REPORT: Trump threatening to deport first lady!


"It's time for a change," hopeful says:
A report in Sunday's Washington Post has triggered an unusual set of speculations about the possible future actions of a President Donald J. Trump.

In the Post, Helderman and Jordan reported on the newly murky work history of Melania Trump. Despite apparent immigration violations in the 1990s, Melania Trump is still believed to be Donald Trump's legal wife. This is the part of the Post report which touched off wild speculation:
HELDERMAN AND JORDAN (11/6/16): Experts say many immigrants to the United States perform work illegally while holding a visitor's visa, putting them "out of status" and potentially endangering their ability to later become U.S. citizens. It is one reason, they say, that there are so many people living in the country illegally. Trump has promised to deport people who have violated the terms of their visas.


The new information [about Melania Trump] "shows a disregard for the rules," said Bruce Morrison, a former Democratic congressman and immigration expert. "Technically, it could unravel her status, if it is true."
"Trump has promised to deport people who have violated the terms of their visas?" It is now being asked if this campaign promise could lead to the first-ever deportation of an American first lady.

Trump has already promised to jail Hillary Clinton, his opponent in the current election. Republican strategist Dick Morris is saying that deportation of Trump's own wife could seem to "balance" that expected action, positioning Trump closer to the "sensible center."

If Trump did authorize such an action, he could become the first American president to deport both his predecessor in office and his own wife. The status of Barron Trump, the couple's "anchor baby," remains hotly disputed.

Sources have said that Trump may agree to delay his assault on birthright citizenship long enough to allow his son to attend the Wharton School, the nation's top-ranked college. This plan would depend on the future behavior of Sole Justice Clarence Thomas.

Thomas is expected to be the last member of the Supreme Court after the expected deportation of Justice Sotomayer, and after all other Justices have died off. Initially, the plan was devised by Republican leaders as a reaction to a Clinton presidency. Now the plan to shave the number of Justices is being hailed as the top cost-cutting measure in Speaker Ryan's ongoing attempt to balance the federal budget.

Some experts warn that, as "last Justice standing," Thomas would be free to adumbrate any judicial ruling he favored, no matter how silly, bizarre or absurd it might be. On the other hand, some legal experts have said that Thomas' silence on the Court has prepared him for the expected loneliness of being the nation's last Justice.

Others warn that Pin Point, Georgia could be named the United States' tenth official capital, despite its relative lack of size. The Club for Growth has issued a position paper about this possible problem. As usual, the group was confused with The Hair Club for Men and its work was discarded.

These same Trump advisers are voicing concerns about public reaction to the nation's initial first lady-in-exile. Donald Trump Jr.—"Baby Trump"—has reportedly said that the plan might be accepted more widely if his own wife was forced to exit the country too.

Experts say these problems are likely to fade if Hillary Clinton wins the White House. "Our attention will all go to emails then," a consortium of TV stars ruled.


  1. Lock her up! Lock her up! (Referring to Melania here.)

    Just kidding. I would support a catch and release policy on her.

  2. Release where? On your property?

  3. Somebody call 911. I think Bob has had a stroke.

  4. Election results are in and it is time to send Bernie a great big Thank You card.

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  6. I agree with Rebecca Traister's analysis that the opposition to Hillary has been due to male refusal to accept a female president. It was first embodied by Bernie's campaign, providing cover for those who didn't want a female candidate. Then all those men came out in droves to make sure she didn't gain office.

    I agree also with Jamelle Bouie's analysis that this is a backlash against our first black president and his policies of social change. The people supposedly demanding change are actually demanding a return to previous conditions before Obama changed things.

    Viewed in those terms, the election is not so hard to understand. Traister says that Trump embodies everything opposite to Clinton, and that is the whole point of voting for him. Add a layer of alt-right white racism and you have it all.

    People who thought in those terms could have predicted the outcome. People of course do not want to admit to being sexist, misogynist or racist, so the polls mean nothing except that people know the right answers even when they diverge from their own feelings.

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