Campaign watch: Donald Trump couldn't get no respect!


Making Mika visibly angry:
In one way, we sympathize with Candidate Trump.

We don't like it when people are forced into mandated speech, a practice described by experts and scholars as the "Cordelia effect." On Sunday, Candidate Trump was cast in that role when he was asked, again and again, to denounce the KKK.

For whatever reason, he just wouldn't do it. Later, he improbably blamed his refusal to speak on the effects of a very bad hairpiece!

(Or perhaps on a bad ear piece. Due to bad staff work on this end, we couldn't exactly hear.)

At any rate, Candidate Trump kept refusing to renounce the Klan. This is such a stupid offense that even our seven-figure cable "journalists" are even able to spot it.

As a result, Joe and Mika were soon attempting to deny their past eight months of bizarre Trump Love. They even directed their staff to create a deceptive videotape.

The tape was designed to make you think that they only predicted Trump's success—that they haven't spent the past eight months cheering their best friend on.

They played the deceptive videotape this morning. To watch the tape, click here.

The collection of clips from Morning Joe programs runs just over three minutes. We were struck by this fact:

Good grief! Morning Joe staffers couldn't even assemble a tape of that length without including a clip in which Mika and Joe are praising Trump for his "searing" honesty—for having the guts to say the "truthful" things no one else will utter.

Go ahead—watch that tape! Just after the one-minute mark, you'll see Mika and Joe raining praise on Candidate Trump. This apparently happened last June 18, two days after The Last Great Man entered the race.

This is what the Peculiar Pair said on that occasion. The horrible Mika is visibly angry about the lack of respect being aimed at the man she has spent the past eight months seeming to love:
SCARBOROUGH (6/18/15): When he's on a debate stage, and he turns to Scott Walker or Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush and hits them, not with something mean-spirited—


SCARBOROUGH: But searing and truthful, that nobody else in polite political society would say, it can shape a race.

BRZEZINSKI (with visible disgust): Nobody has the guts to say.

SCARBOROUGH: And so all these people saying that he's going to have no impact, they don't get it!

BRZEZINSKI: Sam Stein, what's so funny?

STEIN: I mean, listen. No one's doubting his entertainment value—

BRZEZINSKI: No, no, no, no, no.
Careful, Stein! Players like Mika will routinely deploy their 18-inch rulers!

Mika's sullen contempt for the critics of Trump is visible in that clip. Two days into Trump's campaign, she and Joe were praising Trump for his "searing" honesty—for the way he'll say the truthful things no one else has the guts to say.

Good God! This program's staffers couldn't assemble three minutes of clips without including this type of resentful affirmation of Trump! Especially coming from Mika, who's supposed to be Morning Joe's resident liberal, it's the sort of thing which has made this program completely bizarre over the past eight months.

Go ahead—watch that tape! Two days into the Trump campaign, Mika was already visibly angry about the lack of respect for the man who had the guts to discuss all those Mexican rapists.

Joe and Mika weren't predicting—they were affirming Trump that day! But wouldn't you know it?

After Trump hugged the KKK, the seemingly store-bought cable pair turned tail and ran for the woods. According to various experts and scholars, it's increasingly hard to get good help, no matter how much you're willing to pay!


  1. The guy's got my vote. I know he says some crazy things and maybe he did rape Mexicans I never heard that but I will be voting Trump because she says what he believes and is an OUTSIDER who can get things done. I love how stupid all you liberals are. Get ready for a fight. If your girl wins, fine but she is going up against ALOT of determined people. Get ready to to be very, very unhappy come November robot stooges.

    1. Great parody of a Trump voter!! Kudos for satire!

    2. I can't watch the video. I can't watch those two defend themselves. It's sad and pathetic. Two grown people who cant let it go. So much like The Donald. Their producers need to intervene and stop these two before they self-destruct. They simply doth protest too much.

  2. In the NY Times today, lower voter turnout is Hillary's problem, not Bernie's, despite the fact that he is the loser. And, those emails again. They are as relentless as conservatives.

    1. It is not clear whether any Democrat can replicate Mr. Obama’s relationship with the new voters in his two campaigns, particularly black voters. African-Americans turned out widely in 2008 to elect the country’s first black leader and mustered similar strength in 2012 to validate his presidency, angered by what they saw as contempt and disrespect from Republicans.

      They came out and they voted for Obama in a record way. The importance then was that these were not Democratic voters — these were Obama voters.

  3. What happened in the new Pavilion yesterday?


  4. Liberals may cost Democrats votes by scoffing at ordinary caring Americans like these:

  5. MEka is not MJ's resident liberal and never has been. She's a anti-abortion, pro-gun conservative and always has been.

  6. This blog has been around for years and still the Press pulls stunts like these. It's time for Howler to get serious and join Trump in opening up (if that the term) the country's libel laws and overturning NYT v. Sullivan (if that's the problematic case). Then maybe we'll have a Press that prints the Truth (whatever that is) or else.

    1. "This blog has been around for years and still the Press pulls stunts like these."

      Sarcasm, right?

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