Supplemental: Rachel [HEART] Public Policy Polling!


Payola probe to begin:
Last night, the screeching started not too long after 9 o’clock. We rushed to our Analyst Viewing Chamber to see what was going on.

“She just won’t stop,” the analysts cried. We rewound the tape on the Maddow Show to see what had them upset.

Sure enough! It was just as they had described! After a moment of folderol, Rachel had started her program like this:
MADDOW (8/31/15): But we start with some legitimately new news hot off the presses. What I have in my hot little hand here is new national polling. New national—a new national poll on the presidential race.

We’ve got this exclusively tonight. You have not heard about this anywhere else. So we’re breaking this news here.
The transcript to the program is here. We can't find a link to the video.

In the money-grubbing world of corporate cable news, it isn’t national news at this point if it doesn’t involve “new polling.” No matter how pointless the polling may be, recitation of the latest numbers is counted as “breaking this news.”

In this case, Rachel had a new poll on an exclusive basis! “You have not heard about this anywhere else,” she portentously said.

We tried to explain to the analysts! Rachel is only doing this because she’s paid $7 million, we thoughtfully said. She’s only feeding you this piddle to keep her ratings up.

Plainly, that was the wrong approach. You see, the analysts had already watched her first ten minutes by the time we arrived on the scene. On that basis, they were predicting a major payola probe.

As it turned out, Rachel had received her exclusive new poll from Public Policy Polling, a firm which has been trying quite hard, in recent years, to turn itself into a national name.

Public Policy Polling—PPP—had provided Rachel’s exclusive. She announced this fact right at the start of her segment—though as it turned out, she was going to pimp the agency early and very often.

Rachel announced the source of the poll. It wouldn’t be the last time:
MADDOW (continuing directly): This is a new national poll on the presidential race from Public Policy Polling. They have polled Republican voters nationwide on the race for the Republican nomination. And what they have found is a mix of good news, including some surprisingly good news for the few folks who find themselves towards the top of these poll results. But what they have also found is just some astonishingly bad news for the folks who find themselves at the bottom of the list.

And some of the people at the very, very bottom of the list will surprise you. Some of the supposedly, you know, top tier, bold face name, national caliber politicians in the Republican field are not just polling at the bottom of the field nationally right now, they’re like below the bottom of the field like you thought you were on the ground floor and “Hey look, turns out there’s a basement!”

And this new PPP poll which, again, we have got exclusively tonight and we are breaking news of right now, it is very good news for some candidates but very bad news for others.
By then, we pretty much had it. Rachel was breaking news from a new national poll from PPP, a poll she had exclusively.

Why were the analysts screeching in pain? Because they’d already endured ten minutes of Rachel’s constant pimping! They swore that they’d call the FEC to demand that payola probe. And, in truth, we had to agree. Rachel was pimping the firm so hard that there did seem to be an arrangement:
MADDOW: But this new national poll from PPP tonight, it also has Donald Trump in first place, winning by a mile. He’s at 29 percent. Ben Carson in second place in this new national poll, Ben Carson at 15 percent, which means Donald Trump is almost doubling Ben Carson’s level of support.

Still, though, those are the only two people in double digits. Those are the two guys coming in first and second. This new national poll from PPP, obviously very good news for both Donald Trump and Ben Carson. This new national PPP poll actually means that Donald Trump and Ben Carson are the number one and number two choices of Republicans nationwide in three of the last four national polls.
All right! All right! We get it by now, the analysts lustily cried. But Rachel had a name to sell, and she was selling it hard:
MADDOW (continuing directly): So that top tier is really getting to be very clear. Donald Trump and Ben Carson, pretty clearly sitting on top of the Republican presidential field as we head toward Labor Day and this new PPP poll just underscoring their dominance.

This poll also has some relatively good news, though, for Jeb Bush. Jeb Bush, he does only place third in this new PPP poll, and he can’t get out of single digits. But still, 9 percent and coming in third constitutes really good news for Jeb Bush right now the way things have been going for him recently. He’s not only been sliding nationally but in the early states.

