Lawrence O'Donnell spots a lie!


Jackson keeps interrupting: Sunday morning has long belonged to Wallace Stevens' famous character, who sits in a sunny chair.

"She dreams a little, and she feels the dark encroachment of that old catastrophe." Or at least, so we're told.

For ourselves, we look forward to Saturday mornings. On Saturday mornings,  we have time to peruse the work in the Washington Post and the New York Times.

Below, we'll consider a problem which arose on Friday night. Quickly, though, consider what readers find in this morning's print editions:

It's time to cancel the Oscars: In print editions of the Washington Post, two op-ed columns are featured. This is standard on Saturday morning's op-ed page.

Atop that page, in the right-hand corner, a headline says this:

Time to face reality and cancel the Oscars

Yes, that's what it says. 

According to the IHME, roughly three thousand Americans will be dying of covid, on a daily basis, by December of this year. 

The Oscar ceremony is scheduled for February 2021. Which event has the Post concerned as it tries to face reality? Did you need to ask?

It's time to examine talk radio: In print editions of the New York Times, an op-ed column bears this peculiar headline:

Talk Radio Is Turning Millions of Americans Into Conservatives

Yes, that's what it says. 

We agree with the claims in the essay. Of course, as we've noted again and again, the problems described by the essay should have been explored, on the Times' front page, at least twenty years ago.

As of this morning, the New York Times has noticed that Rush is a problem. No, we're not making this up.

A perfect recitation of dogma: Within the New York Times' National section, we find a news analysis piece which bears this headline:

Kamala Harris and the ‘Double Bind’ of Racism and Sexism

Has Candidate Harris been confronted with expressions of racism and sexism? Presumably yes, she has been.

That said, this analysis piece features a perfect execution of prevailing tribal dogmas. It represents the triumph of thoroughly scripted true belief over normal journalistic procedure.

We expect to discuss this piece next week. For today, we recommend it as a demonstration of the remarkable lack of analytical skill which routinely prevails at the Times.

Philosopher stumped by a child: Perhaps most intriguing is the op-ed column by Dr. Sasha Mudd, "an assistant professor of philosophy at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile."

The column begins as shown below. Few openings could be more instructive, or more unintentionally comical:

MUDD (10/10/20): The other day, my 7-year-old, having gotten wind of President Trump’s Covid-19 diagnosis, asked me point blank, “Mommy, are you glad that Trump got the coronavirus?”

I am a moral philosopher, and yet I had a hard time coming up with an answer. 

Yes, that's what it says.

In the coming week, we expect to focus on the performance of academic elites over the past several decades. 

Where have the logicians been? How about the "moral philosophers?" Today's unintentionally comical piece helps outline an instructive state of affairs—the remarkable failure of these elites to intervene in our failing discourse.

It's very hard for people to see how limited our elites really are. We refer to our journalistic elites, but also to our academics.

One thinks of Lord Russell, tangled in knots as he puzzles about "the set of all sets not members of themselves." In part for entertainment purposes, we hope to return to that comical circumstance next week.

It's very hard for people to see how limited our guardian class is. In the shallow end of the pool, consider what Lawrence O'Donnell did last night. 

As usual, the angry fellow was calling attention to a set of "lies." 

Lawrence loves to identify statements by others as "lies." Based on appearances, someone lied to him in the past,  and it left a serious scar. 

(To recall the performance in 2004 which got him kicked off the air for several months, you can just click here. We watched that meltdown in real time. It extended through two segments of the MSNBC program in question. We don't know if videotape of the full meltdown exists.)

On Thursday night, Lawrence entertained viewers by pretending to identify Susan Page's racist and sexist behavior. 

Last night, he helped us see that Brian Morgenstern is the latest in "an army of lying operatives" working on behalf of Donald J. Trump. 

According to Lawrence, this army of lying operatives is going to hope, in future years, "that no one will remember the lies they told on behalf of Donald Trump." He seemed to say that Morgenstern has been "constantly lying about what we need to know about it [the coronavirus] and do about it."

Morganstern seems to be the last person standing in the White House press office. Yesterday, he was "interviewed" by Hallie Jackson during her daytime show. 

