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The gang which couldn't endorse straight:
It remains amazingly hard to learn who sits on the editorial board of the New York Times.

More on that puzzle this afternoon. We can tell you this:

Kathleen Kingsbury is deputy editorial page editor of the Times. She's only been with the Times since 2017, but she does seem to serve on the editorial board.

Rather plainly, Kingsbury seems to have been in charge of the process which recently issued in the paper's presidential endorsement(s). James Bennet, the editorial page editor who "oversees the editorial board," doesn't seem to have taken part in the process, a fact which has gone unexplained.

Briefly, let's be clear:

When we say that Kingsbury was in charge, we refer to Kathleen Kingsbury, not to Alex Kingsbury, who also seems to sit on the board.

These Kingsburys traveled to the Times from the Boston Globe in the past few years. Are they spouses? Siblings? Should it seem strange to see spouses or siblings serving together on an editorial board?

Despite the most transparent endorsement process in history, we can't answer such questions. We can't even tell you, with full certainty, who's on the aforementioned board.

Whatever! As is perfectly appropriate, Kathleen Kingsbury seems to have been in charge of the endorsement process. That fact seemed clear on the Sunday night's hour-long cable broadcast, in which the public was given an unfortunate look at the way the endorsement(s) were chosen—at the way the sausage was made.

The board is currently being mocked as the gang which couldn't endorse straight. The ridicule stems from the fact that the board decided to endorse two candidates in a Democratic nomination fight which only one hopeful can win.

That decision was quite unusual—"unprecedented," even! Arguably, the board made matters somewhat worse when it decided to endorse each of the female candidates who currently have a chance to prevail, then closed its editorial with the arguably unfortunate riposte, "May the best woman won."

Given the state of our failing culture, reactions were preordained. On the left, overwrought types quickly tweeted that the board was saying that it takes two women to do the job of one man.

On the right, a second reaction was preordained. The board is so tragically woke, pundits said, that it felt it had to endorse both possible women. The New York Times was willing to leave no woman behind!

Given the way the New York Times has been flirting with Death By Woke, that second interpretation did quickly pop into our own heads when we learned on the twin endorsements. That said, it may just be that this closely resembles the way the votes of the board members really came out.

Should the board have endorsed two people in a race only one can win? It seems like a slightly odd thing to do, but Moses presented no tablets establishing rules for such matters.

We'll suggest a different objection—though we'll also say that something important can be learned from this widely ridiculed endorsement event.

At the start of Sunday night's TV show—it aired at 10 PM Eastern on FX—(Kathleen) Kingsbury explained how the endorsement process works. A tiny suggestion of self-praise may have been in the air:
KINGSBURY (1/19/20): Every election year, we invite all the candidates to New York and we interview them.

We sit down and we ask them tough questions, questions that they're not being asked on the debate stage or on the campaign trail. And then finally, we make a decision.
Those intrepid board members! They pose "tough questions" to the hopefuls, the questions they're not being asked!

Soon, we were treated to one example. It came from Kingsbury herself. She posed a tough one to Candidate Biden:
KINGSBURY: Sir, we’re running out of time and I want to get to some economic questions as well as foreign policy.

But before that, we have been asking every candidate the same question, which is, who’s someone who has broken your heart?
She wanted to ask about the economy and of course about foreign affairs. But before she did, she wanted to know who has broken Joe's heart!

In a letter in this morning's Times, a writer says this question was cruel, given the well-known personal tragedies Candidate Biden has faced.

In fairness, though, Kingsbury wasn't joking when she said that this same question was being posed to every one of the candidates. Here she is, posing the same tough question to Candidate Warren, this time with a tough follow-up:
KINGSBURY: Well, one more personal question for you. Who has broken your heart?

WARREN: My first husband.

KINGSBURY: Why? Do you mind telling?
To her credit, Candidate Warren said that she did mind. Below, you see the deputy editorial board editor posing the tough one to Bernie:
KINGSBURY: I hope you don’t mind if I ask you a couple of more personal questions. Can you give us an example of one person who’s broken your heart?

