LOS ANGELES STORY: Werewolves of Gotham!


Interlude—Also, a New York story:
The Los Angeles story of which we've been speaking isn't an upbeat story.

Luckily, it involves hundreds of thousands of American kids who nobody cares about. For that reason, the story is never told by the big wealthy famous corporate stars we love so much on TV.

You've literally never heard this story on corporate liberal "cable news," and you never will! Yesterday, we offered this data set as a basic capsule:
Average scores, Grade 8 math, 2017 Naep
Hispanic kids in L.A.: 259.99
White kids nationwide: 292.16
Based on a standard though very rough rule of thumb, those numbers mean that the average Hispanic kid in L. A. is more than three years behind the average white kid nationwide at the end of eighth grade. The average black kid in L. A. was substantially farther behind (253.66).

Luckily, no one gives a flying fig about the black or Hispanic kids of L.A. For that reason, revered corporate figures like Rachel Maddow will never bore you with this Los Angeles story. She's too busy mugging and clowning about moronic bullshit like this:
MADDOW (8/10/18): And thanks to you at home for joining us this hour.

All right. So, it is a small enough range of what they`re looking for aesthetically that I'm thinking you basically have to register as having Acceptable Haircut A or Acceptable Haircut B. And those are sort of the two lanes that are available to you.

Under Haircut A, we have, for example, Ben Affleck, or Josh Brolin, or Mark Wahlberg, or Jake Gyllenhaal, or Chris Helmsworth or the great Anderson Cooper or the great Jimmy Fallon or that guy from The Hurt Locker who was so good.


I think you'd have to put in the category of Haircut A James Bond, AKA Daniel Craig. Also, Bear Grylls.


I hesitate with these last two, though, because I can't totally confirm that those aren't just slightly photo-shopped, tweaked versions of the same cover.

Put those two up side by side. Look! Daniel Craig and Bear Grylls! They turned them into exactly the same dude!


So those are examples of Haircut A in this environment. But don't be fooled into thinking their aesthetic range is singular. They will also occasionally accept a cover model with Haircut B, which you see here.


So if you cannot swing Haircut A for whatever reason, you are also allowed to be El Baldo. Especially if you have some other kind of prop, a vaguely hair-like prop to distract from your baldishness.


So the theme here, right, the aesthetic window here is only open a slight amount. It's a tight line here. I mean, they do occasionally break out and do something a little bit different.

For example, here's a man in a hat. Here's a man on a motorcycle. Here's Harrison Ford, I think taking his own pulse maybe?


Here is a scary-eyed man pretending to be a magician.

Here's a man with a slightly different photo filter than they usually use, right? So they do sometimes mix it up. But not much, right? You clearly know what to expect if you go looking for Men's Journal magazine.

Men's Journal magazine, if it isn't clear enough, they've got a theme, they've got a specific look.
You can watch the whole thing here. You'll enjoy plenty of chuckling and laughing.

At any rate, so it goes as we liberals are served our Tribal Entertainment Product. Those loser kids in L.A. would kill our fun, and so they never appear. In a word, those loser kids are just sad!

Today, we interrupt our Los Angeles story to offer a New York story. First, though, we'll tell you a national story—a story you've never heard.

The data we're showing you come from the Naep—the federally-run National Assessment of Educational Progress, the widely acclaimed "gold standard" of domestic educational testing which dates to 1970.

Within the mainstream Amewrican "press corps," everybody praises the Naep, and no one discusses its data. For that reason, you haven't heard about the scoring pattern which has seemed to take shape in recent years.

After decades of major score gains, Naep scores have seemed to regress on a nationwide basis. For the high-flying white kids we cited above, the pattern looks like this:
Average scores, American public schools
Grade 8 math, 2017 Naep

White students only:

1996: 279.50


2011: 292.57
2013: 295.15
2015: 291.06
2017: 292.16
The progress seemed to be steady, and rather impressive, through the 2013 testing. In that year, white eighth graders seemed to be performing almost two years ahead of their counterparts from 1996.

That's where the happy talk stops. In the last two Naep administrations, decades of apparent progress have seemed to reverse. For "white" eighth graders, scores are stagnant over those last six years.

