Herman Cain is no longer alive!


The Crazy meets The Novelized—The Dumb, The Unfeeling, The Wrong:
Back on June 20, Herman Cain attended Donald J. Trump's indoor rally in Tulsa.

In photographs from the event, Cain was wearing no mask. Neither was anyone else.

Cain was seated cheek-to-jowl with other attendees. Posing for those photographs, he leaned in even closer.

Five weeks later, Cain died of covid-19. There's no way of knowing where or when he became infected, but the most striking part of the story is this:

Thursday night, over a thousand Herman Cains packed the South Lawn of the White House, where they watched Donald J. Trump's robotic convention address.

Granted, this was an outdoor event. That said, the Washington Post described the scene as shown:
NAKAMURA (8/28/20): More than 1,500 supporters poured onto the South Lawn for his formal acceptance speech to cap the Republican National Convention, and most were not wearing masks, even though they were seated closely together in white folding chairs.
Thursday night, Trump supporters sat cheek by jowl for hours. Give them liberty and give them death, the witty Cain might have said.

In recent years, many manifestations within our discourse seem to have come, live and direct, from the realm of The Crazy.

Adherence to QAnon's crazy "theories" would be one such manifestation. Arguably, so would a great deal of conduct in which people seem to accept the notion that covid-19 is, or was, some sort of pipedream or hoax.

More and more, our nation's behavior and belief seem to hail from the realm of The Crazy. But then again, there's also such conduct as this:

Last Thursday afternoon, we sat and watched a pile of behavior which came to us, live and direct, from the realms of The Novelized, The Stupid, The Dumb and The Wrong.

The extremely talented Nicolle Wallace hosted the discussion in question. As always, she was coming to our needy liberal tribe live and direct from earlier efforts to outlaw same-sex marriage and to support continued widespread death in Iraq.

Wallace is a highly skilled salesperson. On this day, she was fronting our blue tribe's latest instant novel—an instant novel which was deeply stupid but deeply pleasing to our own failing tribe.

The instant novel to which we refer contained an array of targets. How deep was the desire to thrill and excite, to frighten and loathe? At one point, a deeply grateful Aisha Mills said this to her multimillionaire corporate host:
"You know, Nicolle, I really appreciate you in the last segment referring to him as an assassin, because that's exactly what he is."
That was just one tiny part of the novel three pundits were building this day. Also, that's the kind of stupid shit which now comes to our failing tribe from people hailed for their unbelievable smarts on websites of upper-end orgs like the Kennedy School.

At any rate, consider:

Aisha Mills appreciated the fact that Wallace had described 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse as "an assassin."

For this pair of tribal ghouls, the instant term "vigilante" was no longer enough! But within our wider American culture, this is the way best-selling novels and most-watched films now tend to be crafted:

We need our villains to be perfect, to be evil all the way down.

Wallace crafted her instant novel with the help of Mills and the Washington Post's Gene Robinson. The description of Rittenhouse as an "assassin" was just one part of the rank stupidity, and tribal ugliness, these three corporate novelists put on display this day.

QAnon adherents come to us from the realm of The Crazy. Increasingly, overpaid sachems within our own tribe come to us from the deeply degraded lands of The Novelized, The Dumb and The Wrong.

Wallace's instant novel was stupid and ugly this day. So was the pleasing tribal war she worked to extend and enhance.

On Monday, we'll start to review the complex process by which police shooting deaths have been reported since early 2012. In our view, it's one of the most intriguing and consequential journalistic events of the past thirty years.

A lot of our nation's public discourse now comes from the realm of The Crazy. On Thursday night, we saw emanations of The Crazy out on the White House lawn.

Presumably, some of those people will soon follow Cain into the land of the dead. According to leading experts on game theory, they should probably vote by mail as soon as they possibly can.

A lot of our nation's public discourse now comes from the realm of The Crazy. A lot more of our failing discourse has come to us from the realm of The Tribal Novel and, alas, from the realm of The Dumb, The Unfeeling, The Wrong.

Monday: Selective reporting, and more


  1. So, you're a loyal mask-wearing zombie-liberal, dear Bob?

    Tsk. It does explain a few things, we must say: your poor brain (what's left of it) appears to be suffering from the lack of oxygen. And, sadly, it's likely to get worse, dear Bob.

