REAFFIRMATION OF DISBELIEF: We speak in praise of doubting one's own!


Interlude—With outrageous suggestions to follow:
We humans! Sometimes, or so it can seem, if it weren't for all the bad ideas, we'd have no ideas at all!

If if weren't for our absurd misjudgments—well, you can see where this line of thought goes.

In fairness, ideas and judgments are different from factual claims, which can be flatly false. In the end, ideas and judgments are matters of opinion.

They can't, in the same way, be "wrong."

Ideas and judgments can't be "wrong"—but they can come amazingly close! We think some amazingly bad ideas have been going around—and they've come from players on our own infallible liberal team.

To wit:

In assessing Donald J. Trump, should we focus on the moral dimension of his alleged sexual conduct, as Sam Stein seemed to suggest? More precisely, on "the moral element" of his alleged sexual conduct from 2006?

We think that's a stunningly bad idea, for reasons which aren't worth discussing. They aren't worth discussing for a reason which has become quite clear:

Alas! We modern humans will always find a way to return to this bad idea. We'll always want to discuss the alleged sexual conduct, even from twelve years in the past, while deep-sixing everything else.

At one time, despite something Sam Stein said, this simply wasn't allowed. Journalists didn't discuss President Kennedy's sexual conduct. It was against the rules at the time.

In part for that reason, the "journalists" who chased President Clinton all over town simply adored their Dear Jack.

Kennedy's sexual conduct was truly appalling, but it has never been fully discussed. For that reason, the great apes who led the chase after Clinton never stopped loving their Jack.

They then transferred their loathing to Candidate Gore. By the current rules of the insider game, that conduct can't be discussed! So it goes on The Planet of the Chance Mutations!

Stein seems to want to focus on "the moral element" of Donald J. Trump's alleged past sexual conduct. In fairness to Stein, Trump is alleged to have had sex, on one occasion, with the disordered, ridiculous Stephanie Clifford—and not even for pay, which her fellow adult film stars demand!

Granted, this shows terrible judgment and a gruesome lack of aesthetics. But once we head down this peeping Tom road, it's unlikely that we'll ever find our way back. Nor will we ever get clear on the actual facts, as recent political history suggests:

In our recent political history, two alleged former lovers have interfered in White House campaigns—Gennifer Flowers and Stephanie Clifford. We would assume that Flowers was making her story up, while Clifford was telling the truth.

That said, apes like us just like the fun of rooting through underwear drawers! It's stunning to think that the New York Times began a front-page report in October 2016 in this remarkable manner:
TWOHEY (10/3/18): Hillary Clinton was campaigning for her husband in January 1992 when she learned of the race’s newest flare-up: Gennifer Flowers had just released tapes of phone calls with Bill Clinton to back up her claim they had had an affair.

Other candidates had been driven out of races by accusations of infidelity. But now, at a cold, dark airfield in South Dakota, Mrs. Clinton was questioning campaign aides by phone and vowing to fight back on behalf of her husband.

“Who’s tracking down all the research on Gennifer?” she asked, according to a journalist traveling with her at the time.
Five weeks before Donald J. Trump got elected, our most unintelligent national newspaper chose to begin a front-page report like that. It was the start of an amazingly selective, 2800-word report which never attempted to come to terms with the reasons why a sensible person might well doubt the dramatic claims which earned Flowers at least $500,000 over a couple of glorious years.

Did Gennifer Flowers have an affair with Bill Clinton? You'd think so from that opening sentence, and from all that followed.

In fact, Glowers claimed she had a torrid, twelve-year love affair with the fellow she called "my Bill." We would assume she was making her story up.

The reasons for doubting Flowers surfaced quickly, and turned out to be voluminous. But newspapers like the New York Times never came to terms with such matters, which we've detailed a million times. Not unlike a band of great apes who have developed the capacity for gossip, the Times reveled in the story for almost 25 years.

In the end, their relentless gong-shows sent Donald J. Trump to the White House.

