and some of the state governments.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, dear Bob, but this is what you wanted - more information, right? And now you don't want it, is that it?

    As for the word 'psychopath', is this the swearword that your subspecies of zombies prefer instead of the swearword 'racist' used by your wider zombie community? It seems like it's what it is, dear Bob.

    1. If you call Trump "mentally disturbed", you have to call the rest of the establishment-loving Reagan Republicans, who hate democracy "mentally disturbed".

  3. I think Somerby has done an excellent job taking apart these press briefings and pointing out the horribleness of Trump. But then, the media has been doing the same thing, night after night. They just haven’t generally taken the extra step of calling Trump a sociopath.

    I still fail to see how diagnosing Trump like this adds very much to the discussion: It doesn’t change the steps that have to be taken to get rid of him; whether he’s mean and a liar because he’s mean and a liar or because he’s a sociopath—he’s still mean and a liar.

    An ordinary citizen can be detained if psychiatrists find that he is a danger to himself or society; the president can’t be detained. The 25th amendment isn’t going to be invoked. In fact, the cabinet and the GOP and upper-end right wing media spend a great deal of effort praising and defending Trump. Impeachment was stymied, and probably would be again. Trump seems highly functional amongst a large group of citizens who do not see him as dangerous or unhinged.

    What does that leave? Aside from the troubling possibility of watching Brian Williams play armchair psychiatrist, which would not go over well, you have the troubling talking point that has developed about Biden, that *he* has mental issues. I can just imagine the competing labels being hurled from competing media outlets and tribal voters.

    It may be true that Trump is disordered. But “may” is the operative word. And it seems like a dead end to assert it.

    And I especially object to Somerby claiming that Trump’s behavior may not be his “fault.” That can easily be expanded into a call for not holding him accountable, and that runs counter to the very definition of “sociopathy” that Somerby is pushing here.

    *Sociopaths are still held accountable for their actions.*

  4. Trump is correct that the stats for those put on a ventilator with COVID aren't good, but it is the only treatment available for the most severely ill patients. Without it, they will die.

    CA gave back 500 ventilators. That is because the extreme lockdown imposed state-wide by Gavin Newsom seems to be working to reduce the number of cases needing ventilators.

    Somerby himself uses the word "socio" (which isn't a thing) and sociopath numerous times in this essay. Half the time, he applies it to the behavior of the governors, alleged by Trump. The problem is that Trump is a deeply stupid man who doesn't read, has no curiosity, and relies heavily on whoever has recently gained his ear. It may seem to Trump like the governors are being disingenuous in their requests because Trump doesn't know what the term "lagging indicator" means and clearly doesn't understand the modeling required to predict needs (and the associated error in such models), nor does he understand the chaos introduced by letting the market dictate who gets what equipment. He doesn't appear to know what PPE is, or what nurses wear on their jobs, or anything about the daily work of caring for virus patients in ER and ICU. So, it seems wrong to use a term like sociopath when the term idiot works just as well.

    And Somerby is the last person qualified to make any kind of diagnosis of another person. There has been a running theme of lack of empathy in his own writing that I wouldn't want to hear a psychiatrist analyze (due to the vicarious embarrassment it would engender). Wittgenstein is a much safer topic for someone like Somerby.

    1. There has been a running theme of lack of empathy in his [TDH’s] own writing….

      You mean like the time he used a pejorative derived from the name of a Nazi general?

      I wouldn’t want to be around when the self-awareness fairy pays you a visit, professor.

    2. Would it be too much in the stress of the plague year to ask for better trolling?

    3. Oh, professor, how droll!

      But I fear the two of us operate under different definitions of troll. I regard a troll as someone who posts with no interest in content but seeks only a response. Like Mao. You regard any critic as a troll.

      I’m not trolling you by my lights. When you’re right, I point that out. When you’re wrong, I point out where and with evidence.

      Do you ever consider that you might be wrong?

      Go ahead. Give it a try.

  5. Hey, libs, does it make you feel good that Somerby has paused his trashing of you to call Trump mentally ill? Does that make you feel superior? You are virtue-signaling elitists, after all.

    Perhaps you need to be reminded that the mentally ill man beat your candidate in 2016, the lady with all the experience and expertise, and could easily beat your gaffemeister Biden this year.

    Underestimate Trump at your peril.