In a world which actually cared about matters like this, this would be cause for concern. By way of contrast, we live in a world which favors entertainment and amusement, inane self-help essays and books, exciting "true crime" reports and mind-reading columns and "analysis" pieces concerning Melania Trump.

We also like to know who our pols had sex with in 2006. We very much like to hear about that. Given our descent from great apes, there seem to be very few things we care about more.

For these reasons, you've never heard about those stagnant Naep scores. And the stagnation isn't restricted to the kids who get defined as "white." Scores for other major demographic groups have stagnated too:
Average scores, American public schools
Grade 8 math, 2017 Naep

Black students only:

1996: 239.28


2011: 261.84
2013: 262.73
2015: 259.85
2017: 259.60

Hispanic students only:
1996: 249.18


2011: 269.45
2013: 271.02
2015: 269.47
2017: 268.49
As with the white kids, so too here. Large score gains were being recorded up through the 2011 or 2013 test sessions. But over the past six years, the average score for each of these groups has dropped.

Luckily, nobody cares about any of this, so our interest in Stephanie Clifford's sexy-time claims, along with her entertaining money grabs, won't have to give way to this piddle. This brings us to our first New York story, the tale we'll tell you today.

Decades of apparent score gains on the Naep have seemed to give way to stagnation. This apparent trend really took shape after the 2017 Naep data were released in April of this year.

Let's give modest credit where due! On April 10, the Washington Posr published a pair of reports about the new data.

On page A16 of the Post's print editions, the paper published this less-than-800-word report about the national data.

Weirdly, the report began by describing the Naep as "a national math and science exam," though the only scores which had been released were the basic scores for reading and math. Presumably, this bungled description was judged to be "close enough for upper-end press corps work."

That same day, the Post published this 900-word report on page B1, the first page pf the Metro section. That report focused on regional data from the Naep—scores for the D.C. Public Schools, and for the statewide public schools of Maryland and Virginia.

The Washington Post thus managed to publish basic reports about these important new data. That said, the paper had produced a puzzling Washington story nine days earlier.

At that time, the Post had when it an utterly puzzling, illogical opinion column by Arne Duncan. In it, the former education secretary made a set of irrational claims about the amazing progress which has been recorded under the "education reform" movement of the past ten years.

Duncan's piece made no earthly sense in terms of basic chronology. A few days later, the new Naep scores established the fact that we seem to have entered an era of decline.

We'll take a guess! Duncan was trying to get ahead of those data with a set of illogical, feel-good claims about the movement he had championed.

Why did the Washington Post publish Duncan's irrational piece? The answer to that question is an Insider Washington story. But, a few hundred miles to the north, the famous "werewolves of Gotham" were taking a different approach.

As best we can tell, the New York Times has never reported the new Naep data at all! Unless you want to count the last two paragraphs of a report by Elizabeth Harris on a fundamentally different subject:
HARRIS (4/11/18): But on Tuesday, the results of the National Assessment of Educational Progress on reading and math, a set of tests given every other year across the country, often called the Nation's Report Card, were released. The results for New York City were discouraging. The scores, for fourth and eighth graders, showed that the city made no significant gains from 2015 to 2017 in either reading or math. During that time period, scores in most states, including New York, were essentially flat. But since 2013, the year Mayor Bill de Blasio was elected, math scores among New York City fourth graders dropped by 7 points.

Reacting to the results, [Public Schools Chancellor] Carranza said in a statement, ''Today's N.A.E.P. results show that we are not where we need to be on math education.'' He said the city would immediately increase teacher training in elementary math and would review schools that are doing well, to apply successful strategies across the city. ''Math is a foundation of every student's education and we will not accept anything less than equity and excellence for every student in New York City,'' he said.
Werewolves, that was it! As best we can tell, that represents the full extent of this fatuous newspaper's attempt to report the new data.

As Harris noted, the Naep is often called "The Nation's Report Card." Its basic tests in reading and math are administered every two years.

As best we can tell, those two paragraphs represent the New York Times' complete attempt to report the new data from 2017. Werewolves of Gotham, on their way to the Hamptons, aren't inclined to put to a lot of effort into a topic like this.

Our Los Angeles story involves ugly data about the lives, the interests and the prospects of hundreds of thousands of Los Angeles kids. Because of who and what they are, Werewolves of Gotham don't care about that. Neither does our Darling Rachel, who mugs and clowns for her corporate pay as the children of L.A. take the hands of their crossing guards and are shown the way under the bus.

