BREAKING: Salem Village never dies!


No one escapes corporate cable:
No one escapes "cable news" with his or her soul intact. Or at least, so we thought as we watched Lawrence last night.

The show opened with 34 (34) unbroken minutes concerning Donald J. Trump and The Sex. As the marathon finally neared its first commercial break, Joy Reid—who used to be smart before cable—ruminated as shown below.

Reid was speaking with the slimy barrister, Michael Avenatti. With apologies, we're clarifying the transcript as best we can. We can't check it against videotape:
REID (4/5/18): There are two reasons why the Stormy Daniels situation is odd. One is the amount.

If you pay somebody off, $130,000 is an odd number. Why not give her 150 or $125,000 or sort of a number that seems round? $130,000 makes you wonder is this a piece of a larger fund.

The other piece of the question is, after Access Hollywood and after it did nothing to his poll numbers, the absolute support he has, particularly among white evangelical voters, who said they don't care if he's sleeping with women, why is it this woman, this case, freaks him out? Is it because she is a port to knowing that he's sleeping with other—his voters don't care.

So is it that—and this is a question I guess I would have for Michael:

If there are other women, were these all consensual relationships? Because I can't—I mean, remember, Donald Trump also, by the election, had, what, 14 or 15 women who alleged non-consensual sexual behavior on the part of Donald Trump?

My curiosity wonders, is that why he's worried? Are there women who got payments who would not characterize their relationship the way that Stormy Daniels did, and does she know about that? This one woman freaking him out this much raises so many questions.
This is what Reid was wondering after a full, unbroken half-hour of this churning of slime. Sad! Almost everything she says there is 1) slimy, slippery, slithery and 2) extremely dumb.

Why did Clifford get paid an odd amount? Duh! Negotiations produce irregular contract numbers all the freaking time! Who on this planet doesn't know this? Only someone whose heart, mind, soul and intelligence have been eaten by cable news and the corporate interests it serves.

Regarding the possibility of non-consensual relationships which Clifford would magically know about, this is simply the slime of cable dragging Reid's mind down.

Below, we'll show you what these damaged people weren't discussing as they spent their evening discussing this. First, though, we'll post the "complete speculation" Avenatti now favored us with.

Warning! According to this ultimate slimeball, "a lot of people have a lot of speculation relating to what [Trump's] relationship with Melania looks like."

Here in Our Eternal Salem, slimeballs never stop asking themselves questions like that. A consummate slimeball speaks:
AVENATTI (continuing directly): I have my own personal theory, it's complete speculation, I`m happy to provide it. I think the reason why this freaks him out so much, and why he is so concerned and scared to come out against my client, is because of the timing of when this occurred because it happened to occur within months of the birth of his son. And I believe—

LAWRENCE: The actual time spent with Stormy Daniels was four months after his last child one born.

AVENATTI: Yes. That is correct. And a lot of people have a lot of speculation relating to what that relationship with Melania looks like. A lot of people speculate to a host of things, but the fact of the matter is no one knows, because we're not in that relationship. We don't know what that relationship is, how it's evolved or changed over the months or years they've been together.

Is it possible in any view, I think it is— Is it possible that this was the one time period in that relationship, around the birth of their son, where Melania said, "If you want to carry on at other times, fine, but around the birth of our son, No Mas. This is going to be a sacred time period." It wouldn't be unusual for a woman to take that position quite honestly or a spouse and so—

O`DONNELL: Well, a woman who's dealing with someone like Donald Trump—

AVENATTI: Well correct. and so I think that's a possibility and think the timing of this is really what drives it. And I've always believed that. The timing of when they got together in relation to the birth of his son.
Donald J. Trump is a world-class slimeball. Avenatti is slimier, as he makes clear in that peroration about what Melania may have said in 2006, back when her son was born.

Avenatti is a consummate slimeball. Pathetically, he's also an "MSNBC contributor" at this point in time. They're paying him to entertain us in this pitiful, slimy way. Lawrence is there to help.

As these slimeballs slithered like this, what weren't they talking about? One hour earlier, on CNN, Anderson Cooper had hosted a news report about the suffering people from Honduras who are moving north through Mexico in the so-called immigrant "caravan."

