GAPS AND PLANS: Who will work on behalf of all kids and all schools?


Part 4—A big burlap bag of Joe Crowleys:
Where does talent come from?

In our nation's political history, the question has most often been asked about the rise of Abraham Lincoln. How did a person of his background end up writing the Second Inaugural Address, with its radical refusal to blame The Others for the things we ourselves have done?

Where did that astonishing level of talent come from? We found ourselves asking a similar question as we watched the online campaign ad of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a political statement which is brilliantly written and brilliantly performed.

If you haven't watched the tape, you should watch it today. The two-minute ad starts like this:
OCASIO-CORTEZ: Women like me aren't supposed to run for office.

I wasn't born to a wealthy or powerful family. Mother from Puerto Rico, Dad from the South Bronx. I was born in a place where your zip code determines your destiny.

My name is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I'm an educator, an organizer, a working-class New Yorker.
She's a working-class New Yorker! "We deserve a champion," she dares to say in her ad.

If you haven't watched the ad, we'll strongly suggest that you do. We're omitting the passage which is most brilliantly composed—the poetic passage where Ocasio-Cortez asks, "Who has New York been changing for?"

Instead, we're moving directly to this passage, where she refers to "our schools:"
OCASIO-CORTEZ: It's time to fight for a New York that working families can afford. That's why I'm running for Congress.

This race is about people versus money. We've got people. They've got money.

It's time we acknowledge that not all Democrats are the same, that a Democrat who takes corporate money, profits off foreclosure, doesn't live here, doesn't send his kids to our schools, doesn't drink our water or breathe our air, cannot possibly represent us.
"A New York for the many is possible," the candidate eventually says. "It's time for one of us."

It's hard to deliver a message like that without seeming tribal, divisive. Among her other talents, Ocasio-Cortez has the type of demeanor which permits her to make such statements.

In the passages we've quoted, Ocasio-Cortez is criticizing Joe Crowley, the old-school pol who has represented her district in the House for the past twenty years.

She's saying he isn't one of us, that he's a corporate pol. He doesn't drink our water or breathe our air.

His kids don't go to our schools.

As it turns out, Ocasio-Cortez didn't go to our schools either, at least not during her high school years. The leading authority on her life offers this remarkable capsule of those teenage years:
She attended Yorktown High School [in suburban Westchester County, New York] from 2003 to 2007, and, while there, won second prize in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, with a research project on microbiology. As a result, the Lincoln Laboratory at MIT named a small asteroid after her: 23238 Ocasio-Cortez.
Where does talent come from? In this case, it led to the naming of an asteroid, though admittedly just a small asteroid, not long after the end of talented party's high school years.

(For a fuller account of this matter, see this profile by Daniel Malloy. To see a formal citation of the small asteroid 23238 Ocasio-Cortez, you can just click here.)

You rarely see talent of the type displayed in that two-minute ad. Let's return to the claim that the corporate Democrat, Joe Crowley, "doesn't send his kids to our schools."

The comment made us think of the ugly, horrible editorial in Monday's New York Times. We're inclined to say that the gruesome piece was composed by a big burlap bag of Joe Crowleys—by a burlap bag full or corporate squirrels who don't send their kids to those schools.

They also don't display the slightest interest in what goes on in those schools. The editors only seem to care about New York City's "best schools." They made this announcement in their headline, and in all that followed.

Preening and posing from spots in the Hamptons, the editors pretend to be trying to "desegregate" those "best schools." What this actually means is quickly clear:

They want to kick the Asians kids out. They want to replace the Asian kids with kids who are black and Hispanic.

This isn't the doing, or the fault, of any of those kids! But Mayor de Blasio, who should be ashamed, is currently trying to start a race war. In the process, the mayor is rising to say that his name is Joe Crowley too.

"I am Spartacus," a bunch of people once filmatically said. By way of contrast, the editors have now said that they're Joe Crowley. Their years of entanglement with wealth and fame culture have apparently left them unable to see the ugliness of what they're doing.