Tomorrow: The New York Times pretends to address our Los Angeles story

That's where the money goes: Yesterday, we meant to give you this link. The link is from New York magazine. Ain't entertainment grand?


  1. It isn't just education where the media ignore the trends. It's crime, too. As I've posted here before, the national trend in black murder victims is telling. There was an increase of almost 2000 black murder victims per year during Obama's second term, after years of steady improvement.

    Why does the media do so little reporting in fundamental areas like education and crime? Are they inept? Do they believe the public isn't interested? Here's another theory: these bad education and crime results occurred in areas governed by Democrats. I am reminded of a quote from Jim Treacher:

    Modern journalism is all about deciding which facts the public shouldn't know because they might reflect badly on Democrats.

    1. Crime is down. Education is doing fine.

    2. D in C, assuming for the sake of argument that you are correct that murders of Blacks increased by almost 2,000 per year during Obama's term (8 years), a big assumption, I would point out: (1) Trump constantly demagogued during the campaign that crime was at an all time high - which was over the top false; (b) Presidents have little ability to prevent murders, they're not omnipotent; (c) in other posts, you seem to attribute this increase to the Black Lives Matter movement - that is sheer speculation, and is tendentious at best, ridiculous at worst (though I would observe that if Black Lives Matter, those in that movement seemingly should be more concerned about Blacks murdering each other); (4) the press covers murders - to attribute any lack of coverage to the fact that more of it occurs in Democratic governed areas, i.e. cities, where most Blacks live, seems far fetched and paranoid on your part - also, and I would point this at TDH - there are myriads of things the press doesn't cover, partly because there's only so much space, partly for many other reasons including incompetence and the public's preference for superficiality.

    3. AC/MA - a thoughtful comment, as usual. Here are some responses:

      I agree that Trump demagogued the crime issue, falsely claiming that crime was at an all-time high (actually falsely claiming that crime was the worst in 47 years.)

      The increase in black murder victims occurred over just a 3 year period, when various forces were causing inner city police to do their jobs less vigorously.

      The fact that you don't know whether the number of black murders skyrocketed demonstrates the media bias. The media doesn't care much about black murders, unless the perp is a policeman or a conservative. A good source is https://www.city-journal.org/html/ferguson-effect-lives-14919.html Heather McDonald has made herself the expert on this topic.

      Cause and effect can never be absolutely proved. But, IMHO it's overwhelmingly clear that reduced police effectiveness was driven by anti-police actions from BLM and by the Obama Justice Dept., and this was the cause of the jump in black murder victims. The Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown cases probably had an effect. They showed that shooting a black person justifiably can still destroy your career and virtually destroy your life. You can find lots of pro and con arguments via google. IMHO the argument that the Ferguson Effect is real is very strong. YMMV, but please read both sides before you decide.

      I agree that Presidents have little ability to prevent murders, But, they do have the ability to deter the prevention of murders by local police. That's what the Obama Justice Department did (although they were well-intentioned. They were trying to reduce the number of blacks killed by policemen.)

      Yes, the media cover murders, but very disproportionately. We all know the names of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, whose shooting was justified (or more precisely, was not ruled unjustified.) But, what are the names of the six people murdered in Chicago last weekend? Or the 53 others shot and only wounded in Chicago last weekend? Most of them were shot without any justification, but they're not newsworthy.

    4. That cop who shot Michael Brown shouldn't have lied about it. IMHO, if he had just told the truth, instead of making up a story, there wouldn't have been so much pushback.

    5. Crime is at an all-time high: in the White House and the GOP.

  2. Smooth sailing.


    1. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/aug/20/prison-labor-protest-america-jailhouse-lawyers-speak

  3. One possible cause of the drop in education scores was the wrong-headed Obama-Era Initiative on Racial Disparities in School Discipline. On January 18, 2014, the Department of Education and the Department of Justice jointly issued a “Dear Colleague Letter” on school discipline in which they asserted that the law prohibits not only actual discrimination in discipline on the basis of race, but also what they called “unjustified” disparate impact.

    Proving that disparate impact was "justified" is difficult. So, the impact was reduced discipline of all students, especially black students. Unfortunately, black students do misbehave more than whites or Asians. The impact of not disciplining misbehaving black students is felt most by their classmates, who are disproportionately black.

