Scarborough spots former KGB agent!

MONDAY, JULY 17, 2017

Maddow was even worse:
Friday night, she made it official:

Rachel Maddow is one of least disguised major dissemblers in the history of "cable news."

Assuming even minimal competence, Maddow's opening segment was a masterwork of dissembling, misstatement and scary-time propaganda, all aimed at the brains of us unsuspecting liberal viewers.

Liberal viewers were misled in an array of ways. But first, let's talk about Morning Joe's self-promoting rock star, Morning Joe's own Morning Joe.

Despite the fact that he's 54 years old, his rock songs are still about "bad girls." If you believe the Washington Post, "the Harvard types" adore him.

This morning, ten minutes into his program, he was complaining about the lying of the Trump administration. There's a bit of an irony there.

Scarborough sold his soul to pimp King Trump after Trump had spent four years spreading his bogus tales about Obama's Kenyan birth. Now, today, with everything changed, the upright fellow was deeply concerned about Donald J. Trump's alleged lying.

Ten minutes into his program
, here's what the gentleman said:
SCARBOROUGH (7/17/17): David Ignatius, I want to talk about—you know, Elise was talking about "more of the same."

There is one thing that Donald Trump is saying that is more of the same, and that his lawyers are saying, and that the administration is now saying, now that they've just been busted lying time and time and time again about meeting with Russians, about this specific meeting.

Donald Trump, the president of the United States, saying. "Hey! There's nothing new about opposition research, us meeting with a former KGB agent, us meeting with a series of Russians, us lying about the people who were in attendance there...
"Us meeting with a former KBG agent!"

Scarborough simply hates Donald Trump's lying. But he was quick to spew that!

Scarborough was referring to Rinat Akhmetshin, the lobbyist who attended the now-famous meeting at Trump Tower with the now-famous Russian lawyer.

Unless you're watching the Maddow Show, Akhmetshin is a lobbyist who is also an American citizen. He came to this country from his native land, the former Soviet Union, in 1993 ot 1994, when he was 25-27 years old.

By now, even NBC News seems to have agreed that Akhmetshin spent two years in the Soviet army as a teen-age draftee, full stop. Except in the land of high excitement and throwback red scares, there's zero evidence that he was ever "a KBG agent" or anything like it.

Unless you're watch criminal pundits like Morning Joe, or undisguised con men like Maddow. Unless you read the New York Times, which continued its Cold War throwback performance art on Sunday morning's front page.

People, can we talk?

The children are currently on a chase, a stampede, a scare. They are, in fact, behaving like a lynch mob.

Concerning lynch mobs, we'll tell you again what we've told you before:

Lynch mobs have operated all over the world, all through so-called human history. Many times, such mobs have hunted people who were in fact guilty of crimes.

That doesn't mean thay they weren't lynch mobs. That doesn't mean that they weren't behaving in the way of such mobs.

In the current episode, a journalistic lynch mob is chasing a generally guilty party by the name of Donald J. Trump. For decades, their target has engaged in a range of offenses against the public interest.

During much of that time, mobsters like Scarborough were blowing smoke op his astral region and kissing his hind parts to boot. Mika was doing it too, just extremely bigly.

Today, Scarborough is part of a mob. He's behaving like he's part of a mob. He's too lazy to get clear on facts. He's too busy writing and recording his rock songs.

"Meeting with a former KGB agent!" On the front page of the New York Times, it's 1954 all over again. This morning, Scarborough played the same game.

In our next post, we'll review Maddow's astonishing Friday night opening segment. Have liberal viewers ever been so baldly deceived, in so many different ways?


  1. Bob, we can agree that journalists and pundits ought to be careful with the facts,but you choose
    to focus solely on liberal journalists/pundits. Where is the Bob Somerby of the right, taking Fox and
    Breitbart etc to task? If you gave a list of suggestions to R. Maddow and she implemented every one,
    how would that change any opinions on the right? Her show might be cancelled and replaced with
    H. Hewitt, J. Lord, or some other Hannity-lite. Corporate ownership of the media is a serious problem,
    and tends to produce conservative-slanted news or opinions, as you must know. Now, the answer to
    conservative lies is not liberal lies, but what is the answer? The right and Trump seem determined
    to squash any dissent. How do we fight that? By the way, I think you may have MDS (Maddow
    Derangement Syndrome). You sure do expend a lot of effort parsing her every sentence.

    1. Old point but yes, it's why Bob cannot be taken seriously.

    2. Perhaps he takes on the liberal press because if they do their job better then liberal ideas will have a better chance of being supported. I think Bob wants liberals to have credibility and holds them to a higher standard.Don't you also wish that the liberal media would be the very best at communicating and being respected and believed? If he took people like Hannity or Trump to task do you think they would care or behave any differently? Bob has made it clear that he is no fan of the right wing and only wants the liberal side to be better at achieving objectives.If you've read Bob for any length of time I expect you should understand why he does what he does.

  2. KGB doesn't exist any more. But the man is clearly a Russian intelligence agent. Somerby is an idiot if he cannot see that.

  3. Bob is now part of the Fox and Friends Mob.

  4. wasn't it scarborough and crew that got caught on live mic talking about lobbing soft balls to trump. now all of a sudden we are supposed to believe that joe has had a change of heart? bs, he is going to war with trump just to boost his ratings I am sure, and it gives trump a boogey man to rail against - they are probably still in cahoots.

    also, did anyone else notice how joe is trying to look like a millineal with the hair and thick, dark rimmed chris hayes glasses to play to the MSNBC crowd? total friggin joke.

  5. no spam filters bob? I was wondering if you read the comments but I think it is safe to say you at least do check all of them. I actually thought this was going to be a clever sarcastic lead up to a good point and was trying to guess where it was going.It might be a fun writing exercise to try and rewrite it from a certain point and turn it into an actual clever point achieving piece..but I'm lazy

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