LOSERS: How we liberals became such losers!


Part 3—Maddow and Krugman explain:
How did we liberals get to be such manifest, world-class losers?

We just lost a White House race to the craziest person who ever sought the office. This outcome will change history for generations. What forces conspired to make us such consummate losers?

You're asking a very good question! For today, let's consider the work of two influential journalists. We refer to Rachel Maddow, a consummate corporate "cable news" clown, and to Paul Krugman, the most important American journalist of the past sixteen years.

Let's start with our own Cantinflas. More specifically, let's consider the dumbness-delivering way she started last evening's program.

Good God! Our own Rhodes Scholar started her program with her favorite topic, the sex tape from Alabam'.

She took the throw from the great Chris Hayes. Within minutes, liberal brain cells were dying all over the land:
MADDOW (11/28/16): Thank you, friend. And thanks to you at home for joining us this hour.

Of all the attractive and in some cases alluring governors that we have in these 50 fine states in our country—and honestly, they're an unusually handsome bunch of governors that we have in this country. Of all the governors that we've got in this country, you would not necessarily expect that the one governor of all the 50, the one governor who would be living through an ongoing, raging sex scandal right now, complete with sex tapes, you wouldn't expect that the one with the sex scandal would be this handsome devil.

But he is the governor of Alabama. And his ongoing lurid sex scandal continues to be one of the weirder sidebar stories in American politics right now. It's fairly lurid stuff.

His amorous discussions with one of his top advisers were published, were broadcast by the Birmingham News website earlier this week [sic]. They're all about what he'd like to do with her and how he hoped his secretary couldn't hear too much from outside the governor`s office door when they were in there doing. Yech.

You might remember the tapes. I don't really feel like playing them any more. But last night, we reported on a new wrinkle in this story, a new unlawful dismissal lawsuit that was filed against the governor and against his alleged mistress. This is a lawsuit that the governor is dismissing as street gossip and Internet rumors. But this new lawsuit from his former body man, his former chief of security, says that his former chief of security was basically fired from the governor's administration in Alabama because basically he wouldn't go along with the governor`s effort to cover up this affair and to cover up the illegal use of state resources that were being employed to perpetuate the affair.

The lawsuit alleges that one of the ways this alleged affair came to light is that the governor's staff had the bright idea that they should have Governor Bentley start using an iPad for some of his work. And the governor, according to the lawsuit, he didn't understand that his new iPad would be linked to his iPhone. And so, darn that Cloud, his sexy messaging with his alleged mistress ended up popping up in plain view on the iPad, which apparently other people had access to besides just the governor. He thought it was private and just on his phone, but it was not private.

Now, the governor's marriage is over. We know from his own words on the sex tape exactly what he likes to do with his hands even when he's in his office. The governor's facing possible impeachment in Alabama. He's facing a state investigation by the attorney general even as that same attorney general is trying to get the governor to appoint him to the U.S. Senate seat that's about to be vacated by Senator Jeff Sessions when Jeff Sessions goes to Washington to join Donald Trump's cabinet. Yuck.

So it's just this lurid story that continues to spin out in Alabama. It now has national implications because of its links to the Trump administration. And one of the truly strange lingering storylines in that whole sordid, ongoing story in Alabama is the question of how exactly the alleged mistress got into the governor's office in first place. Because by all accounts, she was the top adviser to the governor, traveled with him everywhere, was at all of his events. Multiple legal complaints that have arisen around this affair have described her as the de facto governor, described her as the person who was actually making decisions in Governor Bentley's office while Bentley was allowing her to run the place behind the scenes.

And all along through this story, there's been this interesting question of where exactly she came from. Who was paying her salary? Because it's undisputed that she was working with the governor's office every day, undisputed that she was his closest staff member, at all of his events, involved in all his high ranking decisions, but she was never a government employee.

It's really weird fact in this lurid story. The taxpayers of Alabama were not paying her salary. And whether or not she was shtupping the governor, that's kind of weird, right? To have somebody working in the governor's office every day who was not a government employee?