    And maybe come up with some strategy to beat crazy-like-a-fox Trump better than asking the press to carry your water for you by shrieking “he’s crazy!!” 24-7. That reeks of desperation.

    1. Would it be too much in the stress of the plague year to ask for better trolling?

    2. For sake of the people who will have died and have already dies thanks to his incompetence and poor leadership, let's hope the bumbling fool Trump never fucks up this bad again in the remainder of his time as president.

    3. His career is littered with wealth, fame, the adoration of women, and the presidency of the United States.

    4. Well, the adoration of women isn't hard. Are you a virgin too like Mao? Adoration of women is easy for most men. I know some you young male computer porn addicts have a lot of difficulties. But you never leave the house ... so you figure it out. But yes, littered with fame and wealth!! And the presidency! And all the dead bodies piled up on the sidewalk just down the street from where he was born. He's a sincerely exceptional man.

    5. What possibly could be a higher human achievement than wealth and fame!?!

    6. What are you going on about 9:43. What dead bodies? From the virus? Is that Trump's fault? Or the fault of the NY Democrat officials telling everyone to go out and lick each other in Chinatown?

  6. "That said, the commander rarely seems to show proper respect for the value of human life."

    A better diagnostic cue, given these examples, would be the way in which Trump uses other people to achieve his own ends. He uses the nurses, the governors, the journalists, in turn, to achieve his goal of self-aggrandizement and to burnish his image/brand for his re-election and to increase his poll and audience numbers. It seems like he doesn't care about any of them because of the way he uses their problems, not so much because he says crass things about them (this time, anyway).

    But one of the problems with diagnosing someone using a checklist of symptoms is that it is difficult to know what those symptoms look like in a real life context. That is where clinical experience comes in. How much of what Trump did was normal for politicians and how much was actually different, extreme enough to qualify as sociopathic? How would Somerby know, without any training or exposure to a wide variety of both normal people and sociopaths?

  7. We used to diagnose Bill Clinton as a sociopath pervert because he is one.

    Some people say only a sociopath runs for president.

    I'd rather have a great president labeled as sociopath by the moron left than any Democrat.

    Trump 2020

    1. But Trump isn't great, is he? Do mean great meaning not a Democrat? Judged on his own merits, especially after this, he is a total buffoon.

    2. Everybody makes mistakes. That said, this was a world class biggie.

      What would your reaction be if it was Hillary dropping the ball as Trump has and was lying to people the way Trump is now? Are you being objective?

    3. Hillary wouldn't do any of that.

    4. Someone earlier speculated about how the right would respond if Trump were labeled a sociopath by the left. When you google Bill Clinton and sociopath, you find a bunch of entries all from the right talking about the possibility that Bill Clinton is a sociopath. It is more of the fever swamp nonsense and that's how labeling Trump a sociopath will look to those on the right.

      So, throwing that label around isn't going to accomplish anything short of an objective evaluation, which would need to come from a licensed professional (clinical psychologist or psychiatrist and NOT Trump's personal physician).

    5. The only thing great about Trump is the size of his ass.

    6. I would go down on that ass 7 days a week if I could. Can you imagine how clean and well perfumed it is down there? His ass is sublime. I'm only speculating but his asshole must be pure, pure heaven.

    7. 4:38 how is Trump dropping the ball? Closed off China flights, no ventilator shortage, judicious use of the DPA, letting governors decide the best course for their circumstances, vaccine in record time, thoroughly updating the public every day. He's doing an excellent job.

    8. He closed travel to China and started a task force that did nothing. He sat around doing nothing for two months saying that there wasn't going to be a pandemic and everything was fine and didn't really do anything until he was totally blindsided, so a certain percentage of the total deaths are on him for acting so unprofessionally and so foolish for 2 months. He closed the pandemic response team two years ago. Stop being stupid. Be objective. You're boring. Vote for him and support him though if you wish. I could care less.

      Oh wait, you're being sarcastic. You bastard. Fell for it.

  8. "That said, the commander rarely seems to show proper respect for the value of human life."

    When did Planned Parenthood and women who procure abortions become the commander?

  9. Not to mention those women who procure appendectomies. Don't they realize they're arranging the killing of human cells?

    1. Aren't all humans "human cells"

    2. Each of us contains human cells, non-human cells, and non-cellular matter. What's your point?

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