We expect to refer you to Tucker Carlson...


...who seems to be out of his mind:
Back in the day, in the comedy context, we would have filed our experience of the past few hours under this award-winning premise:

"Once you start keeping track of your frequent flier miles, you'll never do anything else."

Putting it a different way—we've been trying to return a defective product to Amazon. In certain circumstances, that can be amazingly hard to do.

Once you start trying to do it, all other mental focus inevitably flies away. You will lose track of everything else you've been thinking about.

(In the old days, it was like that with frequent flier miles. The changes in rules were so constant that, once you decided to play that game, you would never do anything else. Or so the premise went.)

Now, regarding Tucker Carlson:

On the one hand, watching his show in recent weeks has involved a frequent descent into something which looks like insanity. There's a huge amount of name-calling and insult, with constant omniscient ascriptions of motive.

The motives are almost always amazingly bad. Democratic politicians want to control you, full stop. That, and only that, explains why they do the various things they do, why they say the things they say.

Or so you're told by Carlson, night after night after night.

Today, through a link from Norm Ornstein's piece at the Atlantic, we finally saw a certain Politico report from July 2.

We'd heard vague references to that report: It says there's a lot of buzz about Tucker running for president in 2024.

People even say that Tucker would be the Republican front-runner! Here's how the essay started:
THOMPSON (7/2/20): Tucker Carlson’s audience is booming—and so is chatter that the popular Fox News host will parlay his TV perch into a run for president in 2024.

Republican strategists, conservative commentators, and former Trump campaign and administration officials are buzzing about Carlson as the next-generation leader of Donald Trump’s movement—with many believing he would be an immediate frontrunner in a Republican primary.
This could explain why Carlson seems so crazy so much of the time.

Most nights when we look in on his show, we keep thinking that he can't possibly be as dumb as he seems to be a great deal of the time. Imaginably, that report could explain why he says a lot of the things he says.

Watching Carlson's show each night is a side trip into the land of the crazy and/or the very dumb. On the brighter side of the equation, you can't be watching Anderson Cooper when you're watching Tucker Carlson!

Also, you'll be exposed to certain things you'd never see on CNN or MSNBC. So it was on Tuesday night, after the most recent videotape of the death of George Floyd became available.

Chris Cuomo had played some of the tape the night before. We thought his performance was utterly heinous. So too for the conduct of his guest, Joey Jackson.

Watching Carlson, we saw very different parts of the newly released videotape. We also heard a lot of nonsense, but some of what we saw and heard that night struck us as quite instructive.

We thought we'd discuss this topic today, but we got dragged away to Brain Drain Land as we tried to return our defective product. Tomorrow, we may try to tell you what we saw. On the other hand, what's the use?

Cooper has become completely unwatchable; Carlson seems to be nuts, or at least is pretending to be. Our warring tribes are both quite mad, but here's the nature of tribal conflict:

Tribes can only see the madness as it exists Over There. The madness within a person's own tribe will typically be invisible.

On Tuesday night, Carlson spoke with an "independent journalist" named Michael Tracey. We were struck by the very vague introduction Tracey received.

Later, as we googled around, the reason may have come clear. On balance, Tracey is a man of the left! We thought his presentation that night was worth reviewing, unless you're completely in love with the current approved tales of our own "liberal" tribe.

Carlson behaves like he's dumb as a rock. The human formerly known as Anderson Cooper disappeared some time ago.

So it goes when the loathing engendered by tribal warfare prevails. Our species' history has commonly run on this rocket fuel, and it runs on this fuel today.

Tomorrow, we'll try to tell you what we saw on Carlson's show Tuesday night. Sadly, though, our attempt to return the defective product hasn't yet been resolved.

Long ago, at a certain point, we stopped keeping track of our flier miles. We realized that, once you start doing that, you will do nothing else...


  1. "Carlson seems to be nuts, or at least is pretending to be."

    I'm disappointed, dear Bob: "nuts", as much as it is a compliment when it's coming from the foaming mouth of a card-carrying liberal, is indeed a very weak commendation.

    What happened to 'racist', 'misogynistic', 'fascist'?

    Why do you have to pick the weakest praise out of your cult's impressive arsenal?

    1. Obviously, Somerby wants to call him nuts so that he can pity him...and keep watching him.

    2. Someone died every minute today from COVID-19.

    3. Yeah, I'm noticing the dembot workforce is getting thinner on the ground here. If it goes any longer, soon we'll have no dembots at all to entertain us. Sad.

    4. Hahahaha. That's funny!! Good one Mao!

      "If it goes any longer, soon we'll have no dembots at all to entertain us." Hahahaha. You're a genius.

    5. If only "All Lives Matter" didn't mean "Shut-up Black People".

    6. It doesn't mean shut up black people. Black people don't riot and protest when black people kill black people on a daily basis, only on the rare occasions when the police are involved. So all black live don't matter in the black community.

    7. 6:10,
      In that same vein, Trump voters didn't make a peep when Trump put Wall Street in charge of the economy, but they sure did make a lot of noise about football QB kneeling to protest police brutality against black people.