    Meanwhile, the Dutch government imforms us that "from a medical perspective there is no proven effectiveness of masks". But that's probably a messgae of WHITE SUPREMACY.

    "QAnon adherents come to us from the realm of The Crazy."

    But didn't you recently inform us yourself, dear Bob, that The Crazy has dissapeared from reported 'QAnon conspiracy theories'? You've forgotten it already? Tsk. Yeah, the lack of oxygen will do it. Sad.

    1. Mao, trump has decided to put the entire blame for the Covid thing on the Chinese (more precisely, the "Communist" Chinese, yet you take not the least offense. Is it possible for to be more of an obsequious sycophant?

    2. Sorry, dear dembot, but if I was "taking offense" (whatever the fuck that means translated to Humyn) at every bullshit psycho-dembot fantasy, I'd have no time to eat or sleep.

    3. ma0 ma0 * ,!, ,!,

    4. This is not accurate. The quote is from a politician, back in July, and not what Dutch health care experts said, which was that they recognized masks can work but that they could be used improperly, and they could give a false sense of security and diminish self distancing, hand washing, and staying at home.

      Since then Holland has had a huge spike in cases.


      In fact, wearing masks in the Netherlands is now mandatory on public transportation and in airports, and they are reevaluating their policy for all public spaces. It may be soon mandatory everywhere.

      The dishonesty among Republicans and their supporters is deathless.

    5. Dishonesty implies intent. in Mao's case I suspect incompetence. But what is it about these guys who post an alleged fact, never cite anything in support, and 99% of the time- its wrong!

    6. "Amsterdam and Rotterdam are stopping an experiment with face masks in busy places at the end of August. Both said that they were halting the experiment ‘as planned’ and will be waiting for the results of investigations to see how effective the measures have been.
      Rotterdam and Amsterdam were given the go-ahead to introduce facemasks in busy areas by the national government early in August as their coronavirus infection numbers spiked, to see what effect they had on distancing and public awareness.

      There has, however, been constant scepticism from the RIVM public health institute about how effective non-medical face masks are in preventing the spread of the coronavirus in real-life situations. The government has instead emphasised the importance of limiting visitors at home and keeping a 1.5m distance."


      "Modification date 08/24/2020 - 10:28

      Under the current rules in the Netherlands, it is not necessary to wear face masks in your own personal time. The basic rules are: stay home and get tested if you have cold symptoms, stay 1.5 metres apart, avoid crowds and follow the hygiene measures."


    7. "Sweden’s top infectious disease expert has resisted recommending face masks for the general population — arguing it’s “very dangerous” if people believe the coverings alone will stop the spread of the coronavirus.

      Anders Tegnell, chief epidemiologist at Sweden’s Public Health Agency, has repeatedly expressed skepticism that face masks will control virus outbreaks, the Financial Times reported.
      Tegnell has argued that evidence about the effectiveness of face mask use was “astonishingly weak.”

      “I’m surprised that we don’t have more or better studies showing what effect masks actually have,” he told the UK Times."


    8. Mao, liebchen, I was making fun of you. (granted, kind of an easy mark).

    9. So again, that any scientist has proven that masks are not effective is absolutely false.

      The issue the Dutch government has with masks is limited to concern it will give a false sense of security and cause people to not follow the guidelines for social distancing, washing hands, and staying at home.

      So what has happened in the wake of mask skepticism? A huge spike in cases.

      Masks are now mandatory in Holland on public transportation and in airports, and the government is now considering making masks mandatory everywhere.

    10. "that any scientist has proven that masks are not effective is absolutely false"

      It's good, then, that no one claimed that, dear oxygen-deprived dembot.

      What was said is that "from a medical perspective there is no proven effectiveness of masks".

  2. 180,000 killed by a hoax.
    Heckuva job Donnie.

  3. "According to leading experts on game theory,"

    As if Somerby knows anything about game theory.

  4. In fairness, Somerby should have quoted Nicolle Wallace's remark including the word assassin, and provided some context for it.

    Somerby has gotten increasingly lazy about providing cites or links for sources, context for his offhand slurs, and background for the unhinged-sounding remarks he just tosses off. He tells us what Aisha Mills said, but not what Nicolle herself said. And he refers to a novel but doesn't tell us what that is either, he just calls it stupid shit.

