What the heck—let's start today!


Should you be apprised of this fact?: On Sunday afternoon, 20-year-old Daunte Wright was shot and killed, apparently by mistake, apparently as he tried to resist and flee from arrest.

On today's Morning Joe, discussions of this tragic event struck us as nearly insane. As is now almost always done, major stars were supplying our spotless minds with the simplest possible account of this tragic event.

Just for the record, why was Wright being arrested? According to the Associated Press, this fact is part of the story:

IBRAHIM AND HOUSEHOLDER (4/13/21): Court records show Wright was being sought after failing to appear in court on charges that he fled from officers and possessed a gun without a permit during an encounter with Minneapolis police in June.

According to the AP, Wright had an outstanding warrant on an earlier gun and fleeing charge. Is that something we should be told when Our Town's favorite "journalists" pretend to discuss what happened?

Taking a quick perusal, the New York Times included this fact in this morning's news report. The Washington Post washed this fact away.

On Morning Joe, the usual suspects were aggressively fashioning the Most Spotless Possible Story. This is what these high-level idiots do with every such event now.

It's what the scrubs do over on Fox. It's what they do in Our Town.

Anthropologists say that we're wired this way. Across the ocean, Vladimir Putin is enjoying another big win.


  1. Resisting arrest is dangerous.

    Is this so complicated? We would think it's something even your Low-IQ Town folks should be able to understand.

    Nah, Zero-IQ it is. We don't see any other explanation.

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  2. Kill the niggers; right Bob?

  3. I'm more concerned there was no mention of the 2nd Amendment folk refusing to fight this governmental tyranny. Again.
    The media continuously covers up for gun owners whenever a cop shoots a citizen.
    Also, they never mention when a cop gets shot, "that cop was no angel".
    Bob's is correct. Our media are useless.

    1. They have their thumb on the scale, and their middle finger in the face of the citizens.

    2. 'Bob's is correct. Our media are useless.'

      Except that Bob's concern is the opposite -- he seems to think that the media is wrong to question policemen when they kill AA persons. He seems to think they should be given a free pass (possibly even a medal) if the AA person being killed was not pristine. What a scumbag.

    3. " He seems to think they should be given a free pass (possibly even a medal) if the AA person being killed was not pristine. What a scumbag."

      You're pretty nutty. All Bob's saying is let's hear the whole story from the "news" media.

      Instead, they immediately jump to an easy narrative.

    4. 'All Bob's saying is let's hear the whole story from the "news" media.'

      Except that Bob is never interested in hearing the 'whole' story about policemen and their record (as the poster here suggested the press should do). His interest in the whole story is limited to slandering those who are killed or violently arrested (especially if they're AA). Scumbag ^2

    5. We could have used people (300 million of them) like Bob on 9/12/2001.
      Would have saved us $3 Trillion and a lot of headaches.
      Instead we had barbarians hell bent on revenge.

    6. Somerby didn't write anything on 9/12/2001 or the day after, or the day after that. On 9/15 he wrote:

      "We aren’t saying that Tuesday’s events occurred because our pundits wasted their summer. (Although, of course, that’s possible.) But you can be perfectly sure of one thing; eventually, something was going to go badly wrong because of our inane public discourse. The Trade Center turned into rubble first, but something was going to come down in the end."

      He explicitly blamed the press for not talking about international terrorism before the attack! And he approvingly linked to a Salon article by Arianna Huffington.

      I do not see how anything that Somerby wrote in the aftermath of 9/11 was helpful, much less preventing war or saving money and headaches. He thought the press should have been talking about terrorists more!

    7. Here is the terrorism problem we are having today, which Somerby has said nothing whatsoever about:


  4. The squalor is going to get us all gunned-down by out of control cops.

  5. "According to the AP, Wright had an outstanding warrant on an earlier gun and fleeing charge. Is that something we should be told when Our Town's favorite "journalists" pretend to discuss what happened?"

    I think it depends on whether the police at the scene, the ones who shot him, had that information at the time.

    Somerby doesn't say. Is he scrubbing that information?

    If the police didn't know, then it is irrelevant to the shooting. It should be irrelevant anyway, but if it was in the cops minds, then it was perhaps a contributing factor.

    However, having an outstanding warrant is not a death penalty offense. Running away is not attacking the officers nor is it threatening anyone. It is running away, and that is what the warrant was about.

    Caron Nazario was accused of trying to run away because he pulled over in a lighted area down the road instead of pulling over immediately. The police called that evasion. So it doesn't take much to get that kind of warrant issued.


    His refusal to pull over in a dark area is credited with saving his life.

    1. Outstanding warrant is why they were trying to detain him, dear dembot. In America, people aren't handcuffed for expired license plates.

    2. Good analysis, but you forgot this part: "...and possessed a gun without a permit." I think it's likely, or at least reasonable, to assume the cops ran his plates and knew about the warrant. I don't know for sure, yet, that's why we should wait before judging, which I think is the reason for Somerby's post. But, if they did, it could have been that the officers feared that he had a gun hidden on his person, or in the car. That may help explain what happened. I'd think that even seasoned veterans could make a mistake due to fear. Otherwise, the conclusion would have to be that she was simply a racist who used the opportunity, and planned at the scene, to murder someone and have her defense being she that she made a mistake. There are probably other scenarios as well, such as implicit bias causing her to subconsciously make a mistake, but that would be hard to prove.

    3. 26-year veteran "mistakes" her gun for her taser.

      Let's face it folks, when the police hire, they’re not hiring the best candidates. They’re hiring people that have lots of problems, and they’re taking those problems out on us. They’re bringing their drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.

    4. The media should wait for the results of the police officer's drug screen to be released, before jumping to conclusions.

    5. They stop him the first time for something bogus, such as an air freshener hanging from the rear-view mirror. Then they search the car and find the gun and charge him with that and evading capture (for not pulling over promptly enough). Then the second time, they have an excuse to shoot him.

      Does this sound like good policing to you? It doesn't to me.

    6. We should find that female officer and burn her at the stake and then urinate on her smoldering corpse. Obviously she killed the boy out of hatred of blacks.

      I love blacks which makes all this extra offensive to me.

    7. Try fear of blacks...

    8. I love blacks too. I've always had really high morals.

    9. 10:02,
      That's one way to pretend the police problem isn't systemic.
      In a just world, the police would be begging us to only de-fund them.

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. The white female racist cop killed the black boy intentionally. She waited for her opportunity and killed him when she finally had a chance.

      Her dream of killing a black was finally realized.

    12. Isn't defunding the police up to you and I, as citizens of a free society where we can influence policy?

      It's not an issue the police themselves control is it? They could beg all they want but you and I have to make it happen.

    13. "We should find that female officer and burn her at the stake and then urinate on her smoldering corpse."

      She was selling loose cigarettes?

    14. 9;50,
      Yup. All of us. Including black people. That's what all the Right-wing voter suppression is about.

    15. The white female racist officer is an immoral killer.

  6. Minnesota God Damn

  7. Bob only knows of one solution to crime, which is force. Not things like jobs and therapy. Here Bob provides a story where the force used is half-justified, and then passes it off as a "just asking questions" gimmick. He's pretending his view comes from nowhere but logical and reason but his analysis is biased in favor of the status quo.

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