The editors want to kick the Asian kids out of those prestigious, high-powered schools. As you watch that two-minute ad, can you picture Ocasio-Cortez adopting some such approach?

For us, that picture doesn't compute at this point. During this longer interview tape, here's the way she describes her district:
OCASIO-CORTEZ: My community is the Bronx, Queens and Rikers Island. Our district is 70 percent people of color, and we've never had a person of color represent us in American history...

We are the first person of color, I believe, to run for the seat, in a district that is so predominantly and heavily immigrant, Hispanic, Latino, Bangladeshi, and so on.

And so, I'm really proud to be in this race, and I'm really proud to be giving people in the Bronx and Queens and Rikers an option where they don't feel like they have to sell out at the ballot box.
Do you get the feeling that this smiling presence would dump the immigrant Bangladeshi kids so other kids could take their seats at our eight "best schools?" Do you get the feeling she'd want to dump the kids who aren't "kids of color?"

Watching that tape, we don't get that impression! But in Monday's ridiculous editorial, a big bag of Crowleys made it clear that that's what they want to do.

Tomorrow, we'll continue our review of Monday's editorial. We'll have to postpone our review of the District 3 "desegregation plan" until the first two days of next week.

For today, we want to contemplate the question which arises from world history. What explains the mystery of talent? We refer to intellectual talent, and to talent of demeanor and outlook.

Lincoln's life has long been used to illustrate an important point—incomprehensible talent can arise anywhere. In this instance, a young person emerged from the Bronx by way of Yorktown High.

She acquired her first asteroid soon after that, then moved to the harder stuff.

Ocasio-Cortez seems to be a person of unusual talent. That said, every kid in New York City has talent and decency too.

People who aren't named Joe Crowley should be looking for real inclusion, and not just in eight schools. They should be looking ways to give all of New York City's kids the most challenging public school experience those many different kids can manage.

People who are named Joe Crowley will adopt a different stance. They'll instinctively focus on the "best schools." It will seem natural to think that The Other Schools don't even exist.

As they focus on the "best schools," they'll want to pretend that they're performing some sort of great work. As they start an ugly race war, they claim that they're pursuing "desegregation."

Ocasio-Cortez sent Crowley packing. Who will rid us pseudo-liberals of this unwise board?

Tomorrow: Decades of ways to pretend

Where does talent come from: We can think of one other time in recent years when we've seen talent like that. We refer to Malala's astounding speech at the U.N. when she turned 16.


  1. It's not enough for the Steve Schmidts and George Wills of the world to intimate that the Left have been correct about the Right-wing all along. They need to say those words outright.

  2. Yeah, the Cortez woman.

    Needless to say: Crowley's demize is well-deserved, and hopefully Pelosi and Schumer follow, real soon.

    Nevertheless. I've read her whole program, and it's all bullshit. Without defeating neoliberal globalization first, her great plans about the minimum wage and 'medicare for all' (it should be medicaid for all, if you ask me) ain't worth shit. So, once again: thank god for The Donald.

  3. "It's time we acknowledge that not all Democrats are the same, that a Democrat who takes corporate money, profits off foreclosure, doesn't live here, doesn't send his kids to our schools, doesn't drink our water or breathe our air, cannot possibly represent us."

    She isn't a Democrat. She is a Socialist. She doesn't belong to the Democratic party. She is a Bernie socialist. Those people attack the Democratic party and they only use its resources when it suits them, working against Democrats at every opportunity.

    I am not a populist. That is a label given to no-nothings who express their discontent by attacking everyone, indiscriminately. Someone like Crowley who has spent a career helping people in his district doesn't deserve to be maligned by someone like Ocasio, a newcomer without any sense of history, and no party allegiance. She doesn't understand how politics works, any more than the rest of Bernie's supporters did, howling when they didn't follow the rules and got burned for it. Howling when people rejected them for legitimate reasons, that the system is rigged.