    Then he complains because Rittenhouse was being called an assassin, on the basis of him being 17 years old (as if 17 year olds cannot be assassins). If Somerby is disputing that characterization, where are his arguments? He just calls it stupid and that isn't a refutation. It is just noise, a complaint without substance.

    1. The burden of proof is on the person making the claim.

    2. That's Somerby.

  5. From the way this essay begins, I expected Somerby to argue that no one can say for sure whether Cain caught the virus at the Trump event or somewhere else, so why blame the lack of masks at Trump's rally.

    Instead, he used the man's death as a hook for his stupid joke about "give them liberty and give them death." Then he says that Republicans need to hurry up and vote, before they die. Head's up -- my husband wanted to vote in the primary so he filled out an absentee ballot, but it was rejected because his handwriting while lying on his back in the hospital, ill and on a respirator didn't match his normal handwriting. Now he is dead and wont' get to vote against Trump, because covid doesn't respect political affiliation and it kills people unfortunate enough to catch it, regardless of party.

    And Somerby illustrates how callousness can afflict both parties too, assuming you believe that Somerby is any kind of liberal (which I do not).

    Soon there will be enough deaths so that everyone will know someone who has died, and perhaps then the covid jokes will be toned down and people will be respectful of the sorrow of others. People would have sat cheek and jowl at my husband's funeral, except I wasn't allowed to hold one, or even to visit him during the last days before he died. Fun times, eh Somerby?

  6. It's been a while, dear Bob, since you informed us about the mortality rates on the island of Taiwan, breakaway Chinese province. Time for an update?

  7. Famed outlaw Bill the Kid killed his first victim at age 18. All you need is a gun and the will to shoot, apparently.

    Here is a definition of assassin: "a murderer of an important person in a surprise attack for political or religious reasons."

    Rittenhouse certainly killed two protesters and injured a third "for political reasons". He brought his gun to the rally at the behest of the Kenosha Militia which issued a call to arms via Facebook. He then shot three unarmed protesters because (1) one threw a plastic bag in his direction, after which (2) another tried to disarm him and prevent him from shooting more people, and (3) another was simply nearby when that happened.

    In other words, he went to the rally with his gun for the purpose of "defending" private property against unarmed protesters who were not menacing him or anyone else. After deliberately (not accidentally) shooting a protester, he shot two more. Note that protesters were not protesting with any expectation that their lives were in danger or that they could be shot by random others at the rally. Hence the "surprise" element.

    I think the word assassin fits his actions well. The only questionable part is that the protesters are not prominent figures, as a head of state would be. But they are certainly protesting for political purposes, which Rittenhouse opposed, based on his affiliation with police organizations.

    So, does Somerby really have a strong basis for calling Nicolle Wallace hysterical and novelizing? I don't think so. Since he doesn't explain his basis for maligning her AT ALL, it is difficult to address his arguments. But he isn't actually trying to argue anything -- he just gets off on calling women names, especially if they are media figures (committing the crime of pursuing a career) or went to elite schools (note the way he calls out The Kennedy School).

    What an asshole Somerby is to quibble over another adjective when three innocent protesters have been shot in cold blood.

    1. The first man killed could be a rioter as well as (or instead of) being a protester. He appeared to be taking part in the violence and destruction being committed there at the time.

      Assassin is an extremely charged and stupid word to describe the kid. It's a totally inaccurate description despite your tortured efforts! ;).

    2. what did he do that was violent or rioting?

      Assassin describes someone who kills another person for political purposes. That is EXACTLY what happened. That kid went there with his gun to swagger and shoot people, because that's what boys do with guns. Those rioters are not targets and they were not attacking boogaloo bois or Kenosha militia (you'd really have to be crazy to do that). You don't get to shoot someone for commiting theft or breaking windows, especially when it is not your property. That kid is a stone cold killer and it is better to find that out when he is 17 and not when he goes into a church and shoots mothers and babies and grandmas during a Sunday service.

      Why are you defending him (or Somerby)? There is no possible excuse for what he did, no matter what the supposed "rioters" were doing. Property crimes are not capital offenses.

    3. Assassin describes someone who kills an important person for political purposes.

      I'm defending the English language madame.

    4. Liberals believe that everyone is important. Conservative think only Trump is important.

      Why are you calling me madame? You have no idea who I am.

