CONSENSUS: There's one thing on which we can all agree!

TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2024

We can agree on the lack of consensus: We can't recall why we chose "Consensus" as our focus for the week.

After all, if there's one thing on which we all can agree, we can agree on our lack of consensus!

Then again, consider this:

Last Saturday morning, C-Span's Washington Journal asked the following question:


Is this the most important election? A certain type of consensus emerged as one caller after another agreed that it pretty much is.  It's just that these callers split into angry, disparate camps as to why that is.

Some people called in from Red America. Some people called in from Blue. 

Yesterday morning, we showed you the text of the morning's third call. With apologies, that third call went like this:

DENNIS FROM INDIANA (6/9/24): Yes, it is the most important election in our history because in another four years under Joe Biden, we will not have a republic. 

He's trying to get us in a war with Russia. He's holding back one of our staunchest allies in Israel from finishing a job that is imperative for them to finish. He's destroying our economy. He's letting millions of illegals into this country which are taking the jobs of Americans.

They're talking about this jobs report Friday. What they're not telling you is there are less Americans working in this country today than there were the day that Joe Biden took office. All of the jobs, all of the wealth, he is transferring to the illegals. The man is a pedophile and he needs to be removed from office immediately.

MODERATOR: But Dennis—Dennis, don't we face issues every four years in this country, or continually in this country?

DENNIS FROM INDIANA: Yes, we do. But this man is trying to take away our Second Amendment rights. He and his administration have tried to take away our First Amendment rights by restricting what people can say on social media. 

This man is a danger to this nation. He is senile and he is a moron. 

With apologies, it was 7:09 on a Sunday morning. That was the third phone call.

The caller said we'd lose the republic if President Biden gets re-elected. Over in our own Blue America, it's routinely said that we'll lose our democracy if Candidate Trump wins again.

You'd have to call that a type of consensus—consensus in the form of a type of a dangerous war. 

For the record, large modern nations almost surely can't function this way. Also for the record, the next caller started like this:

MODERATOR (continuing directly from above): That's Dennis in Hudson, Indiana. And this is Gregory, Sherman Oaks, California, Democrat. 

Gregory, good morning to you.

GREGORY IN SHERMAN OAKS (6/9/24): And good morning to you. And this is the most important election at least in six elections...

This caller agreed with the previous caller! He agreed that it's the most important election—unless you count back six.

What was this caller talking about? In our view, there's a lot we all can learn from the subject of his call.

We lost most of the day today. We'll pick up here tomorrow.


  1. One of the candidates in this year's election made a serious attempt to negate the outcome of our last election by sending a mob of his supporters to intimidate Congress and threaten to hang his vice president.

    Of course, that's not proof he'd try to do such things again. Give him another chance, eh?

  2. This reminds me of WWII, when the Nazi's felt Jews were filthy scum, while the allies felt Nazis were filthy scum.
    A true consensus that people are filthy scum.

  3. To start with, stop tormenting leaders of the other tribe just for beating you in an election. Stop inventing fake crimes to go after your political opponents.

    1. This. Black people getting to vote in elections is no longer a crime. The snowflakes are going to have to learn to get over it.


  4. "The caller said we'd lose the republic if President Biden gets re-elected. Over in our own Blue America, it's routinely said that we'll lose our democracy if Candidate Trump wins again."

    If things keep going the way they do, a few months from now big missiles may start flying and then "we" will lose a large chunk of the planet.

    1. Yes, worry about something remote instead of something likely.

    2. What are you talking about? Ukraine? As if Biden is the one to blame for Putin's sick war. Your hero Putin is to blame. And Trump's solution is to give Putin whatever he wants. How has that approach to tyrants worked out historically?

    3. Mike - Trump’s solution was to threaten Putin if Russia invaded Ukraine. It worked. Trump’s policy was a success. Biden’s policy has not been a success.

    4. I don't know what you're talking about. Listen to any credible foreign policy expert and they would laugh at the idea of Trump getting tough with Putin. Trump kissed Putin's ass constantly, to the extent that everyone thought Putin held something over Trump. And Trump has already hinted (and reportedly outright told one of the Eastern European authoritarians) that if he wins, his solution to the war is to end support for Ukraine.

    5. David in Cal,
      You don't threaten people who are blackmailing you. The people who are blackmailing you, threaten you.
      C'mon. This is basic stuff.

  5. Way to quote Dennis (the Republican mentioned before) but not Gregory (who happens to be the Democrat).

    1. How do we know whether Gregory and Dennis have consensus if we are only told what Dennis said?

  6. Bob, instead of just repeating the garbage that people like Dennis spew, how about showing why it's garbage.