    Ocasio is, like Obama, portraying herself as a woman of the people, when she has benefitted from considerable privilege. As Somerby notes, Intel science fair winners don't come from nowhere, and Westchester County schools are not New York schools.

    Somerby should be ashamed of himself for pitting Asian students against Hispanic and black students. That kind of race-baiting should be beneath liberals. He blames the NY Times for it, but I have only seen him talking about displaced Asian students, as if education were a zero-sum game in which there is only so much knowledge to go around.

    I grew up in Chicago, where Hispanics were routinely pitted against African Americans by a corrupt Dailey machine. That kind of divide-and-conquer approach only benefits those in power by keeping people quarreling with other powerless factions, instead of uniting to demand change.

    Ocasio's "brilliant" statement is right out of every ethnic politician's playbook. Obama said the same words about being not supposed to be there, being a different kind of candidate, and so on. It is what you say.

    Somerby is clearly enamored of the Bernie rhetoric. He should think about it more. If Ocasio didn't go to NY schools, how is she any different or any better than Crowley? How will she, as a newcomer, wield more power on behalf of her constituents than a member of the leadership in congress? She won't. But Somerby likes her, so that gives her the strength of ten, I suppose.

    1. The Tea Party wanted to be heard by the Republican power structure, so they primaried conservative candidates and executed a coup from within. We now have an ill-timed populist coup being executed by leftist candidates against the Democratic mainstream. This is happening just at the time when we most need to be united against Republican excess. Not only must we fight the Republicans, but an attack on our incumbents from the left.

      Bernie was partially responsible for Clinton's loss. Now Bernie will be partially responsible for Trump's reelection and for the destruction of American freedoms by conservatism. He cannot win and shouldn't win, but by trying, he will be a spoiler again and bring about a longer period of despair for the people he supposedly wishes to help. He cannot win because there is insufficient support for his ideas. Instead he will split our resources and sabotage the left, giving more victories to an undeserving right.

      If that is OK with Somerby, CMike, and others here, continue on your present tack. The rest of us want to focus on stopping Trump instead of undermining the liberal establishment.

    2. He likes her because he hates women.

    3. He hates women because he is still talking about this stuff when we are about to lose Roe v Wade and women's choice.

      Notice that he has talked most about her smile and pleasantness, not her programs and ideas. That's what someone who doesn't like women much tends to do. Heaven forbid she be described in the same terms as a male politician, by something besides her looks (or her science fair project).

    4. Remember your claim that he hates women? He was a while guy blah blah?

    5. He doesn't mention smile or pleasantness though.

    6. "Do you get the feeling that this smiling presence would dump the immigrant "

      "As you watch that two-minute ad, can you picture Ocasio-Cortez adopting some such approach?"

      "Among her other talents, Ocasio-Cortez has the type of demeanor which permits her to make such statements."

    7. Oh. I see. And that indicates he hates women?

      "Heaven forbid she be described in the same terms as a male politician." Like that other other piece of ass, Abraham Lincoln?

    8. Pieces fit together to produce a larger picture.

    9. From my cursory search, I do not see what is so bad about Mr. Crowley. He mainly lost because he was not the right skin color.

      What a victory for MLK. Crowley was judged by the color of his skin.

      The new girl, of Pooerto Rican ancestry said "what we need is medicare for all, free community college, a federal jobs program ..."

      I am fairly certain that Mr. Crowley is NOT the reason that we don't have those things. If she ran on that platform in my district, where our incumbent Democrat lost in 2008 by about 53-46 (while out-performing Obama) she would go down in flames no matter how brilliant her ad was.

    10. When you have someone who is doing valuable service in Congress, an important member of the leadership, the party does not encourage people to run against him in the primaries in his own district. Taking him out like this is wrong and hurts the Democrats in Congress.

