Teen with toy gun shot and killed by police!


It's time for (Chris) Cuomo to go: As we noted yesterday, Dr. King believed in what he called "the love ethic of Jesus."

He discussed that "love ethic" in his first book, Stride Toward Freedom, his memoir of the Montgomery bus boycott. The book was published when Dr. King was 27 years old.

For ourselves, we don't hold any any religious or cosmological beliefs. In that way, we differ from Dr. King. That said, we'll sign on to the "love ethic" he described in that early, astonishing book.

We mention Dr. King's love ethic because we were so appalled by Chris Cuomo's opening monologue last night. In our view, it's long past time for (Chris) Cuomo to go, but that doesn't mean that he isn't part of the beloved community.

As we watched his monologue in real time, we could hardly believe what Cuomo seemed to be saying. In fairness, his delivery has become so mannered, so heavily dramatized, that it's sometimes extremely hard to feel sure about what's being said.

After rewatching the tape, we think we were right about what he seemed to be saying. It doesn't seem to make much sense, but we think we know what it was.

What was Cuomo saying last night? He seemed to be saying that "white" people will only care about (fatal) police shootings when it's white kids who are getting fatally shot. 

Is that really what he was saying? We'll report and let you decide! After correcting some errors in the transcript, the passage in question starts like this:

CUOMO (4/16/21): George Floyd, Daunte Wright? I wonder if you'll remember their names, six months from today, because there'll be replaced by so many others.

You're here, people. What are you going to do when you see these shootings? You know what you're going to do:

[Leaning in, speaking suggestively]

"That George Floyd, did you hear about him? That Daunte Wright, did you hear about him? That 13-year-old Adam, you know he was a gangbanger?"

Why do that? Because you want to make the problem "Them." It takes the onus off the idea that you're wrong about policing not needing to change

Forget that police are trained to deal with non-compliance, with force that is not lethal. 

[Leaning in, speaking suggestively]

"Hey, comply or die, you know what I mean?"

Cuomo's dramatic skills are much less advanced that he seems to think. At any rate, he seemed to be saying that his "white" viewers don't care about fatal incidents involving police if the people who end up dead are "black."

He seemed to be saying that white viewers will "criminalize" those decedents as a way of explaining the problem away—will thereby dismiss this state of affairs as something which happens to "Them."  

As Cuomo continued, so did the lack of clarity inherent to his dramatized style. But despite the muddle, it seems to us that his point became more clear.

Displaying impressive clairvoyance, Cuomo proceeded to explain what his white viewers "know." He also explained what such people feel. 

He seemed to say that "white" people will only care about this state of affairs when it's white kids who are getting shot and killed. It seems to us that this claim emerges from this muddle:

CUOMO (continuing directly): And you know what the answer is. You really do. You don't like it. I don't like. It scares me. 

Shootings? Gun laws, access to weapons? Oh, I know when they'll change:

Your kids start getting killed. White people's kids start getting killed. Smoking that doobie that's actually legal, probably in your state now, but they don't know what it was, and then the kid runs, and then "Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow!" 

Cop was justified. "Why'd you run?" "Oh, he had a baseball game tonight." Oh? 

White kid? Big family, that house over there? Those start piling up?

"What is going on with these police? Oh, what? Maybe we shouldn't even have police!" 

That kind of mania, that kind of madness? That'll be you! That'll be the majority, because it's your people.

At any given moment, it was hard to tell what this big sack of air was actually trying to say. 

If CNN was a real news org—rather plainly, it isn't—someone would insist that Cuomo express himself with less drama and with a lot more clarity. On balance, though, it seems fairly clear that he was saying this:

White people will only care about fatal police shootings when it's white kids who are getting shot and killed. 

That seems to be what this big bag of wind was saying.  This made us think about one of the most recent fatal shootings.

One of the most recent fatal shootings:

The report appeared in Thursday's Washington Post. That's Thursday, April 15—Thursday of this week.

The report appeared on page B8—the back page of the Metro section. In print editions, the headline said this:

Family 'shattered' after police shooting of teen

The teen in question was 16 years old. You haven't heard a word about this fatal shooting, and you never will. 

The report appeared below the fold on page B8, beneath the day's voluminous weather reports. It shared the bottom half of the page with a longer news report about two tigers at the Norfolk, Va. zoo who have tested positive for the coronavirus.

(The dead teen got two columns, the infected tigers got four.)

