Springsteen's vision comes back around!


Back toward his hometown:
The Washington Post's Teo Armus is two years out of Columbia (class of 2018).

He went to one of "the finest schools." Amazingly, he, like the crusty old Hank Stuever before him, doesn't know enough to reject use of the insulting group denigration, "Karens," as part of a news report.

A news report which is amazingly poorly composed, even after revisions. Meanwhile, it's amazing to think that the Washington Post believes an insulting group denigration like "Karens" should be part of legitimate journalism.

That said:

For our money, few pop songs are better composed than Springsteen's My Hometown. This verse has been popping into our heads of late as we read the work of people like these:
In '65 tension was running high at my high school
There was a lot of fights between the black and white
There was nothing you could do
Two cars at a light on a Saturday night
in the back seat there was a gun
Words were passed, and a shotgun blast
Troubled times had come
To my hometown
My hometown
My hometown
My hometown
The video in that barely coherent Post report presents part of a very sad story. Meanwhile, the Post's astoundingly terrible judgment has been bringing it all back home.


  1. "Meanwhile, it's amazing to think that the Washington Post believes an insulting group denigration like "Karens" should be part of legitimate journalism"

    Where's your evidence that this is what they believe, dear Bob, and that the concept of "legitimate journalism" ever enters their zombie skulls at all?

    They are, after all, liberal-hitlerian hate-mongers.

    Not to mention, dear Bob, that "legitimate journalism" is a form of WHITE SUPREMACY.

    1. How does it still "amaze" anyone that the Washington Post would do any hateful, sleazy thing?

    2. The term Karen btw is amazingly bigoted. So is labeling white people all the time -- a standard practice now at MSNBC.

  2. The term Karen refers to white women who use their white privilege to report black people to 911 for going about their daily lives. They also scream at immigrants in public places. They deserve the backlash they receive on social media.

    Once again, Somerby attacks a reporter for covering the Karen phenomenon, as if today's poor kid invented the term himself.

    What is Somerby doing with this? First, he is defending the Karens. Second, he is objecting to social peer pressure against everyday racism in our culture. Third, he is joining forces with conservatives who also object to stigmatizing of Karens and what they do to earn that designation.

    A Karen is not just any woman. She can be male too, although most bigoted men will harass minorities themselves without calling the cops to do it for them. But the heart of the definition is that she is invested in enforcing rules or authority against someone whom she has targeted.

    For some reason, Somerby has not linked to the article so we cannot judge for ourselves what this hapless young person has done.

    I think Somerby himself represents the Karen tradition online. He is bent on enforcing journalistic rules that he has formulated and he usually targets the young, minorities and female writers, almost entirely liberal, exhibiting a certain amount of bigotry himself, just like most Karens.

    1. Just about every day I ask whether you can be any dumber, and every day your answer is "Yes. Just wait until my next comment."

      Once again, Somerby attacks a reporter for covering the Karen phenomenon, as if today's poor kid invented the term himself.

      TDH didn't "attack" a reporter. That's what cops do with rubber bullets and tear gas. TDH criticized a reporter for not knowing enough to reject the use of an "insulting group denigration."

      First, he [TDH] is defending the Karens.

      The story was about a white woman at a mall in Michigan who pulled a gun on a black woman and her daughter. TDH doesn't mention the particulars of the incident at all.

      Second, he is objecting to social peer pressure against everyday racism in our culture.

      TDH's objection is primarily to the use of an epithet and secondarily to the "poorly composed" article. Nothing about peer pressure.

      Third, he is joining forces with conservatives who also object to stigmatizing of Karens....

      TDH makes no reference to the behavior of the Karens. He objects to an epithet.

      For some reason, Somerby has not linked to the article so we cannot judge for ourselves what this hapless young person has done.

      Paywall probably. Here's the only time the online article uses the term Karens:

      This summer, America’s so-called Karens won’t stop at phoning the police about black people. Instead, they are armed, threatening to use their weapons on camera.

      I think Somerby himself represents the Karen tradition

      Oh, c'mon, professor. Thinking clearly isn't your strong suit. Try quoting TDH as defending the harassment of black people for simply conducting their lives.

      [TDH] is bent on enforcing journalistic rules that he has formulated

      Yeah, like accuracy and being informed about the topics you cover. (Hint: TDH didn't "formulate" those rules.)

      and he usually targets the young, minorities and female writers,....

      Yeah like that young, black, female reporter Hank Stuever.

      exhibiting a certain amount of bigotry himself....

      Just because you can't read for comprehension doesn't mean that TDH is a bigot.

      Could you be any dumber? Tomorrow will tell. History says yes.

    2. Shorter deadrat: I disagree with everything you say but I have no arguments so I'll just call you dumb.

    3. Shorter yet still accurate deadrat: I'll quote the parts of what you say that I disagree with, present arguments as to why you're wrong, and then call you dumb.

