THE MODERN AMERICAN NOVEL: Klan Watch! Black people don't drive to the Endicott region!


But neither does anyone else:
We don't know what life is like in Franklin County, Virginia.

We don't know what life is like there for the typical black resident. We don't know what life is like for white residents of the county, or for anyone else.

Full disclosure: In large part, we don't know these things because we read the Washington Post!

In last Saturday's print editions, the Post published a lengthy account of life in the "extremely white" county. The essay was built around the experiences of three young women (ages 23, 29 and 32) who "are trying to found a chapter of Black Lives Matter there."

There's zero reason why these women shouldn't do what they're trying to do. Something good may even come of their efforts, although there's no guarantee.

That said, what exactly is being protested at the various "protests" the Post report describes? The Post makes little attempt to answer that question, though it does make this claim early on:
NATANSON (8/1/20): No one expected the protests following [George] Floyd’s killing to reach Franklin County. Not its White people, not its young people and certainly not its older Black residents, who fought to integrate the schools in the 1960s before watching—with horror that gave way, over decades, to dull despair—as things settled back to how they’d been, with Black people living as second-class citizens in fact, if no longer in law.
According to the Washington Post, black people are still "living as second-class citizens" in Franklin County. They're licing as second-class citizens there "in fact, if no longer in law."

That's a remarkable claim to put into print. But what does it actually mean?

At no point in this sprawling report does the Post try to nail that point down. In fairness, the putative author of the report does write this, quite a bit later on:
NATANSON: [The three women] agreed: No real change would come until Franklin County hired more Black teachers, reformed the laws that put too many Black bodies behind bars, and passed a stimulus package creating Black jobs and boosting Black-owned businesses. On the advice of Penny Edwards Blue, who is mentoring the trio, they planned to split their chapter of Black Lives Matter into three committees: education, law and the economy.
In that passage, we seem to be told that the Franklin County Public Schools don't have enough black teachers. Also, that too many black people end up in prison or jail in Franklin County, and that the county has failed to create a stimulus package to create black jobs and help black-owned businesses.

Question! Has any county, in any state, ever created such a stimulus package? We have no idea, nor did the Washington Post attempt to explore the nature of this apparent suggestion.

Meanwhile, how many black teachers does the county employ?

(Aside from Anthony Swann, that is. At present, Swann is Franklin County's "Teacher of the Year.")

Also, which county laws should be reformed? To what extent are these laws placing too many people in jail?

In a very lengthy profile, the Post makes no attempt to address such basic points. Instead, it pretends that a "town pool" which isn't a town pool is still refusing to let black people swim—and it peddles matter like this, all part of its shocking and frightening "County Confidential:"
NATANSON: In fact, much of the county still looked and felt the way [Malala] Penn’s grandparents remembered it. Black people still didn’t drive far into Endicott, a mountainous region that had once served as a stronghold of the Ku Klux Klan. The businesses and the town council—and the police force, and the musicians invited to sing at the local performance center—were still overwhelmingly White.
Before we drive intto the mountainous region called Endicott, consider those other complaints.

If Natanson actually wrote this piece, she notes here that the businesses in Franklin County are "still overwhelmingly white." So is the local police force. Also the town council.

Presumably, that's a reference to the Rocky Mount Town Council. Also, to the Rocky Mount Police Department and the Franklin County's Sheriff Department. Cue Ed McMahon:

How overwhelmingly white are they? How overwhelmingly white are these various entities? We don't have the slightest idea, because the Post didn't bother to say.

For whatever it may be worth, the web site of the Sheriff's Department features a photo of eight employees, four of whom are black. The town council has seven members, one of whom is black.

That said, should anyone be surprised if this county's businesses and government organizations are "overwhelmingly white?" The county itself is 90 percent white! Why would anyone be surprised to learn that the county's various businesses are also predominantly white?

We don't believe, not for a minute, that anyone who graduated from Harvard ever composed such dreck. We'll guess that, for whatever reason, the old boys of the Washington Post have decided to ride again, and they're using the young Harvard grad as a beard over their clownishly incompetent journalistic performance.