You haven't heard about this fatal shooting, nor are we even saying that you should. That said, the teen in question had been wielding a toy gun, and his family says they're shattered. 

Katie Mettler's news report started off like this:

METTLER (4/15/21): A day after their son was shot and killed by a Maryland state trooper, the parents of 16-year-old Peyton Alexander Ham said in a statement that their family is “absolutely heartbroken and shattered over this sudden, unexpected loss of life of a talented young man, filled with promise.”

Ham’s parents said the teen was “smart, gifted” and “sweet” with an “ ‘Alex P. Keaton’ type personality.”

“His love of conservative politics [was] always taking center stage to his lively debates at the family dinner table,” his family said.

Few additional details have emerged about the interaction between Ham and police that led to his death Tuesday afternoon in the Leonardtown area of St. Mary’s County, where the teen lived with his family. The name of the trooper who fatally shot Ham has not been released, but state police said he was assigned to the Leonardtown Barrack and had been a Maryland state trooper for two years and seven months.

You haven't heard about this fatal shooting, and you never will. Few details have emerged, and no one is going to give a rat's ascot if they never do.

Should you hear about this shooting? That is a matter of judgment. At first glance, it sounds like the unnamed state trooper may have had reason to shoot this teen, even though the teen was armed with a pair of toy weapons.

Toy weapons of this type look exactly like real weapons. Visually, there's no way to know that the apparent weapons aren't real. 

It may be that the state trooper behaved in an appropriate way. At any rate, no one is going to discuss the ongoing probe of this case, and no one is going to care.

The reason for that is reasonably obvious. The teen who was shot and killed in this case is "white." And as part of the crackpot journalism Cuomo was performing last night, our upper-end press corps leans extremely heavily on (some) such incidents when the decedent is "black," but almost never reports or discusses such incidents where the decedent is "white" (or even Hispanic or Muslim).

That's a lunatic way to do journalism, but it's plainly where we are.

The fatal shooting of Tamir Rice also involved a fully realistic toy gun. In part for that reason, we were curious as we read about this recent case.

How many fatal shootings by police officers involve decedents with toy weapons? As we've done in the past, we checked it out.

The Washington Post's Fatal Force site lists "armed with toy weapons" as a distinct category. So far this year, the Post's site says, police officers across the nation have fatally shot six people who were wielding toy weapons.

This new case will make it seven. Of the seven decedents, six have been "white." The race / ethnicity of one decedent remains "unknown." (See "Discourse on method" below.)

You haven't heard about those seven fatal shootings. We aren't even saying you should have! But on what planet was Cuomo living when he assembled last night's monologue? Or when he received his text from staff and decided it made good sense?

Plenty of people who are "white" are, in fact, fatally shot by police. (That has always been true.) That includes the 16-year-old decedent in Leonardtown, Maryland, whose family says they're shattered, concerning which nobody cares or even pretends to care.

Now for a pair of basic points:

"White" kids already do get shot and killed by police. But as part of a cultural decision which is virtually insane, our national news orgs only discuss such incidents when the decedent is "black."

(Journalism by the Washington Post has made this point quite clear. In two cases in recent years, the Post has tried to focus attention on a a pair of fatal incidents which involved fairly obvious police misconduct. In one case, the victim was white; in the other case, the victim was Muslim. The Post tried and tried to create national interest in these cases. The Post tried very hard, and it failed.)

In a decision which is virtually insane, our national news orgs only discuss such incidents when the decedent is "black." Also this:

When our news orgs discuss those incidents, they routinely falsify information.  They disappear certain types of facts; they invent or embellish others. This has been an astoundingly regular practice over the past ten years. It's who and what we are.

As journalism, this behavior qualifies as stone-cold crazy. (It can be regarded as prehuman, or as "human all too human.") On the societal level, this astounding journalistic behavior serves to create a dangerous, punishing array of misconceptions.

Meanwhile, there was Cuomo, just last night, pontificating from somewhere in La La Land. He seemed to say that "white" people will only care about fatal shootings when "white" kids start getting shot and killed by police. 

On what meat did this cable news Caesar feed when he assembled these latest remarks?

We refer to Cuomo as a clown for the obvious reason. Last year, he and his brother staged a series of clown car performances on his prime time TV program.