Well, the group that apparently was paying her is called the Alabama Council for Excellent Government. ACEGov.com was their website. But when the alleged relationship between the governor and this mysterious aide became a national sex scandal, they disappeared their website. This is their website today. It's just nothing. It's just a little placeholder, in case you might want to build something at ACEGov.com because there's nothing there now.

So in the middle of this raging story with national implications, there's this black hole, there's this group that was apparently paying this woman who was in the governor's office every day, this group does not answer its phones, they don't have a physical presence anywhere. You can knock on the door. They don't respond to requests for comment. If they were paying her that money, we have no idea where that money comes from, or what the group was trying to do.

We have no idea what gave them the right to pay somebody to be in the governor's office working full time alongside the governor, let alone allegedly shtupping him. We just have no idea, except for one thing—we do have one piece of information. We do have one thread to pull.

Because we can see, thanks to a bunch of do-gooder, modern-day librarians a thousand miles away, we can see today how this mysterious group that tried to disappear itself once the scandal broke, we can see how they used to represent themselves to the world before they suddenly went dark. We can see how they used to present themselves when they use to have a public face before this sex scandal happened and they decided that they better go away.

And we can see that because this is an old version of their website from before they took it down and tried to disappear it from memory. And these screen shots of their old website were taken by the Wayback Machine. By the Internet Archive, which is a nonprofit based in San Francisco that's been around since 1996. The Wayback Machine.

It is a national treasure. It's an international treasure. We've used it hundreds, probably thousands of times in the preparation of this show...
Maddow burned her first six minutes with this lurid, raging story about the sordid sex scandal. The sordid story involves the alleged mistress who may have been shtupping the governor, who wasn't handsome but liked to do things with his hands.

Brain cells were dying all over the country as Maddow killed time with the lurid tale she can't seem to stop discussing.

We'll advise you to ignore every substantive point she stated or suggested until you can confirm it. We'll especially note that this pretty much isn't a "national story...with national implications," except inside the very strange head of the person a bunch of corporate suits picked to serve as one of our liberal intellectual leaders.

Just so you'll know, this was the third time in the past two weeks that Maddow has discussed this sordid story. On Monday night, she started her report on the sordid topic by correcting a ridiculous error she made on November 18, when she offered the first in her latest series of pointless reports on this shtupping-inflected affair.

(On those first two occasions, Yuck! We were treated to excerpts from the lurid sex tapes all over again! BREAKING: He would put his hands on his girl friend's breasts! And he isn't even handsome!)

Liberal brain cells screamed in pain as Maddow burned time in this manner, as she endlessly did earlier in the year. Just in passing, might we offer some possible context?

In the past year, Maddow has begun to discuss her Catholic upbringing in an open way. We'll suggest this may provide some context for understanding her weirdly obsessive puritanism and her desire to see people get punished, especially people of whom she doesn't approve, if possible with their children dragged in.

That said, Maddow has been playing her "sex tape" throughout the year, seeking ways to justify her own obsessive behavior. Liberal brain cells wither and die every time she does this.

Maddow was picked by the corporate suits to serve as a star liberal journalist. Years ago, it was reported that she was being paid $7 million per year. When "journalists" are paid such huge sums, it rarely turns out well.

In the next few weeks, we'll explore the topics Maddow has ducked in the past few years as she kept scratching her various itches with her various gong-show distractions. How did we liberals become such losers? In our view, Maddow's first six minutes last night provide one tiny clue.

It's very hard for liberals to see this, but Maddow has turned out to be a corporate-selected disaster. By way of contrast, Paul Krugman has been the most important American journalist over the past sixteen years.

