Easter bunny rejects colored eggs!


Press corps assails "fake news:"
The press corps has suddenly declared jihad against the scourge of "fake news."

We're sorry, but what a joke! The Easter bunny invented colored eggs. In a similar way, the mainstream press corps invented the culture of fake news.

Fake news didn't get its start in the past few months. We've been deeply sunk in the culture of fake news for a very long time now.

We started this site in 1998 because of all the fake news. The mainstream press was already a leading purveyor/enabler of same.

When Jerry Falwell peddled the tale of the Clinton murders, that of course was fake news. The press corps averted its gaze. It was safer to see no evil.

Remember when Rush pimped the death of Vince Foster? That was fake news too.

In the two months since Labor Day, Paul Krugman has correctly alluded, three separate times, to the way the mainstream press invented a series of lies by Candidate Gore in 1999 and 2000. That twenty-month jihad was an extended example of guild-endorsed, all-hands-on-deck fake news. Incredibly, Krugman is actually plowing new ground by mentioning this conduct now! Everyone else has observed the press corps' code of silence.

On the front page of this morning's Style, the Washington Post's Margaret Sullivan pens the three millionth recent column about fake news. Right next to her column, the page is dominated by a giant, highly worthwhile profile of Alex Jones, a fake news superstar.

Why are they profiling Alex Jones now? And why is the profile in Style, rather than on the Post's front page, identified for what it is—a highly important news topic involving the strangulation of our culture?

It has taken us many years to attain our current advanced state of fake news. Let's create a chronology:

First they let Imus on the air, then they let Howard Stern in. After that, they let Limbaugh go national. Now we have Alex Jones.

(Also, Mika and Joe!)

During these decades of downward spiral, the press corps played footsie with these deliberate idiots. The corps invented fake news of its own. It also averted its gaze from the fake news others were crafting.

In 2011, Donald J. Trump got very busy with the fake news called "birtherism." Our big newspapers refused to pursue his loathsome conduct. This deference continued right on through the recent White House campaign. Last July, the New York Times took an obvious dive on this matter right on a Sunday front page.

Four years after he wed himself to that blindingly stupid fake news, this disordered man announced that he was running for president. Four years after his birther scam, Darling Rachel mugged and clowned and specifically said that she nothing bad to say about him.

(Weeks passed before she thought it was safe to criticize his comments about all the rapists Mexico was sending us. In our view, she's one of our biggest corporate con men we have, though she really can sell the car!)

The press corps is suddenly deeply concerned, but they've invented and enabled fake news every step of the way. Here's what their sudden vigilance has called to mind around here:

During the Clinton/Gore years, fake news often took the form of fake scandals. The press corps invented some of these fake scandals. In other cases, they adopted the fake scandals of others, or they averted their gaze from the purveyors of same.

One fake scandal involved fund-raising calls from the White House. Vice President Gore had made some such calls; so had President Clinton. No one said that Gore couldn't have made any fund-raising calls. They said he should have limo'ed three blocks to DNC headquarters and made the same phone calls there!

Also this: Clinton's phone calls came from rooms in the White House which were officially designated as part of the residence. Gore's phone calls came from rooms in the White House which were designated as offices. On the basis of that non-distinction distinction, the howls went up. Gore had committed a crime, partisan purveyors of fake scandal said.

(Amazingly, Clinton hadn't! By now, it was Gore they were hunting. Just as Comey hunted Clinton, Louis Freeh hunted Gore. In each case, your liberal heroes averted their gaze, said nothing.)

In part, here's how that fund-raising hooey looked to us at the time:

People who have no morality at all will sometimes invent arcane moral codes to which they can fetishistically adhere. This allows them to pretend—to voters, let's say—that they are trying very hard to observe important ethical rules.

"I go to the DNC/RNC to make my phone calls every time," they will declare.

We think of that when we see the press corps assailing a narrow type of fake news. They've been building the culture for twenty-five years. Pointing to narrow examples of same, they're deeply upset by it now.


  1. Bob is right. The mainstream media's examples of fake news will never be from the mainstream media. Perhaps the most dramatic recent example of fake news was Dan Rather's fake documents from George W. Bush. But, where is the mention of that event?

    1. The Iraq WMD fiasco is far and away the most dramatic example of fake news. Dick Cheney, NYT's Judith Miller, Colin Powell's UN fabrications, all the neocon disinformation, etc.

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  2. Anyone who relies on one news source for his worldview deserves what he gets. Me, for years I got my news from Andy Borowitz of the New Yorker and consequently was given the "Crazy Uncle" treatment at family dinners.

    Then, just recently, I noticed his piece on explaining the election to his 6-year-old, and suddenly it hit me, the guy's a satirist. First, everybody from Aaron Sorkin to Dana Milbank has been writing the same damn piece on how they explained the election to their 6-year-old, so plainly Andy was just riffing sardonically on that trend. Second, Andy couldn't possibly have a 6-year-old because he's so obviously gay. That cinched it for me. No more fake news. Just gimme some truth, as the Beatle said.

    For my news I went back to that reliable old pro: Dan Rather, ace interviewer and still sharp as a tack in his 80s. Oh, I'm a little behind on Michael Moore becoming Secretary of State and something about the Phantom of the Opera adlibbing criticisms of Mike Pence's melismas at the KKKats revival, but for all I know all that's as fake and Katy Tur's boobs.

    Sticking with Dan, I've gotten the hard facts on how Carly Simon wrote "Antipation" after being stood up by a Moslem. At one point, he even got her to almost -- almost -- apologize for "Mockingbird."

    How is it that Dan Rather knows so much about Whitesnake? Good old-fashion pavement-pounding reportage.

  3. Dan Rather was "punished" for not asking George. W. Bush to produce documents which proved he showed up for guard duty, like DD-214 and pay and leave statements in the Army {Reserves}. Not defending him, since he didn't produce those questionable documents, but the problem was... AL GORE's calls, like Hillary's email server being FAKE NEWS, not a lack of vetting the latest SOON-2-B-DISASTER GOP President, once again. Do you know such silliness leads to nonsense like "Thank gOD George W. Bush was President on 9/11"... do those people know people DIED THAT DAY? And many more AFTERWARDS over fake news NONSENSE? Of course,David, YOU KNOW, you just like it that way. That is why you come here stating stupid shit all the time. "dan rather's fake documents" you say...

  4. Today Kevin Drum is confused by Clinton's surprisingly poor showing among unmarried men, but he doesn't see how sexism may have affected the election? Is anyone as clueless as Drum when it comes to women's issues? This is why women need a voice in blogging and government.

    1. Bob Somerby, wage gap denier and purveyor of "fake news" about people's statements regarding that gap, is steps ahead of his Uncle Drum in that clueless rating.

    2. "Wage gap denier"? Good truthiness.

  5. Never mind Hillary Clinton's reputation. The NY Times is worried about a pizzeria being wrongfully accused.

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