Possibly well worth watching!


Willie Mays, in the beginning, playing stickball with the kids: The MLB Network posted the video three years ago, on the occasion of his 90th birthday.

Buck O'Neil provided the recollection. 

It was video of the very young Willie Mays, way back in the very beginning, out in the street with the neighborhood kids, then off to the coffee shop.

"They'd knock on my window at 9 o'clock," the subject of the video said: 

Stickball and Ice Cream with Willie Mays 

Such was the headline placed on it. 

"We didn't have any losers," he said. Video evidence offered.

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  1. There are typically not losers in neighborhood kids’ games, with or without Willie.

    It would be interesting to talk about what youth baseball has become. It isn’t as pretty as Somerby’s nostalgia.