Trip Gabriel does a real report!

MONDAY, JULY 24, 2017

Star scribe does the New York Times proud:
On cable news, tonight's exciting sugar high will come via Jared Kushner.

If you want to read a news report, we'll recommend Trip Gabriel's report in today's New York Times.

Over the weekend, Gabriel went to a free health fair in southwestern Virginia. We think you should read every word.

A question lingers behind that report. It's based on these disappeared data, the data you never are shown:
Per capita spending, health care, 2015
United States: $9451
Canada: $4608
France: $4407
United Kingdom: $4003
People are suffering behind those strange numbers. People are suffering behind the strange numbers you simply, by law, can't be shown.

Rachel and Lawrence won't show you those numbers. Why won't these great big stars do that?


  1. As I’ve remarked before, Bob gives the NYT credit where credit is due. This appears to be one of those cases. And he asks a good question: Why don’t we know about the per capita spending on health care?

    The question is rhetorical, of course. Most don’t know because they’re not given the information.
    Cable “news” is a wasteland, and it might be the main driver of our public discourse. But it’s all based on ratings, so I wonder if it really is.

    From the article:

    “I really think they don’t have any clue what’s going on,” Mr. McKnight said of Washington politicians. “You watch the news and it’s two sides pitted against each other, which in turn makes them pitted against us, the normal person.”

    “I really think the only thing that could truly help the country is single payer,” he said.

    Bob has pointed out the pitfalls in our understanding of this idea. But how did Mr. McKnight come to this conclusion? It certainly didn’t come from Maddow, or Lawrence.

    Harpers Index noted that climate change took up an entire 39 minutes in the mainstream media last year. But localities across the country are taking up the slack from our withdrawal of the Paris agreement.

    There is something going on in terms of factual reporting that is transcending the mainstream Media Whores. Let’s hope it continues, and keep our minds open. And let's hope that these stories of people desperate for health care reach the MSM, which the NYT did in this article.


    Thanks Bob for all these years of critical analysis.

  2. I have seen these numbers on TV, and even a couple of decent discussions of health care. Granted, they are few and far between. And, again, Leroy, I hope you are not using the tired trope of the "mainstream media" to refer only to CNN,MSNBC, etc. Please make sure you include Fox, Rush Limbaugh, etc (where you will also not find substantive discussions of health care), and they represent huge ratings, so arguably are part of the "mainstream" media. OK? Just a note: Lawrence and Rachel tend to focus on politics, as do most programs on Fox, etc. and not on policy.

    1. Fox, Rush Limbaugh, etc (where you will also not find substantive discussions of health care), and they represent huge ratings, so arguably are part of the "mainstream" media. OK?

      Absolutely correct, sir or madam!

      “a... choice between the American system of rugged individualism and a European philosophy of diametrically opposed doctrines ­ doctrines of paternalism and state socialism.”

      Herbert Hoover (1928)

      Bob, more than anything else, Americans want to be rugged individualists. And what could be more rugged than dying needlessly for lack of healthcare to prove it. Those French, Swedes, and Japanese may live many years longer, but they will have never known the God-fearing joy of living and dying ruggedly. The God-fearing people of SW Virginia don’t need no stinkin’ international comparisons. There’s only one way of doing things, and that’s the American Way.

    2. Dave the Guitar PlayerJuly 25, 2017 at 1:00 PM

      Anon 11:43 - Writing a blog criticizing the conservative wing of the MSM is a waste of Bob's (or your) time. Conservatives don't come to this blog to get insights on how they are being treated by their pundits. Liberals should be reading this blog (or one like it) that complains when our pundits don't give us the whole truth (or god forbid) tell us something that is not true (lie?). We should then use this information to complain to our media gods to improve or move on to more reliable sources of information. Or we can waste our time criticizing a blogger without ever addressing the issues he exposes.

    3. Conservatives don't come to this blog to get insights on how they are being treated by their pundits.

      No, they come here to troll and pick up ammunition they will use to browbeat even more the MSM even more to bend over backwards and "both sides" the shit out of everything.

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