SANDERS: [AFTER A LONG PAUSE] What, on a personal level?


SANDERS: No. I won’t. Even candidates for president of the United States have a limited amount of privacy.
Two leading candidates ducked the question. Only of the the pair got endorsed!

Deputy Kingsbury did indeed ask that question of every hopeful. Let us say this about that:

We'll assume that Kathleen Kingsbury is a good, decent, admirable person. Her official bio at the Times reads, in part, as follows:
NEW YORK TIMES: Kathleen Kingsbury is deputy editorial page editor of The New York Times. She joined The Times in 2017 from The Boston Globe, where she served as managing editor for digital.

Ms. Kingsbury joined The Globe’s editorial board in 2013 and later edited Ideas, the paper's Sunday section aimed at tackling the new thinking, intellectual trends and big ideas that shape our world. In this role, Ms. Kingsbury was also a deputy managing editor and the deputy editorial page editor.

She was awarded the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for distinguished editorial writing for a series on low wages and the mistreatment of workers in the restaurant industry. The same eight-part series, “Service Not Included,” also received the Scripps Howard Foundation’s 2014 Walker Stone Award for editorial writing and the Burl Osborne Award for editorial leadership from the American Society of News Editors.
(Kathleen) Kingsbury may be the world's greatest person. But she, like so many others, is part of a fatuous, upper-end journalistic culture which long ago began leaving this nation for dead.

As far as we know, no one has ever explained why the final decision on these endorsements was hers. But just for the record, Kingbury is shown saying this to the rest of the board after their final discussion of the candidates:
KINGSBURY: I feel very torn. I don't know. I don't know what the answer is, but I actually—like, there's part of me that leaves this room like being a little bit terrified by the idea of choosing just one of them.

I have a few questions I want to ask to call the candidates specifically about and then I'll use that to make my final decision.
Why was the final decision hers? On what basis was it finally made?

In this most transparent process of all time, no explanations were given. For ourselves, we find it less than impressive to see Kingsbury saying she feels terrified by such a decision—when she says how much she "hemmed and hawed" before she reached that decision.

Even for us, what we saw in that TV hour was less impressive than what we would have imagined. In fairness, no one is known to have died in the filming of the Times' TV show. Also, no one was asked what kind of tree they would be if they could be a tree.

That said, anyone watching Sunday's embarrassing TV show might well come away with a valuable lesson. For our money, Kurt Andersen captured it with this invaluable tweet:
ANDERSEN (1/20/20): Most mortifying self-own of the Times TV show (as opposed to the good hours of interviews) was when they discuss each candidate. Not just undignified reality-show-judge-ish, but the total demystification—they’re no smarter or more knowing or wiser than somebody at a dinner party.
They’re no smarter or more knowing than somebody at a dinner party? Based simply on the TV hour, we'd have to say that Andersen is possibly being too kind.

Andersen's tweet suggests that the actual interviews with the candidates were less dumb than one might think from watching the TV program. That would almost have to be true—but on balance, the TV hour was an embarrassment, as many others have said.

One such observer is New York magazine's Raymond. Before posting Andersen's tweet, he made these accurate comments:
RAYMOND (1/20/20): Nine candidates, one prize, loads of drama—for the first time since handing out its first presidential endorsement to Abraham Lincoln in 1860, the Times’s process of announcing its pick for the next commander-in-chief drew comparisons to The Apprentice and LeBron James’s “The Decision.” What was billed by Kathleen Kingsbury, the deputy editor of the editorial page, as the “most transparent endorsement process to date” was instead a self-indulgent spectacle that seemed less transparent than performative.

“The promised inside look at how the Times made one of its most ostensibly important decisions of the year turned out to mean viewers spent an hour watching the paper crumble under the weight of its own self-importance,” Ashley Feinberg wrote for Slate.