If CNN was a serious news org, these clown shows would never have been permitted. The lunacy of this behavior only became more apparent as we all finally learned about the way Chris Cuomo's brother was deceiving us rubes in Our Town about the heroic way he handled the Covid crisis.

The lunacy of our upper-end press corps has been on display for decades. Al Gore said he invented the Internet? That was one part of the deal.

The lunacy has been on full display—but in Our Town, we've been completely unable  to see it. As with Big Lies, so too with Big Dysfunctions:

The more enormous the dysfunction is, the harder it may be to see it.

Our species was never "the rational animal," despondent top experts have said. Meanwhile, our nation is sliding toward the sea based in part on the kind of very strange work Cuomo uncorked last night.

We don't see an easy way out of this mess. More on the topic next week.

As for Cuomo (and his producers), we'd have to say it's time for them to go. That doesn't mean they aren't part of Dr. King's beloved community. It simply means that they've earned their way out of their current roles.

Needless to say, absolutely nothing is going to  change. This is who and what we are. As Caesar once so thoughtfully said, Alia jacta est.

Discourse on method: At present, the Fatal Force site says that six people with "toy weapons" have been fatally shot by police officers this year. Peyton Ham now makes it seven.

At present, Fatal Force lists the race / ethnicity of two of these decedents as "unknown." With about two minutes' effort, we were able to establish, two days ago, that one of the two was "white."

This is who and what we are. We're offering a bit of anthropology with today's report.


  1. "It's time for (Chris) Cuomo to go"

    What's the point, dear Bob? They will just replace him with another dembot, who will be repeating exactly the same liberal-hitlerian talking points.

    Didn't you admit it yourself recently: it's not the individual dembots, it's the system. The liberal-hitlerian establishment, or, if you prefer, the 'deep state'.

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  2. "We mention Dr. King's love ethic because we were so appalled by Chris Cuomo's opening monologue last night. In our view, it's long past time for (Chris) Cuomo to go, but that doesn't mean that he isn't part of the beloved community."

    I doubt that Dr. King would have agreed that it is OK to be mean-spirited toward someone, as Somerby is toward Cuomo, as long as you keep them as part of the "beloved community."

    It has never occurred to Somerby that you can disagree with and even attack the ideas of others without making it personal and calling for their removal from their jobs.

    I would hate to think that Somerby's version of cancel culture could be attributed to the left, so let's be perfectly clear today that Somerby is no liberal.

  3. "[Leaning in, speaking suggestively]"

    The suggestively part is not in the transcript. It is Somerby's interpretation.

    Note that one cannot lean in suggestively twice in a row without leaning out at some point in between.

    If Somerby finds anything about Cuomo suggestive, that explains a lot. [about Somerby, he said suggestively]

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.


    2. Do you know what square brackets mean? They mean that the author is inserting material not found in a given quoted text.

      And, I don’t want to blow your mind yet further here, but it is, in fact, possible on planet earth for someone to lean in and then lean in yet further, without ever leaning back out in between.

      I haven’t seen the footage in question – have you? But with both of the points I’m trying to make here, I’m just politely suggesting that though this comment section quite often seems to exist only for a certain kind of person to point out their many and glorious problems with each and every last thing that Bob posts, too often the problems they point out really exist only between their own ears.

      EARTH TO THE MANY ANONYMOUS POSTERS HERE: there are innumerable blogs out there you may well like better (and far better uses for what Shakespeare somewhere calls “the treasure of your time”).

    3. Don't you think Somerby is putting his thumb on the scales a bit when he inserts his interpretation that Cuomo was leaning in "suggestively"?

      It seems to me that Cuomo was stating things forcefully, not suggesting anything. Further, the word "suggestively" is usually used in the context of sex, so it seems pretty inappropriate to insert here.

      EARTH TO THOSE WHO LOVE BOB SOMERBY: You don't have to read any of these comments, especially if you know they are likely to upset you or challenge your faith in Somerby's blatherings.

      All problems involving reading and writing are "only between [our] own ears. That is the organ we think with.

  4. With the amount of hours spent on mediatainment its not surprising somerby has an inexhaustible supply of inconsistent, factually incorrect or just plain dumb comments to exploit. Meanwhile the fascist GQP pukes continue to burn our country down.

  5. “Dr. King believed in what he called "the love ethic of Jesus."”

    Did Dr King advocate that murderers shouldn’t be arrested and tried?