CNN's Leyla Santagio reported live from Pueblo, Mexico. This is what our own team's slimeballs will never talk about:
SANTIAGO (4/5/18): They are women, children, men, families. This is the caravan President Trump calls dangerous.


SANTIAGO: She said, they're not armed. They only have the very basics.

Karen Gallo joined the group in southern Mexico. They left Honduras twenty days ago. And the entire family is traveling together. This is Mom, Dad, one of the kids and there is another kid that has made the journey as well. They're heading to the United States.

They never expected to catch the attention of President Trump but that's exactly what the group did when about 1200 gathered in southern Mexico nearly two weeks ago for an annual pilgrimage that's been organized for more than five years.

Lillian Mejia is from El Salvador. She's a mom. She left two children there.


SANTIAGO: She says there's no work in El Salvador and there's also a lot of gang violence that's why she left. Only clothes and shoes in her back pack as she heads to the United States, hoping to find a job to send money back to her children, to help them escape poverty and violence.

El Salvador and Honduras have murder rates that are among the highest in the world.
Santiago went on from there, briefly helping CNN viewers understand the suffering of the wretched of the earth.

On MSNBC, a gang of millionaires and near-millionaires were slithering around, wondering whether Donald J. Trump has been f**king Melania. The slimiest lawyer on cable to date was happy to provide his complete speculation about what Melania may have said in 2006, upon the birth of her son.

They would jump off the Golden Gate Bridge before they'd stoop to discuss of the good decent suffering people in the lands to our south. Before they'd humanize their viewers.

Corporate cable feeds us this. On the bright side, people like Lawrence get very rich—so rich that you aren't allowed to know how much his bosses pay him to degrade us in this way.

MSNBC is a curse. It eats the souls of the people it hires. Can a modern continental nation survive avarice of this type?


  1. "Donald J. Trump is a world-class slimeball."

    An authentic American Hero, 100%. Admittedly, there is no contradiction.

    "Santiago went on from there, briefly helping CNN viewers understand the suffering of the wretched of the earth."

    I'm pretty sure 'the wretched of the earth' stayed home. Those who joined the 'caravan' have to be more ambitious, energetic, and resourceful than the average.

    Anyhow, I don't think economic conditions for 'give me the wretched refuse of your teeming shore' still exist. Although, obviously, American business would never turn away a group of people yearning to be exploited.

    1. Mao's production of Russian, wretched, wretched, wretched raw sewage continues unabated.

  2. Somerby learns about the caravan of immigrants by watching CNN. (Thanks, CNN). Then watches a segment of one show on MSNBC about Stormy Daniels. He is mad because that segment wasn't about the immigrants.

    Somerby would rather jump off the Golden Gate Bridge than humanize his targets. Somerby is the king of dehumanizing: "we're deeply dishonest and very lost and we're extremely bad people."

    "slimiest lawyer"..."avarice"..."millionaires"..."slimeballs"...

    1. I'm so glad Bob mentioned this segment. I saw it too, and thought that's it for Joy Reid. What an a-hole. She's gotten as bad as FOX at its worst, especially when sex comes up.

  3. "Avenatti is a consummate slimeball."

    A little bit of information about the "slimeball" from his Alma Mater.

    Bob Somerby isn't a slimeball. He is a judgmental hypocite though.

    1. Avenatti is awful -- just as sleazy as Cohen, and comes off as bad.

      No one else but Bob sees this?

    2. Bob is jerking it to Avenatti. He's jealous because Avenatti is probably getting sex with Stormy Daniels, the wicked harlot of Somerby's dreams. Avenatti is better looking than impotent Somerby, he's on TV, his case has momentum. This is intolerable to Somerby, a senior citizen with a crap blog where half the comments are automated spam from witch doctors offering love spells. Pretty depressing, right?

  4. "They would jump off the Golden Gate Bridge before they'd stoop to discuss of the good decent suffering people in the lands to our south. Before they'd humanize their viewers."

    B. Somerby

    MSNBC this morning:

    Nobody disappears facts better than our BOB.