The whole show was a contrived bit of drama meant to satisfy the demands of a TV show
, which meant keeping viewers hooked until the end to find out who the paper would choose. While some took issue with treating an important election with such frivolity, others noted the irony of the Times criticizing Trump’s reality TV presidency while turning its own endorsement into reality TV.
Even Feinberg got it right! Can Schwedel be far behind?

Dating to the days of earth tones and "invented the Internet;" dating to the days when mainstream reporters hid in the bushes, late at night, to see if Candidate Hart had a girl friend;

Dating to the days when Maureen Dowd sent America to the polls with visions of Candidate Gore singing "I Feel Pretty" in their heads; dating to the evening when Bernie Shaw asked Candidate Dukakis what he'd do if his wife was raped and murdered;

Dating through all those pre-Trump years, this nation has been afflicted with the viral intellectual sickness which is known as upper-end press corps culture.

That culture has dropped a remarkably stable type of dumbness on the heads of our failing nation. If you watch Sunday's TV show, you'll see that culture in action, if only in the fact that the Times was so dumb that they didn't understand how dumb that show would seem.

Who's so dumb that they couldn't see how dumb that show would seem? How much it would look like the dumbest kind of reality TV? How much it would resemble the televised dumbness which once came from an earlier version of Trump? How it would seem to reek of the self-indulgent self-importance Raymond thought he spotted?

Kingsbury wanted to talk about serious issues, but she kept popping her really tough question instead. No candidate was asked what tree they would be, but based upon other televised manifestations, surely some members were wondering.

How do people from normal backgrounds become so dumb and so fatuous? Future Anthropologists Huddled in Caves are working on that question today, despondently seeking an answer.

Who has broken your heart? Might a sensible person start by naming the a certain newspaper?

This afternoon: Who actually sits on that board?

Tomorrow: Even younger than Mayor Pete!


  1. Perhaps, like Somerby, the Times editorial board feels that all the Democratic candidates are terrible. Perhaps, like Somerby, the Times is torn between the two wings of the liberal spectrum, progressive and moderate.

    It’s certainly easier to criticize others than to actually endorse or promote someone. Far be it for Somerby to go out on a limb and support someone. (He has been keen on criticizing Warren. Her fall in the polls continues apace).

    At any rate, the Times should have endorsed just one candidate. Somerby is right. But he’s obviously not alone in this.

    Which brings up the other thing about this post: the complaining about “upper-end press corps culture”, while quoting the Raymond piece in New York Magazine (an outfit that Somerby has criticized before), which in its turn quotes criticism of the Times from Ashley Feinberg of Slate, not to mention the disapproving tweet from Andersen.

    The point is, there is massive ridicule of the Times from other mainstream (or “upper-end”) press outlets, as well as from the online left. What that suggests is a less homogeneous upper-end press “guild” than Somerby suggests and an unwillingness by liberals to “sleep in the woods” (a favorite phrase of Somerby’s) in the face of Times stupidity.

    1. I don't see the "massive ridicule of the Times from other mainstream...press outlets" that you seem to. Instead I see too much deference to the Times from mainstream media. I live in NYC and have the local news (WABC) on while preparing dinner every day. Too often they repeat the storyline advanced by the Times without question or any research of their own, such as the claimed segregation of NYC schools. While it is nice that more people write about the problems with the Times and other sources, and more educated people recognize the problems, there are far too many people who continue to trust those sources and do not or cannot question "authority." We are being fed tribal pap, favored narratives and propaganda that is anathema to an informed society.

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  2. A lot of effort spent on a post about a group of dumb but narcissistic ninnies whose endorsement will influence literally zero votes.

  3. "Who has broken your heart?"

    Heh-heh. You zombies are quite comical, and that's basically the only thing going for you, dear Bob. Many, many laughs.

    Tsk. But then our beloved president beats you in this field too. So, still no win for you.

    1. Yeah, Bob. Exactly how many businesses have you run into the groundd through incompetence?
      I'd bet not as many as Donald the Great (Big Loser of a Businessman).