For unknown reasons, Krugman has missed the lurid sex scandal which Maddow can't stop discussing. Last Friday morning, he opened his New York Times column with the question every liberal, progressive and Democrat should be pondering:
KRUGMAN (11/25/16): Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by more than two million, and she would probably be president-elect if the director of the F.B.I. hadn't laid such a heavy thumb on the scales, just days before the election. But it shouldn't even have been close; what put Donald Trump in striking distance was overwhelming support from whites without college degrees. So what can Democrats do to win back at least some of those voters?
Did Comey the God defeat Hillary Clinton? There's a very good chance he did! But how weird! As we'll note next week, Maddow never so much as mentioned Comey's name all through the summer months and very deep into the fall. (Comey's intrusion on the election started on July 5.)

As we'll discuss in some detail, our own corporate creation is highly skilled at playing it very safe. We'll turn to this general topic with a focus on Comey next week.

In that opening paragraph, Krugman was asking a very good question. As we've noted, he has been the most important journalist in the nation over the past sixteen years.

That said, Krugman's vast strength lies in policy matters. To be perfectly honest, he has no comparable political insight. There's no reason why he should.

That said, we noticed his lack of political chops all through last Friday's column. How can Democrats win white working-class voters back? How can they do so in coal country—in struggling places like Clay County, Kentucky?

That was the subject of Krugman's column. The subject is very important, but yikes! The column ended like this:
KRUGMAN: Maybe a Trump administration can keep its supporters on board, not by improving their lives, but by feeding their sense of resentment.

For let's be serious here: You can't explain the votes of places like Clay County as a response to disagreements about trade policy. The only way to make sense of what happened is to see the vote as an expression of, well, identity politics—some combination of white resentment at what voters see as favoritism toward nonwhites (even though it isn't) and anger on the part of the less educated at liberal elites whom they imagine look down on them.

To be honest, I don't fully understand this resentment. In particular, I don't know why imagined liberal disdain inspires so much more anger than the very real disdain of conservatives who see the poverty of places like eastern Kentucky as a sign of the personal and moral inadequacy of their residents.

One thing is clear, however: Democrats have to figure out why the white working class just voted overwhelmingly against its own economic interests, not pretend that a bit more populism would solve the problem.
Truly, that's astonishing. White working-class voters imagine that they're looked down on by liberal elites?

Krugman says that two different times. It's one of the most striking political statements we've seen in a long time.

To his credit, Krugman acknowledges the fact that he doesn't understand this white working-class resentment. From Maddow, we liberals get a better deal—she'll never pay the slightest attention to any such voters, to their perceptions or interests.

Instead, she will continue scratching her itch by discussing "that whole sordid, ongoing story in Alabama." This may not be the greatest way to go after those wandering voters.

In our view, we liberals must face a basic fact—this month's appalling defeat says something quite large about us. We managed to lose to the craziest candidate who ever went after the White House.

We're skilled at blaming this outcome on Them, perhaps on the puzzling things they imagine.

We're skilled at blaming this outcome on Them. We're sorry, though. At some point, it has to come down on Us.

Tomorrow: Krugman gets it right


  1. I look down at the white working class trash who vote against themselves, because they are as dumb as stones.

    Not looking down on these fools is inane.

    1. Lewis,

      Have you ever been in a situation where you were far less experienced then the other people in the room? Say, like, a couple of HVAC technicians trying to fix your air conditioner. If you felt that the others were looking down at you because of your ignorance, maybe letting it show that they thought that you were pretty stupid not to understand the problem, would you like them? Would you support them at a later date, if they asked for your help? Would it be a smart political move of theirs?

    2. Bad analogy: I wouldn't begin to think I knew something when I'm totally ignorant. The Trump voters think they know something, when all they know is self-destruction. They are worse than animals.

    3. Here you touch on a problem encountered by anyone from a blue collar or working class family who goes to college. When you go home, your relatives assume you are looking down on them, no matter how you behave toward them. The attitude comes from them, not from you. There is little you can say or do to mitigate the flak you will take for having gone on in school.

      You cannot be true to yourself and still keep your family happy with you, and you cannot go back. If you try to pretend you haven't changed, you will be criticized for that too. This is part of the problem with class in America.

