Professor Glaude has a better idea!

FRIDAY, APRIL 16, 2021

"Daunte Wright's murder," he says: In his first book, Stride Toward Freedom, Dr. King repeatedly discussed his deep belief in what he called "the love ethic of Jesus."

As a general matter, we humans aren't wired for that. Consider what Professor Glaude said on Brian Williams' program last night. 

(This came in the segment which followed the segment in which Yamiche Alcindor offered her absurd false claim about the marijuana.)

Glaude told Brian how hard it is to have to keep watching the tape of "Daunte Wright's murder." We'd like to show you the full exchange, but the transcript hasn't been posted yet and we don't plan to do more transcribing today. 

Does anybody really believe that what happened last Sunday was a "murder" in any conventional sense of the term? On cable, the more general game has been this:

Every pundit takes his or her turn striking a certain pose. They marvel at how hard it is to believe that Kim Potter could have mistaken her gun for her Taser.

Others have made the same mistake in the past, but this won't affect the minuet the pundits take turns performing. Remember the definition of a contemporary columnist / pundit:

Someone who has nothing to say and a contractual obligation to say it.

In part for those reasons, they love to run with the crowd. They're only happy when they're saying whatever the last six pundits just said, except maybe a little bit louder.

People have made that mistake before. People will make it again.

That said, the typical upper-end pundit has never made a mistake himself and has never seen a colleague make one. For that reason, he or she may find it hard to believe that someone else actually has.

Eventually, along comes the Princeton guy, and he drops the M-bomb. Adapted to a more genteel framework, this is the way the mobs used to work in Glaude's native part of the country.

Dr. King loved that love ethic. As current stampedes are making plain, we humans aren't wired for that.

Professor Glaude is a good, decent person but, or so the experts say, this is what our species is like!


  1. Enough of the Daunte Wright farce, dear Bob.

    We would like to hear your opinion of the diminished mental capacity of a certain top-level politician, and your cult's dembots absolute refusal to discuss it publicly.

    We know you hate this sort of thing, and you care deeeeply about public discussions of top politicians' mental capacity. Don't be shy, dear Bob, don't compromise your liberal integrity. Speak up.

    1. I’m happy to talk about it. During the last year of your cult’s leader’s presidency he was carted off the Walter Reed
      for an unscheduled Saturday visit and as part of his evaluation was asked to correctly identify the silhouettes of zoo animals. We can start the conversation there.

    2. The official explanation for the unscheduled visit was that it was for a routine maintenance exam. Let us know when as a routine your primary physician asks you to count backwards by 7s from one hundred. A task that the gifted genius described as difficult. Maybe better stick with giraffe silhouettes.For icing on the cake, before leaving the premises the leader of the free world, unaware of a law known as HIPPA, had the involved parties sign nondisclosure agreements.

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  2. "which followed the segment in which Yamiche Alcindor offered her absurd false claim about the marijuana."

    The claim may have been false but it wasn't "absurd" because Wright did have a previous problem over marijuana and was fined, and because that information is being talked about on social media.

    It is one thing for Somerby to correct misinformation but another entirely to piss on Alcindor by calling it absurd when it is an understandable confusion.

    1. He is doing that in the name of love, you understand. He's just not good at loving.

  3. "Does anybody really believe that what happened last Sunday was a "murder" in any conventional sense of the term?"

    An unarmed young black man was shot and killed. The cop is not being charged with murder but with manslaughter.

    In the sense that the word murder is frequently used colloquially to refer to wrongful death, then this certainly qualifies.

    Does anyone really believe that a 26-year veteran police officer would mistake her gun for a taser? If so, then it won't seem like murder to you, but an unfortunate accident. But that is a big lump to swallow.

    1. The bar defining murder was set when an off duty white female cop barged into a law abiding religious black man’s apartment and shot him dead awhile back, explaining that she thought it was her place. Presumably they had the same interior decorator. Even there, I don’t recall the conviction, or if it’s been adjudicated yet . But that’s a pretty high bar.

  4. Why is Somerby so quick to call pundits performers doing a minuet, or mimicking what other pundits have said, when he cannot know whether they believe what they say or not? Somerby wouldn't even call Donald Trump a liar, but he is quick to call each and every pundit a dissembler!

    This is what bias looks like -- a different rule about mindreading for different people. The benefit of the doubt for conservatives no matter how obvious his lies, but not for pundits, even when there is no evidence of bad faith whatsoever.

  5. for Daunte Wright and his well-deserved Darwin Award, dear Bob, The Babylon Bee has the answer.

    1. Yeah. I don't understand why a black person would pull over for a cop and not shoot the cop before they can be killed. Especially if they have any interest in living more.

    2. 10:00.
      Agreed. The Darwin winners should be the cops who pull over black people.

  6. Bob,
    your take on Trump boasting about grabbing women by their pussy; your take on Falwell Jr. watching a pool boy fucking his wife; Gaetz taking teenage girls across state lines to fuck them.
    Your comments please.
    Liberals are evil, Right wing sickos are above criticism.

  7. In the meantime, yet another bogus bombshell from the Trump Era falls apart.

    Who needs QAnon when you have the American

    1. I guess you didn't bother reading the comments. The first one says:

      "Raw intelligence isn't a fact, but it's also not necessarily discredited. There is a Russian unit dedicated to supporting the Taliban, whether they paid bounties for Americans is not confirmed or discredited."

    2. In other words, there’s no proof of the claim, but there’s no proof that it didn’t happen either.

      Now that’s compelling...

      It’s also convenient. The CIA leaked the tale and caused a media brouhaha when Trump was about to pull troops from Afghanistan and now it’s naught but a dubious unsubstantiated claim when Biden plans to get out of that country.

    3. Cecelia,
      If those many, many, unarmed blacks killed by cops could talk, I'm sure they'd agree with you that life is unfair.

  8. "Does anybody really believe that what happened last Sunday was a "murder" in any conventional sense of the term?"

    Jon Ossof used the correct term for such killings in his question to Kristen Clarke at her confirmation hearing (quoting from The Palmer Report):

    “…When the killing of citizens is extra-judicial, in my view that is an egregious form of violence and an act of tyranny. This week, yet again, the nation is grappling with the reality that, in particular, unarmed Black men are subjected to violence at the hands of the state. Another young Black man was shot to death by a law enforcement officer. How will you use the power of this office to end extra-judicial killings of American citizens by law enforcement?”

    Calling these killings murder thus seems like an understatement.

  9. “Does anybody really believe that what happened last Sunday was a "murder" in any conventional sense of the term?”

    Mohamed Noor, a Minneapolis police officer, was charged and convicted of third-degree murder in the shooting death of Justine Damond. Third degree murder does not involve proving intent to kill.

  10. “They marvel at how hard it is to believe that Kim Potter could have mistaken her gun for her Taser.”

    Pat Robertson demonstrated it on the air and was flabbergasted that anyone could confuse the two. He admonished the police to do better.

    Pat Robertson.

  11. Let's face it folks, when the police hire, they’re not hiring the best candidates. They’re hiring people that have lots of problems, and they’re taking those problems out on us. They’re bringing their drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.

  12. Fuck off Bob.

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