THINGS FALL APART: "Goodbye, Minnesota," top experts glumly add!


The New York Times reports on the threat:
The accolades have come rolling in, hailing us for our prescience.

Modestly, we always try to brush such comments aside. But what can't be ignored is the front-page report in this morning's New York Times—and it reports what we've been telling you in the past few days.

"Good-bye, Wisconsin," top experts have said! Yesterday, we detailed their reasoning, in which they say that looting, rioting and arson may tip the crucial swing-state of Wisconsin into Trump's camp.

This morning, above the fold on page A1, the New York Times is reporting this very problem. In print editions, the report appears beneath these headlines
G.O.P. Warnings of Chaos Resound in Wisconsin
Fires and Looting Push Some in Swing State Closer to Trump
None of this is hard to imagine, but all those jerk-offs out in the streets are tipping some voters towards Trump. Online, the headlines are perhaps even starker:
How Chaos in Kenosha Is Already Swaying Some Voters in Wisconsin
As residents see fires and looting, some worry that local Democratic leaders are failing to keep control of the situation.
In our view, "arson" is a more precise term that "fires." But in their report, Tavernise and Durston speak to various voters in Kenosha who say the chaos there—and the behavior of the Democratic Party—is "currently nudging them toward" a vote for Donald J. Trump.

This front-page report does not involve any "scientific samples" of Wisconsin voters. In a nod to fairness and balance, the report notes that "the situation in Kenosha remains extremely fluid," with "many people in the city enraged about the police shooting of" Jacob Blake.

That said, the report quotes one Democrat after another voicing describing the way the chaos is tilting them over toward Trump. One voter complained about Sunday's astonishing statements by Goivernor Evers—the ridiculous statements we discussed here on Monday. Another voter cited Evers' second in command:
TAVERNISE AND DURSTON (8/27/20): Scott Haight, who was boarding up a line of businesses in a Kenosha strip mall on Tuesday, said he blamed Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes, a Democrat, for what he said was irresponsibly stirring up emotion. (On Monday, Mr. Barnes said the shooting “wasn’t an accident.”)

“It’s like ‘What, are you trying to burn our city down?’” Mr. Haight said.

Mr. Haight, 59, said he was a “lifelong Democrat” but had decided not to vote this year.

“It’s not worth it,” he said. “One’s as bad as the other.”
These are anecdotal reports. But anyone with an ounce of sense would understand that the unchecked looting, rioting and arson might tilt many voters that way.

How bad is the chaos in Kenosha? For ourselves, we can't tell you. We will report a cable TV experience we had two weeks back—and we'll link it to the most recent warning we've received from major experts.

Two weeks back, for a full week, Laura Ingraham aired her "cable news" show from Minneapolis. We rarely watch Ingraham, but on two nights that week, we flipped over to her broadcast as her program was ending.

On each occasion, Ingraham was standing before massive rubble which she said was found on that city's Lake Street.

In truth, it looked like she was broadcasting from Dresden shortly after the war. We were amazed by the amount of destruction appearing behind her.

It occurred to us that we had somehow failed to get the full picture of what had happened to that city during its recent rioting. Was it possible that our own tribe's "cable news" stars and our nation's major newspapers had perhaps tended to disappear the extent of the destruction?

To what extent has Minneapolis (and environs) been destroyed by the rioting and the arson? We'll recommend that you consider this extremely detailed report in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

How much of the city was destroyed? The Star-Trib starts like this:
PENROD, SINNER AND WEBSTER (7/13/20): In the first few days after George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police, rioters tore through dense stretches of Minneapolis, St. Paul and other metro communities in retaliation, causing millions in property damage to more than 1,500 locations.

In their wake, vandals left a trail of smashed doors and windows, covered hundreds of boarded-up businesses with graffiti and set fire to nearly 150 buildings, with dozens burned to the ground. Pharmacies, groceries, liquor stores, tobacco shops and cell phone stores were ransacked, losing thousands of dollars in stolen merchandise. Many were looted repeatedly over consecutive nights.

The full extent of damage to Twin Cities buildings—including residences, churches, non-profits and minority-owned businesses—could take weeks or months to calculate. Already on the ropes from months of lost revenue during a global pandemic, some businesses may never reopen as others are still temporarily or indefinitely closed.

Buildings along a 5-mile stretch of Lake Street in Minneapolis and a 3.5-mile stretch of University Avenue in St. Paul's Midway area experienced some of the heaviest damage.
While this is an incomplete list, here’s a look at some of those hardest-hit areas.