If that's what happened, it also explains the report's three cites of the Klan.

The passage we've posted above is the third of these three wonderfully scary cites. That said is it true? Do black people still refuse to drive into the mountainous region called Endicott?

We decided to check it out. This is what the leading authority says about that mountainous region, and no, we aren't making this up:
Endicott, Virginia (GNIS FID: 1477306) is a small community in Franklin County, Virginia. Also known as "Long Branch, Virginia". There are only a few buildings left in the community. The elevation of Endicott is 1,158 feet. Endicott appears on the Endicott U.S. Geological Survey Map.


Before World War II, Endicott had several general stores, a mill, two schools, a post office and was a voting precinct. However, since that time the town has lost population, and now has only a couple of churches still being used. The voting precinct was closed in 1997.
As best we could tell, the "Endicott area" or "Endicott region" seems to be a part of Ferrum, Virginia, a census-designated place which is home to Ferrum College. The town's population was 2,043 at the 2010 census, "an increase of over fifty percent from the 1,313 reported in 2000."

At any rate, how about it? Do black people drive into the Endicott region?

We're going to guess that the answer is no, but neither does anyone else! Our research produced a somewhat similar result when we decided to check this later scary Klan thriller:
NATANSON: [The three women] decided to hold their fourth protest outside the Wendy’s restaurant where Craighead’s mom used to work.

It was the perfect location, on a heavily trafficked road that led to Westlake Corner, a town just a little north of Rocky Mount. In the 1940s and 1950s, the area had served as a hub for the Ku Klux Klan, Ruby Penn and her sisters remembered; nowadays, it was just very White. Craighead, Poindexter and Malala Penn had never demonstrated this close to Westlake before. They didn’t think anyone had.
The Post should be ashamed of itself for publishing garbage like that.

Just for the record, Westlake Corner is 18.5 miles from Rocky Mount, or at least so Mapquest says. The leading authority on the community describes Westlake Corner like this:
Westlake Corner is a census-designated place in Franklin County, Virginia, United States. The population was 976 at the 2010 census. It is part of the Roanoke Metropolitan Statistical Area.


Booker T. Washington National Monument, comprising the tobacco farm where the African American educator and leader was born a slave, is in the western part of the CDP.

In the 1940s and 1950s, the town was known for its Ku Klux Klan activity.

A farmers' market operates between April and October.
Sure enough! "In the 1940s and 1950s, the town was known for its Ku Klux Klan activity!" But when we checked the source for that statement, the source we found was this:
Natanson, Hannah (2020-07-27). "When Black Lives Matter came to white, rural America". Washington Post.
Just that quickly, the Post's claim has become official fact. And who knows? It could even be an accurate claim (or not), about a much earlier day!

Was Westlake Corner known for Klan activity in the 1940s? We have no idea. The Post sources the scary claim to exactly one person—and she was born in 1951, a point we'll discuss tomorrow.

Concerning the other Klan hotbed, is it true? Is it true that black people in Franklin County still "don’t drive far into Endicott," a "mountainous region" which seems to be part of Ferrum?

It makes a very good Scary Tale, and it could always be true. But the Post seems to be sourcing that claim to Malala Penn, one of the three young women who have been staging these protests. They source it to no one else.

Did the Post ask any other black people in Franklin County if they drive into the Endicott region? There's no sign that the Post did any such thing. This is pure, unfettered Scary Story. It's a scare novel all the way down.

Tomorrow, we'll turn to Ruby Penn, age 69, who seems to the source of many parts of this scary report. We'll also dare to enter a restaurant called The Hub, and we'll hear about Ruby Penn's deeply admirable father, who was born in 1912.

For today, we'll only say this—we're reviewing the kind of journalistic clowning our own tribe now produced. This isn't Rush, and this isn't Sean. This clowning is coming from Us.

Anthropologists say it's the best we can do. We've begun to believe these top experts.

