BREAKING: Has the federal government stolen and lost some kids?

FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2018

Also, new lessons in loathing:
We'd still like to know why it took so long for journalists to realize what was happening at the border under the "zero tolerance" policy. That said:

Is it possible that the federal government has basically stolen and lost some kids? Is it possible that kids were taken away from their parents in the process of pursuing a misdemeanor, and that some of those kids were then sent somewhere and were, in effect, lost?

We're thinking especially of the misplaced babies and toddlers who can't even state their own names. Is it possible that babies and toddlers have actually been lost? We've seen major news orgs suggesting that this actually may have happened. See, for example, this morning's Washington Post.

Is it possible that this could have happened? Also this:

If something like that has actually happened, so you feel confident that our major news orgs will ever figure that out and clearly report it? For ourselves, we do not.

We continue to be struck by the nation's failure to discuss the possibility that President Trump is mentally ill—insane. As his conduct becomes more disordered, such a discussion is badly needed. But too bad! Back in January, the New York Times said we shouldn't do that and everyone fell into line.

We're increasingly struck by the role that has been played by General Kelly. By now, he has become the three millionth example of a familiar type in the press corps' endless array of childish novels. To wit:

Kelly is the latest fellow hailed by the press as Most Upright Person Now Living who turns out to be anything but. Do they ever make an accurate judgment when they stage their silly Group Character Wars? Do they ever get one of their Inane Group Assessments right?

A final note about what we saw last night watching Maddow:

Last Wednesday night, we liberals got ourselves badly dumbed down when Maddow opened her program with eighteen (18) pointless minutes about Herbert Kalmbach, Nixon's personal lawyer. That was eighteen (18) minutes she could have been talking about something of value, not excluding events at the border.

Instead, we got an endless dose of Retro Schadenfreude involving the jailing of Kalmbach. It felt so good going down!

Last night, Maddow opened with a pledge to wage a hate campaign aimed at HHS Secretary Alex Azar, who apparently attended his college reunion this weekend when he apparently should have been doing something else. First, though, we had to sit through eight (8) minutes about Condi Rice—more specifically, about her alleged misbehavior during Hurricane Katrina.

At one point, Rice apparently bought some shoes! Last night, Maddow blew her first eight minutes on that.

Maddow is a highly developed personal loathing machine. That said, she's amazingly skilled at disguising this impulse through her constant grinning, laughing, mugging, clowning and talking about herself like she's our personal friend. But we've rarely seen anyone spend so much time encouraging us to hate the very bad persons found on The Other Side.

To her credit, she hasn't played the Bentley Telephone Sex Tape lately. That was deeply disordered conduct—by Maddow, not by Bentley.

Last week, it was 18 pointless minutes on Kalmbach. Last night, it was eight wasted minutes on Rice. Around here, Maddow is known as "The Nun" for the way she wishes ill on those whom she opposes.

For the record, that's a reference to East Coast nuns from the middle part of the last century, not to nuns as they exist today. Also, we have to admire Maddow's skill at hiding this disordered impulse.

Eight minutes of hate about Condi Rice for conduct during Katrina! Donald J. Trump may be flatly insane—but we have our own types Over Here!


  1. LORD.

    First Bob convincingly berates a book that, after all, he should complete before even talking about. Then he commits and embarrasing error equal to anything Chozick is likely to match in the remainder of her tome.
    Duh. the problem, BOB, you incredible nincompoop, was that Trump ADMITTED COHEN WAS HANDLING STORMY DANIELS FOR HIM, something he had previously denied. I know this subject makes Bob a little crazy, and Avenatti's seemingly effective on air pursuit of Trump has ruduced Bob to frazzled name calling, but this is just gross incometence on Bob's part. Glad he's big on attorney client privilege, which by the way, does not always protect illegal activity.

    1. Ah, glad somebody bought my Greatest Hits Album!

  2. "We continue to be struck by the nation's failure to discuss the possibility that President Trump is mentally ill—insane."

    Yes, Bob, we agree. We too have discerned that the establishment of the US of A is ripe for political abuse of psychiatry, and we are surprised by its apparent failure to exercise it at the highest level.

    1. People act like they've never seen a grifter before.
      Dear America, you need to get out more.

    2. And DinC's sister's brother's cousin's aunt has a brother whose children are 1/2 black and almost got admitted to Yale, Princeton and Caltech.

  3. Dennis Hof, brothel and strip-club owner, has won the Republican nomination for a seat in the Nevada state assembly -- with Evangelical support.

  4. Donny Deutschwas on the insane Morning Joe calling for what I take as the public ostracizing of Trump voters. I hope that’s all he meant anyway.

    Firings, getting thrown out places of business, I suppose. Maybe a law about wearing the Star of David.., just joking.

    Give them all psychiatric evaluations. The U.S. has never had a chattering class that was so absurd.

  5. Somehow, wondering why the HHS secretary isn't attending to a health and humanitarian crisis that is at least partly within his area of concern instead of attending a school reunion is the same thing as
    "encouraging us to hate the very bad persons found on The Other Side."

    Ok. Sure.

    Azar "skipped out for his college reunion on the day after his agency build a tent city in Texas to house migrant children taken from their parents."

    What a piece of work is Somerby.

  6. Maddow should have called Azar a sociopath, and assured us that it was from pity, and not malice.

  7. Condi Rice apparently bought a pair of shoes? Hmm..... How much can we say Bob cares about the Katrina dead? Well, we can't ever accuse Bob of disguising his personal loathing aspect...... Bob, we must note, spent years berating the Press Corp for speculating on the mental health of our leaders, it was dismissed as junk journalism. Now he demands a national round table on weather Trump is nuts, something most of us could discern back when Bob was working himself into a frazzle over if it was fair to point out when he was lying.

    1. He wasn't frazzled over the fairness of the claim as much as the wisdom its employment. He said thus "you don't have to overstate what you actually know to devastate Donald J. Trump. You don't have to say he has "lied" to challenge the dangerous craziness which is involved in his endless stream of bogus, ridiculous statements." I know you may disagree with that sentiment, 'tis your right. Just wanted to shine a light on your contribution to a long string of soporific commenter misreadings. Bon journee.

    2. 9;43,
      Exactly. Call out Trump as the bigot he is, and move on.

    3. Weak. "Fairness of the claim" was often the very heart of the frazzle. And as time has worn on, Bob has switched to demanding Trump be branded unstable, which at this point might qualify as "The Rosanne Defense" but makes honesty altogether beside the point. Sorry my (accurate) reading makes you drowsy, but defending Bob on this matter suggests a form of sleepwalking.

    4. The claims are sleepy, not the person reading them. Another misreading. Yawn.

    5. Nyt front page: "With President Trump’s approval rating at 90 percent among Republicans, his supporters say they defend him because they feel criticism of him is constantly overblown.
      Their resilience ... could help his party in the November midterms.

      Is Somerby not arguing against overblown criticizing so we can stop losing elections?

      Nevermind, it's all anthropology now. You'll never get it if you haven't gotten it by now.

    6. "resilience" is a funny way to spell "bigotry".

  8. I've been reading Bob since the Gore years, and used to really like him, but he's gone off the deep end.

    Talk about hating the "other", were there a lot of nuns in your childhood that caused you suffering? You talk about yourself all the time by the way, presumably you're trying engage people. And no offense Bob but there are one or two of your blog entries that seem almost as pointless as whether the Bush admin was prepared for Katrina.

    I guess the visual evidence of how much Rachel really does care was too much for you so you loaded up your gun again for her? Sigh.

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