According to Lawrence, Morganstern "tried to lie his way past Hallie Jackson on MSNBC today." He then played (edited) tape of Morgenstern trying to get a word in edgewise as he's interrupted, again and again, by the Trump-like Jackson.

Jackson is much smarter than that; presumably, she was engaged in tribal performance. In the course of her "interview," she asked Morgenstern such perfectly valid questions as these:

"When was the president's last negative test prior to his diagnosis?"

"Did the president at least comply with the Cleveland Clinic debate requirement to be negative-tested in the 72 hours prior to that debate?"

Those are perfectly valid questions. We'd call them important questions.

But so what? In the edited videotape Lawrence played, Jackson only pretended to try to get Morgenstern to answer. 

We say that Jackson was pretending because every time Morganstern started to speak, Jackson interrupted. One thinks of Trump's ridiculous conduct at the very same debate to which Jackson referred.

When was Trump's last negative test? That's an important question.

Was he tested before the Cleveland debate? We'll call that very important.

That said, we'll guess that Morgenstern has no idea what the answers are. He seemed to be trying to say as much as Jackson kept interrupting.

Why was Jackson behaving that way? Presumably, because she was told to do so.

Sadly, we tribals sometimes mistake such theater for good solid journalism. Meanwhile, Lawrence will insist that any statement of which he disapproves can be loudly denounced as a lie.

Does Morgenstern have any idea when Trump last tested negative? Does he know if Trump was tested before the Cleveland debate?

If Jackson had simply let him speak, we'd at least have his formal answers to those important questions. Presumably, he would have said that Trump hasn't told the press office.

It would be useful to get that on the record. Instead, Jackson gave us tribal theater, with Lawrence to finish things up.

Lawrence's behavior on Thursday night was an undisguised moral disgrace. On Friday, for the second consecutive night, he was remarkably stupid.

These behaviors by Lawrence and Jackson are imitations of life. They come to us courtesy of upper-end corporate "journalism."

Lawrence was blindingly stupid last night. As a saving grace, he never lapsed into his working-class Dorchester accent, as he did in 2008 when he challenged one of Mitt Romney's sons to a fistfight.

Presumably, Trump is mentally ill. Once again, a question arises:

What our team's excuse?

For extra credit only: What exactly were Morgenstern's "lies?" 

In the videotape played by Lawrence (and others), it isn't clear that he got the chance to make any actual statements. So it goes on partisan cable as corporate profits soar. 

If you can gain access to Lawrence's FULL EPISODES page,  you can watch last night's segment here.


  1. "When was Trump's last negative test? That's an important question.

    Was he tested before the Cleveland debate? We'll call that very important."

    Surely you're joking, dear Bob, right? How is this any of your, or your goebbelsian dembots, business?

    ...for that matter, dear Bob, if you really, for whatever weird reason, feel that other people's tests are very important to you, why don't you kneel and ask your cult's God, The COVID?

    1. If I was a supporter paying over 200 k to hang out in a room for over an hour with the turd you worship, I might want to know when his last negative test was. Then again, having spent over 200k on the turd you worship would qualify me as an idiot who does not wear a mask or social distance. Being an idiot I would feel solidarity with the turd you worship when I came down with COVID.

    2. “I’ve been tested and although I don’t know the values I was very low or negative” said the turd that you worship on October 10, explaining to the world that a swab can be used to estimate viral titers. This information will be useful for any turd worshipers who would like to come out from their mother’s basement for a close up photo op.

    3. Over here in this country it is actually the Trump supporters who are the fucking crazy cult members. Come over from wherever the fuck you live your shitty life and you will see for yourself.

      Trump is a total failure.

      And that makes you a total failure.

      But you know that already. ;)

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  2. "According to the IHME, roughly three thousand Americans will be dying of covid, on a daily basis, by December of this year.

    The Oscar ceremony is scheduled for February 2021. Which event has the Post concerned as it tries to face reality? Did you need to ask?"

    This would only be a fair criticism if there were NOTHING in the paper about covid on that day. That is patently false, so Somerby is implying that no one can care about anything except the virus deaths, as long as so many people are projected to die in several months from now.