    2. I wish I were talented enough to run businesses into the ground and still end up a billionaire. And the most powerful man on earth.

    3. 1:46, easy peasy, go suck Putin's cock. You'd be surprised how rewarding it can be. Contrary to our storybook movies, crime often pays.

    4. "You'd be surprised how rewarding it can be."

      Oh yeah? Tell us more, Hillary, please.

    5. mm I think you'd do it for a billion. I might.

    6. Some are probably wondering who it was who broke the heart of the Roy Cohn protégé presently occupying the White House. It's quite obvious, however - it was Princess Diana. The Cohn protégé used to regularly call into the Howard Stern morning show. (You can check it out online). In one such instance, the two were discussing who they would like to schtup. The now POTUS disclosed it was Princess Di. Yet, he never could get to first base with her, thereby breaking his heart, with resulting anguish to this very day. (Incidentally, in the same Stern call-in, he revealed his lack of horniness for Angelina Jolie, of all people. Whether this caused Jolie's heart to break, I can only speculate.)

  4. When asked “who’s someone who has broken your heart”, it’s too bad that the candidates weren’t in the position to say “you media morons”.

    1. The media didn't break my heart. They broke my representative democracy.

    2. Why do so many illegals try so hard to enter your broken representative democracy and why do you remain in it? Do you hate your family?

  5. Those personal and semi-personal questions (what is your favorite book, do you have a pet?) give the candidates a chance to humanize themselves to the public. The answers don't matter as much as the chance for voters to see the candidates as human beings.

    Every woman on earth, and most men, will understand Warren's comment about her first husband. Bernie blew it when he just flatly refused to answer. He could have said it was his elementary school sweetheart and people would have liked him for it, but instead he is surly.

    Somerby misunderstands the purpose of the question and he equates this process with a game show, when the NY Times is trying to give the voters more info, which is a good thing.

    1. Sanders may be as surly as a hornet, but the only reply more appropriate than what he said is “buzz off”.

    2. Normal human beings learn to say "buzz off" more politely, especially when running for office. Was Sanders raised in a barn?

    3. Sanders wasn’t raised in a barn and more importantly, he wasn’t born yesterday.

      Which is why he gave the second most appropriate answer to that question.

    4. The non-answers also humanize the candidates and allow people to see the candidates as human beings. People can see Sanders as a human person who doesn't answer light, Barbara Walters bullshit questions. A no-nonsense person.

      Yang said Barack Obama broke his heart.

  6. Somerby says reactions were preordained:

    "On the left, overwrought types quickly tweeted that the board was saying that it takes two women to do the job of one man...
    On the right, a second reaction was preordained...Given the way the New York Times has been flirting with Death By Woke, that second interpretation did quickly pop into our own heads when we learned on the twin endorsements. "

    If something walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, it is probably a duck.

    Somerby walks and quacks like a Republican. Not like a liberal. Liberals don't go around complaining that other liberals are too woke.

    1. Liberals do go around complaining leftists who label themselves progressive are too deranged.

    2. Look up the definition of woke. It says nothing about advocating socialism.

    3. "Liberals don'tgo around complaining that other liberals are too woke."

      Says who?
      Why not?
      What would one reason be why not?

    4. Being "woke" is a good thing that one cannot have too much of. The only people who think it is bad or should only happen in small doses, are Republicans.

    5. "only people who think it is bad or should only happen in small doses, are Republicans."

      Says who?

    6. This is like asking why Jimmy Carter should do a lot of good in the world, instead of just a little. Is it better to do more good or less? Are you an idiot?

    7. It depends on what you mean by woke. And the quality, if any, of what is behind the wokeness. For instance, many Trump voters are more woke about the plight of American workers and our government's disregard of them than liberals. And maybe some liberals think they're woke about this or that but they could be wrong. Or they could be right but then they use their wokeness against others that are not woke and end up coming across like assholes, which makes the wokeness a net negative. So it's very nuanced. But no, I find your claim to be very stupid because it is without nuance and baseless. anyway, Democrats will without question lose the impeachment trial and the next election. Everyone hates you.

