Cluelessness in its ultimate form!

MONDAY, JUNE 15, 2020

Press should keep pushing, scribe says:
Does President Trump have some physical ailment or affliction which is being concealed?

We can't answer your question. Over the weekend, the question arose after the commander in chief seemed to have trouble walking down a ramp and drinking a glass of water without using both hands.

After describing these two events, Jennifer Rubin offers this at the Washington Post:
RUBIN (6/15/20): We will likely never know until he is out of the White House what mental and/or physical ailments may afflict him. Two things are clear, however. First, it is an entirely legitimate topic for the campaign. The media should not relent in asking questions and demanding to speak with his doctors.
According to Rubin, the media should "not relent in asking questions" about Trump's possible "mental ailments?" In what villa on what planet was this prescription formed?

Rightly or wrongly, the mainstream press has steadfastly refused to discuss Trump's possible "mental ailments." They've refused to ask questions about this possible state of affairs.

When Yale psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee tried to initiation such a discussion, the New York Times editorial board said the discussion mustn't occur. Rightly or wrongly, everyone fell into line.

Rubin says that these same people should persevere in their inquiry. In a dacha within what solar system was this fantasy formed?

"Trump is in denial," the headline says. "Look who's talking," several young analysts shouted.


  1. ""Look who's talking," several young analysts shouted."

    Precisely, dear Bob.

    Here's what I saw, a few days ago:
    Senior Democratic lawmakers, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (N.Y.), [...] wearing African kente cloth scarves, knelt in the Capitol Visitor Center

    Also, this:
    White police officers and community members washed the feet of black church leaders during a Unity March in Cary, North Carolina on Saturday

    Do these clowns have some physical ailment or affliction?
    Why, obviously, without a doubt, they do.

    Well, at least they aren't trying to concealed it...

  2. It seems likely that the phrase "mental ailment" refers to neurological ailments such as Parkinson's or stroke, not to insanity (as Somerby likes to discuss).

    No More Mr. Nice Blog has pointed out that Trump has had these same ailments since 2017, including the two handed drinking, difficulty walking down stairs and ramps, and slurred speech. He should have been held accountable for this stuff in 2016. This is a guy who takes a golf cart to go a short distance instead of walking with colleagues.

    1. “ No More Mr. Nice Blog has pointed out that Trump has had these same ailments since 2017, including the two handed drinking, difficulty walking down stairs and ramps, and slurred speech.”

      Trump is a teetotaler.

    2. No one said he wasn't a teetotaler, although some online have speculated that he may be taking something else (an ADHD drug or upper or sedative). He has shown those same behaviors repeatedly on camera, plus sniffing and lethargy. They didn't say he was a drunk. They said he owes the public information about his health.

    3. Scroll up, Anonymouse 10:09am.

      According to Anonymouse June 15, 2020 at 2:56pm, a No More Mr. Nice Blog (bwwwhahaha!) said that Trump was engaging in “two handed drinking”.

    4. Obviously Trump isn't really a teetotaler, because if he was he wouldn't need any hands (never mind two) to not take s sip of a drink.

    5. The metaphor for intense, rough, or extreme is two-fisted. Two-handed is a literal descriptor. Trump is not a two-fisted drinker as he reportedly doesn’t drink liquor at all. Trump is a two-handed drinker because he’s on video as requiring both hands to bring a glass of water to his mouth.

    6. “ The metaphor for intense, rough, or extreme is two-fisted. Two-handed is a literal descriptor.”

      Oh. Thanks.

      My bad, Anonymouse.

  3. That a grotesquely obese man with tiny, tiny feet has trouble walking and keeping balance is hardly news.

    1. Hillary was constantly falling, slipping and or passing out.

      Must have been those exhausting rallys given to half full gyms.

    2. Ronald Reagan was the Alzheimers President. Not so bad he wasn't a big part of Iran-Contra, but bad enough to use it as an excuse for his Right-wing treason.


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  5. The White House released the results of President Donald Trump's annual physical two weeks ago. He got clean bill of health.

    1. That was the Dr. Otto Yerass report?

    2. It's was just a simulation.

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