This is the world in which we're choosing to live when we hail the fiery liberals who want to focus on the "moral element" of Donald J. Trump's twelve-year-old alleged sexual conduct. This is the world in which we live when silly pseudo-progressives are able to exercise such poor judgment that they can find ways to regard Clifford as a "hero"—as a "feminist hero" at that!

Long ago and far away, we didn't really understand the ape part of this story. After twenty years on our sprawling campus, we've come to see that nothing will ever displace the bad judgment which lies at the heart of our national discourse as we slide toward the sea:

Simply put, the children want to stampede—and they're simply upgraded great apes. Nothing is going to change that.

For these reasons, we'll be changing the focus of our musings after summer comes to an end this Labor Day weekend. For today, we'll suggest this:

You should stop assuming that people within your own liberal tribe exercise good judgment. You should stop suspending your disbelief when they insist on telling you our own tribe's damn-fool tales.

Professor Harari has opened our eyes! Tomorrow, we'll shock you to the core with other possibilities. For today, it's very warm, so we're letting the analysts slide a bit, at least for the rest of the morning.

That front-page report in the New York Times was classic "great ape" work. It was "great ape" work from a pseudo-progressive perspective.

You should stop assuming the validity of such work. People are dead all over the world because our tribe plays it this way.

Thanks to twenty-five years of such damn-fool gossip, Donald J. Trump is in the Oval Office. Don't discuss his possible mental illness, our greatest newspaper decreed!

Tomorrow: We don't assume this is wrong


  1. "In the end, their relentless gong-shows sent Donald J. Trump to the White House."

    No, Hillary had Trump beat, despite the gong shows. It was the Russian hacking and Comey that sent Trump to the White House.

    I happen to like the The Gong Show and Mike Myers, so it is irritating to see Somerby commandeer that term for his own purposes, but it is also annoying to see him borrow from Harari, whose book contains so much more than the fleeting references about evolution in an early chapter.

    There is no point to discussing Trump's possible mental illness because nothing can be done about it, one way or the other. Why does Somerby keep raising this red herring? Trump will be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors, not his dementia.

    Yes, Trump's attitude toward sexual conquest of women matters, as does his alleged assault of 27+ women and counting. His treatment of women like Stormy Daniels matters too. But his callous disregard for the people of Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria matters. His promise to donate to veterans causes, only to renege matters. His separation of immigrant children from their parents matters. His support for the alt-Right matters. In other words, all of his moral failings matter. He is a truly awful person and that matters a great deal.

    But perhaps Trump himself is a distraction from the most important question with the midterms looming. Why has the Republican party been willing to support a leader like Trump? Is it OK to tolerant the rest of his bad behavior in order to gain a transient political advantage? What kind of people are these Republicans? Why have they no spine, no willingness to stand up for any value beyond self interest? How deeply involved with Russia are the rest of the Republicans? Why does anyone continue to vote for anyone with an R next to their name?

    Our media should be discussing these questions and Somerby should be calling them out on these things. But instead we hear defenses of Trump and crickets from Somerby. He is going through some motions, but they aren't anything helpful to liberals or people who care about integrity.

    1. I think it is sad that you don't seem to get Bob's message. You don't seem to be able to see the forest for the trees.

  2. "For these reasons, we'll be changing the focus of our musings after summer comes to an end this Labor Day weekend."

    Yay yay yay yay yay!

    1. Somerby will announce his allegiance to Dear Leader on Labor Day and all pretense will end.

  3. A very respected local politician, a liberal, actually went to areas that had voted for Trump and talked to the people. He found that Trump's victory was economic. He found people who were disappointed in the normal politicians, because their local economies stunk. They voted for Obama, hoping he was different enough to fix things, but he didn't. Then, they voted for Trump hoping he was different enough to fix things.

    1. 11:00,
      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. You're a hoot!

