YEAR(S) IN REVIEW: Visited, possibly in a dream!


Interlude—The Ghost of Losses Past:
Early this morning, we were visited by The Ghost of Progressive Losses Past, possibly in a dream.

As the chain-clanking spirit appeared in our chamber, we activated the taping device built into the mirrored ceiling above our quilt-festooned bed.

For that reason, we're able to quote the specter directly. Here's the first thing she or he said:

"You liberals! You just managed to lose an election to the craziest candidate in history!

"And yet you still insist that the problem can't possibly lie with you! By definition, you insist that the problem lies with Them!"

We couldn't imagine what our visitor meant. Then this:

"Read Catherine Rampell's new column," the thoughtful intruder suggested.

We're guessing that the sepulchral figure was citing the column in today's Washington Post. Two paragraphs into Rampell's piece, we began to sense what the spirit may have meant.

Here's the way the column begins. Headline included:
RAMPELL (12/23/16): Why the white working class votes against itself

Why did all those Economically Anxious (TM) Trump voters reject policies that would have helped relieve their economic anxiety?

Maybe they believed any Big Government expansions would disproportionately go to the “wrong” kinds of people—that is, people unlike themselves.
Did the white working class "vote against itself" when it voted for Trump? That's what the headline seems to say, though Rampell may not have written it.

Meanwhile, a careless reader might get the impression that everyone in the white working class voted for Candidate Trump.

Rampell doesn't explicitly say that, of course. But so far, she has made no attempt to qualify an impression which may be lurking in her presentation—the impression that all Those Consummate Working-Class Dopes voted for Candidate Trump.

A third problem lurks in those opening paragraphs. Rampell explains why all those voters may have done what "they" did:

They may have voted for Candidate Trump because they believed that any Big Government expansions would disproportionately go to the “wrong” kinds of people. Or so Rampell says.

Everyone alive on the planet knows what that ugly line says. Rampell is painting a portrait which has prevailed within our tribe through decades of Progressive Losses (TM). She's painting a careless, sweeping portrait in which All Those (Dumb-Assed) People cast their self-defeating votes on the basis of race.

In this morning's New York Times, Paul Krugman writes a much more informative version of this same column. Krugman drops his first R-bomb in paragraph 2 after having suggested, in paragraph 1, that Trump voters voted for Trump thanks to "an animus against ethnic minorities."

These associations, which are never explicit, continue all through Krugman's column. We liberals have been writing such columns for a great many years. This may be why The Ghost of Progressive Losses Past was clanking her chains this morning.

Let's return to Rampell's column, the work of a Princeton grad.

Just for the record, Candidate Trump received only 66 percent of the white working class vote. (That is, of whites without college degrees.) No such information, explicit or implied, intrudes on Rampell's column.

Still and all, what can we say about the 66 percent with whom we're left? Were they (dumbly) voting against their own interests when they voted for Trump? In an uglier vein, were they spiting themselves in this way because they don't like black people, as Rampell plainly implies all through her column?

Instantly, Rampell starts churning anecdotes to teach us to think that. Like a wide range of Ivy League typists before her, she immediately turns to Sarah Kliff's trip to Corbin, Kentucky, which Kliff reported for Vox.

Briefly, Rampell lists some Democratic policies which went down the drain with Candidate Clinton's loss. She then flies to the Kentucky of her apparent dreams:
RAMPELL: Here’s the problem. These Democratic policies probably would help the white working class. But the white working class doesn’t seem to buy that they’re the ones who’d really benefit.

Across rural America, the Rust Belt, Coal Country and other hotbeds of Trumpism, voters have repeatedly expressed frustration that the lazy and less deserving are getting a bigger chunk of government cheese.

In Kentucky, consumers receiving federal subsidies through the Obamacare exchanges complain that neighbors who are less responsible are receiving nearly free insurance through Medicaid.

“They can go to the emergency room for a headache,” one woman told Vox’s Sarah Kliff.
Everyone alive on the planet knows what our Princeton grad is saying. (Before that, she prepped at Andover.) She's saying Those People—people like the woman who spoke with Kliff—voted against their own interests because they didn't want Those People, the blacks, getting that government cheese.

This is ugly conduct—on our team's part, that is.

