Candidate's mouth washed out with soap!


Paraphrase conquers again:
We're treating today as a holiday, in part because it is.

Tomorrow, we'll consider this New York Times campaign report. One of our takeaways goes like this:

Paraphrase conquers again!


  1. Then there is this, too:

    Why should Republicans have all the fun when Democrats can elect their own Trumpian candidate?


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  2. In the 2016 Democratic primaries, Bernie used Republican criticisms of Hillary in his campaign against her. That included things he had to know were untrue, having served with her in the Senate. While Bernie himself took the relative high road, his bros showed no restraint, referring to her as Killery and talking about her corruption and corporate payoffs, plus the emails and Benghazi (which carried less weight with Democrats).

    Now he is starting in on Warren because she has been rising in the polls. Calling her elitist is a natural given that she works at Harvard and his highly educated. Condescending because she uses big words, and then doesn't, in order to speak clearly to constituents. What politician doesn't do that? All the while, ignoring her working class roots.

    Bernie, with his hand-waving socialism, has never lived as one of the class he champions. His wife was a top administrator at a university. He moved in those circles too. And his enclave in Vermont is far from working class America. But the more he criticizes Warren for his own traits, the more he can distance himself from them.

    Somerby may pretend to criticize paraphrase tomorrow, but his target will be Warren and the PCness of calling Sanders out for sexism in his attacks on her. But I challenge Somerby to tell us how we diminish sexism without pointing it out when it occurs? And if Somerby thinks Sanders isn't sexist, there is plenty of contrary evidence arising from the 2016 primaries up to and including his faint support for her during the general election, his failure to encourage his supporters to vote for her, his facial expressions spoke volumes every time he mouthed minimally supportive phrases, contradicting his spoken message nonverbally. Bernie is as much responsible for Hillary's loss as anyone on the left, and now he seeks to repeat by attacking Warren in the same way, using the right's tactics and their talking points, with Somerby cheering on his efforts, pretending that it is journalism and liberal PC that he is actually against.

    Isn't it time to wise up about Bernie...and Somerby?

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