So Jeb Bush coming in third tonight in this new national poll that constitutes probably reason for celebration in Kennebunkport or Miami or Houston. I don’t know. Where do the Bushes summer these days? I don’t know.

The other person who truly does have reason to celebrate in this new national PPP poll is the candidate who comes in only one point behind Jeb Bush for a strong fourth place finish, and that candidate is Carly Fiorina. Carly Fiorina polling at 8 percent nationwide. That is good for fourth place. That is good for her.

But that is not a fluke. She’s been polling very well over the last few weeks. In this new national PPP poll, look at it, Carly Fiorina polls better than Rand Paul and Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz and John Kasich, and Marco Rubio and Scott Walker. She beats all of them.
“Sure, but who conducted this national poll,” we wisecracked at this point. The analysts only cried harder.

Maddow offered her pointless polling news for seventeen straight minutes. Along the way, she kept reinforcing the basics:
MADDOW: For those candidates, though, who are being just roundly and now consistently rejected by Republican voters this year, I will say one little happy thing. This new PPP poll that we are breaking news out there tonight, it does have one ray of sunshine for the losers—maybe not a ray of sunshine. More like a reason to laugh mirthlessly into your beer as you ponder how low you’ve sunk.

But it is from another part of the same PPP poll which we’ve got exclusively tonight. In addition to asking who these Republican voters wanted to be the nominee for president, it also asked Republican voters nationwide some of their other views and I can’t help but think this has to be a comfort to some of the people who believed the hype, right? Who believed their own press. Some of the people who really thought they would be real contenders for the presidency but can`t get any traction with real Republican voters.

I have to think that the answers to these polling questions tonight have got to be a comfort to guys like Chris Christie, guys like Bobby Jindal, guys like Rick Perry, people who just can’t get anywhere. This question was asked of all the Republican voters in the PPP poll.
As noted, this payola-redolent PPP-pimping went on for seventeen minutes. At that point, Rachel introduced her guest. You can probably guess who it was:
MADDOW: Joining us now is Tom Jensen, director of Public Policy Polling.

Mr. Jensen, thank you for being here. Thank you for giving us access to this new national poll.

TOM JENSEN, PUBLIC POLICY POLLING DIRECTOR: It’s great to be with you, Rachel.
As noted, PPP has been trying for years to increase its national profile. As she closed her short, pointless interview session with Jensen, Rachel helped out again:
MADDOW: Tom Jensen, director of Public Policy Polling, thanks for being here. Thanks for sharing this new national poll. It’s great to be able to break this news. Thanks.

JENSEN: Thank you so much, Rachel.

MADDOW: Again, the top line here will always be who is at the top of the polls. Donald Trump at 29 percent in the new PPP national poll.
Had she mentioned that she was breaking this “news” thanks to a PPP poll?

Rachel wasted twenty-one minutes at the start of the show on this new national poll, which she was reporting exclusively. Aside from the payola-redolent PPP-peddling, we were struck by the sheer inanity of her “analyses,” and by her rolling self-contradictions.

Her self-contradictions? For one example, limn this:

About ten minutes into this mess, Rachel mounted her favorite hobby-horse. She blasted CNN for planning to limit the next GOP debate to just ten participants.

Minutes later, she was ridiculing the lower-ranking candidates, talking trash about their standing in the new poll from PPP, which she was reporting exclusively:
MADDOW: Rick Perry is over. He is at 1 percent in the polls. Jim Gilmore, I’m sure, is delighted to have 1 percent. Most people have no idea who Jim Gilmore is, let alone that he’s running for president, or that he has run for president before.

But Rand Paul is tied with those guys at 1 percent. Which does mean he’s sitting pretty compared to Lindsey Graham, George Pataki, and Bobby Jindal, all of whom are polling at zero, which is a number by which you cannot divide so sometimes it’s just easier to say they scratched.

And maybe we expect that now. Maybe we expect Bobby Jindal and Lindsey Graham to scratch, right, to poll at zero percent...But who expected Chris Christie to be tied with Rick Santorum and Rand Paul to be tied with Jim Gilmore, right? At 2 percent and 1 percent respectively.

