The Post headlines a "Trump before Trump!"


Right on today's front page:
The Washington Post has discovered a "Trump before Trump!"

The major newspaper uses the term right on this morning's front page. On page A1 of our hard-copy Post, the following headline appears atop this news report:
'Trump before Trump': Beach photos sink Christie's image
Snore! The report concerns the latest "distraction news" involving New Jersey's Chris Christie. In the pointless Post report, Michael Steele is quoted saying that the blustery governor was actually "Trump before Trump."

In fact, many, many other people were also "Trump before Trump!" In this case, Steele—he's now an "MSNBC political analyst"—is taking an acceptable approach to this important fact.

Steele has named a "Trump before Trump" who hails from the political world. In our view, the more significant "Trump before Trumps" hail from the various branches of the American press and pundit corps. This includes several major "Trump before Trumps" from Steele's own "cable news" channel!

Here on our sprawling campus, our Calendrical Research Bureau has informed us that this is, in fact, the Fourth of July, a well-known American holiday. For that reason, we'll postpone Part 2 of our current report, Postcards from the Plague, until tomorrow, July 5.

How did our current cultural plague ever take control of our land? Many "Trump before Trumps" have been involved—and when they work within the press, the rest of the guild looks away.

This practice—this well-known code of silence—continues to this very day.

Many such "Trump before Trumps" paved the way to our current degraded cultural state. Our pestilence involves many such Trumps.

Tomorrow, we'll start with Les Crane.

Worth remembering: All through 2015, Joe and Mika kept themselves busy pimping Donald J. Trump. Who did they pimp in the years before that?

Of course! Endlessly, they pimped Governor Christie, a substantially lesser version of "Trump before Trump."

Today, they're hailed within the guild, especially "wealthy" Mika.

They've been cast in opposition to Trump. For this reason, we must be told that Mika is "smart" and "strong!"


  1. Happy 4th, Bab Somerby!

  2. ...and you too, Bob!

  3. I've never watched their show. I've seen occasional criticisms of them and their "panel," but to me they express perfectly the political position of MSNBC -- right wing, but not extreme right. Never understood why so many people think MSNBC is "liberal," even before Andy Lack. Anyway I did see one clip where Mika's right-wing father was on the show and Joe made some really stupid assertion about the Israeli "peace process," and Brzezinski responded to the effect, "Your ignorance is astounding."

  4. Joe and Mika work for a despicable piece of plutocratic trash called Rupert Murdoch who has spent a lifetime destroying our discourse. Why was he given the power to do that?

  5. I'll beat your ass.

  6. Don't you mean "Trumps before Trump?"