    This is ridiculous, but also an example in which Somerby reveals his main motive -- to jeer at the press and take them down in the estimation of readers, to portray them as frivolous for not caring (except the DO care, because where else are such death projections printed and discussed).

    Somerby hates the media. More than he pities Trump, more than he hates Rachel's new TV set. Somerby hates the media. Why would anyone hate media like that? Because the media keeps us a free people, tells us what Dear Leader is doing in his lonely mansion. The media tells us that Biden is winning. The media perhaps wrote a bad review back when Somerby was a comic. Maybe they turned him down for a writing job. He doesn't tell us his real reasons for manufacturing media sins, weekdays and weekends.

    Somerby is doing no one any favors when he writes this stuff. The less people trust our major news sources, the easier it will be to convince people of conspiracy theories like Q-Anon, encourage them to join local militias and convince them to stay home instead of making the effort to vote. The easier it is to turn normal people into Trump supporters. Look at what happened to Somerby -- he is the prime example of what someone becomes if they distrust the NY Times. And it ain't pretty.

  3. Twenty years ago the NY Times ran a puff piece in the business section about Rush Limbaugh's continuing success and influence:

    They also ran an opinion piece about the way speech on Rush Limbaugh's show is speeded up:

    Turning people into conservatives isn't mentioned as a "problem" in either article, but the first one does note his influence and state that he is an important conservative voice.

    Somerby's contention that the NY Times has ignored Limbaugh is not true, judging by the various articles about him during intervening years between 2000 and 2020.

    Because the NY Times is not actually a liberal newspaper, it doesn't come right out and deplore Limbaugh's success. That would be partisan and biased. Note that Somerby glosses the distinction between editorials and opinion pieces and actual news whenever he talks about the NY Times. Journalists themselves maintain such a distinction because they consider it important to keep bias and opinion out of factual news reporting.

    Somerby pretends to be liberal by complaining that the NY Times is not criticizing Limbaugh, while calling for it to violate journalist rules about objectivity. As if liberals (1) think the NY Times is liberal, and (2) want it to break such rules too. Liberals understand this distinction that Somerby glosses. In so doing, Somerby tries to sucker liberals into disdaining the NY Times (which has never been liberal), and tries to shoehorn liberals into the conservative caricature of "our tribe." He sets a bad example because he is no liberal himself but perhaps thinks he will be taken seriously as a "liberal voice" if he attacks the paper supposedly from the left.

    No one here seems to buy this approach, liberal or not.

    Meanwhile, does Somerby think that any Limbaugh fan will stop listening to his show if the NY Times tells the world that Limbaugh is a dangerous conservative? Unlikely.

    1. Notably Somerby says "What our team's excuse?" while referencing a "team" of center to center-right corporatists. Bad grammar aside, Somerby clearly is indicating his team here: center to center-right.

    2. Another stupid post. You're dumb as fuck.

    3. How dumb is fuck? And if it's so dumb, why do so many people spend so much time doing it? Bet you never wonder about anything while you're busy sucking your thumb.

  4. The O'Donnell episodes that Somerby links to are behind a registration/paywall.

  5. Somerby claims that O'Donnell loves to call things lies (implying that some of them may not be) but Somerby has the opposite problem. He will not call an outright lie, a lie, ever.

  6. There is no time to permit a White House spokesperson to filibuster or be evasive or even to put the official response on record, because none of that is good television, and because it is helpful to Trump to allow them to do that.

    On the one hand, Somerby always criticizes the media for not pinning down the people they question. But how are they to pin down such people if they let them go on at length giving canned answers to questions? Somehow, interviewers are supposed to get responsive answers without interrupting. I don't think that is realistic. Further, the media seems to have increasingly lost patience with White House evasiveness, lying and attempts to spread the conservative party line, Trump's propaganda during interviews.

