Democrats troubled by "sitting duck presidents!"


CNN seems to make a mistake: In fairness, everybody makes mistakes, if that's what we're discussing here.

Mistakes are going to happen! That said, we turned on CNN during the 11 A.M. Eastern hour.  Nancy Pelosi was being interviewed—and the CNN chyron said this:


That's what the chyron said! 

We don't know what Pelosi had said—the interview was almost over. But we assume the chyron meant to refer to Donald J. Trump (remember him?) as a recent lame duck president.

In the subsequent discussion, pundits debated when Pelosi would send the recent impeachment of Trump over to the Senate. When she does, we Dems will begin conducting our trial of The Inka Who's No Longer There.  

Most likely, the Inka will end up being acquitted, creating a bad talking-point. That outcome seems especially likely because of our team's second plan—our plan to let fifty Democratic senators rule that the other party's most popular pol won't be allowed to run for the White House next time. 

National unity, here we come! That will make perfect sense to the others!

Was it a bad idea to impeach Trump again? Not necessarily, no. Once you let a crackpot like Trump get into the White House, there may be no sane way out.

That said, how did Trump ever get to the White House in the first place? Some members of the pundit guild are beginning to try to puzzle that question out.

Karen Attiah takes a shot in today's Washington Post. Her headline is promising but, in our view, it's all downhill from there:

The media had a role to play in the rise of Trump. It’s time to hold ourselves accountable.

The mainstream press corps' role in the rise of Trump goes back a great many years. That said, Attiah's reasoning strikes us as several steps past hopeless, with a few "links to nowhere" thrown in. 

In fairness, this guild has never been amazingly sharp. Also, they now have several favorite new toys, around which they shape all pronouncements.

People in the other towns believe the craziest things. Over here, in the streets of Our Town, we're victims to prevailing mandated scripts concerning gender and race.

In many instances, these scripts are the only tools or toys our upper-end pundits possess. At long last, we expect to begin discussing this daunting topic at the start of next week.

First, let's put all future "sitting ducks" on notice! That's what the CNN chyron said. In fairness, we all make mistakes.


  1. "People in the other towns believe the craziest things. Over here, in the streets of Our Town, we're victims to prevailing mandated scripts concerning gender and race."

    No, dear Bob. "People in the other towns believe the craziest things" is just another mandated script. Another talking point of your liberal-zombie cult.

    And, we're sorry to say, you keep parroting your zombie talking points - not all of them, but many - like a brain-dead dembot. Tsk. Oh well.

  2. "Most likely, the Inka will end up being acquitted, creating a bad talking-point. "

    Somerby is truly an idiot. Trump did something criminal and he needs to be held to account. You don't let him off the hook because he is popular among Republicans.

    The value of holding a trial will be that his supporters will hear what he did wrong and will have a chance to encounter mainstream views not filtered through the lens of Q-Anon or Fox. Further, it is a worse talking point for Democrats if Trump gets away with insurrection without any response from the Democratic leadership. Democrats will be outraged, and Democrats are the only ones who vote for future Democratic candidates, not Republicans and certainly not Trump supporters.

    This is the first of a long string of prosecutions of Trump and his cronies. Somerby needs to get used to the fact that unity means the right needs to join the nation, not that Democrats will roll over and play dead now the Trump is in FL (can't say truly whether he is actually gone).

    1. anon 3:44 - nothing TDH says in this post is idiotic. He's pretty much spot on. What did Trump do that was "criminal." Cite the statute and the case law that supports your position - that's how you have to do it assuming that the U.S. is a nation of laws. Also, it is hardly obvious that a president could be impeached after his term has expired.
      Can we now impeach Reagan for the Iran-Contra thing? Do you encounter mainstream news not filtered thru the lens of MSNBC or CNN? Biden in his inaugural address made a plea for unity - this is the opposite. Not only that, but it is likely to fail, need a 2/3 majority to convict. I would point out that I can't stand Trump. I'm a lifelong democrat, and think it was a disaster that he got elected. TDH is spot on that the so called liberal mainstream media were instrumental (along with numerous other factors) in getting him elected. We'll see if there is a long string of prosecutions - hopefully, if there are, they will be based on sound legal principles, not politicized ball-busting. Probably won't advance the cause of unity very much, either.

    2. If you are ordered to leave your job at a bank, but are given 10 weeks to transition out, and during that time you embezzle money, chances are that the bank will prosecute you even after you have left your job. At the least the bank won't give you a chance to apply for your old job.
      Also if during that transition period you are constantly on television or twitter or facebook claiming that it is fraud, that the bank is fixed and that you were cheated out of your job, They probably won't allow you to have your old job back.
      If, two weeks before you are to finally transition out of your job, you have a big rally a few blocks down the street with all of your friends and cronies, and again tell them how bad you have been cheated and that you are going to lead them in a march down to the bank to prevent them from transitioning you out of a job and those people actually go down and break into the bank while you are back watching television, chances are you might get prosecuted. At least the bank will make sure that you will never work in that bank or another bank again.
      We need to make sure that Trump never gets close to an elected office again even if his friends and cronies are willing to let him rob the bank again.

  3. "That said, how did Trump ever get to the White House in the first place?"

    We know how. Sexists like Somerby wouldn't vote for a female candidate. And then Comey misbehaved, and the Russians supported Bernie & 3rd party candidates to draw votes and manipulated social media to spread lies (yes, lies) about Clinton, and the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to funnel money to Republicans via the NRA. A lot of wrong things had to happen together to keep Hillary from winning, most of them illegal (especially foreign interference).

    Why does Somerby keep asking this lame question? He thinks it was because no one likes the Democrats and because Hillary was a failed candidate because she just couldn't manage to be male.

    Somerby thinks he can critique Attiah by simply saying she was bad and had links to nowhere. No actual examples or arguments. Just accusations today, because our Somerby is too lazy to deign to substantiate his remarks against this female journalist. Perhaps he thinks that it is enough to lodge criticisms if the reporter is a woman, who needs proof or example, it is sufficient that she is female. And if her reasoning is "hopeless" then so is the guild, QED.

    Somerby is phoning it in just like a lame duck, which makes his arguments a sitting duck. And maybe that's what CNN meant? Trump's insurrection is no less serious for having been so inept.

    1. Nitwit, TFH did vote for Clinton. You're a dogmatic numbskull, all the baseless, reductionist, slanted tropes set forth as if there was any evidence of them.

  4. You cannot talk about the role of the press in Trump's election without mentioning the way Hillary was treated. Somehow, Somerby has never gotten around to that. Somerby still blames Hillary for not doing things that no other politician or Sec of State ever did either. And that seems fair to him, simply because the Republicans made a huge issue of it, abetted by the press. He went along too. That makes him culpable in her loss -- plus the fact that he did absolutely nothing to support her candidacy against Trump.

  5. “National unity, here we come! That will make perfect sense to the others!”

    Of course it won’t make sense to them. They reject democracy and accountability for any of their own.

  6. For the sake of national unity, Democrats must overlook the law-breaking and corruption of Republicans.

    On the other hand, Republicans get to continue their law-breaking and corruption.

    Seems fair.

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