      Bernie is an outsider with no party allegiance. He doesn't care whether he hurts Democrats because he considers them part of the problem, part of the rich and powerful he is fighting against -- and he doesn't see degrees, shades of gray. So Ocasio, influenced by Bernie, being a member of the Socialist Democratic Party and not a Democrat, would have no hesitation primarying someone who has served Democrats and constituents well. She may succeed in joining Congress, but she will have trouble enacting any legislation or programs or moving ahead in Congress if she is unwilling to support others.

      I do not believe even Bernie believes in his so-called revolution. I believe he is as narcissistic as Trump and very busy feathering his own nest on the backs of idealistic young people who don't know any better when it comes to politics. That comes close to evil in my book. Those of us who teach young people tend to despise those who take advantage of youth for personal gain. Bernie is scum for doing that.

      Immigrant and African American communities have been especially susceptible to demagogues who have used their enthusiasm to line their own pockets. Ocasio may grow up and join the real world, or she may grow into a user. Remains to be seen what direction she goes. Bernie showed his hand when he didn't help Hillary beat Trump. Now we are all suffering for his hubris.

  4. Bob is guilty of meat crimes.

  5. "Do you get the feeling that this smiling presence would dump the immigrant Bangladeshi kids so other kids could take their seats at our eight "best schools?" Do you get the feeling she'd want to dump the kids who aren't "kids of color?""

    Somerby thinks he can judge from an ad whether or not a person would behave in a particular way in a future situation? By her appearance, her smile? Is this how he decides who to vote for? By canned rhetoric and smiles?

    Somerby, in a very confusing sentence, seems to imply that Asian Americans are not people of color. Surprise, Somerby, but most consider themselves such. Where does this come from? He has just said that Di Blasio wants to dump Asians for Hispanics and black kids.

    Anyone can give lip service to the idea that all kids should be educated to the best of their ability. The challenge is in the implementation. If there are not the resources (or public support) for having more special high schools, what is the best way to allocate those resources? Is it first-come first-served, some kind of lottery, test scores (present system), or scores plus quotas (proposed change)? Should you aim for demographic balance, give affirmative action, limit access to over-represented students, or just close your eyes and let whoever scores highest go?

    These are tough questions that are not solved by smiling or platitudes. Somerby doesn't know what to do, except he opposes whatever the NY Times seems to support. And he thinks a smiling young woman has all the answers, because, why?

    Crowley has no control over NYC schools. Neither will Ocasio -- she didn't run for mayor. The person who did, and was elected, is trying to be fairer to all demographic groups within a very large city. Somerby doesn't like that. Again, why? Because he wants a blue-sky solution instead -- build enough schools so that every child can have one of his very own! And pay for it with some regressive tax. And hang any other the city's other competing problems and demands on resources. See -- these problems are easy to solve!

    Just like a Bernie supporter. Pie in the sky and no answers about how to fund anything or implement anything. Just demands, foot stamping and passion, and sabotage of whatever anyone else wants to do. But hey, she's smiling and attractive and says pretty words, so how can she go wrong?

  6. Now he's comparing her to Malala. Next he'll be suggesting she get a Nobel prize, for winning a primary in a leftist, mostly Hispanic and immigrant district.

  7. Bernie in a better package is "talent."

  8. One paean to Ocasio-Cortez and you'd think she was in a presidential primary.

    The Anons are writing odes to rich New York establishment types who can truly help the party and the little guy.


    1. Well, what did you expect: they're dembots. Brought To You By The DNC.

    2. Russian are in Russia. There's nothing for them to do here.

    3. ...and these aren't the droids we're looking for...

    4. Hey Mao,
      I see Trump has passed a HUGE tax break for the Establishment Elites, while trying to reduce MedicAid payouts, which help those most in need.
      Can you please gaslight me by making believe Trump isn't the best thing to happen to Establishment Elites? Perhaps you can throw in a zombie reference to fool racist Trump voters.

      Thanks in advance.

  9. "Do you get the feeling that this smiling presence would dump the immigrant Bangladeshi kids so other kids could take their seats at our eight "best schools?" Do you get the feeling she'd want to dump the kids who aren't "kids of color?""