    Unfortunately, the Trump Administration hasn't yet undone this harmful policy, but they're working in that direction.

    1. NAEP scores would certainly increase if you suspended all the black kids on the day of the test.

    2. Comrade DinC, you mean the David Dennison administration, don't you?

    3. Cracker -- do you hold contradictory beliefs? On the one hand, liberals typically believe that black children are entitled to extra benefits of various sorts or remediation, because they've been subject to racism and (for many of them) poverty. A lack of white privilege, if you like. I suspect that you hold this belief.

      OTOH you deny that racism, poverty and lack of white privilege (not to mention the frequent lack of a father in the home) have a pernicious effect on black children in a way that causes them to more frequently misbehave.

    4. Alexander Graham CrackerAugust 23, 2018 at 12:26 PM

      For the last time, since responding to you gives your trollery more oxygen:


      You don't know what liberals typically believe about anything just because you loathe them.

      Your suspicions are based on your bigotry, so they are even less credible than your beliefs or personal anecdotes. Accordingly,it is delusional for you to think you know what my motivations or beliefs are.

      You continually blame cultural and moral deficiencies in blacks as being the main obstacles in the difficulties blacks face in this society, making you a typical bigot who then whitesplains what is best for blacks under the very thin veneer of "concern". You then turn (or attempt to turn) nearly every post concerning education in this blog to your favorite topic - cultural and moral deficiencies of black students.

      Your continual promotion of this bigotry under the guise of concern is tiring.

      Your shtick is so so repetitive and repulsive that I wish you would fuck off.

  4. "Duncan's piece made no earthly sense in terms of basic chronology. A few days later, the new Naep scores established the fact that we seem to have entered an era of decline. "

    First, the scores are stagnant. How does that equate to decline?

    Second, Somerby asks why the Washington Post published an op-ed piece by Arne Duncan, implying some arcane insider reason. He was the Secretary of the Department of Education under President Obama. That means he is someone of consequence in the field of education -- his opinion matters and he was in charge during the period over which the so-called decline occurred.

    Somerby thinks we should all be very very concerned about the new scores. He doesn't consider such things as the implementation of Common Core over that time period. He never considers that perhaps the NAEP test doesn't align with the content of the new math curriculum in Common Core and that some readjustment is inevitable, even without any substantive change in the performance of the nation's children.

    Somerby recently posted scores about the increase in performance of minority kids over time. He hasn't considered the extent to which Hispanic kids do better as they get older. Their gap narrows as they acquire greater English proficiency (the percentage among them who are not native speakers, who are recent immigrants, or do not hear English until they reach school). Somerby consigns them to some permanent hell on the basis of a snapshot in time's NAEP score.

    Then there is the fact, pointed out by a commenter at the site I posted yesterday, that Hispanic kids don't know what NAEP testing is for and are thus not particularly motivated to do well on the test, whereas white and Asian kids are either motivated to do well on any and all tests, or know better what this kind of testing is for and thus try harder to do well on it. NAEP assesses schools, not individual children, and the kids don't get feedback about their own performance on it. So it matters a lot less to them (and their parents) how they do. And this matters in terms of scores. It may be that scores are stagnant because schools are no longer being evaluated by their districts based on test scores, so teachers are deemphasizing them in their classrooms and everyone is less hysterical than there were before about testing. That would be a good thing, but it would affect performance across the board.

    Somerby never asks anyone to think about what these scores mean. He just calls our kids names, and batters Maddow and all of us because we don't get as upset about the scores as he thinks we should. Those of us who know these Hispanic kids in Los Angeles are not upset because we see what they become -- good parents, hard workers with real jobs, regular people having good lives and prospering. Even the ones with lower NAEP scores find their way. The ones with higher NAEP scores wind up in our public university system, where they graduation, have good careers, raise their own families and do fine. Graduation and retention rates at California colleges are higher, not stagnant, not decreasing. Our economy is prospering and there is demand for the skills of our fine Hispanic kids when they graduate. So Somerby's pretense to CARE desperately about our Hispanic kids is misplaced.

    So why should Maddow do a hit piece on education so that she can bash Democrats? Isn't that what the Republicans do?

