Whitmer appears with cable news star!


What unblinking courage looks like: We can't link you to a transcript. Presumably for obvious reasons, the "cable news" channel in question no longer provides them.

We can't show you the videotape of the full interview. The cable news conglomerate in question has cut way back on its postings.

We can tell you this:

Last night, Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer appeared on the Rachel Maddow TV show. We had the same reaction we've had on several occasions watching Whitmer of late:

That's what political talent looks like that. Talent, and political leadership.

The flyweights who run the Maddow Show have dropped the part of the interview which we found most impressive—beyond impressive, in fact. That was the opening exchange, when Whitmer said, as she always does, that she and her family have the Michigan state police in charge of their security.

For that reason, "I have never once felt unsafe," Whitmer said, unblinkingly, just as she always does, even though it's hard to believe that her statement could be true. 

It's amazing to see an elected official who knows exactly what to say, even when it's almost surely untrue. Also, who knows how to go out in public and say it without the slightest hint of flinching.

Whitmer was referring to the recent kidnap/trial for treason plot aimed at her person. She went on to discuss Donald J. Trump's ongoing attempts to stir up such acts of violence. 

In the face of this heinous behavior, this governor keeps saying all the right things, without the slightest sign of flinching. Meanwhile, our "journalists" keep refusing to speak to medical specialists about the possible state of the president's mental health.

Whitmer looks straight into camera when she says these things; she doesn't flinch or blink. She goes on to say that Trump's behavior needs to stop. 

You rarely see such perfect leadership We're newly surprised, almost amazed, every time we see it.

AOC is soaked in raw talent; Whitmer has been amazing. We thought we saw that same talent when we watched Kamala Harris make her campaign kick-off speech.

We quickly saw that we'd been mistaken as Harris waged her horrible primary campaign. Nothing that's happened since Biden picked her has led us to think that she's up to the task she's been handed.

(Very few people would be.)

It's surprising to us that muscular Michigan is the state which elects so many impressive women to statewide office. That said, Michiganders just keep doing it, and Trump just keeps doing it too.

Talent and leadership on this level don't come along very often. It seems to us that attention should be paid.

Mateo explained it in the 2002 feature film, In America, speaking to the delightful pair of sisters who had just moved in upstairs and had come to his door on Halloween.

Lacking candy to give as a treat, why was he giving the girls his "fortune"—a big glass jar full of spare change?

"When luck comes knocking on your door, you can't [shouldn't] turn it away."


  1. "It's amazing to see an elected official who knows exactly what to say, even when it's almost surely untrue."

    Really, dear Bob? But don't you know that all cults operate this way? Whatever your cult's VIP says - that is THE TRUTH. Okay?

    "She went on to discuss Donald J. Trump's ongoing attempts to stir up such acts of violence."

    Of course she did, dear Bob. Projection, blaming others for your own malfeasance is the hallmark of your zombie cult.

    By the way, dear Bob, how's your mailbox doing? We are extremely concerned.

    And what's the mortality in Taiwan? Could post an update, please. And also for Europe, dear Bob, and separately for the EU, please.

    1. usa has 20% of covid deaths with 3.5% of world population, stupid troll. try harder, or no vodka for you tonight.

    2. There are a few problems, Anonymous, with your statement.

      First off, most of the so-called Covid deaths have been in Democratic-controlled states. Second off, the CDC itself has reported that only 6% of so-called Covid deaths were of people who just had Covid absent comorbidities. That mean 94% had other serious health issues but there is no evidence of distinctions being made between people who most definitely died of Covid and those who croaked of other things while also having Covid. There was even a news article I read about a guy who got his head crushed in a motorcycle accident in Florida who was infected and that was reported as a Covid death(!). You're also assuming accurate reporting in other countries, which I would be a little loathe to do.

      In other words, a lot of these numbers which are being used to "inform" and scare us are most certainly bullshit.

      Now pardon me while I enjoy a nice daiquiri.

    3. After you do that, travel to your nearest hospital, go to their Covid ward, and breathe deeply. You should be OK, right?



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  2. This post is racist.

    1. Then you're supposed to write "The statement on the other side of this card is false."

  3. My Democratic sister went to a rally in Arizona with her Republican husband and returned a MAGA convert. I won't say cultist because she's not a moron, is a gastroenterologist and is all in with Trump now. They are superspreader events in more than one way and we have two more weeks of them. They will move voters whether they go in person or see them on TV. For all the whining the right does about social media, the contribution of those images is invaluable.

