Concerning that rather odd question!


Herridge's question to Trump:
Yesterday, we mentioned a rather strange question posed by Catherine Herridge to commander-in-chief Donald Trump.

Herridge was interviewing Trump for CBS News. This was the text of her question:
HERRIDGE (7/14/20): Let's talk about George Floyd. You said George Floyd's death was a terrible thing.

TRUMP: Terrible.

HERRIDGE: Why are African-Americans still dying at the hands of law enforcement in this country?
We're not experts on Herridge's work, but she has always struck us as a competent, serious reporter. We were glad when she got to leave Fox and move on to CBS News.

That said, that was one of the strangest questions we've seen a major journalist ask. Even more remarkably, Trump responded by making an accurate statement! In journalistic circles, that's known as "a Halley's comet event."

(After making his accurate statement, Trump began berating Herridge. "What a terrible question to ask," the commander thoughtfully said.)

To our ear, Herridge's question was extremely odd, and it came straight outta script. That said, we'd say this whole event was potentially quite instructive. We'll plan to build our week around that question, starting next Monday.

Herridge's question struck us as odd. Tribal reaction may have been odder.

There's a lot to learn from this odd event. More on this topic next week.


  1. "In journalistic circles, that's known as "a Halley's comet event.""

    Oh? Is that the comet that will soon arrive to take your zombie cult to a better universe without WHITE SUPREMACY, dear Bob?

    Good luck with that, dear.

    "To our ear, Herridge's question was extremely odd, and it came straight outta script."

    What's so odd about it, dear Bob? A garden variety hate-mongering goebbelsian propaganda statement. Yes, statement, because clearly it isn't a question.

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  2. "Trump responded by making an accurate statement! "

    Actually, Trump's response was a non-sequitur. She asked why black people were still dying at the hands of the police. Trump responded by talking about white people. That made no sense.

    We understand that Trump's subtext was "why are you concerned about black people when white people die too?" Unfortunately, his response not only failed to address the deaths themselves, but it implied that if white people are dying too, then it must be OK that black people are dying.

    Herridge's implied question was "If you think these deaths are so terrible, why haven't you done anything to stop them?"

    Trump evaded the question by going off on a tangent about white people dying.

    But that's OK with Somerby. He thinks that's an accurate response even if it doesn't satisfy the question and does nothing to address why black people are still dying at the hands of the police.

    Elsewhere, a columnist said that Trump talked about white people dying because he relates everything back to himself and he is white. That was charitable. A more cynical person would say that only white lives matter to Trump because he is a white supremacist. Black lives not only matter less, but they don't matter at all to Trump.

    That's why Somerby should be at least a little concerned that his question about why white lives are not reported (without any evidence that that is true) was so similar to Trump's response. We know that Trump has serious problems when it comes to race and empathy. What about Somerby? It appears he is equally tone deaf to the racial implications of these sorts of questions and answers.

    1. Have you knelt and begged for forgiveness for having the wrong, despicable skin color, dear dembot?

      ...frankly, I have no doubts that you have, but have you knelt and begged enough?

      You know, you need to do it at least five times a day every day, at least 40 minutes each session. Bowing down to the floor, while spreading out your hands.

      Have you been doing it the right way? Have you, dembot?

    2. Always good to see Mao sweating the end of white supremacy.

      Hey Mao, have your establishment bosses told you when your last day is?

  3. Herridge covered Hillary Clinton for Fox News, but Somerby says: "she has always struck us as a competent, serious reporter".

    Maybe why Somerby didn't like Hillary more? On the other hand, maybe he likes Herridge because of his dislike of Hillary?

    Herridge was at Fox News since its inception. What kinds of person can work in an environment like that for so many years? Probably a Republican, I would guess. Good for her, for asking Trump about black lives. But that clearly isn't why Somerby likes her -- since he says her question was odd.

  4. A more cogent question would be "why are unarmed black people being killed at a higher rate than white people?" - if in fact they are (this is actually a complicated question because of encounter rates, etc.) Or she could have asked something like "are unarmed black people being killed at an unacceptable rate?" However there is zero chance that any question which might reveal racism would get a straight answer from Trump, or practically any Republican. Trump's answer to her actual question, while a statement of fact, was not a straight response to the question. You don't need to ask questions of Trump to know that he is a racist - he demonstrates this regularly with what he says and writes on his own.

    1. Right about the complexity of the number of killings. I choked when I heard the question.

    2. You may have choked but I am glad you can still breathe.

      Apparently Blacks are 2.7 times more likely to be killed by cops than Whites.

      Are Blacks killed for the same reason? Are they pursued more, shot in the back more? Somerby can not consider such questions because they involve concepts like "context" and "interpretation" and "outcomes". Progressives say they are not killed for the same reason, that institutionalized racism plays a major role, not just in killings, there is also harassment and belittling. They say capitalism plays a role but now we are getting abstract.

  5. "When will we have a perfect world where unarmed and armed people attacking and killing police officers may do so with impunity? And when will we begin requiring police officers not to shoot dangerous 'unarmed' thugs attacking them?"

    Democrats are shockingly stupid.

  6. Trump's gave another beautiful presentation today, this time on regulations.

    Joe Biden the rapist is still hiding his his basement and will cower in fear from debating Trump before Trump's reelection.

    1. See! Republicans think Trump is perfectly normal. How does this fit into the TDH narrative that only Trump is suffering from mental disorders?

      And how to assess their keen ability to discern between grabbing a thing and inserting a thing? Between a bunker and a basement? Between false hope and utter denial?

  7. A very loaded question. Whether police are killing blacks at a disproportionate rate is a matter of debate-- if you adjust for violence, probably not. But it is undisputed that getting killed by police is way, way down the list of leading deaths for blacks.

    1. So that must make it okay then.

      Thanks for playing.

    2. September 2001:
      Stuff the virtue-signaling bullhorn, George W. Bush. Heart failure kills way more Americans than terrorists.

    3. I'll tell you what's loaded, those guns police officers like to wave around willy-nilly. Just like those meaningless points racism-deniers like to wave around.

    4. "Whether police are killing blacks at a disproportionate rate is a matter of debate"

      Pah-leeze. Why would anyone want to debate this sort of nonsense? Unless, of course, they are hate-inciting liberals.

      Every police shooting is investigated, facts established. If the officer is at fault they are punished, sometimes indicted.

      That's it. What else is there?

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