    2. Hey David, how is Benedict Donald's slow motion purge of the FBI going? Is it very entertaining to a traitorous bastard such as yourself? Don't you think he should pull a group purge and get it over with faster?

    3. Or is Trump president because of one man’s irrepressible desire to photograph his penis and to share that with women on the internet?

    4. 11:20 and 11:43 you can listen to a similar talk Joe Simitian gave to the Commonwealth Club at

    5. 7:12,
      I'm not part of the corporate-owned (Right-wing) media, so I'm not paid to pretend there is another reason than bigotry for the existence of the Republican party.

    6. 734 you can read UMass Professor Emeritus Thomas Ferguson's report about Trump's victory which cites the reasons for his victory on spending in the final weeks, "a huge wave of dark money spent on behalf of the Trump campaign" and socioeconomic factors including "the steady growth of a “dual economy” that locks more and more Americans out of the middle class and into a life of unsteady, low-wage employment and, all too often, steep debts." as a few alternative reasons to the good ole standby boogeyman bigotry which is the absolute losingest, dumbass rationale one can employ. One would think we would have learned it by now. Keep playing the race card, keep losing.

    7. 7:34 Why did many districts vote for Barack Obama then switch to Republican and vote for Donald Trump? This was a question Joe Simitian actually researched by visiting with and talking to the people who had voted this way. Obviously the cause of the switch cannot be racism.

    8. Snake,
      Sorry. The Trump voters marching in front of Trump Towers the world over, in protest of Trump putting Wall Street in charge of the The Treasury, and Mick Fucking Mulvaney neutering the Consumer Financial Protection Board must have distracted me. LOL.
      Again, I'm not being paid to make believe Trump voters give a shit about the rigged economy. I'm sure you and UMass Professor Emeritus Thomas Ferguson know there are plenty of Trump voters who aren't bigots. Good luck naming one or two. you'll need it.

    9. Well, there you go. Looks like Hillary done put her foot in her mouth and it's going to be damn near impossible to undo the damage she has done to Democratic party's chances to pick up votes in the south.

      First she insulted AG Sessions for not being an elitist Ivy leaguer and then she insulted his southern accent. Unbelievable, how clueless. Looks like TDH has been right all along. My God, how insulting can you get to those fine upstanding down to the earth southerners. She'll never live this down.
      She's once again proven to these fine folks that it's the Democratic party which is elitist and smug. Looks like David and Mao have been right. We're tone deaf.

      Trump has come to resent him for other reasons, griping to aides and lawmakers that the attorney general doesn’t have the Ivy League pedigree the president prefers, that he can’t stand his Southern accent and that Sessions isn’t a capable defender of the president on television — in part because he “talks like he has marbles in his mouth,” the president has told aides..

      Oh, never mind, it was just the malignant tumor occupying the oval office. I'm sure they'll be giving him the Jefferson Davis Memorial Award any time now.

    10. Snake,
      Did UMass Professor Emeritus Thomas Ferguson mention why not one of those voters made a peep when Trump put Wall Street in charge of the economy?
      Or is this one of the old Conservative standby excuses, "we're morons, not bigots"?

    11. "I'm sure you and UMass Professor Emeritus Thomas Ferguson know there are plenty of Trump voters who aren't bigots. Good luck naming one or two. you'll need it."

      I'll name 8 million ignoramus. All the Obama Trump voters.

      Trump had 8 percent of the black vote and 29 percent of Mexican vote.

      So, there's like 14 million non bigoted Trump voters off the top of my head. Thanks for the good luck but I didn't need it.

      I'm not saying they didn't get the bait and switch. They knew from Obama's 8 years that Hillary wasn't going to change anything for them so why not?

      "Did UMass Professor Emeritus Thomas Ferguson mention why not one of those voters made a peep when Trump put Wall Street in charge of the economy? "

      Obama had put Wall Street in charge of the economy already and totally dropped the ball when he really had a mandate to make change. Trump put Wall Street in charge of the economy? Obama didn't?