    I've spent two hours trying to find where Ocasio-Cortez has actually said anything at all about De Blasio's plan for the specialized high schools. If Somerby knows her position on this, then perhaps he could share that with us.

    Also, I couldn't locate the words "achievement gaps" having ever been uttered by her. Does that mean she doesn't care about them?

    As far as her true views on race, she says, vaguely: "I look forward to working towards a takeback of the House on a strong platform of economic, social, and racial justice for working class New Yorkers & Americans."

    Not exactly sure what she means by racial justice.

    There's also this, in a Times profile of her:
    "Returning to the Bronx after graduation, she began advocating improved childhood education and literacy"

    Other than her call for free higher education and student debt cancellation, I can't find specifics about her advocacy for childhood education.

    Somerby likens Ocasio-Cortez's talent to Malala's. Is he busily creating a new God, the God Ocasio-Cortez?

  10. There is dignity in all work, but teachers are not generally considered working class, because of their education if not their salary. I don't know whether Ocasio was being deceitful in claiming that label or whether she is just ignorant of how such terms have been applied to workers, historically. Teachers are professionals and middle class in terms of income. No one calls them working class. So, was she trying to get actual working class people to identify with her, trying to emphasize that working class people are not all white, or lying? And why did Somerby let that slide?

    Or is Bernie now referring to everyone who works as working class? That would tend to increase both his constituency and focus on the struggle between workers and the owners of corporations, marxist style. And is Ocasio furthering Bernie's agenda in order to shift thinking to the class struggle, or is she ignorant?

  11. I wouldnt feel too safe if I was a 70+ establishment congressperson.

  12. Bob Somerby asks:

    GAPS AND PLANS: Who will work on behalf of all kids and all schools?

    Hopefully, not every Bill and Melinda who comes along.

    [QUOTE] [LA Times June 1, 2016] The Gates Foundation's first significant foray into education reform, in 1999, revolved around Bill Gates' conviction that the big problem with high schools was their size. Students would be better off in smaller schools of no more than 500, he believed. The foundation funded the creation of smaller schools, until its own study found that the size of the school didn't make much difference in student performance. When the foundation moved on, school districts were left with costlier-to-run small schools.

    Then the foundation set its sights on improving teaching, specifically through evaluating and rewarding good teaching.... In 2009, it pledged a gift of up to $100 million to the Hillsborough County, Fla., schools to fund bonuses for high-performing teachers, to revamp teacher evaluations and to fire the lowest-performing 5%.... [T]he Gates Foundation changed its mind about the value of bonuses and stopped short of giving the last $20 million; costs ballooned beyond expectations, the schools were left with too big a tab and the least-experienced teachers still ended up at low-income schools....

    The Gates Foundation strongly supported the proposed Common Core curriculum standards, helping to bankroll not just their development, but the political effort to have them quickly adopted and implemented by states. Here, [Gates Foundation CEO] Desmond-Hellmann wrote in her May letter, the foundation also stumbled. The too-quick introduction of Common Core, and attempts in many states to hold schools and teachers immediately accountable for a very different form of teaching, led to a public backlash.

    "Unfortunately, our foundation underestimated the level of resources and support required for our public education systems to be well-equipped to implement the standards," Desmond-Hellmann wrote....

    "This has been a challenging lesson for us to absorb, but we take it to heart. The mission of improving education in America is both vast and complicated, and the Gates Foundation doesn't have all the answers."

    It was a remarkable admission for a foundation that had often acted as though it did have all the answers....

    [T]he Gates Foundation has spent so much money — more than $3 billion since 1999 — that it took on an unhealthy amount of power in the setting of education policy. Former foundation staff members ended up in high positions in the U.S. Department of Education — and, in the case of John Deasy, at the head of the Los Angeles Unified School District....