    Somerby calls for Maddow and Cuomo to lose their jobs. In the case of Maddow, he has accused her of damaging our discourse. And yet, in today’s post, they apparently can still remain part of the “beloved community.”

    Can people not call for the firing of Derek Chauvin, and even for his conviction on charges of murder and manslaughter, without being accused of violating the “love ethic?” It is as if Somerby wishes to equate these calls for police accountability with “hatred.” But that is a false choice. Wanting to see justice done for the victim is not a call for hatred of the perpetrator.

    Somerby now wants the demands for arresting and trying police when they kill victims to be equated with hatred.

    1. It's an old Right-wing religious move. Call your enemy a sinner who has turned away from God if the "sinner" is on the other team.
      When the sinner is on their team, they tell you "That's life" because God made no one perfect.

  6. "At any rate, he seemed to be saying that his "white" viewers don't care about fatal incidents involving police if the people who end up dead are "black."

    Here, Somerby presents an interpretation that goes beyond what Cuomo explicitly said. Cuomo is saying explicitly that the black men who have been shot are being vilified to justify their shooting, and he says that they are trained to use non-lethal force against non-compliance, implying that these men were killed as a matter of choice. He doesn't refer to white viewers in this excerpt at all. He does seem to be referring to the police and the administrators who justify their actions. Why would he be referring to his viewers? His viewers are the people who are upset about these killings, the ones supporting BLM and police reform.

    Somerby tries to make this about about Cuomo's white viewers when it is about those who categorize victims into us and them, white and black, and let the cops off the hook for shooting too many black men and boys.

    Some white people have been supporting and joining BLM, appearing at those protests and demonstrations, joining the pressure to change policing. Not all. I would assume that if Cuomo is addressing white viewers, it is the segment who defend the police, those who are like Somerby or worse (those who defend white supremacists).

    Then Somerby starts his old riff about why we don't make the same fuss when a white child is mistakenly shot by police, claiming that no one cares. That is manifestly untrue. I have seen protests and community complaints over such deaths in my own community. Those deaths do tend to be locally reported and not incorporated into a nationwide protest because they do not reflect the same racial bias as black deaths do. They do not arise from a pattern of police abuse of power targeted at black people.

    No one ignores the white deaths. They simply stay local issues reported by local news.

    Meanwhile, Somerby is arguing the "All lives matter" side of this issue, as if caring about race-related problems means no one cares about white deaths. Once again, Somerby is joining forces with conservatives and repeating their talking points, after first invoking MLK so the gullible will think he is liberal. What a misuse of Dr. King's words, to cloak Somerby's racism in a mantel of specious love.

    1. Somerby is not arguing the 'All lives Matter' narrative, he's arguing the "Black lives don't matter". He seems to think that cops should be given medals when they shoot AAs. What a scumbag

  7. "fully realistic toy gun"

    What does the word "fully" add to this description of Tamir Rice's toy gun?

    If the toy gun were fully realistic, wouldn't it be a gun? It was not a gun, but a toy, so it was obviously not fully realistic, but Somerby wishes to portray it so. Why?

    According to ABC News:

    "Prosecutors said in a report released today that the gun Tamir was carrying -- at the top and right -- was "functionally identical" to the real one pictured at the bottom left."

    Functionally identical does not mean that the gun looked real but that it functioned identically to a gun. So, this is clearly a misuse of the term "functionally identical" since the toy gun was not actually a gun.

    Why did prosecutors say this, when it made no sense as a description of Tamir Rice's toy gun? Because they were explaining why they decided not to charge the officers involved in his shooting.

    This is how both Somerby and the legal system put their thumbs on the scales when discussing these accidental shootings. It would have been sufficient to say that the officers thought the gun was real, without presenting an absurd description of the toy gun (which did closely resemble a real gun).

    When someone uses language this way, they are leaning over backwards to present a particular perspective and it is right to be more skeptical of the motives. That is as true of Somerby as of these prosecutors.

    1. I wish I could have read this in the original crayon.

    2. Keep trying and I'm sure you'll learn to read eventually.

    3. We'll get better policing when we de-fund the police.
      We de-fund the police when the police ask us to de-fund them.
      The police ask us to de-fund them when that is their best option.

      There is a pathway. We must follow it.

  8. “In our view, it's long past time for (Chris) Cuomo to go, but that doesn't mean that he isn't part of the beloved community.”