In fairness, Rampell correctly records what that Kentucky woman is said to have said to Kliff. That said, Kliff has a much bigger heart. She reported the misery that 59-year-old woman has been experiencing with her Obamacare coverage. She pays a premium every month, but can't afford to go to the doctor because of her $6000 deductible.

Rampell, who's roughly 31, can't seem to care about this. The professors didn't teach her to care about people with problems like this.

Kliff also explained what that woman meant about the luckier duckies who get help for their headaches. Because they qualify for Medicaid under Obamacare, it sounds like they get a substantially better deal than that woman does.

According to Kliff, those lower-income Medicaid recipients receive "arguably better coverage than she receives and [it's] almost free." According to Kliff, this is why the 59-year-old Kentucky woman "doesn’t think the system is fair."

It's hard to say that this woman is wrong in that judgment. It's obvious why such a person might think that there must be a way to improve this.

One additional point. In the 2010 census, Corbin, Kentucky was 96.69 percent white, 0.26 percent black. When that woman referred to lower-income neighbors, there is a tiny, minuscule chance that the neighbors in question are white.

In Hillbilly Elegy, J.D. Vance describes his working-class disgust with the white freeloaders he says he saw all around him. Our Princeton grad seemed more eager to paint a familiar old portrait, a portrait we liberals adore.

The woman Rampell brushes aside is in a bad situation. For her, Obamacare ain't been no crystal stair. Rather than acknowledge this fact, Rampell plays an easy old card. She continues playing that card right to the end of her column.

Mom and Dad both went to Princeton; Rampell went there too. Reflexively, she expresses scorn for those who are stationed below her. That said, we liberals have endlessly played the game this way. This may be why The Ghost of Progressive Losses Past appeared in our chamber today, possibly in a dream.

Throughout her column, Rampell scorns the numbnuts who voted for Trump, endangering their own magnificent coverage. Although she presumably read Kliff's piece, she didn't seem able to process the part which explained the way the program actually works for the 59-year-old, lower-class woman she chose to cuff to the curb.

Nor does Rampell explain the other reasons Corbin people cited for their votes, some of which involve coal. When we liberals tell this story, only one reason survives.

Regarding Obamacare, Rampell plays a game many others have played of late. She scorns the manifest dumbness of those who doubted that Trump would repeal Obamacare, as he kept saying he would.

Like others before her, she doesn't say what everyone knows. Trump said he would repeal and replace Obamacare! Does that tiny disappeared fact possibly alter this tale?

In his own column, Krugman explains, for the millionth time, that Trump won't be able to replace Obamacare with something as good or better. We assume his assessment is right. But is there anything worse than an Ivy League grad who scorns the lower breed because their grasp of policy may not be fully refined? But oh, what kind of education is this, which goes from bad to worse?

We liberals have written these columns forever; they're part of our DNA. This may explain the last few words The Ghost emitted last night.

"It's why they won't listen listen listen...," the apparition seemed to say as she exited through our walls. Indeed, why would anyone listen to Us, considering the way We behave?

There's nothing we liberals like as much as trashing Those People as racists. When we read these persistent pieces, we often find ourselves asking a thoughtful question.

How insecure must we liberals be concerning our racial good faith, we ask, if we're so eager to insist that the racists are all Over There?

It all comes flooding back: As we read Rampell's piece, details of this morning's visit kept flooding back. When we read the following passage, we recalled something else The Ghost of Past Losses said:
RAMPELL: We’ve known for a long time, through the work of Martin Gilens, Suzanne Mettler and other social scientists, that Americans (A) generally associate government spending with undeserving, nonworking, nonwhite people; and (B) are really bad at recognizing when they personally benefit from government programs.

Hence those oblivious demands to “keep your government hands off my Medicare,” and the tea partyers who get farm subsidies, and the widespread opposition to expanded transfer payments in word if not in deed.
Those Americans! They're "really bad at recognizing when they personally benefit from government programs," our haughty know-it-all says.

"Look who's talking," the specter had muttered at one point. "These liberals are really bad at recognizing how they manage to lose to crackpots like Trump!"

Meanwhile, Rampell even returned to that shallowest well. She even quoted the cracker who made that comical statement, years ago, about keeping the government's hands off her Medicare!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ohourgod! So stupid!