  5. Bob posted yesterday, before the MSNBC bit. See, Bob keeps getting results!

  6. Hopefully, the caravan people are gunned down at the border. That would stop this once and for all.

    1. BWAHAHAHA! Another fake-news sucker.

  7. Handing the USA back to the natives = Making America Great Again

  8. Somerby is upset because both Reid and Avenatti want to know why Trump saw fit to pay off Clifford but not other women, and they are asking a legitimate question: why now, and why her?

    It isn't slimey or out of line to speculate, as Avenatti clearly says he is doing, that Melania may have extracted a promise from Trump that he subsequently broke and wished to cover up. He doesn't care about lying or cheating anyone else. But perhaps he cares about his wife at the moment when she has made a major sacrifice for him.

    Somerby gets off on calling Avenatti slimey but he doesn't provide any real examples of his behavior that fit that description. He is behaving the way a lawyer for a plaintiff should behave. And as far as getting paid to speculate by cable, that would make Toobin slimey too, and any number of other attorneys.

    I dislike Somerby these days. He has no empathy for the women who have accused Trump. He seems to only identify with wrongdoers these days. It probably sucks to be him, but it also makes his posts unreadable without blood pressure medication.

    1. The porn star said nothing bad happened sexually with Trump. End of story.

      Joy Reid's sleazy dumbness notwithstanding.

      And "Stormy's" no hero. She knowingly slept with a married man when she didn't want to.

      She's also into PORN, people. Degradation of women and all that?

    2. "The porn star said nothing bad happened sexually with Trump. End of story."

      She barely even felt President Tiny Hands inside her.

  9. It is slimey for Somerby to use this caravan of unfortunate women and children in his attempt to shame others for caring about Stephanie Clifford, herself a victim of Trump's misbehavior. We should care about both, not one or the other, and if I were forced to choose, I would care about the women in my own country, who I can perhaps do something about by opposing Trump.

    Does Somerby realize this caravan is not only NOT in the USA, but also NOT trying to enter the USA? What exactly are we supposed to do to help them?

    1. Even operating on the assumption that this whore is telling the truth, she's not a victim.

    2. Victim? You've got to be kidding. Trump btw has apparently had these agreements for years with others. With payouts.

      Why too does MSNBC insist on calling her by her porn name, and ALL THE TIME?

      They're so respectful of women, yes...

      Reid engaged in some incredibly sleazy innuendo-laden tactics.

    3. Your Howler gets results. Sadly.

  10. Why are conditions so bad in Honduras and El Salvador?

    The USA helped corrupt, violent elites crush democracy.

    1. Obama did that?

    2. Because they're chock full of subhuman Indios.

    3. Subhuman troll complains about humans.

  11. It's so heartwarming to read the liberal, judicious, upbeat, empathizing comments on TDH after listening to POTUS and the freak shows staged by Trumpsters on social media.
    Go ahead folks, read 'em again!
    "Weep not for the dead, but for the living."

  12. Planck length:

    “… the Planck length is smaller than an atom by about the same ratio that an atom is smaller than the Sun.”
    -Alan Lightman

    C’mon Bob, where are you priorities nowadays!? Throw us a bone man.

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  14. A few things. One, the amount seems fairly low to me given Trump's net worth and the obvious monetary value of the story. Two, it is worth wondering why he paid her at all (assuming he paid her and not Cohen). Either there are many women who all got paid or she is the only one. Either one of those is interesting. The first suggests he has been a very busy man and has many potential blackmailers, the second suggests that there is something special about what she knows about him that he doesn't want out making her a very strong potential blackmailer. Neither one is good for the country.

    1. $130K is a lot of money to a thousandaire, like Trump.

  15. The notion that Stormy’s lawyer is slimier than Trump is highly dubious, but perhaps Bob could reckon in his not being the leader of the free world. Maybe Bob just needs to bone up on scuzzy lawyers, he COULD always check out Joe and Victoria over at Fox.

  16. ALSO....does Bob even know that the Caravan hysteria was fed to Trump by Fox News? Whatever, he sure is enamored with CNN all of a sudden....

  17. I'm curious how no one else but Bob sees how Avanatti is an incredible schmuck who comes off very badly. It's just so obvious.

    1. Yeah, bro. Like, totally obvious dude.

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