For three consecutive nights starting on Wednesday, May 27, rioters pummeled blocks worth of buildings near the Minneapolis’ Third and Fifth police precincts, inflicting heavy damage.

On Thursday night, protesters torched and heavily vandalized the Third Precinct, and destroyed at least 20 nearby buildings, including several restaurants, an Auto Zone, Minnehaha Lake Wine & Spirits, a U.S. Post Office, a cellphone store and the building that housed Talk Town Diner, El Nuevo Rodeo and others. Midtown Corner, a multi-story affordable housing project that was still under construction, erupted into a towering inferno, burning so hot that it melted siding off a nearby house.

The following night, about three miles west of the Third Precinct, protesters blanketed the area near the Fifth Precinct, heavily damaging at least seven buildings—including a U.S. Post Office, a Wells Fargo branch, a staffing agency and a Subway in a nearby strip mall.
That's just the start of the Star-Tribune report. Apparently, the Dresden on display behind Ingraham was just a small part of the damage.

On the evenings when we flipped over to Ingraham's show, we caught brief glimpses of this massive destruction, which extends through a much wider of the Twin Cities area, according to the Star-Tribune report. We were amazed by the extent of the rubble we saw behind Ingraham on those programs.

We'll leave it to others to investigate the possibility that the Cuomos, the Lemons, the Rachels and the Brians may perhaps have failed to report the extent of this destruction.

One point does strike us as obvious—destruction like this is very likely to tip voters over toward Candidate Trump. Various voters around the country may fail to grasp the extent of the destruction in the Twin Cities. Voters in Minnesota itself are less likely to remain in the dark about what happened there, and about the possible fecklessness of Democratic Party response.

Hillary Clinton barely won Minnesota in 2016. Top major experts are now warning that continued rioting, mixed with pitiful performance by public officials like Evers and Haight, could conceivably tip Wisconsin and Minnesota into the GOP column this year.

For the past few weeks, we've been urging you to watch Tucker Carlson Tonight, though only for the videotape. Last night's program involved more such videotape.

For remarkable tape from Kenosha's Tuesday night chaos, we'll suggest that you click here, then click on these two offerings:
The Daily Caller's Richie McGinniss on chaos in Kenosha, interviewing suspected gunman

Tucker: Lawmakers win when they promise to fix chaos
Remember—you're there for the videotape, not for the interpretations. As part of last night's presentation, you'll see McGinniss attempting to provide first aid to the first person who was shot and killed that night, in the seconds after the shooting.

Worst of all, you'll get to see what Cuomo and Lemon said on CNN in Tuesday night's midnight hour.

Carlson included brief videotape of Cuomo and Lemon. We ourselves marveled at the pair's unvarnished propaganda during last evening's midnight hour, but their performance the previous evening may have been even worse.

These two have become the Daffy and Dilly of robotized "cable news." (What has happened to Cuomo?) During Tuesday evening's midnight hour, they noted the fact that polling is turning against the Democrats when it comes to the rioting and the arson.

According to what they said, the polls are turning against the chaos and the destruction. Pitifully, Lemon said this:
LEMON (8/26/20): I think this is a blind spot for Democrats. I think Democrats are hoping this will go away, and it's not going to go away...

[Biden] has got to address it. He's got to come out and talk about it...He's got to come out and tell people that he's going to deal with the issue of police reform in this country, and that what's happening now is happening on Donald Trump's watch. And when he is the president, Kamala Harris is the vice president, then they will take care of this problem.

But guess what? The rioting has to stop. Chris. As you know and I know, it's showing up in the polling. It's showing up in focus groups. It is the only thing—it is the only thing right now that is sticking.
According to Lewmon, the wholesale destruction has to stop because it's showing up in the polling and in the focus groups.

Maybe he didn't mean it that way. But that's what this corporate clown said.

Carlson aired those comments for his viewers last night. He also aired fresh videotape from Kenosha's chaos.

On MSNBC, the idiots with whom our tribe is saddled are sometimes even worse than Cuomo and Lemon. In the meantime, red tribe voters are being told about our failing tribe's massive dysfunction, and experts say that Donald J. Trump may yet have a chance to win.

Tomorrow: Sources of anger


  1. "According to Lewmon, the wholesale destruction has to stop because it's showing up in the polling and in the focus groups."

    Meh. Three words, dear Bob: ballot-box stuffing.

    That way your liberal-hitlerian cult can keep the riots going AND ignore the polls and focus groups. Everybody wins.