      I would consider those HVAC guys silly if they behaved that way, but then I don't feel like I should know anything about HVAC. Maybe Trump voters know they should be educating themselves and are more sensitive about it. That's on them.

    4. Lewis,

      In the analogy, what you thought you knew about HVAC has nothing to do with the point. It's how the HVAC techs are treating *you*. You don't want people who think they know more than you (even if they actually do), to treat you with disrespect. How you treat people has political ramifications.

      I have been an atheist since I was a small child, but this has a lot of truth in it:

      "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me."

      Other can see this, and they don't have to be smarter than you to judge you harshly.

    5. Respect for a person is not the same as respect for their mistaken beliefs. Psychiatrists say: "There is no collusion with a delusion." It means that you don't humor people in wrong beliefs.

      Perhaps our biggest mistake was not insisting that Republicans stop calling Clinton "Crooked Hillary." How much respect did that show her, or by extension, us?

    6. When the message they hear from US (not necessarily our candidates, but we, the grassroots dems) is - we hate you and have contempt for you.

      Then are they really voting against THEIR interests when they don't support we the haters?

    7. Do you not understand that most of us have friends and relatives who are Trump voters? We live among these people. We do not hate or have contempt for them. We are upset because we cannot convince them to cast better votes.

      The hate is in your mind.

      Out of curiosity, why would considering someone stupid be a reason to hate them? It would be a reason to help and protect them. Hatred is for people who are evil, like those who cynically manipulated the Trump supporters for their own gain.

    8. This statement by Lewis is repellent but it is hard to excuse Trump voters when voting for the guy buys into everything he stands for, not just the parts they like.

      Just as you cannot rationally be a cafeteria Christian (or whatever religion) you cannot be a cafeteria Trumpite.

      Lewis does seem to be gratuitously maligning animals though.

    9. @Anon 1840 - I like your approach to defend animals... especially the ones that can't defend themselves, however, I am imagining some birds right now pooping on some of those Trump voters...or pecking them. I also agree it is strange for Lewis to call them all racists. That is a problem but I also sense his frustration, so I give a pass AND advise him not to hide in any ponds and get bitten by a crocodile.

    10. We have to remember that we are also dumb racists. When Hillary made her claim about half of Trump voters being deplorable, Coates in the Atlantic and Blow in NYTimes defended what she said both citing a survey where half of Trump supporters said blacks were lazy etc. What they didn't say was 33% of Hillary supporters said the same thing of blacks in the same survey. So, if that survey proved half of Trump supporter are racists as Coates and Blow claimed, it also proved a third of Hillary supporters are as well. And Bob does a good job of pointing out how we are also dumb as stones ... and just little bit mean and arrogant.

      Those Trump supporters admire things in him and he conned them good but they also hate us. So, so much. It's a good idea to ask why. I agree with Bob on the specific point that it would be more interesting and informative if Maddow would cover that story rather than the tabloid sex.

    11. I mean God. A powerful politician pokes his assistant? Tell me something I don't know. That's the easiest card to play. What a dumb and lazy thing to do.

    12. Can I go back to the HVAC analogy?

      Suppose you got mad at the entire HVAC industry because your A/C broke down. So you go out and hire a known incompetent, liar and cheat with absolutely no expertise and experience to fix it.

      That'll show 'em, won't it?


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  2. I think it is totally fair to blame this outcome on the people who voted for Trump. It makes no sense to blame us or Hillary for the Trump voters.

    Yet another analysis shows that education is inversely related to likelihood of voting for Trump. The higher the education, the less likely someone voted for him. That does mean that Trump voters are more uneducated than Clinton voters.

    Whether one should feel disdain for the uneducated is another matter. I do feel a great deal of disdain, dislike even, for those shouting idiots at Trump rallies. I also feel strongly negative toward my friends and relatives who voted for Trump. I never found anything to say to them that would change their minds. And I never saw any evidence they were concerned about jobs or anything policy-related. By and large they expected Trump to shake things up and they thought his antics were funny -- and they considered Hillary a Crook, despite the complete absence of evidence. They were not smart enough and insufficiently motivated to sort through the various accusations against her, so they bought Trump's message whole cloth. It was very frustrating. And yes, I consider that stupid and I believe they are going to get what they deserve.