      This is from a report by UMass Professor Emeritus Thomas Ferguson made in 2014:

      "Though some Democrats try to sugarcoat the dismal facts by focusing on changes since 2009, when the President assumed office, the truth is that the fruits of the recovery have gone lopsidedly to the very richest Americans. Wall Street and the stock market boom, but wages continue to stagnate, and unemployment remains stubbornly high...The administration’s continuing efforts to court Wall Street, along with its reluctance to sanction even flagrant misconduct by prominent financiers just pour salt into these wounds....2014 suggests that the Democrats’ ability to retain any mass constituency at all may now be in question. The facts of globalization, top-heavy income inequality, and the worldwide tendency toward austerity may just be too much for a party that is essentially dominated by segments of the 1 percent but whose legacy appeal is to average Americans"

      The point is UMass Professor Emeritus Thomas Ferguson is a well respected election expert who can give you a more nuanced and accurate perspective on Trump voters than you currently have so you can understand the mistakes Democrats made as to make sure they are not repeated. Playing the race card is the losingest game in town.

      This is from the report as well:

      "In the electorate as a whole, the Trump campaign’s racism and misogyny appears to have cost it some votes. But just enough voters were turned off by years of economic stagnation and painful wars to allow Donald Trump – despite finishing behind Clinton in the popular vote –to slip into the White House"

    12. The good news about that report is that Trump is totally vulnerable to a Democrat that can and will address the same issues. Obama didn't and enough people didn't believe Clinton would. But one thing Democrat constituents can do, especially more metropolitan, more new economy based constituents, is recognize that the problem exists. But, of course, believe what you want to believe and do your own research and draw your own conclusions. the results will speak for themselves as they did in 2016.

    13. "The good news about that report is that Trump is totally vulnerable to a Democrat that can and will address the same issues"

      The current D party is not going address the real issues -- economic issues -- because their main constituency is global finance.

      End of story. All they can and will do is continue their identity politics hate-mongering, as well as their newfound mccarthyist hate-mongering -- trying to fool as many people as possible. And that's all there is to it.

    14. Snake,
      Thank you. Before reading that, I hadn't realized Trump voters were clamoring for socialism. As someone who has been following politics for decades, I just figured the GOP's bigotry (on display front and center since St. Ronald Reagan brought back racism for the masses), was why Trump voters chose a grifting, racist, self-admitted sexual predator to be the President of the United States.
      Anyway, it would be great if there was a media criticism site on the internet, where there could be an exploration of how the media missed the Trump-voters love for socialism throughout the 2016 presidential campaign , and beyond.

    15. Wishing you the best.

    16. To all those who bet me that Trump voters weren't big "Daddy Government" types, I'm ready to collect my winnings.

  4. "You should stop assuming that people within your own liberal tribe exercise good judgment."

    What people? Since 11/9/2016 they are all zombies. And the 'tribe' is a zombie death-cult...

    1. Let's file this in the "drain the swamp" basket.

      President Donald Trump was directly involved in decisions concerning the construction of a new FBI building, according to a government report released Monday. Trump’s involvement in this decision is notable due to a potential conflict of interest: the Trump International Hotel is essentially across the street from the FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover headquarters

      Remember when republicans spent years looking up Hillary's skirt and in her underwear drawers for decades old billing records? Those were fun times, eh?

    2. Nah, let's file this under "lib-zombie hate-mongering knows no bounds".

      Good job, copy-paste dembot.

    3. Pointing out how that malignant corrupt lying chickenshit whiney ass baby tRump does not believe the rules that everyone else has to follow applies to him is not "hate", you fucking fool. You on the other hand are throbbing mass of hate. White supremacy will do that to you, cretin.

    4. "Donald the Great" Big Establishment Elitist strikes again.

  5. "In fairness to Stein, Trump is alleged to have had sex, on one occasion, with the disordered, ridiculous Stephanie Clifford—and not even for pay, which her fellow adult film stars demand!"