    Somerby objects to the rudeness of the interviewer who interrupts, but he ignores that this is not a "debate" and there are no mutually agreed upon rules about taking turns. Somerby wants us to think that Trump is being blamed for bad behavior that the press uses regularly (thus liberals are all hypocrites for attacking Trump's bad debate behavior). But this is a TV show with limited time and a need to present new information, not canned responses, and guests are there because they have something to say, not to promote their candidate (as they would at length during a political rally). Somerby never takes context into account, especially not when it is his desire to attack liberals and repeat conservative talking points -- in this case about how rude the press is habitually and yet they all jump on Trump when he behaves the same way (supposedly).

    A child could tell the difference between a reporter who interrupts (because it is his job to do so) and a president who should listen and treat others with respect (because it is his job to do so).

    1. anon 2:52 - must be a lot of bats flying around inside your head

    2. I like and respect you too AC/MA. Didn't your mom teach you that if you have nothing to contribute, keep your mouth shut. Otherwise you contribute to the entropy death of the universe.

    3. AC/MA, you shouldn't lash out at people when you feel confused. Go back and read again and see if you can understand more the second time.

  7. I thought you were joking about O'Donnell challenging Romney's son to a fist fight--until I googled it. Professional journalism right there. Looks more like WWE stuff.

  8. If you would have told me at the end of Obama's first term I would be voting for Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020 I would have laughed in your face.

    In the middle of Obama's second term the writing of the ascendancy of the racist, insane, backward left was on the wall.

    Millions of us read it and now we can't wait to reelect Trump. I still can't believe it but here we are.

    1. And now we all get to laugh in your face! How ironic!

    2. You and the millions of voters that turned from Obama to the leader of the cult of birtherism. Of course you are aware that Obama wasn’t running for a third term. Oh so it was the left that you voted against. I get it. So after four years of a black president the left revealed itself to you and millions of others like you whose motivations are obvious to you. Makes perfect sense that the election of a black president got you going in that direction. What adult person is so ignorant that they would vote a liberal ticket suddenly to have an epiphany like this? The liberals revealed themselves to you? Of course the group you voted with drastically changed in four years. Not very bright. Or a liar. I choose both.

  9. “Talk Radio Is Turning Millions of Americans Into Conservatives"

    It’s not true that NYT has just now noticed the Rush problem, but that headline makes it look like it, and that is what makes it worthy of ridicule.

    Back in the day Time Magazine was the nation's weekly billboard for what was most important. Time Magazine had Rush on the cover back in 1995 after the Republicans took the House for the first time in 40 years. The Republican caucus invited Rush and thanked him.

    1. They used to say that Life was the magazine for people who couldn't read, and Time was the magazine for people who can't think.

    2. Newsweek used to say that.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. TDH: The remarkable failure of these (academic) elites to intervene in our failing discourse.

    Don't expect any change, Bob. Noam Chomsky has been banned for decades, as have many of the best and most radical academic critics, by what you call the “Hamptons-based guild.” The fabulously wealthy corporate stooges who own and run our national discourse refuse to allow serious critics in their yard. Any academic that you do see on the corporate-owned media has to have sworn an oath never to critique the fundamental fact of our corporate-owned existence. The result is that academics who make it through the vetting process will merely give us an academic version of the standard inane blather we typically get from the permanent cast of corporate stooges.

    1. What is the point of critiquing something you cannot change?

    2. What's the point of your critiquing Somerby? You say you've been coming here for years and I haven't noticed any change at all in Somerbys style or content. Take your own advice, your inane blather against Somerby and in defense of the corporate-owned mass media has been pointless.

    3. Somerby essentially defends corporate-owned media by raising it's importance way beyond what is actual.

      Noam Chomsky is better known now than ever before solely due to how most people get their news and conduct their discourse: social media.

    4. "I haven't noticed any change at all in Somerbys style or content."

      Somerby has changed dramatically in recent years, perhaps as the result of watching too much Fox TV. I used to be one of the people defending him.

    5. "Somerby essentially defends corporate-owned media by raising it's importance way beyond what is actual."

      I think you just broke your previous record for this blogs stupidest comment. Only an idiot would think that control of the mass-media and the public discourse is unimportant. I'm sure you can find numerous websites that cater to people like you.

    6. 8:17

      Dunning Kruger effect much?