    5. I figured you were that female raving lunatic troll who posts nonsensical disquisitions here day in and day out. Is that not you madame?

    6. Assassin is still s stupid description even if it was true liberals believe everyone is important. Liberals believe tens of millions of their fellow citizens are deplorable racists who act only out of hatred.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. Our side's protester-defenders need to be better trained and better armed when trying to disarm their side's heavily armed counter-protesters if we ever hope to win the final body-count in this war.

    9. Anonymouse 5:00pm, if that’s all you were doing then I’ll suggest that her/his response to “madam” helped your point about accuracy in labeling too.

    10. There's a crisis of meaning in the whole country. Our commercialized corporate culture has left us feeling empty. A lack of religion and spirituality has turned people to institutions like political parties and other even more sinister groups to find a sense of place and meaning. And that has had disastrous consequences obviously.

    11. Actually societies with less religiosity are healthier and happier. It is hierarchy that leaves people feeling empty and powerless. People need their basic materials need met - food, shelter, healthcare, education, that will provide a foundation for people to be able to pursue meaning and happiness.

      The first person killed was not involved in any violence or destruction. He saw a Trump nut with a gun, threw a plastic bag at him, and was promptly shot to death.

  8. ...oh, and by the way, dear Bob, speaking of The Crazy, is your mailbox still there?

    We hear that The Dark Lord Putin has very special plans for Bob Somerby's mailbox. Evil plans.

    Be vigilant, please, dear Bob, beware. Beware.

  9. Maybe this is a key distinction, that conservatives think it is OK to take lives in defense of property, because you are what you own (property defines your identity and especially your self worth) whereas liberals value individual life before property and consider each person intrinsically worthy, including poor people, and value property as a means to a comfortable life but nothing more. For conservatives you are what you own. For liberals you are what you do.

    So when a 17 year old shoots a rioter, that rioter matters more than the property he may be destroying and it would not be worth jeopardizing a life to prevent property damage or even destruction. The life (no matter whose) has more value. The 17 year old has done a heinous thing but is redeemable if you take the gun out of his hands and he comes to feel remorse. Conservatives seem to feel that it serves rioters right for being out after curfew and if they are damaging property, they can be shot because they shouldn't have done that. Showing disrespect by protesting is an affront to authority and protesters are not following the dictates of authorities to whatever happens to them, they are fair game because they are not respecting the status of those above them, who order them to go home and stop messing with their stuff.

    I don't see any room for compromise. Somerby seems to think that the word assassin is misplaced because the people who got shot are not important enough to be assassinated. They lack the status to be real targets, so Rittenhouse wasn't an assassin, and besides he is just 17, an unimportant person himself, even though he had the power of life and death in his hands. Note the complete lack of remorse -- he was on the phone bragging about having killed someone. Most cops who shot someone go to therapy, they vomit (a rejection of the event), they are heartsick, even when it is a criminal shot in self defense. Not Rittenhouse. He decided to shoot a few more people.

    Now the right thinks he is someone to applaud while the left is horrified that anyone is lauding a murderer. But Somerby wants to quibble about the word used: assassin. And Somerby thinks Herman Cain's death is something to joke about. I don't see anything about Somerby's reactions to these events that suggests he is liberal and not conservative.

    1. "that rioter matters more than the property he may be destroying"


    2. 4:41 - are you male or female?

    3. 'em liberals have 63 different genders, y'know.

      ...hardly surprising, considering that they are, in fact, shape-shifting alien reptilians.

    4. To many Americans their property/money IS their life. America isn't exactly a kind place to people without it; and since we do have a right to bear arms they will use arms to protect their property/life.

    5. My family and friends are my life, but I agree that capitalism has led us to this dog eat dog, zero sum game society where wealth accumulation is supreme.

    6. Given how many guns are out there and how many poor people, I think the poor have shown amazing restraint in the use of violence to improve their lot in life.

  10. From Political Wire:

    "Mary Trump revealed to MSNBC another set of secretly recorded moments with President Trump’s sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, in which she insults the president and his children.

    Said Barry: “Eric’s become the moron publicly. Ivanka gives a fuck. She’s all about her… She’s a mini Donald, but yet he’s besotted with her. He always has been. She’s always been his favorite.”