Why would anyone listen to us? We love to say how dumb They are! We also love to showcase the ways We scornfully manage to lose.

Still coming: Conclusion to our award-winning Year(s) in Review report!


  1. From an economic POV, Rampell's analysis ignores two fundamentals:
    1. Every benefit has a cost. If blacks are getting more from government then non-blacks must be getting less than they pay in. And, cost/benefit principle is even clearer when it comes to preferences for schools and jobs. If blacks are accepted with lower qualifications, then non-blacks with higher qualifications are being rejected.

    2. Stein's Law -- If something cannot go on forever, it will stop. Today, Medicare, Social Security, and ObamaCare cannot go on without large and growing amounts of outside funding. But, the outside funding will be more and more unaffordble, since other parts of the federal budget are also running large and growing deficits.

  2. This is a topic Bob has difficulty covering. On the one hand, he is right. Liberals/Dems often speak down to WWC people and make little effort to understand them, let alone come up with a message that broadly appeals to them. On the other hand, much of what we libs/dems believe about WWC is actually true. And even if we can't all agree on how much of what we believe about WWC voters is true, we should be able to agree that some of our assumptions are true, and, if that is the case, how do we deal with that reality? Do we ignore it because to acknowledge certain truths could offend many in that group? I don't think that makes much sense. I think we have to all recognize reality, and as it pertains to the WWC and this election Rampell, however ineloquently and perhaps derogatorily self-defeating her assessments may be, is actually closer to understanding why many in the WWC voted the way they did than Bob seems to be. The available post-election data seems to suggest that a large portion of WWC Trump supporters actually did vote for Trump because of his nationalistic, white-centric appeal and that jobs, the economy, and health care had a lot less to do with their vote than Bob may think. This Tweetstorm by T.R. Ramachandran lays out this case very clearly:

    T.R. makes the case that, of all factors, the "strongest correlation (exists) between racial resentment/sexism & Trump vote". He goes on to say that, although the data seems to support that conclusion, it does NOT mean most Trump voters are racist. He explains many if not most WWC voters share some negative beliefs concerning race and identity politics because they are misinformed.

    So, after reading this tweetstorm and factoring other post-election data there seems to be 3 realities to consider:

    1. Many WWC really did vote for Trump because of his nationalistic, white-centric message.
    2. Voting for Trump because his racially charged rhetoric appealed to many of these voters does not mean they are all racists. Many are just misinformed.
    3. The economy, jobs, and health care were not as important to most WWC as Trump's identity politics.

    That last point seems to fly in the face of some liberals, such as Bernie Sanders and even Bob, who seem to think that if Clinton had just focused on the economy and jobs more rather than liberal identity politics she may have won. The data doesn't back that up. According to election results, the Dems most aligned with Sanders actually performed worse than Clinton while right-of-center Dems actually performed better than Clinton. A more liberal economic message didn't seem to be what WWC voters were looking for.

    With these realities in mind, the conclusion we dems should draw is that we should focus even more on how WWC are misled to believe some of the false racially based narratives that lead many of them to believe that certain ethnic groups are getting preferential treatment by the government. Do too many on our side call those voters "stupid" for believing what they believe? Sure, and we should work very hard to stop doing that, but that doesn't mean that many of those voters aren't actually misinformed. They are, and we have to figure out a way to get through to them. Pretending that eliminating our rudeness toward these voters will get rid of much of the problem won’t help us much.

    1. "we have to figure out a way to get through to them."

      Why waste time on fools?

    2. So we should be more understanding of people who voted for Trump despite his clear, nationalistic, racist rhetoric because they were "misinformed"?

      By who and how? I don't which is worse. Voting for the guy after hearing clearly everything that came out of his mouth because you are racist, or because you really should know better, but were "misinformed" and failed to properly inform yourself.

      Either way, the outcome is the same: President Trump.

    3. TDH: According to Kliff, those lower-income Medicaid recipients receive "arguably better coverage than she receives and [it's] almost free." According to Kliff, this is why the 59-year-old Kentucky woman "doesn’t think the system is fair." It's hard to say that this woman is wrong in that judgment.

