BREAKING: Muslim ban leaves a few billion holes!

TUESDAY, JUNE 26, 2018

Our liberal elites in action:
We lived our whole life without understanding how tribal, and unintelligent, our species actually is.

We actually thought we had an idea. We hadn't seen anything yet!

Watching "liberal cable" in recent weeks, the truth has been hard to miss. Today, we want to warn you that the commander's "Muslim ban" may have a few billions holes.

The corporate actors on liberal cable are talking that "Muslim ban" talk. We checked to see if Trump's newly-approved measure might have missed a Muslim or two.

Sure enough! Among many others, citizens of the countries listed below aren't affected by the ban. A few Muslims may yet sneak through. Numbers are approximate:
Number of Muslims in countries unaffected by "Muslim ban"
Indonesia: 228 million
Pakistan: 198 million
India: 189 million
Banglsdesh: 148.6 million
Nigeria: 95.3 million
Egypt: 87.3 million
Turkey: 79 mllion
Algeria: 40.2 million
Sudan: 39.0 million
Iraq: 38.8 million
Afghanistan: 34.0 million
Morocco: 33.6 million
Saudi Arabia: 31.9 million
Ethiopia: 30 million
Tanzania: 19.4 million
Malaysia: 19.2 million
Mali: 15.7 million
The list continues from there, but perhaps we've established the point. Several of those 1.3 billion Muslims (or so) could still sneak past the ban!

For the record, we're not saying the measure in question was a good idea. We're saying something different:

We're saying the disasters of the past thirty years stem in large part from the sheer haplessness of our own liberal tribe and especially of our liberal "journalistic" elites.

They're yammering all over cable today. In their corporate tribalism, they're a portrait of Trump-related death and destruction to come.

In their loud insistent fatuity, they're a portrait of How Trump Got There. They're a promise of worse things to come.

On the bright side, their ratings are good.


  1. "We lived our whole life without understanding how tribal, and unintelligent, our species actually is."

    Don't despair, Bob, human beings are fine. In general.

    Of course those who turn into lib-zombies are as shitty as you say, and worse. But that's a small minority.

    1. Nothing says "Anti-elite" like gutting the safety net for American citizens, so the corporate elites can get another tax break.
      No worries, those "economically anxious" (and not at all bigoted) Trump voters will not stand for this. LOL


      Number of countries of concern for terrorism unaffected by "travel ban"

      from the State Dept.
      Designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations

      Saudi Arabia
      Palestinian Territories
      Sri Lanka
      etc, there's more

      According to the Cato Institute, not a single American in the US was killed by anyone on Trump's Muslim travel ban; however, 3000 Americans were killed in the US by citizens from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, countries not listed on the ban. Indeed, Cato says:

      "the chance of an American being murdered in a terrorist attack caused by a refugee is 1 in 3.64 billion per year while the chance of being murdered in an attack committed by an illegal immigrant is an astronomical 1 in 10.9 billion per year. By contrast, the chance of being murdered by a tourist on a B visa, the most common tourist visa, is 1 in 3.9 million per year."

      Insight into why there are gaps in the ban, absolving the most dangerous countries to US citizens:

      President Trump's Muslim ban excludes countries linked to his sprawling business empire

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  2. When did liberalism become so attractive to young thugs with authoritarian-daddy issues?

    1. Every accusation is a confession.

    2. When did you fuck up your already wrong troll name "Cecelia" [sic]? Are standards slipping at the St. Petersburg house of flying monkeys? God, you suck.

    3. Typo in the Name/URL thing, but you can call me ma'am or sir.

    4. Oh, look, Einstein...

      Yet another mother who misspelt her daughter's name:

      kate bolduan's daughter: Cecelia Eve Gershenson

      Very humorous to me to see this because my husband nicknamed me Eve very likely before you were hatched.

    5. Don't feel bad. Hillary Clinton's mother misspelled Hilary.

    6. :D

      Male doctors hid the correct spelling from her.

  3. Two liars, back-to back.

  4. And belly to belly.

  5. Also, two gutless worms.

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  8. I'm glad Bob brought his up. I was surprised myself that Iraq wasn't included, for obvious reasons. And Saudi Arabia! Perhaps the one true Caliphate on this Earth, travels to-and-fro, good friends that we are.

    I guess you have to assume that the banned countries are "Shiite," and that those accepted are "Sunni," and therefore aligned with SA, though I'm just speculating.

    Whatever, this is just more political BS from Trump and and the idiots, including the SCOTUS, who use "national security" as an excuse for nearly everything they do, like re-tasking the NOAA(!) with national security. Just as was done with the Coast Guard, though it wasn't Trump that made that particular decision.


    1. Iraq wasn't included because people in Iraq who helped our armed forces would have been prohibited from entering the US, as promised as part of their support for our efforts there. Left behind, they are in jeopardy because of their collaboration with the US, so abandoning them is untenable. We'll never be able to hire translators again anywhere.