    The rest of us will get bad outcomes too, but I do not agree that we deserve them because liberals are such big losers. I strongly resent the way Somerby is trying to blame liberals for electing Trump. Those Others did elect him. He is theirs.

    1. Dave the Guitar PlayerNovember 30, 2016 at 12:37 PM

      Your response reminds me of the reaction I was getting from friends who were voting for Jill Stein, knowing full well that they would lose. If I tried to convince them to use their vote to actually make a difference, they preferred to remain politically "pure", regardless of the outcome. If it does not trouble you that by ignoring the concerns and beliefs of the Others we can plan on losing every single election from now on, then you have to admit that the "bad outcomes" are indeed your fault.

    2. I don't believe Clinton ignored the concerns of Trump voters or that I did either when talking to Trump supporters. Clinton had jobs programs and ways of fixing Obamacare and so on, but you had to listen to her speeches or visit her website to know that. The media ignored her substantive statements and only focused on the emails.

      That's why I do not see how Somerby can claim that we liberals ignored the concerns of Trump supporters. If Trump voters were actually motivated by such concerns there was plenty of info for them and they should have taken Clinton more seriously as a candidate. They didn't because the right vilified her and that was the only discussion during the election.

      I do not understand how the consensus could be that Hillary won all three debates yet Trump supporters ignored her answers to vote for the guy who couldn't express himself in a coherent way to explain any of his policies.

      Unless Somerby thinks Clinton should have behaved like a clown, the way Trump did, I don't know what else we could have done to address the concerns of Trump voters.

      This is garbage coming from Somerby, self-flagellation of the type Catholics invented. I don't buy it at all.

    3. I might have to question your education. Maybe it is just me. I never cared for those statements about "the average" as if they applied to "the whole". "Trump voters are more uneducated than Clinton voters."

      Yeah, except when they aren't. Exit polls say that 46% of Hillary voters were people with no college degree. I don't have it written down, and don't feel like looking it up, but probably 30-40% of Trump voters were people with college degrees.

      As for how "WE" address the concerns of Trump voters, well it depends on who "WE" is. Did Clinton put down uneducated white people? Well, to some extent Clinton got hurt as bad by her "deplorable" remark as Romney did by his "47%" remark, and the more Trump got attacked for his "racism, misogyny, islamaphobia" the more that also seems like an attack on Trump supporters rather than something that will make them switch.

      How many articles have we seen, post election, that attack Trump voters, that say things like "the election of Trump shows this is STILL a racist country."

      Again, many of US are putting on safety pins. Because Muslims matter, and immigrants matter and the GLBTQQ matter and we have to make sure they feel safe. A straight white male who is going to lose his health insurance now? That does not even begin to make the list of concerns. How dare that privileged SOB think that HIS concerns are important to anybody?

    4. 46% of voters having no degree means 54% had a degree. That is the majority.

      If Trump voters (and Somerby) cannot reason with statistics and need to make all or nothing statements, that is just another sign of their lack of education. There is no statement you can make about ALL voters excepted that they are human beings and they voted.

      I stay up nights worrying about those straight white males and who they are going to attack next as they displace their angst onto scapegoats such as Muslims and gays.

      FTFY: The election of Trump shows this is STILL a racist and misogynist and xenophobic and homophobic and fatally stupid country.

  3. Hello there. Peabody here. The preferred spelling for the time traveling device made famous by my cartoons should be "WABAC Machine," not "Wayback Machine," as it appears in the ceaseless transcript above.

    "WABAC" is suggestive of the ENIAC, the UNIVAC, and other roomsize automatic computers (thus, AC) of the era.

