First day of the hearings proceeds!


The other Conway speaks:
We spent the bulk of the day watching the bulk of the hearings. We still haven't seen the whole thing or had a chance to review certain things which were said.

Adding to the excitement, George Conway appeared today as part of MSNBC's standard Panel of The Like-Minded. At New York magazine, this early comment by Conway was being featured as of 9:37 A.M.:
“I don’t frankly want to be on television, I just don’t get why people can’t see this and why people are refusing to see this. It’s appalling to me."
We're always struck by commentators who make this type of comment.

The ability to "get why people see things" the way they do is the essence of social and political intelligence. We're always amused when people treat their inability to understand the viewpoints of others as a mark of their ultimate wisdom.

We're in favor of "getting" the viewpoints of others. It's the way large societies work!

You can't understand the way people think? Citizen, fair enough! But if you can't understand such things, what are you doing on television?


  1. "We spent the bulk of the day watching the bulk of the hearings. "

    Oh dear. You have gotta be some sort of mentally ill, to do this, dear Bob...

    "We're always amused when people treat their inability to understand the viewpoints of others as a mark of their ultimate wisdom."

    Yeah, especially when these people have no discernible viewpoint themselves, other than zombie-cult party line of the moment. But then for a zombie that is the 'ultimate wisdom'. Oh well...

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  2. Notable that when TDH finally deigns to make a critical comment about a conservative, he makes one about an anti-Trump conservative.

    TDH is a Trumptard.

  3. I suppose it should go without saying that understanding how others might think doesn't preclude disagreeing with them.

  4. The problem Bob is that the other side does not actually think. Their votes are based on cultural resentments.

  5. That's a big problem. What should we do about it?

  6. I don't know. Certainly, one cannot engage in an intelligent discussion with someone who believes that Obama allowed 3 million illegals to vote in California in 2016. Their beliefs are not shaped by facts and that is their choice. We just have to make sure that we can outvote them.

  7. I think you were right about beliefs shaped by resentments. That would make resentments the root of the problem. When we don't outcome them, the problem gets harder (redistricting, Supreme Court justices, etc.). When we do out vote them, it gets worse in other ways (more resentments, etc.). We really need some approach to the sources of resentment, difficult as that is. Certainly more difficult in the age of Fox News.

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