      In 2008 the people in these areas voted 75-25 for McCain and against Obama and his promise of better access to health care. They have never wanted a health care system of any kind. You can see from the comments that a deep lack of social trust is a part of their culture. The answer to this problem for them is to get rid of Obamacare AND Medicaid. Rugged individualism, which is also a deeply held aspect of their culture, means that dying fifteen years before you needed to for lack of healthcare is a source of pride. It beats being part of a system where someone might cheat. People aren’t to be trusted to put together a system. Trust in the Lord. Trust in your arsenal of guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition. And trust the Republicans to protect those few simple things that you do care about and to keep the blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, Catholics, Jews, Gays, and atheists away from you and your children. Trump: I love the poorly educated.

  3. Liberals would do well to consider Someby's argument. It's difficult to get people to join your cause when you have no respect for them or their concerns.

    1. I would if "no respect for them or their concerns" wasn't such an obvious strawman with nothing but a few cherry-picked anecdotes taken out of all context to support it.

      Since you obviously weren't paying attention during the campaign, here's how it played out.

      Democrats fought against voter suppression laws specifically targeting minorities. Donald Trump said that means they have no respect for white voters or their concerns.

      Democrats fought to extend the same rights to LGBT citizens that heterosexual citizens have. Donald Trump told white working class voters that Democrats have no respect for them and their concerns.

      Democrats proposed a long term plan to wean us off fossil fuel energy to clean renewable sources. Donald Trump told white working class voters that it means Democrats have no respect for them or their concerns.

      Democrats screamed about Trump's plan to register Muslims and block Muslims from entering the United States, based solely on religion. Trump told white working class voters that Democrats have no respect for them and their concerns.

      Democrats came up with a plan with no Republican help at all to extend health insurance to 20 million Americans. Trump told white working class voters that Democrats have no respect for them or their concerns.

      Thousands of autoworkers in Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania who voted for Trump owe their jobs to Obama and his bail out, also done without Republican help. That's because Trump told them that Democrats have no respect for them or their concerns.

      And they bought it. From a man whose entire adult history is about screwing over everybody he possibly can, including and especially the white working class, to turn another buck.

  4. Once again Bob, your argument is with Democratic politicians and not people who comment on social media channels. Media responds to electeds at this point.


  5. "Just for the record, Candidate Trump received only 66 percent of the white working class vote."

    True. Your next task, if you dare to undertake it (mass media like CNN will NOT)--report back to us with that white working class data broken down by state. Then notice what happens in states with a history of “animus against ethnic minorities."

    Ask yourself why the mass media will not give Americans a list of the white vote percentages for each state.

    1. Ask yourself why you asked stupid question.
      Here is what you wiush to be given. Merry Christmas from a mass media source.

    2. Thanks. Why only 28 states? My main point was there's been no articles comparing state differences, which happen to be very striking. Many years ago I was able to find a list of the 2008 white vote for each state on an obscure website. In states like Oregon and Vermont Obama got 60-70% of the white vote. In states like Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana he got around 10%. Why are whites voting so differently by state and region? It's pretty easy to figure out and then Bob could stop wasting time focusing on rural KY as some kind of key to this election

  6. So, the Democrats offer gigantic boons to "the white working class", whose asses we are all supposed to kiss, even though things like Obamacare are actually a tremendous boon to the white working class.

    We're supposed to feel bad because these morons are too dumb to realize the gigantic benefits they get from Obamacare? Maybe these people are stupid idiots who deserve to die impoverished for voting for Trump and for Rpublicans who have been effing them over forever. Oh, it's because of those dirty liberals, Bob Somerby always says. Jesus Bob, the ones who want to impoverish ordinary Americans aren't named Obama or Hillary. Christ, why do I even bother writing this here? You don't read comments obviously, because comments here are filled with spam and trash and garbage. Bob, you can blame us liberals all frickin' day, the fact is an absolute right-wing maniac is about to be President. I completely suppose you will be kicking at liberals like a jerk throughout the Republican hell to come. You'll still blame liberals, and that's why you suck so badly. Try to be better, Bob, you sound like a right-wing stooge.

    1. Yes, indeed. Somerby continues to flog the notion that the only possible reason that people would vote against their own economic interests is that "liberals" -- who apparently exist only in his head -- are big meanies who hurt their feelings and made them do it.

