STILL NOT BREAKING: Just so you'll know!


Concerning the recent craziness:
A certain well-known cable "news channel" still hasn't published the transcript from a certain Tuesday night show hosted by this cable channel's top cable news TV star.

Given the craziness of that night's show, we can't say we blame them. As we always advise the nation's multimillionaire stars:

Try to keep your long blue noses out of the wives' nursing homes.


  1. HRC still has not released transcripts from her $200,000 an hour Wall Street speeches. Given HRC's new Bernie model of blaming Wall Street for all the evils in the world, we can't blame for keeping those speeches that extolled the virtues of Goldman Sachs in her Chappaqua basement.

    1. "Bernie model of blaming Wall Street for all the evils in the world..."

      Bernie doesn't blame Wall street for "all the evils in the world". Instead, he correctly says fraud is their key profit center. If you're going to credit Bernie for calling out how loathsome Wall Street is, at least get your facts straight.

    2. @2:51

      Ask Bernie about foreign policy issues and he invariably turns the focus back on Wall Street. He is a single issue candidate and yet he still gives HRC fits.

    3. "... at least get your facts straight. "

      cicero? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    4. "What's Bernie Sanders's biggest campaign issue?

      If you answered "wealth inequality," you're right on the money. At times, especially during televised debates, Sanders has seemed to pivot every answer to a rant against Wall Street, big banks and the "1 percent" -- even when asked about other issues, like racial profiling of Muslim Americans or how big the government should be. And while Sanders's message has clearly resonated with his core voters, his critics -- especially Hillary Clinton -- are starting to call him a "single-issue candidate."

    5. Sanders only talks about economics, not about fighting terrorism.
      Because fighting terrorism is free.
      The above is snark, for the Conservatives who want to fight terrorism funded by my good looks.

    6. @11:09,

      Is your non-sequiter your way of agreeing that you were 100% wrong in your post at 8:52?

      It's okay, whether you agree or not, we know most of the junk you post here is 100% wrong.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. @4:08

      Non-sequitur? The WaPo article is dead on point about Bernie's obsession with Wall Street as Public Enemy #1. What did you imagine they were saying?

      Still waiting for you to debunk any post about HRC, Bernie or Obama I have posted.

    9. You're self-debunking.

    10. A lot of personal wealth and hard work was squandered when the investment banksters tanked the world economy. It still hasn't recovered, btw, a multi-trillion $$$ tax break won't solve the problem. Someone should be raising a stink over what's happened.

    11. Multi-trillions in tax breaks aimed at the billionaire class.

    12. "Still waiting for you to debunk any post about HRC, Bernie or Obama I have posted."

      Done and done @ 2:51.
      But it won't matter to you, since you'll change the subject.
      You're better off finding people who don't know you are full of shit. Try Red State, they're as dumb as rocks over there.

    13. @11:24

      Did you send an angry email to WaPo for mischaracterizing the platform of your hero Bernie? Instead of ponying up any non factual posts of mine regarding HRC, Bernie, Obama, you acknowledge all you have is 2nd verse same as the first blather.

  2. Let's see how long it lasts this time.

  3. I wonder if cartoon comment will disappear again.

    1. Disappeared pretty quickly.

    2. Somebody must not have liked it.

  4. From the Cartoon Archives:

    MADDOW: The kids who have been affected in Flint, and it`s a lot of them.

    HANNA-ATTISHA: It`s every single kid who drank this water or cooked with
    this water.

    MADDOW: You have to tell their families the lead exposure, the harm it causes in these kids is irreversible.

    HANNA-ATTISHA: That is true. Lead is an irreversible neurotoxin that causes problems with your cognition, your IQ, your behavior. But we need to do something now. So, our story is not done. Yes, they got this
    irreversible exposure. But. if we bring in resources to these kids now, we can mitigate this exposure.

    So, we are fighting for early intervention services, education services, great nutrition. All of these things can buffer the impact of this exposure. Our whole community`s been traumatized. They are
    psychologically traumatized from this exposure.

    MADDOW: And physically damaged.

    HANNA-ATTISHA: And physically damaged. It`s like PTSD. It is a toxic stress. But we have to give them hope. We have to have the state of emergency to bring in additional resources which our city and county cannot bring in on our own to mitigate this exposure.

    MADDOW: Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha of Children`s Hospital in Flint, Michigan. You`ve been through hell and high water to get this done but had you not
    done this I don`t think we`d be talking about this story and nobody would be trying to fix it. So, thank you.

  5. From the Cartoon Archives:

    Michigan Public Radio
    December 15, 2015

    "On that warm, Tuesday afternoon in August, when (Lee Ann) Walters called (Professor Marc) Edwards to tell him how awful that meeting with the state went, Edwards remembers hanging up the phone and physically shaking with anger.

    “I mean this is an imminent and substantial endangerment to children, and for me sitting 15 hours away, I can't believe how people could just sit there and let other children drink that water,” says Edwards.

    “I mean, how could you do that?”

    Edwards couldn’t sleep. He decided he had to drop everything. He got four grad students together, and a bunch of lead test kits. Two days later, they loaded up in Edwards’ 13-year-old white “soccer mom” mini-van and drove 15 hours straight – directly to Flint.

  6. Obviously Bob thinks he found a loophole in his Therapist's instructions to stop obsessing and writing about Maddow by not mentioning her by name. Interesting that Bob attacks a gay liberal woman on an almost daily basis but rarely says a word about a fellow old white conservative man who spends 3 hours a day bashing Hillary Clinton and spinning for Donald Trump.

    1. Bob is an interesting fellow.

      He allows a myth to be perpetrated here that he does not read or moderate his comments. He allows some very vicious attacks to be levelled against him personally.

      But if you put in a comment that proves he is not telling the truth about one of the media figures with whom he is obsessed, it disappears. Quickly. And repeatedly.

    2. TDH does not read his comments.

    3. We have only a troll's word that he proved anything. I've tracked down troll droppings before and found them to be wrong and a total waste of time. If Somerby is actually moderating anything about this blog, he is doing us all a favor. Trolls who post attacks that call a blogger a liar without evidence are breaking the law (committing libel) and I know of nothing that compels any blogger to permit such attacks within their own comment sections.

      I find it interesting that @9:06's accusation remains online in view of his assertion about his other comments. I find myself wondering how to make more of our trolls disappear, quickly and repeatedly.

    4. @ 8:45 PM - lead by example and disappear.

    5. Sorry, not a troll but feel free to exit yourself.

    6. Other than a critique of the quality of corporate liberal and "high end" media, what makes Somerby a conservative. I'm curious as to what specifically? Is he simply too sympathetic when it comes to the likes of the allegedly randy Governor?

    7. 2:21,
      His denial of racism is a good place to start.

    8. A denial that racism exists at all or specific instances where it may not actually exist? From my experience sometimes people drop the accusation for their own rhetorical advantage.

  7. I don't think it's so much a matter of mental instability with Maddow, but rather a complete lack of judgement and instinct when it comes to the news.

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