Tomorrow: Daring to enter The Hub

Swann's way with this county's kids: We suggest you read this striking profile of Franklin County's Teacher of the Year.

"[Anthony] Swann, a Danville native, said serving children is his life’s passion," the profile says. Swann "discovered his love for school while in foster care."

In our view, Swann tells a very sad, very moving story. He didn't make the Post's Scary Movie, but isn't he Franklin County too?


  1. "This clowning is coming from Us.

    What do you men by "Us"? I don't even work for a corporation, never mind one that is a media conglomeration.

    1. I think he means the liberal media, and pundits, and a lot of pols - not you personally. It's rhetorical.

    2. No, the antecedent is "our tribe", which refers to us liberals. We are the ones supporting liberal media such as Rachel and the other pundits Somerby hates (Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon).

      "we're reviewing the kind of journalistic clowning our own tribe now produced. This isn't Rush, and this isn't Sean. This clowning is coming from Us."

      The clowning is done by the media pundits but it comes from us (our tribe produced it).

      I wish Somerby would give up calling himself a liberal and come out of the conservative closet. No one talks about their own "tribe" the way he does.

      So, yes, he does mean it personally and he is lumping all of us liberals into his criticisms. You, maybe not, since you are clearly not liberal, but those who are in the liberal tribe.

      You are correct that Somerby tends to hide behind rhetorical devices. But no one is fooled, with the possible exception of you AC/MA.

    3. Somerby is right, the NYT, WP, CNN, MSNBC are us. Most liberals I know get their info from these sources alone. I think he makes a good case, most of the time, that they engage in novel writing that leaves vital context out in an attempt to generate alarmism and conflict where none exists. This series of articles about a Virginia county is a good example.
      As for Somerby being a conservative, I'm pretty sure he voted for Bernie, supports MCFA, and has supported every Dem nominee for President. He spends a lot of time questioning liberal media spin that he thinks is counterproductive. Most of the time, I agree with his assessments.

    4. How could Somerby not know the NYT, WP, CNN, and MSNBC are Right-wing corporate-owned propaganda arms of corporations?
      Some "media critic" he turned out to be.

    5. "NATANSON (8/1/20): No one expected the protests following [George] Floyd’s killing to reach Franklin County. Not its White people, not its young people and certainly not its older Black residents, who fought to integrate the schools in the 1960s before watching—with horror that gave way, over decades, to dull despair—as things settled back to how they’d been, with Black people living as second-class citizens in fact, if no longer in law."

      Well, this is interesting. The Frankin County Public Schools web site shows that the student body there is 8% black in a county that is 9% black. That's almost perfect integration! So an ordinary bum like me can find this fact in 5 mins but the highly paid WP reporters working for a newspaper owned by the richest man on the planet cannot. Don't tell me that novel writing (in this case, exaggerating racism) is not the goal of this newspaper.


  2. "That said, what exactly is being protested at the various "protests" the Post report describes?"

    Precisely, dear Bob. Your goebbelsian liberal cancer-media describe riots as "protests", when there's no political demands of any kind.

    To be fair, I did see a report of one real protest recently: about 300 people demonstrating in front of the Bloomberg’s mansion in the Hamptons, demanding NY State to introduce a wealth tax.

    A real protest that was, dear Bob. Did your liberal cancer media report it? I highly doubt it, dear Bob. Too busy glamorizing riots.

    And so it goes...

    1. Liberal cancer-media! Another priceless gem!


    2. ma0 ma0 * ,!, ,!,

    3. Mao, to be fair, your Marie Le Pen (or from whatever obscure right wing faction you are part of) style Goebelsian is pretty bad too.

    4. Sorry, my dear, I'm not really familiar with French politics.

      But I saw the gobbelisian liberal cancer-media narrating that Marie Le Pen is evil, so naturally I'm assuming she must be very good.

      But anyway, what does it have to do with this post's topic?