    She added: “And then you get Donald who won’t do anything for anybody unless it’s going to inure to his — I mean, he won’t do any — publicly. I mean, if you — anything he did, he says, ‘Look what I’ve done. Aren’t I wonderful?’ And he’s as tight as a duck’s ass. Just like dad was, really.”"

  11. Herman Cain stood up for the freedom of all Americans to go maskless while not social distancing at political rallies. He was a man who was willing to die for that sacred cause.

  12. I was appalled at the lack of masks at Trump's speech. I would not have taken the risk of attending. It seems so obvious that masks are helpful.

  13. Replies
    1. Mao -- Two points

      1. That disclaimer is just legal mumbo jumbo to avoid liability.

      2. The main point of a mask is to protect others, in case the wearer happens to be contagious/

    2. 1. Indeed. And if they have any evidence capable of withstanding legal scrutiny that "masks are helpful" (your words), then, instead of "will not provide any protection", the disclaimer would state something like "this product does not guarantee..."

      2. If you have symptoms, stay home. No question about that. And if you don't have any symptoms, oracles at the WHO proclaim that you aren't contagious.

      Besides, in the asymptomatic case, by what magic would it protect others, if it doesn't protect you?

    3. Ешьте дерьмо, тролль

  14. The Black Lives Matter protesters in Wisconsin and elsewhere are fighting for the right of black men to not be shot by cops no matter what their behavior is when engaging with police. As a white man, I have to admit I’d like to have that right too. But in a country where citizens own 300 million guns, I also have to admit that there’s no way I would ever become a cop under those new rules. We would have to find blacks who would be willing to become cops and let a black suspect go to his car and search for something as he ignores lawful orders at gunpoint in hopes that no crazy of violent behavior results. Hopefully, some of our white-Wokester Anons would also join up under these new rules of policing.

    1. We need fewer cops overall and fewer cops who are incompetent in dealing with the public. A cop that is automatically suspicious and fearful when someone goes to their car is incompetent and dangerous. Cops are ruled by their authoritarian needs, this is disastrous. Many cops are inveterate racists, and they have one of the highest rates of domestic violence, it is crazy but we hire really bad people to be cops. Being a cop is not especially dangerous, very few cops are hurt or killed on the job, it is not even in the top ten most dangerous jobs. Only about 100 cops are killed each year out of 700,000 cops. Meanwhile cops kill over a thousand people and hospitalize over 50,000 people each year. Being killed by a cop is in the top ten causes of death for young black males. Cops act like everyone is guilty of something and likely violently dangerous, but the reality is people are not dangerous, we do not have crazed serial killer terrorists running around all the time. Some large urban areas have been lowering the number of cops over the last decade and at the same time have experienced a drop in crime. We just do not need cops to the crazy over-militarized and over-aggressive degree that we have. BLM is one of the most effective protest movements in history. In my city, cops take up half the city budget, but the mayor just agreed to cut their budget by 10 percent, a good start, we already have one of the safest large cities in the world, cops are unnecessary and a waste of funds. I am grateful to the BLM protestors for what they are accomplishing. If you want to know more about your rights and how horribly aggressive, authoritarian, and incompetent cops are, check out all the audit videos on youtube, and then use that knowledge of your rights when interacting with cops, it helps spread the word to cops that they can not harass us anymore. I really feel bad for low income and black people that suffer daily oppression of harassment from cops.

    2. Second Amendment martyr, Micah X. Johnson, died for the people's right to protect themselves from government tyranny.

      BTW, where's his statue?

    3. "Only about 100 cops are killed each year out of 700,000 cops."

      Only 250 to 300 blacks killed each year by cops out of 40,000,000 blacks. That gets your attention. But the 7,000 black lives snuffed out each year by black murderers, and fact that the black murder rate is 7X higher than the white murder rate does not get your attention. Why not? Why don't those 7,000 black lives matter to you?

      There are about 10,000,000 yearly encounters between police and citizens yet only 1000 are killed by police, and the vast majority of those killed were armed; that seems miraculously low in a country with 300,000,000 guns and 20,000,000 assault rifles.

      These last two stats indicate that police violence is extremely rare, but is obviously easily hyped by anecdotal videos.

    4. "These last two stats indicate that police violence is extremely rare, but is obviously easily hyped by anecdotal videos."

