Daily deaths average 800 again!


Nationwide, carnage movin' on up:
Nationwide, our daily deaths are still nowhere near where they were in mid-April.

But our daily deaths are rapidly movin' on up!

Statistical blips caused by the lengthy July 4 weekend are now long behind us. Based on the Washington Post's numbers, this is the way the average number of daily deaths has risen in just the past week:
Daily deaths from coronavirus
Rolling 7-day average, nationwide

July 9-July 15: 696.9
July 10-July 16: 704.1
July 11-July 17: 720.4
July 12-July 18: 742.4
July 13-July 19: 747.4
July 14-July 20: 763.0
July 15-July 21: 799.7
Before the reporting glitches caused by the July 4 weekend, the average number of daily deaths stood at 546.3 (June 26-July 2).

Just that fast, we've moved all the way back to 800.

As you can see from Kevin Drum's graphic, coronavisus deaths have virtually been stamped out elsewhere, including in Europe—in Germany, Italy, France. The last two countries were very hard hit when the pandemic began.

In Japan, South Korea, Australia and them, they've had very few deaths at all. Over here, we're once again movin' on up. Don't tell Kayleigh McEnany! Do not tell Dr. Birx!


  1. Trump will have a lot to answer for when he is dragged in front of a grand jury after his forthcoming landslide loss and placement at the top of the list of inept, disastrous presidents.

    1. Targets aren't dragged in front of grand juries. That's because they can just take the Fifth. Trump could be called as a witness to the criminal acts of others, but he's involved in most of those, so he still couldn't be compelled to testify. Unless he had no immunity, which would be the case if he'd pardoned himself.

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  2. What conclusion does Somerby draw from these statistics? Why is he reporting them at all? Numbers don't have any meaning or usefulness unless they relate to something we care about. Certainly we care about these deaths, but is Somerby reporting them in order to urge us to wear masks? Is he making a statement about Trump? Why does he mention them?

  3. As long as there's one country that does worse than us, even if it's a "shit-hole" country, Trump and Foxnews will claim victory over the virus.

  4. "Daily deaths average 800 again!"

    UGE liberal victory, dear Bob, we're all impressed.

    But hey, when the liberal cult gets really mobilized, the sky is the limit. Work harder to incite more mass-rioting, dear Bob, and who knows, 1000, or maybe 2000/day or more is not out of reach!

    1. It's a loss for us all. The deaths are Trump's fault because he didn't take it seriously and downplayed the virus and then encouraged states to reopen too early. I know you really like Trump a lot. I can see why. But in this case, you picked the wrong horse and he lost the race by a mile. Sorry bro. Maybe you can get Hannity or Toby Keith in there for 2024.

    2. In 4 months, Trump has presided over three times the number of deaths American suffered in the Viet Nam war in 19 years.

      Trump is good at propaganda but he won't be able to b.s. his way out of this one.

  5. Bob is cherry-picking statistics to make Trump look bad. The US total mortality rate is better than most of Western Europe, even though the current weekly rate is higher in the US. E.g., US 441 vs Italy 580. Spain 608, UK 670. Belgium 846. If comparative mortality rate is a measure of Trump's performance, Bob and commenters here should be praising Trump.

    Also, if mortality rate is a measure of governing quality, we should all vote Republican. The Republican states have much lower mortality rate than Democratic states.

    1. No, he isn't doing that. Things are bad here. You and the other Republicans need to admit that so that we can start doing effective things to stop this virus. More people will die until you and Trump take this seriously.

    2. David - things are getting worse here, not better. Things are better in those places, not worse. Those places took decisive action and handled the virus. Here, Trump dithered and obfuscated and behaved like a flaccid, weak-loined middle manager in some small town factory. His response was absurd and stupid. He had a two or three week lead on those places! Now they are back in business and we are still sheltered with no real plan. It would be hard to dream up a more inept response than the one Trump crapped out. In other words, give Trump the Fool time and we will be on par with their numbers.

      So, it's hard to praise Trump. I know you really like him but his presidency is over. He will be be voted out in a landslide in November with good reason.

  6. Re "Statistical blips caused by the lengthy July 4 weekend are now long behind us."

    So exactly was is the lag time between catching the disease and dying? If we see a bump in diagnosed case, do we see a bump in deaths a week later? Two weeks? Does anyone know?

    People talk as if deaths should track along with cases, but that is nonsense.

    1. There is no exact time. The Lancet says that for those that don't recover, the median time from onset of symptoms to death is around 18 days. The data is from Wuhan earlier in the year.


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  9. Only in Democrat cesspools of crime and disease.

    The national figures are meaningless without that caveat which is rarely mentioned, for obvious reasons.

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