  3. Somerby asks for ridiculous things in an article in a daily newspaper. He wants Natanson to explain the experience of racism in daily life for black women in Franklin County. He also wants to know whether any County anywhere at any time has ever created an economic opportunity program (creating jobs and helping small businesses) aimed at black people. Of course this has happened. I saw it happen in Cook County and in the City of Chicago back in the mid-1970s. It also happened in South Central Los Angeles after the Watts riots. I'm sure it has happened other times and places outside of my personal experience.

    But why should Natanson have to prove either the existence of racism or the possibility of economic stimulus aimed at minorities? She isn't writing a treatise on sociology. She is reporting on the efforts of three women, reporting their world view and their idea about solutions to problems of black people living in their community.

    Somerby's demands are unreasonable. As an educated person, he should know that poverty is higher for black people in general, that their small businesses have a more difficult time succeeding and are going out of business at a higher rate than white businesses during this pandemic. He should know that racism may have gone underground but it is not gone in our society. If he thinks things are different in Franklin County (despite saying he knows nothing at all about life there), he needs to suggest why these women (who live there) are off base about their plans -- it is not up to them or Natanson, to respond to Somerby's nebulous speculation about Franklin County perhaps being the only place in this country that has escaped racism and black economic struggle.

    So, what is the point of Somerby's criticism of Natanson? Perhaps to deny the existence of racism and economic disadvantage among black people everyone else? To object to hearing about the problems of black people (without statistics and proof of their right to complain)? To object to black people being singled out for attention when so many white people are having problems? He doesn't say, because he never says what he is actually getting at.

    Once again, we are left with the impression that Somerby wants his own personal newspaper, written to his specifications, only discussing the things that interest him in the ways that he dictates, and failing that, he has the right to call young reporters whatever names he pleases, implying that they are bad at their jobs. And we're supposed to think that this represents some terrible failing of journalism that signals the decline of humanity and the crumbling of intelligent society to the point that future anthropologists in caves weep for the loss, and not the demise of society that put them in those caves -- which now squarely rests on Trump's shoulders, not those of innocent reporters barely out of college and their earnest editors.

    1. anon 11:51, you are so dense. TDH is on this topic simply setting forth common sense. That is in short supply these days. Instead of reading his blog, which you don't seem capable of understanding, and don't like in the least, why don't you start your own blog. It's painful to read you insightless comments.

    2. Or better yet, why don't you just ignore everything that you disagree with on this supposedly liberal blog? You are the guy who thinks that anything he doesn't understand is stoopid, when it is you that is having the problem.

      If you think it is common sense to demand that town members be interviewed to confirm every off-hand comment made by a source, you wouldn't know common sense if it bit you in the ass.

    3. The reporter generalized about what blacks think apparently based on talking to 2 or 3 of them. Sorry, but that isn't legitimate.

    4. It wasn't the reporter who generalized, but the black women who that reporter was interviewing. Their experience no doubt consists of more than 2 or 3 black residents of that area. They grew up there and can be expected to know where black people drive.

      This is part of the problem. Somerby does not want to trust the life experiences of three black women. He wants to substitute the reporter's judgement or his own minimal "research" for their lifetime of experience being black in that area. It shows a fundamental lack of respect for those women.

  4. Does the existence of Swann negate everything else that might need changing in Franklin County?

    If things worked that way, the existence of Picasso would negate all the covid cases in Spain. The beautiful concert hall in downtown LA would negate all the poverty in town.

    Unless a child was in Mr. Swann's classroom, how does his accomplishment help?

    It is as if Somerby were saying that the good done by various white people offsets the harm done by white bigots to black people, so they shouldn't whine about it in the newspaper because there are so many good white people.

    Is Somerby perhaps trying to model how white bigots think about race, so that we can understand The Other and why they are so resistant to change? Or is he just being himself, an old white guy without a clue about why black people are upset these days, but unwilling to read an article about Franklin County without reacting defensively to the accusation that black people are still experiencing racism and want things to change.