  2. Democrats do denounce the violence. Evers has, Biden has.

    Are Carlson’s viewers being told that?

    No, they are being told that the violence is because of Democrats, or is occurring with the blessing of Democrats.

    This is utter nonsense and propaganda. Will people believe it and vote for Trump? Sure. People believe propaganda, unfortunately.

    Somerby, as a media critic, ought to chastise Carlson for his propaganda, but instead laments how Carlson’s propaganda may be successful.

    What is the point of this utterly obvious observation?

    1. People have a first amendment right to peaceably assemble. So, you can’t take that away (unless you’re the state of Tennessee).

      Sometimes a few people will take advantage of a peaceful protest to riot or commit violent acts. Some of these people have a political ideology (some left, some right), but many do not. Some are just apolitical with a grievance, or they are just criminal opportunists.

      But the Carlson “view” is that the peaceful protesters are responsible for the violent elements that take advantage of the protests to commit violent acts. And, since the BLM activists seem to be left-wing, this automatically gets extended to mean that the entire left, including the Democratic Party, is responsible.

      It makes no logical sense. It is unfair.

      And I have seen plenty of reporting on the rioting in the media.

      So I keep wondering what Somerby’s point here is.

    2. "Democrats do denounce the violence. Evers has, Biden has."

      Your zombie cult VIPs and rank-and-file dembots do denounce "violence", as in "white silence is violence" or some such drivel.

      The actual violence, rioting, looting, and burning they praise as "mostly peaceful protests".

      As described here.

    3. Never hear Carlson chastise all businesspeople when one of them commits a crime. Carlson will never warn them these crimes will lead to a $35/ hour minimum wage.
      Carlson is concern trolling protesters, because the protests are working. Just like Somerby.

    4. Yawn

      Somerby, notorious liberal-hater, is excited about the prospect that protestors might sway votes to Trump, without a shred of evidence. Is Scott Haight really a life long "Democrat"? How gullible is Somerby? Meanwhile evidence shows that the protests are inspiring a large number of new Democratic voters. Cops and Trump supporters can shoot people in cold blooded murder, but "we are no better than them", remember. As Clinton once said, "who is this bitch?"

    5. This is like the NY Times rural diner safaris in 2017, when reporters interviewed Republican operatives and reported their views as if they were the views of "real" Americans.

  3. I disagree that the fires being set by rioters should be called arson. Arson is a serious crime in which people can be killed or seriously injured, often set to collect insurance money or by sexual psychopaths (often teen boys), but arson has a motive and causes far greater damage than the fires occurring during these riots. The 150 fires consist largely of trash cans or dumpsters, occasionally cars, set on fire. They are easily put out. Some are caused by the incendiary devices and tear gas used by police, which are fired indiscriminately into areas where people are congregating. No accelerants are being used. No timers. The scale of the damage is accidental and usually minor. If it weren't the existing fire fighters couldn't handle 150 fires in the same limited time span. So calling this arson would be propaganda, to make the damage sound worse.

    Similarly, the excerpt Somerby quotes refers to destruction as if it meant the same thing as vandalism. It describes broken windows and doors and graffiti. That is damage, certainly, but it is not destruction, a word used to magnify the damage.

    One excerpt says: "Many were looted repeatedly over consecutive nights."

    Were businesses really restocking their shelves in the middle of a riot? I have no doubt that 1500 businesses lost thousands of dollars in stolen merchandise, but saying that it will take weeks to calculate the loss (as if you were starting with 1 and counting up) is ridiculous. It may take weeks for owners to submit the loss estimates to their insurance company, and have clerks calculate the total across all businesses, but that is because of the work and coordination involved, not the amount of the loss. But anything to make this sound bigger and more destructive, because that is how propaganda works.

    I have no doubt that many small businesses will take advantage of the rioting to pocket whatever reimbursement they get from insurance and close their doors. Many businesses are closing without any riots nearby. Because we are in the midst of a fucking covid pandemic and this is a covid riot -- even if the rioters are unaware of why they are committing aimless violence in the streets. And the blame belongs to Donald J. Trump, not Democrats (who didn't start the riots and haven't the power to stop them) and certainly not BLM protesters, who have been protesting since Trayvon Martin died without any massive destruction in the streets. What is different now? COVID, obviously.

    Somerby is a massive asshole to blame liberals when it is so obvious why people are upset these days, and why they are acting out by destroying random property. Who is acting out? The people hardest hit by the pandemic. The people with the least to lose. Cracking down on them will inflict more pain, making the situation worse, not better. Meanwhile instead of calling for relief, Somerby is blaming the press for not using the right adjectives to describe those fires.