    8. "...many Trump voters are more woke about the plight of American workers and our government's disregard of them than liberals."

      You don't need to be "woke" to see Trump voters (i.e. Republicans) want nothing more than Daddy Government to save them.

      What nonsense will they spread next, that you need to be "woke" or you won't realize Conservatives are HUGE supporters of political correctness?

    9. 11:22,
      You need to get out of your bubble, and meet some Trump voters. They're not all mouth-breathing morons, who think free college education is worse than scam Trump University, you seem to think they are..
      I've met many Trump voters, who are much more thoughtful than you make them out to be. Your bad mouthing 61 million voters, is counter-productive.

    10. OK - sounds good.

    11. "...many Trump voters are more woke about the plight of American workers and our government's disregard of them than liberals."

      Trump gave the Establishment a HUGE tax break, and wants to pay for the huge giveaway by cutting Social Security and Medicare.
      Turns out the "Make America Great Again" hat means "I Am A Sucker".

  7. How else should the NY Times say that it wants a woman to be nominated, but not Tulsi Gabbard?

    All of the male candidates have major flaws.

    1. "How else should the NY Times say that it wants a woman to be nominated, but not Tulsi Gabbard?"

      Well, perhaps something like 'any establishment clown with a pussy'.

    2. Let's get another man in there.

    3. Mao, are you saying that Tulsi is male?

    4. Are you saying she is an establishment clown?

      It's certainly a possibility, but if so, why didn't nytimes endorse her?

    5. No, she is a Russia-backed clown.

    6. Ah. And if I'm not mistaken, "Russia-backed" translates from zombie-speak as "pursuing interests of the American working people".

      Why, I hope you're right, dembot.

    7. That Trump is a Russian stooge is so obvious - for God's sake, he names his daughter "Ivanka!!"

    8. Mao,
      I knew it was all an act, and you were always a big BLM guy in real life. All BLM critics are "faking it". Nobody could be so asshole-ish to not support BLM.

  8. "...with the arguably unfortunate riposte, "May the best woman won."

    That typo, won instead of win, is all Somerby's.

    It looks like a Freudian slip. The best woman obviously won and her name was Hillary.

    1. Then why isn't she serving as president?

    2. Because the election was stolen for Trump by Russia. Are you new to the US?

    3. Hmm. But wasn't it also stolen by Messrs Comey and Sanders, dembot? Not to mention the deplorables, misogynists, Jill Stein, and the electoral college?

      ...but, alas, I'm probably missing at least a half of 'em thieves... Give us the whole rundown, dembot, please.

    4. 11;58,
      Occam's razor. The country has a white supremacy fetish, and they voted for the guy who wore his on his sleeve.
      End of story.

  9. "...with the arguably unfortunate riposte, "May the best woman won."

    That typo, won instead of win, is all Somerby's.

    It looks like a Freudian slip, since the best woman obviously won, and her name was Hillary.

  10. Many Dems are struggling to decide whether to vote for the candidate they like best or the candidate who's most likely to beat Trump. Maybe the Times's Editorial Board likes Warren best but thinks a more moderate Klobuchar has the best chance to defeat Trump.

    1. Between Pres. Obama and the NYT, Biden is singing “Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child”.

    2. Wouldn't they have said so, if there were their reasoning, David?

  11. She won a freaking Pulitzer prize and Somerby doesn't think she's qualified to write an editorial endorsing a Democratic candidate or two during the presidential primaries?

    1. Sure. Why a Pulitzer Prize winner oughtta have the right to endorse all 12 of the candidates.

    2. It is the paper doing the endorsing. Kingsbury doesn't own the paper, so it is not actually her endorsement. It is the paper's endorsement.

      A newspaper exists to make money for its owners (or shareholders). It doesn't exist as a public service.

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