    It may seem a trival matter to bring up in this context, but to bury such a fine example of Jay Ward-style humor under a cloak of careless spelling simply doesn't -- ahem -- compute. (WAH! WAH!)

    1. It is trivial, almost David in Cal like.

    2. https://archive.org/web/
      "wayback machine" is from there

  4. The media, the FBI, the Russians, and a shameless candidate broke all the rules but we need to examine what we did wrong? I don't think so.

  5. Just 2 examples - Benghazi and the private emails. The so-called liberal media put up no resistance to the distortion and lies directed at Clinton on these 2 issues, and on the emails agreed that Clinton was a big liar. - There is no scientific test that reveals why she lost. There seem to have been many factors, but for any one of which she might have won. I think that the emails and Benghazi were among the but fors that the liberal media screwed up on and cost her the election. Also their constant focus on the horse race and ignoring real issues (like now we hear they want to privatize Medicare - where was that during the election?)

  6. Trump actually said he was going to protect Medicare and Social Security. This is another broken promise.

    What is the protection for voters when a candidate baldly lies like this? It is a kind of election fraud, in my opinion.

  7. I think the number of Republicans and Democrats is very close in this country. Elections are always tight. And after eight-year Democratic administrations (Clinton, Obama) gets the country back on track fiscally with a good strong economy, the citizens feel ready to put in an Republican administration which will drain the Treasury once again.

  8. FWIW, from here in Alabama where the Governor's problems are a big, important story, there is a national angle. Should Jeff Sessions be confirmed as AG, the Governor of AL gets to appoint his replacement in the Senate. Deal making is being done at the state and national level.
    This, apparently, has not been covered by Maddow (I don't have cable or a television), but it does have a little national importance.

  9. Screw the white trash that voted for racist Trump.

  10. Can't wait for tomorrow's piece on how Krugman was right. Most of his columns and posts seemed designed to remind people what they hate about Third Way, Henry Kissinger loving, NAFTA really was great, so-called liberals that run for office as Democrats. Krugman loved tossing out the BernieBro jibes--did that get a lot of votes for HRC? Was that reality-based commentary? Or was it a load of crap?

    And who does Somerby blame for HRC saying this:
    "It may be hard for your viewers to remember how difficult it was for people to talk about HIV/AIDS back in the 1980's and because of both President and Mrs Reagan—in particular Mrs Reagan—we started a national conversation, when before nobody would talk about it, nobody wanted to do anything about it. And, you know, that too is something that I really appreciate was her very effective but low-key advocacy, but it penetrated the public conscience, and people began to say "hey we have to do something about this too."

    If you are going to campaign by saying that Republicans are wonderful people with good ideas on difficult questions, then it shouldn't be too much of a shock when voters pick a Republican.

    1. She walked that one right back, but it seems churlish to complain when someone speaks kindly of the dead. She wasn't making a policy statement.

    2. Henry Kissinger isn't dead, what liberal media forces compelled HRC to cozy up to him? HRC was trolling for GOP votes in both cases.

    3. So, I guess nominating the second most unpopular politician in the USA was a good idea? ....let's do it again! Why not start fundraising for HRC2020 now? Then, once we have our Wall St, K Street, and defense industry endorsements, we can try the exact same strategy again! Whooopeee

      And we already have Schumer and Pelosi in place to lead the charge...yaaaaaayyyyy!

      (Maybe say some kind words about Scalia's legacy while campaigning, so it's not all partisan...)

  11. Blaming "the media" then equating "the media" with "we liberals" has been laughable since Somberby began doing it back in 1998.

    It's grown quite old, tiresome and predictable by now, like Somerby himself.

  12. Dave the Guitar PlayerDecember 1, 2016 at 4:51 PM

    We can't do much about what the Russians do, but, as the people on the right have shown, pushing back against the media when they distort, ignore and clown can affect their behavior. Bob is suggesting that we demand better people in the media to represent our point of view, rather than the jokers we normally get saddled with and complain when we don't get what we want.

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