Timothy Egan speaks to Trump voter!


In this case, it's his sister:
Why do various people vote for Donald J. Trump? Since 63 million people did, we'll assume there are different reasons.

The New York Times' Timothy Egan has spoken to one such voter—his sister. His account of his sister's outlook is almost surely worth thinking about. It may even align, to some minor extent, with our own report from this morning.

That said, will our admittedly superior tribe ever get over itself and its greatness? Major top credentialed experts—and yes, they're speaking to us from the future—inform us that the chances of that aren't necessarily good.

Addendum: An important point from Egan's column:

"It’s worth remembering that nearly two-thirds of all American adults do not have a four-year college degree."

Does that make these people "less?" Compare and contrast. Continue to carry the one.


  1. "That said, will our admittedly superior tribe ever get over itself and its greatness?"

    Why, almost exactly a year from now, one hopes.

    If, hopefully, The Donald wins despite your cult's goebbelsian machinations, I just don't see, dear Bob, how your cult can survive that...

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  2. Why make this so complicates, big words, long sentences?

    It will surprise most @nytimes readers and writers, that there exist vast number of citizens who do NOT want FREE things. And that these citizens are smart enough to not trust any politicians who offer FREE things!

    1. RIGHT!! That’s why they voted for Trump, when he claimed that US citizens wouldn’t have to pay for that wall, Mexico would!!

      And his health care plan would be better, cheaper, and cover more people than Obamacare!!

    2. 5:08,
      Does this person have a name, by any chance?

  3. Egan’s op-Ed is rubbish.

    Egan says this:
    “The persuadable voters in these states, many of them working class, say political correctness has gotten out of control, and they prefer someone seeking common ground over someone with a militantly progressive agenda.”

    Egan apparently equates “political correctness” or “wokedness” with progressivism. His column is yet another knock at Warren, whom he calls a “Harvard professor” and an exponent of “militant progressivism”, as opposed to average working schlub Joe Biden, and maybe Buttigieg.

    Bernie Sanders? No mention of him.

    But Egan also says “Democrats flipped 40 House seats in 2018 and attracted more white working-class voters — without insufferable wokedness.”

    ...Which undermines his supposed point, which is that “Democrats are insulting and condescending to the swing-state voters they need the most.”

    In Egan’s view, expressing a progressive view is the same thing as being condescending and insulting. He shows no example of Warren being insulting or condescending to voters, swing-state, college-educated, or non-college-educated.

    The question is why Somerby keeps linking approvingly to anti-Warren bull crap.

  4. "Progressives promise free college, free health care, free child care, and scream in bafflement, What’s wrong with you people?"

    Meanwhile Trump talks about further tax cuts.

    It makes me scream, "What's wrong with you people? Don't you know that the deficit is near $1 trillion and projected to rise further in the indefinite future? The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office now says the federal deficit will hit $960 billion in fiscal 2019 and average $1.2 trillion in each of the next 10 years. All you candidates should be telling us how you're going to cut the deficit. You are all irresponsible!"

    P.S. I think the media should be leaning more on Trump and the Democrats on this issue. It's fun for a while to live in fantasy land, but the long-term real consequences are apt to be awful.

    1. Um, Dave, progressives like Warren and Sanders show precisely how they’ll pay for their plans. Hint: taxes.

      Trump and the GOP,...just cut tax and continue to spend. Magic!

    2. No one heard this guy scream about the deficit when the GOP rammed through welfare for the extremely wealthy which as done nothing but goose the deficit.

      Oh, and by the way, here's to his baseless claim that Trump's tariff-tax and regulatory vandalism have improved african-american employment:


    3. For the benefit of deadrat, the 21st word in the first paragraph should be "has" instead of "as".

    4. @7:02 - I don't know that the additional taxes would pay for the additional spending. Set that aside. The first challenge for the President is to lower the deficit based on existing spending and taxes. The candidates (including Trump) don't even seem to acknowledge the problem.

    5. If the first task of a president is to lower the deficit, Trump has failed big time!

    6. "I think the media should be leaning more on Trump and the Democrats on this issue."

      That's because you. are typical Conservative moron, who knows nothing about economics. But I repeat myself.

  5. “Democrats in Battleground States Prefer Moderate Nominee, Poll Shows”

    Nov. 8, 2019





    What’s a woke, militant progressive to think?

    Could it be that the New York Times is pushing an agenda, trying to undermine Warren (and Sanders) and get Democrats to go for Biden? Say it ain’t so, NYT!

    Why is Somerby helping them?

  6. Bob, did you read the piece?

    1. A person living in a lightly populated portion of eastern Oregon is not likely to have personal experience with any "woke" person judging her. Most likely she is siloed and is merely repeating what she has picked up on right wing media.

    2. "For his core 40 percent, there’s no crime or debasement that will change their minds. He can indeed shoot someone, as a focus group participant helpfully clarified this week, and most likely get a pass from the Cult of Trump."

    What evidence does he provide that his sister isn't in that 40%?

    Eastern Oregon is loaded with militia types and other wing nuts. Until otherwise established, some mix of ignorance and racism is the way to bet.

  7. Egan’s sister works cleaning toilets at a Wal-Mart.

    So, of the brother and sister, one of them has a respectable job.

    The other one writes op-ed columns for the New York Times.

  8. Somerby sounds tired and depressed

    He’s worried Trump is going to be re-elected.

    Cut him some slack.

    1. He's worried Trump won't be reelected.


  9. His sister is an idiot. Anyone who would vote for an admitted .....grabber against an accomplished professional woman gets what they deserve.

    1. Hmm. It's curious how the dembots, who used to be all like 'shoving, at the office, your 50 y.o. dick into your 20 y.o. intern's mouth is the greatest thing in the world', suddenly turn puritanical.

      Could you describe the transition, please?

    2. Lewinsky described herself as the aggressor. Consent is the difference.

    3. Dembot, the whole point of that conversation was that bytches want it, when you're a celebrity.

      As for consent, somehow it's not helping the McDonald's CEO. Why is that?

    4. Well, there Clinton is being brought up, when there's a recent example of selective outrage.

      A former ABC News employee who leaked a hot-mic video of journo Amy Robach bemoaning the network for jettisoning a piece she was doing over three years ago on Epistein and Lolita Island.

      This situation and the ABC News search for and subsequent firing of the scaliwag leaker by CBS News, her current employer, has been reported upon by our media overlords with the enthusiasm and focus of a story on the gross national product of Burma. Not at all in their usual histrionic [woke] manner when addressing such issues.

      Congratulations, media. You really can turn on the professional distance when the story involves the wrong people.

    5. Cecilia,
      Thank dog you weren't alive a decade ago when the media buried the story about the thugs on Wall Street crashing the world's economy through fraud. You'd have shit yourself when the media called holding the thugs accountable "punishing success".

    6. I12:12pm, Though a mere lass... I was kicking and remember it well. That stuff still goes on. Alas- Party in power doesn’t seem to matter.

    7. Don't "both sider" it, unless you can point me to the Republican Elizabeth Warren.

    8. 12:31,
      Calling the Governor of Oklahoma "Whitey White" is hilarious.

    9. 12:24,
      In its own way, calling Cecelia "12:31" is also hilarious- or kind of funny, at least.

    10. And despite the “Anonymous” nym, it’s kind of telling.