      You cited killings, not "violence". Violence includes all examples of excessive force. I doubt those are rare at all. The so-called "easily hyped" anecdotes include videos of terrified black women and children being made to lie face down in the street over a traffic stop, as happened several weeks ago in CA, with video all over the news. What can excuse that kind of thing?

      Above you characterize BLM as demanding that black men be permitted to behave any way they want during police encounters. That is NOT what BLM is about and is a ridiculous summary of their efforts. The disparity between the way black people are treated and the way white people are treated is what BLM wants to see addressed, but you ignore that and exaggerate the BLM movement into an entirely different claim. I think you are operating in bad faith yourself when you do this.

    5. I don't get what the big deal is. If BLM demands are met, all white people lose is privilege they don't believe in anyway.

    6. Cops put over 50,000 people in the hospital every year.

      There are all kinds of professions that involve way more interactions with the public yet result in zero deaths or hospitalizations.

      Blacks murder at a lower rate than cops.

      We can be concerned both about crime and police brutality.

      Crime is not an institution, the police are.

      The police are over-militarized, over-funded, and overly aggressive. We can easily fix these things.

      Crime's cause is less understood and is difficult to mitigate.

      Callousness is a trait known to Republicans, let's keep it that way.

  15. From Political Wire:

    "Stephanie Winston Wolkoff writes in her new book, Melania and Me, that Melania Trump didn’t want to move to the White House right away in part because she didn’t want to have to use the same shower and toilet as former First Lady Michelle Obama and was waiting for the bathroom to be renovated, Politico reports.

    Another reason previously reported was that Melania delayed her move to the White House to gain leverage for renegotiating her prenuptial agreement with her husband."

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  17. From Daily Kos:

    "Former FBI Assistant Director Frank Figliuzzi appeared on MSNBC with Katy Tur and called out the mislabeling of young white gun touters.


    It was a pleasant surprise as I listened to former FBI official Frank Figliuzzi. The difference in characterization of crime and who commits it skews what criminality looks like demographically.

    "What we're seeing so far is very similar to the process that we see with Islamic violent Jihad radicalization," said former FBI Assistant Director Frank Figliuzzi, "This wanting to belong to a cause greater than yourself, wanting to get affirmation from a group who may not even know who you are or ever met you. And then feeling like you're part of this deployment, this cause. You heard him on the clip you played say, 'It's my job to protect this.' No, it's not your job. But you think it is. And video last night shows him walking around roaming around with the assault rifle not really doing much of protecting anything."

    Figliuzzi made it clear that calling these characters "troubled" is a misnomer.

    "I would assert Katy," Figliuzzi continued. "That it's time we stopped using the word troubled with regard to white young people who act out like this and start thinking about the radicalized term that we used when people of color or people of Islamic faith act out like this. This is a radicalization process that's happening. It happened with the El Paso shooter in Texas. We kept hearing he was troubled. No, he was radicalized. And it's happening online."

  18. A caravan of 600 vehicles full of white men with guns and pepper spray descended on Portland specifically to interfere with the free speech rights of those protesting. One guy pepper-sprayed the wrong person and got shot in the process. This was organized on Facebook too, and the rally was organized in the name of Dear Leader, Donald Trump.

    "Fun fact: Oregon R.S. 166.660 prohibits unlawful paramilitary activity, including assembling with others, bringing firearms intending to employ them unlawfully in a civil disorder. "

    Mr. Rittenhouse got beaten up shortly before his shooting spree, apparently for sucker-punching a girl in the face --yes there is video of him doing it.

    This is alt-right white supremacist domestic terrorism aimed at protesters, not looters and rioters (these white supremacists are cowards and are apparently targeting the peaceful protesters). One of the people shot by Rittenhouse was a volunteer medic.

    1. Rittenhouse seems like a cool guy apart from this mess he got himself in.

  19. Here, dear Bob, please read. This is what it's all about:
    Half-Dozen Democrat Mayors In Minnesota Endorse Trump, Say Biden 'Did Nothing' For Working Class

    ...except what usually matters most for you is whose speech you liked. Tsk. Oh well. Talk about The Crazy...

    1. 6 mayors. Let’s see the statistics and compare them to the amount lost by American farmers requiring massive taxpayer subsidies to keep them whole.

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