      And you know what? That is even a bigger insult to these people by strongly implying that their votes are mere emotional reactions than anything Somerby dreams up that his imaginary "liberals" have said.

      They had their reasons. They may not be good reasons, but waaaay down the list is "Because Rachel Maddow et al, are such nincompoops." That's as dumb as saying that the only reason people voted for Hillary Clinton is because O'Reilly and Limbaugh are nincompoops.

      The responsibility for the consequences for the upcoming Trump presidency fall squarely on the shoulders of those who voted for him and put him in office. And no one else.

    2. Somerby apparently doesn't know who is in the working class these days, much less that Hillary talked to them:

      And saying that Trump voters were all poor or working class whites is bullshit. Trump won the $50,00-and-up bracket, Hillary won the brackets under that:

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  8. Thanks to your comment, Lewis C, I watched that interview. It seems to me that Maddow treated Conway politely, like an ordinary human being. Conway represented Melania Trump as a human being. I suppose if one hates these people enough, it's a unacceptible to treat them as human.

  9. There are many of us who believe that millions of Hispanic and Muslin immigrants are NOT in our best interest. Trump was the only one who said he would try to stop it, the rest guaranteed it.

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  11. nothing is going to bring coal back. there are not going to be any new coal-fired electric plants (the primary use for coal these days) built, and China has its own coal reserves. what any of these people think Trump is going to do to change that remains a mystery, because they can't even articulate an intelligent response to that question. yeah, sorry, these people are breathtakingly stupid, if they seriously believe Trump and the Republicans are going to do squat for them. as for their concerns that "other", not as deserving as they, do/will get unearned gov't benefits, Limbaugh et al have been telling them that for nearly 40 years. whether it's true or not no longer makes any difference, it's what they've been brainwashed into believing that matters. Trump spoke to their hate, and that's why they voted for him.

  12. Because I am the best person I can possibly be, I ask for a change that will help. Those stupid people have to stop being so stupid!

    They're stupid, I tell ya! Like I said, it's impossible for me to change without me getting a little bit worse, because, did I tell you, yet?, I'm the most perfect person I could ever be. How can you blame the election on me? I voted for the correct choice. Those other people voted for the wrong choice. I said everything exactly as I should have. Why, they are so stupid, they didn't even understand how right I was. I think this is the most stupidest thing about them: I heard that they don't think I'm as great as I think I am. What could be more stupid?

  13. Cmments TL;DR

    Bob's wrong, we Liberals have nothing to learn!

    1. An apparent contradiction since Bob is a liberal and if he is wrong, he clearly does have something to learn.

      Bob's wrong, we Liberals have nothing to be ashamed of in the past campaign!

      What part of Russia hacked our election, the FBI (Comey) ignored its rules/ethics to disrupt our election, and Trump was massively aided by the media -- and despite this Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 3 million -- do you not understand?

      Bob is off on an odd jag. Hopefully he will come to his senses in the new year.

    2. With careful study, professional athletes learn a great deal from their previous games. Even when they win those games. But, *especially* when they lose.

      Maybe all of those trophies for participation has taught liberals that there's nothing ever wrong with their performance.

      Liberal football player talking to his coach, after viewing game film:
      "Coach, I know we lost 21-20, but I played for 50 snaps, and on 30 plays the other team was cheating. The other 20 the refs blew the call. I did everything perfect, every play. I don't need to practice this week."

      If it were up to me, liberals would start to talk nuts-and-bolts corporate management vs. labor issues, and how the government can help with these. But, I would welcome any sincere forward-looking ideas for change, because standing still looks like going backward if the earth is turning.


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  15. 1. Why was Conway on Maddow's show?

    2. Why cannot Melania speak for herself?

    3. Why does Melania need anyone to "represent" her as a human being?

    4. Being polite and disagreeing are not mutually exclusive.

    5. Why is Ivanka acting as First Lady and not Melania? Did Maddow even ask about that?

    6. Given that the media helped Trump by giving him overwhelmingly more positive air time than Clinton (or his Republican primary competitors), has MSNBC learned nothing? Why are they repeating their mistake by giving Conway more positive airtime, instead of acting as media watchdog? Has MSNBC learned nothing about its role?

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