    1. If she is a gastroenterologist, she is protecting her money. She also never had any time to read social science in college. That's her excuse -- what's yours?

      When she is at work, she gets to wear PPE. You don't, just some flimsy mask that you probably don't even wear. You will get covid and she won't. She'll also be first in line for any vaccine. Of course, she's voting her financial interests. She must not like you very much, to ignore YOUR vulnerability this way.

      But Dems care about you. They'll enforce mask rules and make sure there's enough vaccine for all, and try to keep you alive, whether you vote for them or not. The question is whether you will vote your interests or follow your sister's selfish lead.

      Wouldn't you feel bad if you went to a rally and voted for Trump, only to have him lose (as he is doing) and then you caught covid and were super sick and all your sister did was refer you to your HMO?

    2. She's practically a mask Nazi/Karen. She thinks Trump has done a respectable job on the covid issue. She's in favor of schools and universities opening up but favors mask mandates and thinks it will be over as a threat after the first 100M doses of vaccine are administered by early next year.

      She's also pro choice.
      She didn't suddenly become motivated by financial interests, but does think the Trump economy will be ruined by Biden.

      If I get covid I'll not blame my sister or even Trump. It will be because I did something stupid which is likely. To be honest my family doesn't consider covid a defining issue, Democrat or Republican.

    3. She doesn't think covid is a threat and she is worried about losing her wealth. Definition of a Trump voter.

      She also doesn't seem to have much capacity for empathy and doesn't seem to care what is happening to others in our country. That is definitional of Trump Republicans too. You can be like her or be different. That's your choice. Caring about other people doesn't seem to be mandatory, yet.

    4. Spoiler alert: the sister is fictional.

      Biden is real and most likely our next president.

      If you need fiction to deal with Biden winning, more power to you.

    5. You gave it away with the words “Trump economy.”.

    6. My Democratic sister went to a rally in Arizona and fucked your mother.

  4. Here is the kind of thing an actual media critic might talk about:


    Somerby never talks about anything that isn't behind a paywall.

  5. Jamie Harrison, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Gretchen Whitmer. It’s good to see that the Dems have so many rising stars.

    1. Anybody black in the senate. It’s good to see the republicans are fostering diversity.

  6. Somerby says Whitmer unflinchingly stated that Trump needs to stop and then, rather oddly, claims this is rarely done. Utter nonsense. Leadership to Somerby is denying racism and supporting our thugs in blue living out their cosplay fantasies. If only that young woman he took to lunch had not mocked him for his silly notions.

  7. RIP Amazing Randi


  8. Somerby likes to say "We don't know whether [insert bizarre claim here] is true or not. Anything is possible."

    The creation of thinking that entirely ignores evidence in favor of withholding judgment, even about the most obvious or least likely assertions, undermines critical thinking and makes people vulnerable to conspiracy theories and political smears.

    At Cannonfire, Joseph Cannon says:

    "Through sheer repetition, that absurd idea has taken hold. According to YouGov, thirteen percent of Biden supporters are "not sure" whether the claim is true or false -- and five percent think that the charge is valid. In other words, nearly one out of five Democrats considers this evidence-free assertion to be within the realm of the possible. That's how deep the brainwashing has run."

    I won't repeat the charge that he is discussing, except to say that it is a smear against Biden. Conservatives are able to advance such smears to the extent that Democrats believe it is a good thing to keep an open mind, to accept that "anything is possible" as Somerby keeps repeating, even when something is absurd on its face.

    Somerby couches such statements in an atmosphere of pseudo-philosophical inquiry, making it seem like a virtue to refuse certainty on anything. But that is wrong. Ridiculous statements need to be opposed, lies corrected, or else conservatives will remain able to spread their filth because a percentage of Democrats refuse to take a stand opposing their concocted smears.

    This is another way in which Somerby advances the right-wing political agenda here. Anything is not possible. It is not possible that Q-Anon is right about its beliefs. It is not possible that Tom Hanks abuses children. It is not possible that Joe Biden is corrupt and abetted Hunter's career in illegal ways. How do we know? Because of the preponderance of evidence and because anything is not possible when there is evidence to the contrary. The refusal to accept evidence is fundamentally anti-science and part of the reason the right has lost its way. And so has Somerby.

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