    Philanthropists are not generally education experts, and even if they hire scholars and experts, public officials shouldn't be allowing them to set the policy agenda for the nation's public schools. The Gates experience teaches once again that educational silver bullets are in short supply and that some educational trends live only a little longer than mayflies. [END QUOTE]

    1. [QUOTE] [RAND Corp 587 page pdf 06/2018]

      pg iii The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation launched the Intensive Partnerships for Effective Teaching (IP) in the 2009–2010 school year.

      1 After thorough screening, the foundation identified seven IP sites— three school districts and four charter management organizations [the school districts were HCPS {Hillsborough County Public Schools} in Florida, SCS {Shelby County Schools} in Tennessee, and PPS {Pittsburgh Public Schools} in Pennsylvania.

      The CMOs {Charter Management Organizations}, all based in California, were Alliance College-Ready Public Schools, Aspire Public Schools, Green Dot Public Schools, and PUC {Partnerships to Uplift Communities Schools}]— to implement teacher-evaluation systems and related human-relations reforms patterned on a common design over a six-year period.

      2 The foundation also selected the RAND Corporation and its partner, the American Institutes for Research (AIR), to evaluate the IP efforts. The evaluation began in July 2010 and collected data annually for six school years, from 2010–2011 through 2015–2016.

      pg xxxv How much did the sites spend, in terms of both fiscal and human resources, to implement the IP initiative? From 2009 through 2016, total IP spending (i.e., expenditures that could be directly associated with the components of the IP initiative) across the seven sites was $575 million, with per-pupil expenditures ranging from $868 in Green Dot to $3,541 in PPS.

      The largest source of funding for the initiative was the Gates Foundation, which awarded approximately $212 million across the seven sites. Across the sites, the percentage of overall expenditures on the initiative that the foundation funded ranged from 28 percent in Aspire to 53 percent in Green Dot. For HCPS, PPS, Green Dot, and PUC, the largest source of non–Gates Foundation funds was site funds. For SCS, Alliance, and Aspire, federal funding provided the largest source of other funds.

      pg 451 As a whole, did the IP initiative improve student outcomes?

      Both survey responses from teachers and comparative analyses of student outcomes indicate that the initiative did not meet its goal of dramatic improvement in outcomes for LIM [Low-income Minority] students.

      In all the sites, most SLs [School Leaders] thought that the initiative would benefit students in the long run, but they became less likely to think this over time. Teachers in the three districts also became less likely over the course of the initiative to think that the initiative would benefit students in the long run. Teachers in the CMOs were more likely than district teachers to think that the reform would benefit students.

      Our analyses of student test results and graduation rates showed that, six years after the IP initiative began, there is no evidence of widespread positive impact of the initiative on student outcomes.

      In 2014–2015, like in previous years, the estimated impacts in the IP sites were mostly not statistically significant across grades and subjects, although there were significant positive effects for HS ELA [High School English Language Arts] in PPS and the CMOs and significant negative effects in mathematics in grades 3 through 8 in the CMOs.


    2. ...continued

      [QUOTE] pg 502 ...the IP initiative might not have achieved its dramatic goals because improvement on that scale requires attention to a broader set of factors. The initiative was appealing, in part, because of its tight focus on TE [Teacher Effectiveness]. Research that informed the initiative’s design suggested that attention to TE is necessary to improve student outcomes. Although teachers remain the most salient in-school factor in determining student outcomes, and thus improving teaching is a plausible lever for improvement, differences among teachers explain only a small percentage of the variation in student achievement.

      pg 503 Perhaps a near-exclusive focus on TE is insufficient to dramatically improve student outcomes. Many other factors might need to be addressed, ranging from early childhood education to students’ social and emotional competencies, the school learning environment, and family support. We suspect that dramatic improvement in outcomes, particularly for LIM students, will require attention to many of these factors as well. [END QUOTE]

      And to think, Melinda and Bill G. could have learned all of that, and more, just by reading the relevant posts at the Daily Howler, at the low, low cost of a free subscription.

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