  9. Before blaming the media for calling this a "Muslim ban", one should blame the 4 liberals SC Justices for treating it that way. I personally think Trump's ban is pretty useless, but the law clearly gives the President the authority to make this decision. It's troubling to see Trump Derangement Syndrome spread to the Supreme Court.

    BTW a moment's thought shows why the President, rather than the Court, should make this decision. The SC has legal expertise, but they have no particular knowledge or expertise related to the risk from various foreign visitors. In principle, the President does have have access to the relevant information.

    1. You can't discriminate based on religion.
      As for TDS, take it up with the Trump campaign team who reported this:
      "Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on."

      TDS has even infected Trump's campaign team.

    2. David in Cal has posted criticism of Trump here in the past. David in Cal has TDS. Now he's trying to make believe only people who have a problem with Trump's bigotry can have TDS. Just because David embraces Trump's bigotry with all of his heart, he's trying to pass himself off as disease free.
      David in Cal, heal thyself.

    3. Did you read the blog?

    4. David doesn't need to read the blog. He just repeats whatever Hannity says, whether it's relevant to Bob's posting or not.

    5. You can't discriminate based on religion.

      Why not? American Constitutional rights do not apply to people who have no connection with America.

      IMHO a fair reading of the law says that the President CAN discriminate based on religion in the specific situation where he believes a certain group of foreign people would constitute a danger to Americans if they were admitted to this country. Note that that this religious discrimination is not being applied to American citizens nor to American residents.

    6. During the campaign Little Orange Donny the Chickenshit-Coward Traitor's mouth wrote a check his ass couldn't cash.

      “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on......" Decem­ber 7, 2015

      That's what he PROMISED David, you fucking treasonous lying sack of shit bastard.

      So since he got in, he's been twisting and squirming, desperate to come up with something to point to and say he kept his promise. Only of course the Constitution got in his way, so after three cracks at it his watered down fig leaf endowed version of the "Muslim ban" finally makes it to the Supreme Court after every other lower court ruled it unconstitutional.
      And using their stolen 5th vote, of course they gave their thumbs up to Trump's “ample power” to unilaterally "suspend the entry of aliens into the United States"

      David, the fucking traitor, personally thinks the action is pretty "useless". Ah no, David, you treasonous bastard. Little Donny Chickenshit has accomplished his goal of ripping our country apart and getting us all tearing at each other's throats.

      By the way, after 18 months has Little Donny Chickenshit "figure[d] out what the hell is going on.." yet? How's his golf game going?

    7. David,
      We can now call Trump "economically anxious". It's not just an act to play to his base of "economically anxious" morons and cowards.
      Reagan and Bush opened the door to letting "economic anxiousism" back into the body politic, the republican Party welcomed them with open arms, and now we've got a flat-out, no doubt about it "economic anxioust" in the White House.
      In other news, the Left has been correct about the Right all along.

    8. mm - I agree with you that Trump's ban is mostly a way to pretend to fulfill his campaign promise.

    9. The ban is mostly a signal to his racist base, that he's one of them.

  10. "We're going to say to Muslims -- I'm sorry but you can't come in."

    Donald J. Trump

    What part of this does Somerby not understand?

    1. Bob understans it quite well. He's an asshole.

    2. Anon 8:37 -- since Trump's order does NOT prevent Muslims from coming in, why is this quote relevant to his order?

    3. It's not a quote, David. Just the usual goebbelsian dembot bullshit. Google it.

  11. No one could have foreseen Right-wing snowflakes begging for daddy government to protect them.
    JK, anyone paying a modicum of attention saw that coming down Broadway.

  12. Bob would really seem intent on playing the bimbo airhead on this one. As the lower courts found, Trump;s "Travel ban" began as a "Muslim ban" and was therefore unconstitutional. Dumb Blonde Bob knows this as well Whoresuch, and can quite bring himself to acknowledge the opposing argument, as his lizard brain will implode. F-, you hapless Ding Dong, try again tomorrow.

    1. "Travel ban" began as a "Muslim ban" and was therefore unconstitutional," actually, when you research it further, you will see that is a false claim.

    2. Greg, try a little harder would you pal? Bob talks about how unintelligent liberals are and you try to counter him with an idiotic false claim and name calling. You're making us look bad. You're proving him right!

  13. "By blindly accepting the government's misguided invitation to sanction a discriminatory policy motivated by animosity toward a disfavored group, all in the name of a superficial claim of national security, the Court redeploys the same dangerous logic underlying Korematsu and merely replaces one 'gravely wrong' decision with another." --Justice Sonia Sotomayor in her dissent

  14. "Sabraw was responding to the government’s admission that it didn’t know where it had placed all the children who have been separated from their parents, and that it might take a while to figure it all out. Because of this, they asked for more time to reunify them."

    Kevin Drum today talking about the ruling of San Diego judge Dana Sabraw, who says the government must reunite families.

    But Somerby doesn't believe those children are "lost" or "misplaced" despite the government's own admission in these court proceedings. He thinks it is all liberal exaggeration.

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