    1. One thing to note about businesses restocking, they all use cooperative central planning to maintain their stocks along with their distributors and producers. It is capitalism's dirty little secret.

    2. The basic question TDH is raising here is a good one: Who will be helped by the rioting, Biden and the Dems or Trump and the Repubs?

      My thinking on this is I don’t see how the visuals generated will not be used by Repubs to hurt Dems. But I’m not sure the voters will blame Dem politicians, and at this point, it may have only a minor negative impact on the Dems chances. This election will be a referendum on Trump’s performance.

      A second related question is do the people in charge of “peaceful protests” and the nightly setting of fires and other destructive things like throwing stuff at cops in Portland care at all about elections? The answer to that is a lol no.

    3. " the people in charge of “peaceful protests” and the nightly setting of fires and other destructive things like throwing stuff at cops in Portland care at all about elections? The answer to that is a lol no."

      Leave the mind-reading to deadrat, please.

    4. "I have no doubt that many small businesses..."
      "Who is acting out? The people hardest hit by the pandemic. The people with the least to lose."

      That's not mind reading?

    5. That's my opinion, not @3:43's. It is social science not mind-reading. I am not attributing anything to any individual. Just applying knowledge about what has caused previous riots to the current situation.

    6. @ 4:18 sorry, 3:43 doesn't like people to have opinions about motivations. Since he targeted my opinions and not your's I assumed he was you.

      Since rioters don't leave notes describing their motivation at each burned out building: "this building was burned due to covid" "this building was burned because I have nothing to lose" behind. I think it's legit for us to speculate about why they do what they do and whether or not they care if it affects the election.

    7. But they did leave notes. It is called graffiti.

    8. Leave the mind-reading to deadrat, please.

      I'm trying to read yours. Bad news: it's coming up blank.

  4. Somerby says that these riots are going to cost Democrats votes, then he cites some guy boarding up a business. He then refers to his major experts, without citing any names. Probably as imaginary as his analysts and all those anthropologists.

    Meanwhile, Trump's approval ratings have been dropping with each night of the convention.

    And if Trump gains Minnesota or Wisconsin because of rioting, will that offset his loss of TX, AZ, GA, FL, VA, PA? Does Somerby imagine that any amount of rioting in OR and CA will swing those states over to Trump?

    There have been riots before. There were riots during WWII and yet FDR wasn't put out of office. There were riots after the war and there have been riots in Los Angeles periodically and in most large cities. And yet those cities are still largely run by Democratic Mayors. Democrats understand why people are rioting and they have the guts to try to fix social problems, as they will competently address covid, so the voters don't throw them out. They have a commission investigate the rioting and then they go to work fixing the social problems that led to rioting. That's what will happen. And if WI swings Republican, it is most likely because it was Republican before and has too many Republican voters (especially in Kenosha) to consider it a blue state any more, just as TX is going blue because it has too many Democrats to stay red. Demographic changes are a bitch.

    1. "if Trump gains Minnesota or Wisconsin because of rioting"

      There's no reason not to expect a similar gain among voters with similar concerns in all states. It is worrisome if you're a Dem. MN, WI, PA, FL, were all won by a less than a 2% margin in 2016 and they will like to move in the same direction, to the winning candidate. If Dems lose MN and WI it is highly unlikely they would win FL and PA.

    2. Worry all you want. The Democrats are not sending out the rioters so they cannot call them back in either.

      There is no 3rd party to pull voters away from the Dems, no Bernie encouraging his bros to stay home, blacks are not staying home this time either. Trump is losing key parts of his base. Biden is ahead in both PA and FL and all those other states I listed. You can worry until Nov, as long as you vote for the right person (Hint: not Trump). What is happening in WI is different than what is happening in MN, and both are different than FL (where Hispanics are enchanted that Trump wanted to trade Puerto Rico for Greenland).

      Somerby doesn't know what he is talking about. He still thinks Hillary lost because she was a flawed candidate and he has never admitted that there was Russian interference. He blames Democrats for Comey! Why do you take him so seriously?

    3. 538 Blog has Biden up by double digits and they are giving him a 70% chance of winning MN. Why would Somerby or anyone else be predicting a loss there simply because of BLM protests/riots? Democrats will understand what is going on, and Republicans aren't voting for Biden anyway (except the ones who have come to their senses and understand why he needs to go).