    Sex on one occasion (as if that mattered), cheating on McDaniels, who he was cheating on Melania with at the time. But only one occasion, see?

    See, here is the problem with Somerby's ridiculous disordered posts. Despite Trump's many demonstrable flaws, Somerby believes Trump when he lies about his sexual encounters with women and disbelieves a woman with no past history of lying, especially not about sex (which she is quite open about, being a sex worker).

    Trump is shown to have paid her off so that his dalliance with her will not become public before the election, but it is Daniels who is "alleging" things, because Trump is taken as the truthful person in this dispute.

    And Somerby adds a crack about her being paid for sex, as if she were a prostitute (an illegal act) and not a porn actress. Somerby doesn't understand thing one about the porn industry, entertainment produced largely by and for men who derive sexual enjoyment from watching it. But it is Daniels supposedly who enjoys it? Not quite. Fellow adult film stars do not demand pay for having sex with people outside their film work because that is a crime. So, on what basis does Somerby accuse Daniels (Clifford) of a crime?

    Somerby is the person who is ridiculous and disordered when it comes to matters of sex between men and women. He reveals this every time he writes about it. But considering Trump less disordered and ridiculous when it comes to sex, than Daniels, is Somerby's big mistake.

    Giving scant lip service to Trump's own contribution to his problems with women such as Daniels, Somerby goes on to deride Daniels and her attorney, as if that will somehow exonerate Trump. Somerby's activities here on behalf of Trump are like Giuliani's. Smear the women, deride them and call them ridiculous and perhaps Trump will be exonerated and his approval rating preserved coming into the midterms.

    Good job Somerby! May your soul rot from the inside out.

    1. Methinks you should question your conclusions, especially when you suggest that it is Somerby who is disordered regarding matters of sex.

    2. "We would assume that Flowers was making her story up, while Clifford was telling the truth."

      I don't think Somerby is accusing Clifford of lying. He doesn't accuse her of any crime either that I can see.

    3. “Somerby has been stating outright that she slept with him for financial advantage.”

      Clifford. Who f*cks on video for financial advantage.

      No. Clifford said it was consensual. She stated that she was somehow “maneuvered” into Trumps tiny hands.

      The fact that she’s maneuvering today for financial advantage is only lost on people like you. But that’s okay. Keep on keepin’ on. It simply adds sauce to the obvious, which is that the msm can convince people of anything, including that someone like Cliffords could possibly be “slut-shamed.” Because sluts do it for free, and they occupy the Seventh Tier of Heaven, which you may visit in your dreams.

      But that is not the case with her. She's a ho. Which in fact fine with me. But she should earn her money on her back, not through scumbag litigation.

      And damn if I didn’t get trolled.


    4. Leroy,
      How dare someone try to make money in a capitalist society, amirite?
      I'm tellin ya. there oughta be a law!

  6. On Monday, the ridiculous and disordered Bob Somerby begins a new ridiculous and disordered thread on some ridiculous and disordered topic, such as physics or philosophy. Can't wait!

  7. To defend Somerby just a little, he does say "We would assume that Flowers was making her story up, while Clifford was telling the truth."

    So he isn't accusing Clifford of lying, as one commenter above claimed. I also don't see where he is accusing Clifford of committing a crime.

  8. I get what Somerby is saying about private sexual matters and his complaint about the media acting as some moral arbiter by going after that.

    The only thing I would say is that Clinton and Trump are very different, and the Flowers and Clifford matters are different.

    Trump publicly reveled in his debauchery for decades. He made it part of his image, almost a source of pride. He himself was the source for many stories of his lewdness. Clinton did not do this. Clinton, like most normal people, did not want his affairs made public. So, it seems to me that in Trump's case, it is fair game for discussion.

    With Clifford, you have a porn actress, a possibly fraudulent NDA, possible campaign finance violations, and, as Somerby indicates, the presumption that she is being generally truthful.