      Look, you don't have to read what I write. My comments are often long because I present counterarguments and evidence. But if you're not going to read my comments, you don't get to tell me I have no arguments.

    4. 'Try quoting TDH as defending the harassment of black people for simply conducting their lives.

      TDH was a heroic defender of Zimmerman, even getting in lots of shots at a female, Rachael Maddow, in the process. From TDH's perspective, that counts as a twofer -- he gets to attack a female liberal and defend the killers of black kids.

    5. Karens are room temp IQ, feminist, short-haired, shrill suburban leftist women who scold people for not wearing masks or for pointing out that Karen is crazy and her confused leftist hysterics should be dismissed.

      Karens can be found in Whole Foods gullibly paying a premium for "gluten free" and non-GMO food. Or yelling at others for not wearing masks.

    6. Sounds like Karen is going to outlive you.

    7. Bob Somerby is a fucking asshole.

      In Bob's current "hometown", Baltimore, a black woman and her child were shot by police for not appearing in court for a traffic violation. The woman, Korryn Gaines, was killed during a standoff with cops where the Mobile Crisis Team - that specializes in de-escalation via a mental health clinician - was NOT called in.


      The woman streamed the incident live on Facebook, the cops requested Facebook shut her off, Facebook promptly complied, and then the cops went in and killed her.

      Her child was shot as well but survived.

      From Bob we get whining over how Karens are covered, but Korryn is not mentioned.

      Yes Bob, whites are shot too, thanks for pointing that out, BUT NOT FOR THE SAME REASON, you fucking asshole.

      Appeals Court Reinstates $38 Million Verdict In Korryn Gaines Case

      Cop Pulled A Gun On Woman's Unarmed Son, Then Used Facebook Posts Against Her In Court

    8. "The term Karen refers to white women who use their white privilege to report black people to 911 for going about their daily lives. They also scream at immigrants in public places. They deserve the backlash they receive on social media."

      Actually, that "Karen" in Central Park last month called the police because the black guy confronting her was trying to take her dog away.

      I live right near there in Harlem, and can only imagine what would have happened up near 110th if a white guy had confronted a black woman the same way and for the same reason.

    9. 8:46,
      Please. Every cop in America knows black people have super-human, almost ape-like strength, and could take a white woman's dog away from her with just his pinkie.
      Why would I believe some guy in Central Park tried and couldn't do it?

    10. He wasn't trying to "take her dog way." He offered dog treats to the dog to demonstrate to the owner that it was a bad idea to let her dog off leash. I don't think that's the wisest thing to do, but stop calling him a dognapper.

  3. Teo Armus worked as a reporter in Texas covering border issues and immigration. Not surprising to find him and Somerby on different sides of the fence.


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  5. "The video in that barely coherent Post report presents part of a very sad story"

    Guess we'll have to take Somerby's word for this, since he didn't provide any link. The story is probably behind a pay wall anyway.

  6. Waiting for Springsteen to send Somerby a cease-and-desist letter, since he has supported Democrats but would be unlikely to want his work used (and misused) by a conservative like Somerby. Musicians are sensitive about the way politicians just grab and use whatever they want with no regard to ownership or whether that musician endorses their candidacy. I doubt Springsteen would endorse anything Somerby says these days.

    Don't bother explaining fair usage. Borrowing like this may be legal but that doesn't make it right.

    1. Don't bother explaining fair usage.

      Oh, well played! You knew you were full of shit when you wrote the comment, so you figured to preemptively deflect.

      So I guess we don't have to wait for Springsteen to send TDH a "cease-and-desist" letter for the latter's fair use of lyrics?

      Or have you talked to The Boss recently and know something the rest of us don't?

    2. The Boss supports Democrats, not goofs like Somerby.

    3. So you did talk to Springsteen about Somerby.

      Tell us, what's he really like? (Springsteen, not Somerby.)

    4. The Boss spoke out against police shootings of black men in NYC long before it was cool. Unlike TDH, who spends his time defending Zimmerman. The Boss is no fan of Trump, whereas TDH is a malevolent, lying Trumptard.

    5. Springsteen is a rich, uneducated celebrity blowhard who wrote decent songs about blue collar life, car racing, and hot young women.

    6. Yeah, people like that aren't entitled to hold political opinions or to exercise control over their songs. Take away the name and he sounds like a Trump supporter. But some rich, uneducated blue collar men who like car racing and hot young women actually have some common sense.

    7. “ So you did talk to Springsteen about Somerby.”

      No, he’s just dancing in the dark.

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  8. Mr. Somerby seems to be making another good point here, but I don't know what that point might be. Maybe I read too quickly, but I have no idea what Teo Armus has to do with this Karens phenomenon.

    1. Armus used the term in his story. I quoted him in my comment @5:26P yesterday. Look for the word "paywall."

      TDH thinks that the epithet Karens is an unhelpful disparaging collective epithet that journalists should not adopt.

    2. If these "Karens" were black men, the media would call them "thugs".


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