    1. First, the scores are stagnant. How does that equate to decline?

      Apologize for answering a rhetorical question. The annual budget for the US Department of Education is $68 billion! This fortune of money is presumably being spent to improve education. We could achieve stagnant results by eliminating the Dept of Education and just continuing to do whatever we're doing now.

    2. "The annual budget for the US Department of Education is $68 billion!"

      The predictable by-product of electing a grifter president.

    3. David, you should have read a little further in Wikipedia:

      "Unlike the systems of most other countries, education in the United States is highly decentralized, and the federal government and Department of Education are not heavily involved in determining curricula or educational standards (with the recent exception of the No Child Left Behind Act). This has been left to state and local school districts. The quality of educational institutions and their degrees is maintained through an informal private process known as accreditation, over which the Department of Education has no direct public jurisdictional control."

    4. AnonymousAugust 22, 2018 at 1:48 PM -- Interesting. Sounds like we're not getting much for our $68 billion.

    5. I notice Comrade DinC is a little prickly today. I wonder why.

    6. David, go read what the Dept of Education does.

    7. @2:16 - the predictable by-product of a grifter president appointing and GOP confirming a grifter Secretary of Education.

  5. I think it is wrong to mainstream werewolves. They need special ed, where their unique educational needs can be appropriately addressed. Somerby is right to point out that the werewolves are depressing NAEP scores, but he hasn't gone far enough in calling for a solution! More segregation of werewolves, please!

    1. Only necessary during a full moon. Meanwhile every day Republicans walk amongst us as human.

    2. Alexander Graham AnonymousAugust 22, 2018 at 11:19 PM

      No need to slander werewolves.

  6. Somerby should be complaining that Maddow didn't spend enough time talking about the criminals Trump has surrounded himself with in his campaign and administration. In fact, why hasn't Somerby mentioned it? Doesn't Manafort need some defending? Surely Somerby should be arguing that if they didn't convict him on more than 50% of the charges, he may be innocent?

  7. Hey Bob, they are doing some great coverage on Education over at Fox News, you should really tune in!!

  8. Interesting that Somerby only provides a transcript of the first 2 minutes of a 9 minute Maddow segment. It's also interesting that Somerby fails to mention the reason Maddow was even talking about Men's Health magazine and its cover photos. He would have his readers believe it was all for pointless laughs.

    What he fails to mention is that Maddow's segment was related to a piece in the Wall Street Journal, involving David Pecker, owner of American Media, which publishes men's health. The story involves the payment made to Karen McDougal, which, TDH readers might remember, was the subject of an audio tape featuring Trump and Cohen discussing the matter. The photo of McDougal on the cover of Men's Health and the story about her were apparently recycled material from previous publications. The suggestion is that American Media ran the "story" as an attempt to protect itself from federal charges of illegal coordination with the Trump campaign.

    Yeah. Trivial stuff. Maddow reported it just for yucks. Whatevs.

    By the way, the name of the article that appeared in MEN'S HEALTH?:
    "Get Karen McDougal's workout."

    1. Men's Journal, not Men's Health

  9. Is there an instrument more beautiful than the clarinet?


    No, there is not.

    1. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/contact-lenses-are-a-surprising-source-of-pollution/

  10. Somerby is attacking education in Los Angeles just at the point when teachers are voting to authorize a strike. According to teachers:

    "Teachers are asking for smaller class sizes, reductions in standardized testing, a 2 percent bonus, 6.5 percent salary increases and a $500 stipend for materials and supplies, according to California News Wire Services. Teachers are also interested in expanding charter school accountability, spending more money on ethnic studies and bilingual education, and creating school climate and discipline plans, according to a recent open letter from the union.

    A social studies teacher in the LAUSD school district, Glenn Sacks, wrote in the Daily News that teachers often spend time on things like subbing, yard duty, administrative duties, and test proctoring, which is not an effective use of teaching professionals’ time, and added that “The insulting 2 percent ‘raise’ LAUSD has offered us doesn’t even keep up with current inflation.”

    ---end quote

    I can understand why the NY Times might support the plutocratic efforts to privatize school districts, but why is Somerby helping them? His claims that Hispanic kids in LA are doing poorly only play into the hands of those opposing teacher efforts to improve schooling.

    Somerby -- shame on you!

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