  9. "Don't discuss his possible mental illness, our greatest newspaper decreed! "

    If the entire mainstream press started talking about Trump's so-called mental illness, how would that be any less of a "stampede" than what Somerby accuses them of now? At least if they're talking about financial crimes, Russia collusion, etc, or even Stormy Daniels and the hush money, the media can report facts or possible facts. I have no idea how the media could intelligently discuss Trump's alleged mental illness without just asserting it or engaging in unprofessional speculation. I have always found this critique of Somerby's baffling, and I suspect if the media had adopted or were to adopt this idea, that he would accuse them of a stampede, of creating a script. And why would he be wrong if he did that?

    1. "I have always found this critique of Somerby's baffling"

      Well, you should take into account his being (self-admittedly) part-zombie. Lib-zombie with occasional moments of lucidity...

    2. "with occasional moments of lucidity..."

      Not sure if that makes him a Liberal, but it certainly disqualifies him from being a Conservative.

    3. Mao, the Zombies were a pretty group, some of their songs were really good. The question is, what's wrong with you???

  10. "the disordered, ridiculous Stephanie Clifford"

    This must be what riles people up about Somerby. On the one hand, he urges generosity and fairness in our dealings with members of the "other tribe", and he urges a healthy skepticism of the media. For example, he says we can't really know what goes on behind closed doors when it's just a "he said/she said" situation. He also doesn't like using the word "lie" to describe a person's utterances, because we don't know their intentions.

    And then he seemingly throws that all away by calling people names, assuming their motives and intentions, and exhibiting a callous disregard for them.

    1. "by calling people names"

      What "people", dear? The blackmailing whore in question isn't "people"; her motives and intentions aren't a mystery.

    2. Fascinating. Is that your defense of Somerby?

    3. Wow. Now Trump is being called Putin's "whore". Conservatives: just when you think they've hit rock bottom, they find greater depths.

  11. This man is a toothache come to life. As a loser angry old white male he will defend Trump to the end, professing "we liberals" all the way.

  12. The best is yet to come.

    1. And then he gave his marvelously infectious sneezy-wheezy a-hur-hur-hur Cy Coleman laugh that I miss to this day. He continued:

      And I only say that because so was I. I used to complain bitterly about Carolyn and the fact that she'd want to put everything that I wrote to a lyric. I used to say if I played an arpeggio at the piano, you know, I'd have to hide it because she'd put a lyric to it. And 'The Best Is Yet To Come' was a little instrumental I had written for myself and a little jazz group and it's constructed so that the melody keeps repeating, and I had worked out an entire thing where you have echoes back and forth at a very furious tempo.

      In other words, it's not a song, it's an instrumental. And that's how Coleman wanted it. He was never just a songwriter: he was a composer and pianist and he had a little jazz trio that played in clubs and wanted something to kick around that wasn't just a Tony Bennett love ballad with the words shaved off. The problem was that Carolyn Leigh liked to slip into the club and listen to what they were playing, just in case it was something she hadn't heard before. "She'd be sitting in a booth, right next to the trio," Coleman's trio Ray Mosca remembered. "And she'd always be taking notes, I guess of tunes we were playing." And on one such night she heard the Coleman trio's fun little instrumental ...and started scribbling.

      The next day she buttonholed Cy and said, "I can put a lyric to that."

      "Here we go again," sighed Coleman. "There goes my instrumental." And she took it away with her, slowed it down, and eventually returned with a marvelously distinctive opening line:

      Out of the tree of life I just picked me a plum
      You came along and everything's startin' to hum
      Still, it's a real good bet The Best Is Yet To Come...

      "She came up with this wonderful lyric," Coleman said, "and of course I was worried about these intervals that people had to sing."

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  15. You're one of the few journalists who point out the revolting double standard about how Clinton and Kennedy's misconduct were treated. The Kennedy worship is absolutely pathological. In contrast the beltway media has spent over two decades spewing bile at the Clinton's. These are the same journalists who helped lead us into Iraq. Hypocritical filth, all of them.

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