This is just disastrous news for them. And this new PPP poll that we’ve got exclusively tonight, that we are breaking news about right here tonight, this is a—this is a national poll. But the bad news part of these findings especially for the candidates who are supposed to be contenders, supposed to be top tier guys, the bad news part of these findings from PPP and their national poll tonight, those bad news findings really are replicated in the early-state polls that are out today and yesterday, as well.


Indelibly, it looks like now guys like Chris Christie and Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal, but particularly guys who are supposed to be real contenders, guys like Christie and Rand Paul, they’re also really not moving anymore.

And it’s one thing to survive a brief plunge in the polls, right? To rocket down to the small single digs because you’re having a low spot here and there. It’s another thing to become a permanent part of this distant third tier of candidates that regularly polls at 2 percent or less, right? These irrelevant, rounding-error candidates that are undeniably ignorable.

If you want to be seen and treated as a viable presidential contender, it is one thing to visit that tier occasionally. But when you start to live there, it starts to be over for you.
Minutes earlier, Maddow had been trashing CNN because it won’t include all seventeen candidates in the next debate. Minutes later, she was mocking most of the folks who will be excluded, describing them as “irrelevant, rounding-error candidates that are undeniably ignorable.”

“Rick Perry is over,” she daringly said. So, it seemed, are the others.

Question: If they’re “irrelevant, rounding-error candidates that are undeniably ignorable,” why would anyone want them in a presidential debate? The thought didn’t seem to cross Rachel’s mind as she diddled along.

Maddow doesn’t even seem to be trying to make sense at this point. For months, she derided Fox for the way it organized the first debate, insisting that national polls don’t really matter as a measure of the primary race.

Last night, she was suddenly praising herself for “breaking the news” in the new national poll, the one from PPP, which she was reporting exclusively. After trashing CNN for culling the field, she mockingly culled it herself.

When a cable star like Maddow spends twenty-one minutes frisking a poll, that’s twenty-one minutes she won’t be able to spend on something important. Examples:

You never hear about low-income kids on this show because Maddow is busy justifying her own gigantic salary in these embarrassing, audience-fluffing ways. Beyond that, she pretended to discuss the Clinton emails last night. But it was purely pretense.

We don’t think we’ve ever seen a cable star devolve in quite the way Maddow has. Wealth and fame are very destructive. Mixed with Trump-like self-adoration, wealth and fame really do kill.


  1. "I'm undoubtedly a liberal, which means that I'm in almost total agreement with the Eisenhower-era Republican party platform." Rachel Maddow.

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  2. Bob [HEART] Rachel. You can hardly get him to talk about anything else before he returns to her.

  3. Wow! With so much misinformation out there Somersby is obsessed with Maddow. I wonder if that $7 Million salary that he went out of his way to mention has anything to do with it.

  4. Body count piling up for the SJW.

    24 year old TV reporters in VA, cops, more cops, black churchgoers in SC.

    All directly attributable to rhetoric from the progressive left and a pandering, arrogant president.

    SJW hands awash in innocent blood. Small price to pay to "feel good" about their brave Twitter battles.

    1. Buzz off Stormer.

    2. Stormfront is less racist and violent than the progressive left.

    3. @ 12:00

      Took you 16 hours to come up with that?

      Lead exposure, I guess.

  5. I like when Maddow brings comedy into her show and does light comedy like a real comedian would. It just feels so good ... and it's needed.

  6. What would Kevin Drum say about the fact that murder rates are up while lead levels are not?


    2. Since lead didn't cause the recent rise in crime, maybe lead didn't cause the huge violent crime wave of 1960-1990. I don't think much of that theory, because
      -- the effect of lead, although real and serious, wasn't that huge an impact on average IQ
      -- Having a slightly lower IQ doesn't make one a violent criminal.
      -- Changes in criminal law, due to Court decisions, a reduction in the use of the death penalty, etc. are a plausible alternative explanation for the rise in crime.

    3. You don't know what you're talking about. Why do people think it is OK to speculate in the absence of facts?

    4. "-- Changes in criminal law, due to Court decisions, a reduction in the use of the death penalty, etc. are a plausible alternative explanation for the rise in crime."