    And, in this same spirit, in my view, it’s long past time for the GOP to go, because of the great damage they are doing, but that doesn't mean that they aren’t part of the beloved community.

  9. "Needless to say, absolutely nothing is going to change. This is who and what we are. As Caesar once so thoughtfully said, Alia jacta est."

    This makes no sense at all. First, Somerby argues that people are by their nature not rational. Then he quotes Caesar saying "the die is cast" which refers to a single precipitating event that determines an outcome. That has no relevance in this situation, nor in any situation where the outcome depends on the nature of humanity, not some single instance of behavior.

    Somerby no longer seems to think about the things he says. He just grabs something catchy to give heft to his argument, in this case Caesar's words (out of context, needless to say).

    The phrase is described by Wikipedia as:

    "Alea iacta est is a variation of a Latin phrase attributed by Suetonius to Julius Caesar on January 10, 49 BC, as he led his army across the Rubicon river in Northern Italy. With this step, he entered Italy at the head of his army in defiance of the Senate and began his long civil war against Pompey and the Optimates."

    The colloquial meaning is:

    "The future is determined; there are no more options; events will proceed in an irreversible manner; the point of no return has been passed."

    How can there be a point of no return without any precipitating action? If people have always been lacking in reason because that is the nature of humanity, how can this be a pivotal moment without anything upon which an outcome pivots? Are Cuomo's words so important that this remark is warranted? Of course not. And this is an ongoing issue being discussed.

    It is frustrating to watch Somerby try to fool the unwary with this nonsense. We are no more doomed than we have ever been and our future does not hinge on Cuomo's morning show.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Somerby completely disappears Cuomo’s framing.

    For example, here is what Somerby quoted:

    “George Floyd, Daunte Wright? I wonder if you'll remember their names, six months from today, because there'll be replaced by so many others.”

    Here is what Cuomo actually said:

    How many more die of the pandemic, dying from police shootings? George Floyd, Daunte Wright, I wonder if you'll remember their names, six months from today, because there'll be replaced by so many others.”

    That highlighted sentence takes you back to a clip of Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) haranguing Fauci about how his (Jordan’s) liberties were being taken away because of being made to wear a mask.

    Cuomo says this later:

    “The testing, the voting, the vaccines, the dying, the shooting, the drugs, the suicide, the teaching, the testing of education, all of it, it all hits the poor, and the poor of color worst, and we know it. And we've always known it.”

    Cuomo also referred to mass shootings, like the recent one at FedEx, and played a clip of McConnell taking the usual GOP stance. Cuomo said “We refuse to address the violence. We refuse to address the shootings and the violence as a figurative disease. This is a disease. Why would we address that? We refuse to face a real disease.”

    I really don’t think Cuomo is addressing his remarks only to white people. He is addressing them to those, like the Jim Jordan’s, who lack a sense of the public good and behave selfishly, only caring about bad things when they happen to themselves or their family.

    1. It is as if Somerby is trying to displace the sense of despair we feel about the GOP onto humanity as a whole, blaming everyone for specific faults of the GOP.

      It strikes me as a dirty trick to disappear Cuomo's context and then misrepresent what he said, and especially, what he meant.

      Thank you for looking this up, mh.

  12. “Dr. King believed in what he called "the love ethic of Jesus."”

    Both King and Jesus were murdered.

    1. To be fair, King was real, Jesus is a myth.

  13. Activists: Police are bad at their jobs and racist

    Bob: Yes I agree they're so bad at their jobs

    Activists: And racist

    Bob: So bad at their jobs!

  14. Nobody believes police don't abuse their power against everybody. It's just they abuse their power against people of color particularly more.

    And you can prove this statistically.

    “Police kill, on average, 2.8 men per day. Police were responsible for about 8% of all homicides with adult male victims between 2012 and 2018. Black men’s mortality risk is between 1.9 and 2.4 deaths per 100 000 per year, Latino risk is between 0.8 and 1.2, and White risk is between 0.6 and 0.7.” https://ajph.aphapublications.org/doi/abs/10.2105/AJPH.2018.304559

  15. 'This is who and what we are. '

    Fortunately most of us are open with our allegiances. We're not like Somerby, i.e. we're not hardcore malevolent Trumptards, defenders of Roy Moore, Ron Johnson, Matt Gaetz, Devin Nunes and Jim Johnson who claim to be libeals. And unlike Somerby, 'we' did not spend the last 4 years desperately trying to get Trump re-elected, thus ending up a 'useless idiot' for Trump.