  5. Somerby says that he guesses that black people don't drive into Endicott, because no one else does either (due to the loss of population, which is about who lives there not who drives there). But he also says that the area is part of a census-designated area called Ferrum which has a college. If black people feel unsafe driving into that area, how can they attend college there? Would white people who wished to attend that college similarly feel unsafe going there? Not because of the presence of the Klan. And what does existence of Klan signify -- a broader white intolerance of minorities that might be exhibited by service providers throughout the region (likely because it tolerates the Klan there). Somerby, of course, thinks that if the Klan is gone, that means the hostility is also gone, but there is no evidence that is true (at least, he has presented none with his cute Wikipedia quotes).

  6. In the quoted paragraph it says: "In the 1940s and 1950s, the area had served as a hub for the Ku Klux Klan, Ruby Penn and her sisters remembered;"

    Then Somerby says: "But the Post seems to be sourcing that claim to Malala Penn, one of the three young women who have been staging these protests. They source it to no one else."

    Then Somerby says: "Tomorrow, we'll turn to Ruby Penn, age 69, who seems to the source of many parts of this scary report."

    Is Malala Penn the same person as Ruby Penn? No, Malala is the daughter of Ruby. Ruby lived during the time period during which the Klan operated: 1940s & 1950s (she was born in 1951) and if Somerby thinks the Klan just miraculously disappeared one day in the 1950s (like Trump says covid will do), he is wrong. The civil rights movement was most active in the late 50s and mid-60s, a time when Ruby Penn would have been old enough to know what was happening in her area of VA. Somerby's dismissal of her memory is disrespectful of Penn but also shows his ignorance of the way in which people's memories contribute to oral history, particularly of disgraceful events that would be unlikely to be documented in formal ways. Black memories matter.

  7. "We'll also dare to enter a restaurant called The Hub,"

    Why would a place like The Hub be dangerous for Somerby, a good old white boy, to enter? Sounds like his kind of place.

    1. I suppose he is going to call them up and ask them whether they ever held Klan meetings there during the 1940s & 1950s. That is Somerby's idea of "research."

  8. Somerby was willing to act as an investigative reporter yesterday, discovering the existence of a YMCA in Rocky Mount, Va, and wondering, pointlessly, why Ms Craighead didn’t take her son there.

    On the important question of Klan activity in Franklin County, he does no research.

    This from the National Park Service:

    “It is worth noting that the county did witness some outspoken opposition from white supremacists to the integration of schools in the months surrounding the closing of Booker T. Washington Elementary in 1966. In June, for example, the Franklin News-Post reported that a large crowd of about 500 to 1,000 people had “attended a United Klans of America rally” in a field within a mile of the Booker T. Washington National Monument and school. The rally lasted two and a half hours, concluding with a cross burning. “Before the meeting started,” the paper noted, “anti-Negro country music was played over the loud speaker,” and “KKK pennants, ‘Never’ lapel buttons and car bumper stickers” could all be purchased.”


    (The monument is in Westlake Corner, Franklin County.) This was 1966.

    There’s more:

    “Virginians are finding hangers on their front doors and recruiting materials in the mailboxes as the Klan seeks more believers in their cause.  While the flyers have not yet shown up in Floyd County, they have appeared at homes in Franklin and Carroll counties, where the Klan is active.”
    (“Klan raises its ugly, racist head once again in Virginia”
January 9, 2013

    So, it’s there. Currently.

    1. I know some satanists in Durham. I could ask them if they know any Wu Tang KKKlan.

    2. The KKK is so funny, ha ha ha ha!!! And you tell such witty jokes about it!!! What a riot you are! Now lets laugh about the dead people who caught the virus. Ho Ho Ho Ho.

    3. 2:40
      Somerby was the one who claimed to have no idea whether there were Klan rallies in Franklin County/Westlake Corner.

    4. There were pro-segregationist activities all over the South in the 1960s. In 1976, I saw a Klan march in Tallahassee FL. It recently had a black mayor who ran for Governor and barely lost. Virginia has elected a black governor. But the WP novel writers, by erasing such context, seem determined to give the ignorant the impression that nothing has changed in 50 years.