      Nope, because it was world-wide, and obviously different countries had different policy decisions in that time period (as in any).

  7. Maddow is an embarrassment to liberals, to television, to lesbians, to pinstriped suits, and to other millionaires. The only thing she is not an embarrassment to is Rhodes Scholars! They all suck as much as she does. Hi Bobby Jindal !

    1. Is is amazing how many people there are to be embarrassed by Maddow.

      You, on the other hand are only an embarrassment to your mother, and she is not noted for being very observant. Which explains how you came to embarrass her.

  8. Rachel Maddow and Bob Somerby are perform very much alike.

    Trying to be funny. Very repetitive. Fixed on a theme. Ignoring other major stories. Seemingly oblivious of their own self contradictions.

    One has a cable news opinion hour. The other has imaginary friends who share his angst.

  9. Bob doesn't like Maddow. Bob makes up a story about PPP paying Maddow to discuss their poll results.


    1. Why did she mention PPP so often? What is your explanation?

    2. There was pretty obviously some mutual back-scratching going on here. They gave her an exclusive with the polling, and she had their guy on and named them at literally every possible opportunity. It was clearly pay for play.

  10. Liberals hate to hear her criticized, but does anyone actually enjoy Maddow's sorry excuse for a news program? To me it's unwatchable drivel.

    1. No, not anymore. In fact, I refuse to watch any MSNBC cable news show at night anymore. Apparently with Brian Williams coming back they have decided to go after the FOX audience.

      Good luck to them.

    2. @mm

      After getting rid of K.O. Alex Wagner, Ed Schultz and Rev. Al, MSNBC finally realized that a solid lineup of boorish benighted blowhards was a losing proposition. Adding Brian Williams is an effort to appeal to the remaining liberal audience who demand their news anchors worship POTUS Obama.

    3. mm perhaps they are just trying to go after AN audience.

      I know liberals are lazy, as Bob has told us. Apparently they are too lazy to turn on the TV.

    4. This is why so many people were getting their news from The Daily Show. Apparently only comedians have the sensibility to seek the truth and aren't afraid to speak it. Maddow is no comedian.

    5. @1:29

      Jon Stewart always spoke truth to power.....Well, not so much to the guy in power during the last 6 1/2 years.

      "Jon Stewart — the man who loves to be called a nonpartisan, a scourge of cant, an honest soul who follows the truth wherever it leads — has been secretly taking trips to the White House to receive intense one-on-one lobbying from President Obama.

      Moreover, Politico reported Tuesday, “Daily Show” staffers routinely call up the White House to get the administration’s input."

      "One of Stewart’s first viral moments was his 2004 appearance on CNN’s “Crossfire,” when he accused the hosts of “hurting America. You’re partisan — what do you call it — hacks.”

      "He might have used his talents to evade this charge himself, but instead, he allowed himself to be seduced by power. He sold out. He dined with those he should have been dining upon."

    6. cicero - So you are going to hold John Stewart, a comedian, to journalistic standards that you will not hold Fox News to? That is clearly the definition of a partisan hack.

    7. @12:19

      I'm holding Stewart to the professional comic standards. Having POTUS Obama on his show to promote White House talking points without subjecting him to his rapier wit is to violate the comic's commitment to mine comedic gold wherever it is found.

      How has FNC failed in their duty to uphold journalistic standards? Did you see the GOP debate? Even MSNBC gave the kudos for asking the tough questions pf the candidates. Let's see how CNN handles the Democratic Party debates.

    8. Shorter cicero: I AM a partisan hack - you got a problem with that?

    9. @6:07

      Succinct Jon Stewart: I AM a partisan hack - you got a problem with that?

    10. Leave cicero alone. He's going to get the minutes from Dick Cheney's Energy Task Force meeting released for all to see.
      We need more ciceros to keep the politicians honest.

    11. cicero @2:22 - The quotes are *not* from the Politico report, they are from a slam in the New York Post .Only a partisan hack would try to hide the source of their information (the New York Post!?).

  11. Maddow is such a fake.

    1. Anonymous @ 11:03 is as real as they come.

  12. As a major shareholder at PPP, I find this post highly offensive!

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