      Somerby is trying to scare Democrats into abandoning BLM and pressuring Biden to drop support for them. Biden needs to hang these riots around Trump's neck, where they belong. 1 million more people filed for unemployment last week. That's why there are riots.

    4. "1 million more people filed for unemployment last week. That's why there are riots..."

      Really? 6 million in one week in March, why no riots anywhere until George Floyd? Are you trying to win the gold for stupidest statement by a TDH-Anon?

    5. It was the protests after George Floyd which caused the cops to riot.

  5. Somerby is presenting articles about property damage because he knows that is what moves Republicans to vote. Not deaths, even of protesters shot point-blank while doing nothing threatening to anyone.

    1. Where are these "non-threatening" protestors who were shot? Video from Kenosha shows rioters attacking an armed teenager who shot them in self-defense.

    2. there are witnesses to Rittenhouse shooting a protester point blank, then he was chased down the street (the part you saw on video) as several protesters tried to take his gun from him. That's when he shot two more people, tried to surrender to police (who ignored him), then escaped home to IL.

      There was no self defense involved.

    3. You mean the guy who chased him through the gas station parking lot, then wrestled with him over the gun and got shot in the head? Watch all the videos, these "protestors" instigated this. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    4. Trolling isn't funny when it is about dead people. Fuck off.

    5. That kid with the assault rifle is now the frontrunner for "Snowflake of the Year", just edging out the St. Louis couple waving their guns around like fools.


    7. First guy shot and killed is, or better said was a registered sex offender, who ironically enough was chasing down a 17 year old. The second guy was a convicted domestic abuser. The third guy was a felon in possession of a firearm. Go figure and I thought these were peaceful protestors!

    8. Note that all these "peaceful protestors" are White.

    9. Rittenhouse is white too. And he was a proven murderer at the time you are claiming he was just defending himself. Fuck off.

    10. "Proven murderer"? Has his case already gone to trial? Based on the video evidence I've seen and the wholesome character and actions of the "peaceful protestors" involved I doubt he will see any time.

    11. People saw him do it. You are watching the wrong video, the one after he shot the protester and ran away, shooting two other people in order to escape.

      You are slandering dead people. That's the kind of ugly people who exist on the right. We have enough trolls here -- go away.

    12. Not a right-wing troll, not even close. Not slandering any of these "peaceful protestors", either, they're a raunchy bunch of anarchists. Gotta go along with Bob on this one, dipshits like you will get Trump re-elected.

    13. "...dipshits like you will get Trump re-elected."

      Relax. Who's going to vote for Trump? The 2016 voters who wanted him to drain the swamp, and aren't at all bigots (per the corporate-owned media)? After seeing the grifters he put in his cabinet? Good luck to Trump finding 61 million new voters to replace the 61 million who obviously aren't bigots, who voted for him in 2016.

  6. One speaker last night, I think it was Trump's daughter-in-law, said that Trump hired women based on how well they could do the job, not for their sex. The quality of the two conventions bears that comment out. Trump's people were a lot more competent than Biden's people in the way they designed and ran their convention.

    1. Spoken like a loyal Trump lackey. But you forgot to mention that he is pardoning Susan B. Anthony against her will.

    2. The RNC has been rightfully mocked for their neofascist convention; that aside, Trump has indeed been known to hire women for sex, apparently he even assaulted and raped a few.

      Why do all Republican adults sound like 12 year old brats? I suspect child abuse.

    3. "a lot more competent", a lot more goebbelsian is more like it. a lot more sinister.

    4. Yes, @2:57 PM, the Rep Convention is a PR effort. That makes it "goebbelsian", if you like. The Dem Convention was a PR effort, too.

      The Republican Convention promises improved education and improved earnings for black Americans. I don't find these outcomes sinister.

    5. "The Republican Convention promises improved education and improved earnings for black Americans."

      Good luck getting a Republican voter to pull the switch for THAT.
      If ever there were a time for David to be correct about anything for the first time in his life, I'm praying for it to be tis time. If Republicans make that the main plank of the re-election campaign, Biden will win in a landslide.

    6. Democrats were saying that the Republicans had no platform, so they cobbled together a list of the things Trump didn't accomplish during the last four years. That should be inspiring.

    7. The Republican Convention promises improved education and improved earnings for black Americans.

      Just as soon as he saves suburban housewives from the invading hordes. And Mexico is going to pay for his wall?

  7. “One’s as bad as the other.” Who could argue this is not the statement of someone who loves bigotry?

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