TUESDAY, JULY 18, 2017

Our series resumes tomorrow:
On May 7, Masha Gessen delivered a lecture at the PEN World Visions Festival.

Gessen is highly respected, and she should be. For that reason, the enormous absence of basic skills that day is especially noteworthy.

Plus, that liberal audience!

That said, the children are currently on a stampede. Their day-to-day dissembling is massive.

When Trump supporters discuss "fake news," the horrible truth is, they do have a point.

Donald J. Trump is disordered, deranged. But so is your upper-end "press corps."

The worst stampede we've ever documented was the twenty-month stampede directed at Candidate Gore. This current stampede is astonishing too, even though the current mob is chasing a persistently guilty party.

Are the children "rational animals?" Or are the children more sensibly viewed as a group of misfiring machines?

We've been posing that question the past two weeks. In our next post, we'll walk you through the search that resulted from the first thing we read this morning.

Tomorrow, Gessen returns. Masha Gessen is highly respected. In our view, she should be.


  1. I find it frightening that the Dems + Media can minimize a real scandal, like an ardent Democrat attempting to assassinate a group of Republican Senators. But, I find it more frightening that the Dems + Media can create a a'scandal' out of nothing.

    1. You have a different definition of "nothing" than normal people.

    2. David, how are the actions of a deranged individual (the guy who shot up the ball game) a "scandal"? It was fully reported.

    3. The answer to your question, Anon, is to compare the coverage of the shooting of two Congressmen: Scalise and Giffords. The shooting of Giffords got a whole lot more coverage.

      Yet, of the two, the Scalise shooting deserves more coverage. It involved an attempt to assassinate a number of people. Without quick defensive action, this incident could been a mass killing.

      Also the Scalise shooter may have been influenced by all the harsh anti-Republican rhetoric. The Giffords shooting OTOH was totally non-political. (although many Dems and media falsely claimed the opposite.)

    4. Bob's Missing ToupeeJuly 18, 2017 at 7:43 PM

      "... this action could been [sic] a mass killing."

      Loughner killed 6 people including a federal judge and was an Alex Jones conspiracy nut.

      Don't you and your ilk ever get tired of playing the victim?

    5. In David in Cal's defense, this is nothing like Benghazi, where the Republican Congress not only turned down additional security funding for international outposts, like Benghazi, but actually cut the security funding to make it look like the richest nation in the history of mankind was too broke to help the citizens of the USA. Who knew the old GOP trick of putting party before country would cost American lives?

  2. The current chase is an order of magnitude more ridiculous than the chase against Gore. This isn't even serious. The entire thing, from top to bottom, is made up. It's just total garbage. There's literally no evidence that Russia hacked the DNC or Podesta, and there's no evidence Russia was in any way involved in the Trump campaign.


    And we're now 8 months in on discussing this nonstop, the exclusion of almost everything else.

    Another noteworthy fact: when Trump ordered the missile strike against Assad's forces, there was a three-week window where this shit died down almost completely, prior to his firing the despicable Comey (btw, leaks have pretty much ceased, post-Comey, which the lugenpresse won't mention). This tells me what the powers that be are really on about. Israel wants Assad gone and Syria broken up so it can just steal the Golan Heights for good. Trump's in the way of that, so all the powerful jews are putting all their effort into ridding us of Trump.

    That's what's going on.

    1. Nope.You are wrong. But, sieg I right?

    2. That's L├╝genpresse, with two dots over the u, representing umlaut.

    3. We don't need powerful Jews to want to get rid of Trump, Pavel.

    4. "The current chase is an order of magnitude more ridiculous than the chase against Gore."
      Gore? If this chase was 1000 times worse, it still wouldn't be at the level of stupidity that the "Hillary's emails" bullshit was. BTW, that nonsense put a racist, conman, and admitted sexual predator in the White House, for fucks sake.

  3. I just want my kids back.