      Only an idiot would think that "mass-media" controls public discourse. Youtube and Facebook alone dwarf the reach and influence of the NY Times, CNN, and MSNBC combined. Furthermore right wing ideology does not arise from discourse or reason. DO YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND THAT LAST POINT AND IT'S IMPLICATIONS, YOU FUCKING MORON?

      Care to make more dumb and baseless assertions?

    7. Where do you think the political/economic information on a typical Facebook page comes from? Overwhelmingly it comes from corporate mass-media sources. Yet again you have topped your previous record for stupidest comment on this blog!

    8. @1:42 -- you forgot to mention Internet Research Agency.

  12. IMHO there is no importance to the projections of an IHME model. Models of covid 19 have performed dreadfully. There's no reason to believe this, or any other, model.

    However, that doesn't that I consider covid 19 toi be unimportant. It's hugely important, based on actual figures as of today. Deaths are running at over 700 per day. New cases are running at over 48,000 a day, with the number rising sharply,

    1. Model have performed badly because we know so little about the virus and how it spreads, not because people don't know how to do modeling. Also, how do you figure in the sporadic noncompliance of human beings?

    2. DimbulbinCarpinteriaOctober 10, 2020 at 8:28 PM

      "With the possible exception of packing the federal courts with unqualified, 17th-Century thinkers, Trump, the White House, and the Senate have performed dreadfully."

      FTFY, NFO.

  13. Dotard in CaliforniaOctober 10, 2020 at 6:41 PM

    what's unimportant is your pathetic drivel.
    If Eichmann represented the banality of evil you are the stupidity of evil.

    Go fuck yourself

  14. can i watch

  15. “Lawrence will insist that any statement of which he disapproves can be loudly denounced as a lie.”

    Or, Lawrence could be referring to this statement by White House spokesman Morgenstern responding to Jackson: “we're being extremely transparent.”

    That’s ... laughable. And it’s a lie.

  16. “tape of Morgenstern trying to get a word in edgewise as he's interrupted, again and again, by the Trump-like Jackson”

    For someone who often criticizes the media for asking poor or incompetent questions, or lets the interviewee wander off into the woods, it’s odd to read Somerby’s critique of Jackson.

    Somerby acknowledges that Jackson’s questions were good. But he calls her “Trump-like” for demanding an answer from a spokesman intent on not answering.

    Jackson asked: “When was the president's last negative test prior to his diagnosis? “

    Morgenstern: “So we don't have

    Jackson: “Wednesday, you said you were going to look into that.”

    Jackson: “Did the president at least comply with the Cleveland Clinic debate requirements to be negative-tested in the 72 hours prior to that debate?”

    MORGENSTERN: “you are very focused on looking backwards.”

    These were the approved answers that Morgenstern regurgitated. He was allowed to say no more.

    Somerby calls Jackson’s interview “theater.” It’s more likely it is real frustration with the constant stonewalling coming from the Administration. (Note that Jackson references the fact that Morgenstern had previously promised to “look into” the matter. Didn’t happen.)

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  18. From Palmer Report:

    "Donald Trump said he’d only hire the best people, but close to a dozen of his advisers, underlings and henchmen have ended up getting arrested for various crimes. Now it turns out Trump’s poor choice in personnel also applies to the 2020 Republican National Convention, because three of the people who spoke at the convention have now been arrested.

    We already saw the infamous Missouri couple arrested for threatening and pointing guns at people who were walking by their homes. Trump chose them to speak at the convention specifically because they were awful. But now Amy Jolene Thorn, who spoke at the RNC in defense of Trump’s disastrous handling of the pandemic, has been arrested for allegedly shooting someone."

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  21. Incorrect take on Jackson v. Morgenstern. True, she was enjoying herself but one has to place cognition to the side to presume that the latter would have answered the question if the rude performative Ms. Jackson would have only let him. The man resorted several times to "we are looking forward, not backward," and she gave him chance after chance. Is it really that awful for her to highlight this stream of crap? Only Bob in his most egregious both-sides-are-dishonest mode, could pretend to not see this. The information - when Trump last tested negative, is valuable, and so is making someone trying to lunge past it look bad.

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