    5. Somerby claimed not to know whether there were Klan rallies in Franklin County, Va even during that time (1940’s, etc). His ignorance was hard to believe. He wound up casting doubt on something that was an easily verifiable historical fact. That’s the first point.

      Secondly, I also showed you that the Klan is still there in Franklin County.

      Thirdly, no one said things haven’t changed at all. That is a straw man argument.

    6. The article itself states that nothing has changed:

      "NATANSON (8/1/20): No one expected the protests following [George] Floyd’s killing to reach Franklin County. Not its White people, not its young people and certainly not its older Black residents, who fought to integrate the schools in the 1960s before watching—with horror that gave way, over decades, to dull despair—as things settled back to how they’d been, with Black people living as second-class citizens in fact, if no longer in law."

  9. What we have learned about Franklin County from the Washington Post:

    It has a long history of moonshining:

    It has declared itself a second amendment sanctuary:

    There was a struggle to ban the confederate flag:

    And now the BLM protests.

    For a small rural county, it makes the national news a lot.

  10. The point of Klan activity is not to organize whites politically but to intimidate black people, restricting their freedom and participation in society. If black people didn't go into the hills, according to three black women living in that area, the intimidation worked and is current.

    Somerby wishes to believe that such intimidation is no longer present in our society. He is wrong. The Klan engaged in lynchings and cross burnings as intimidation tactics -- to control and limit the lives of black people.

    Here is an article about the lynchings in 2020:

    There has been other highly visible violence against black men and women recently, not including police killings. I believe this is a direct result of the recognition and support Trump has given to white supremacist groups nationwide. BLM is protesting this too, not simply police abuses.

    Note that the three BLM committees described are about education, policing and jobs. Black people are resisting the increases in sanctioned racism coming from our president on down the ladder. And Somerby has the nerve to ask whether perceived racism is real! How much more real does it get than lynching?

    1. anon 1:16 - I looked at the Courier News article. 2 of the incidents were in California, a big state, one in Texas, and 1 I think in New York. The authorities announced that each was a suicide. Some of the families challenged that. There was talk of having independent investigations. The article is from a month and a half ago. Nothing in the article provides any evidence that the KKK was involved in any of these incidents, or that some white persons (or any other color persons) were responsible. There is no evidence other than speculation of foul play. I don't know how you can characterize this article as being about "lynching's in 2020." You don't like how Trump distorts the truth - why is it all right for you? I don't know if there has been any more light shed on these since June 14 - do you?

    2. If authorities wish to cover up such crimes, what else are they going to call them but suicide? No one said the KKK was involved, only that racial animosity was involved. The hanging of someone on a tree has symbolic meaning that is obvious. If the deaths are not investigated, you cannot say that no white person was involved. The deaths occurred in 2020, right after the Floyd killing. I suppose next you will call the death of Ahmaud Arbery, who was hunted down and killed by two white men, a suicide.

      But I don't have to refer to these hangings as evidence that hate crimes are up in the US. There are national statistics showing that. Can't you see that in a heated racial climate, the hanging deaths of black men on trees (whatever the cause of death) is going to instill fear in black people? You can quibble about the details of the reports, a la Somerby, but it doesn't change the reality on the ground, which is that such deaths increase racial tensions and make people both angry and afraid. White people who deny this are living in a false reality. Further, disagreement about the details of a news report is in no way equivalent to the blatant falsehoods that Trump tells.

  11. Laws don't put people behind bars, it's those that choose to break them.

  12. “Was Westlake Corner known for Klan activity in the 1940s? We have no idea.”

    Please refer to my post at 12:40 pm about the Booker T Washington Monument Klan rallies, not in the 1940’s and 1950’s, but the 1960’s, if you have no idea, Blogger Ignoramous, and anyone inclined to believe in Somerby’s good faith efforts at using common sense. I mean, Jaysus, Somerby was willing to find out about a YMCA, but not this?

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