  16. Bob,
    Your approach is the inverse.
    You work hard to prove that those black killings by law enforcement are justified.
    1) Trayvon could have killed Zimmerman with the sidewalk,(maybe by kneeling on his neck for 9 minutes?). Martin deserved to die.
    2( George Floyd tried to pass a fake $20 dollar bill. He deserved to die.
    3) Breona's Taylor ex-boyfriend was a drug dealer. She deserved to die.
    4) The jaywalker in Ohio deserved to die because he was jaywalking.
    etc. etc.

    On the other hand the cop who shot and killed the young man, who was eating ice cream and watching TV, went to the wrong apartment and killed him. His family forgave him. Not a peep from you.
    Dylan Roof went into a Church in SC and killed many people. You were as happy as a pig in shit when they forgave him. You relished using your Trump defense. i.e "he's nuts".
    Bob, stop hiding behind MLK, Gandhi, Mandela, and the "beautiful" children in Baltimore. You stand with the Roman soldiers.

    You are lying.

  17. There is a current intersection of journalistic malfeasance and police killings. In Knoxville, TN (god bless that hell pit) a Black boy was killed by cops at a local high school. It is being reported as the boy shooting at the cops, and the cops returning fire, but what actually happened was different. The boy never fired a weapon, a cop shot himself while pulling out his gun, and then the boy was shot to death. Somerby has taken care to ignore this event.

    Cops are a joke, where no humor is involved. They do not serve a function beyond protecting the property of plutocrats. It is time for cops to go, and be replaced by real professionals who know what they are doing and know how to handle difficult situations.

    Similarly, Somerby needs to go; his integrity has been bought and his posts are a joke.

  18. BTW Bob,
    Jesus was a Black man. No blue eyes and blond hair.

  19. So, dear Bob, do you think your cult was planning to assassinate the Belorussian president and take over the country?


    If so, Mr Biden's Big War could be much closer than we thought.

    And that's gonna be a UGE War indeed, we're sorry to say. And that's not funny any more. Not funny at all.

  20. Digby asks why Potter would even consider tazing someone during a traffic stop, misdemeanor warrant or not:

    "The newest idea in police reform is to take cops out of the traffic stop business and put it in the hands of people who have no power to arrest, making these kinds of confrontations much rarer. And some jurisdictions are using mental health workers to respond to calls in which citizens are having episodes that the cops are ill-prepared to deal with and which often devolve into violence unnecessarily. Some common-sense gun safety laws to take lethal weapons off the street would no doubt reduce some of the tension as well.

    These are strategies well worth trying to end this cycle of young men driving while Black ending up in the morgue and mentally ill people being tortured with Tasers. But until we deal with this militaristic, authoritarian attitude among the police which demands instant compliance or else, this problem isn’t going to go away. Not every interaction has to be a battle of wills with police holding a Taser in one hand and a gun in the other. "

  21. There have been at least three articles in the Baltimore Sun about the 16 year old, honors student from Leonardtown who was shot by a State Trooper this week. Read your hometown newspaper Bob.

  22. Airsoft riifles are as Bob said indistinguishable from their counterpart weapons. They come with a tip painted in orange but kids sometimes paint over that to make them realistic. They shoot plastic projectiles at over 200 feet per second and at rates of multiple rounds per second and can be modified post market to achieve higher trajectory speeds. At close range a house intruder could easily be rendered incapacitated by one of these in seconds. The repetitive use of the word toy here is misleading. The boy’s parents undoubtedly knew that in the wrong place this tragedy could be played out.

    1. Googled what appears to be this incident. 16 yo in Maryland. Aimed airsoft gun at police officer in neighbor’s driveway, was wounded by the officer, then pulled out a knife to attack him. Bob’s story here is pure bullshit, contrived by him to fit his bogus narrative.

    2. Bob highly likely did read his hometown or other newspaper to acquire the story in the first place. That would make him dishonest and unreputable.

  23. Bob is auditioning for the job as Tucker Carlson's second banana.
    Bob's Dad ran a Burlesque theater. And Bob was his beneficiary.
    Bob doesn't like women!

  24. "He seemed to say that "white" people will only care about this state of affairs when it's white kids who are getting shot and killed."

    This is false on its face because whites don't give a flying flip when entire classrooms full of white six-year-olds get mowed down by mass shooters.

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