      So Trump voters don't care about the "rigged economy", Trump voters care that black people might get equality.

    8. Actually, @6:10, there have been protests in Los Angeles when innocent black bystanders have been killed as a result of gang violence. Mothers of children lost to gang violence are organized and participate in both protests and neighborhood activities to combat gangs. The Los Angeles police work successfully with community activists to reduce such violence. But I understand, if you don't know anything about this, since it doesn't fit into the kind of propaganda you would have seen on Fox News.

  2. “This could explain why Carlson seems so crazy so much of the time.”

    Perhaps this explains Trump as well.

  3. “Later, as we googled around, the reason may have come clear. On balance, Tracey is a man of the left! “

    Excuse me while I doubt that Somerby just now heard of Michael Tracey. He is well known, at least to those who pay attention (apparently, that doesn’t describe Somerby), as a self-described “man of the left!” who, like Glenn Greenwald, makes a habit of being a “Fox liberal”, which quite often means helping Fox News further the anti-liberal stuff that...Tucker Carlson spouts, either because he is crazy, or just crazy like a Fox.

  4. I don't normally watch Anderson Cooper, so I googled some clips from his show and took a look. He seems fine to me. So I don't know what Somerby is talking about when he says that Cooper is unwatchable.

    On the other hand, I find Tucker Carlson unwatchable. I watched a segment in which he began by comparing New York to my half-drunk flashy uncle, always bragging about himself. I don't have an uncle, or anyone in my family, who is like that. Then he said we should care about New York even if we don't like it much. Then he went on to assert that New York made itself a safe city by hiring a lot of cops. (This is not all there is to it, it also made itself so expensive that only wealthy people could live there.) Then he started bashing De Blasio for reversing the strict law and order regime of previous mayors, claiming that he was attacking racism. And so on... a steady stream of dubious information distorted by the conservative worldview. That was, as I said, unwatchable to me, but not to Somerby.

    I now think that this is a litmus test. If you can stand to watch Tucker Carlson for more than the 30 sec it takes to recognize him and switch the channel, you might be a conservative. There is no value to filling your head with what he dishes out, but Somerby prefers him to Anderson Cooper, who still strikes me as an innocuous man saying things we all know about figures such as Trump.

    Somerby says he sees things on Fox that he won't see elsewhere, but he doesn't say how he knows he can trust anything he sees or hears on that network. And I believe Somerby is being infected by the Fox arguments about things such as the existence of racism, men who commit sexual assault, police violence against demonstrators, and so on.

    Somerby is less and less like the old Somerby with each passing year, and his decision to watch Tucker Carlson is about as good an indicator of that as anything he has written here.

    1. Are you sure that you’re not radicalized to hell and back, and less like the old you?

    2. I am not particularly radical, more of an old-style liberal than a progressive, so yes, I am sure that I haven't been radicalized, especially since the TV pundits aren't particularly radical themselves.

      One difference between the right and the left is that the extreme or radical left isn't on TV every night whereas the extreme and radical right is right there in plain view on Fox, OANN, Rush and a whole bunch of others like him.

      I found Bernie and Elizabeth too radical for my taste but Biden is a bit too centrist for me. I liked Hillary fine, but she was considered too tame for a lot of the left.

      So, I can calibrate my beliefs and I know where I stand. If Somerby did the same, he would perhaps be more honest with his readers. Not holding my breath, since I sincerely believe he is being paid by Russia and/or the GOP to write this bullshit every day.

    3. Hey Dixie, I heard the President today telling a crowd that Joe Biden is "against God".

      "No religion, no anything, hurt the Bible, hurt God. He's against God"

      I had been planning to vote for uncle Joe, does that make me "radicalized". I mean, damn, going against God sounds pretty radical.

    4. The problem isn't that you don't know what you believe; it's that much of what you believe you know is nonsense.

    5. “...going against God sounds pretty radical.”

      Put it this way, mm- you put the Portland in blogboard political discussion.

    6. Chicken/ Egg question:
      Are Conservatives so ignorant about life they're racist, or so racist they're ignorant about life?

    7. ...blogboard political discussion.

      Ahh, is that what you think you were doing?

  5. "The human formerly known as Anderson Cooper disappeared some time ago."

    I saw Anderson Cooper interviewed by Stephen Colbert about a month ago. He seemed like a friendly, earnest, likeable person. He talked about his family and his work and the changes wrought by the virus and he seemed like the kind of good, decent person Somerby always admits that people are, before ripping them to shreds.

    Calling Anderson Cooper something less than human (by saying that the human disappeared some time ago) is called dehumanizing him. People are dehumanized so that they can be treated in ways that are unacceptable for human beings. It allows them to be tortured, killed, denied their rights, demeaned, stripped of all respect and courtesy, and treated like animals or objects. Jews were dehumanized in Germany before they were herded into ghettos, robbed of their property, separated from loved ones, shipped in cattle cars to camps, and finally killed in gas chambers. Trump uses dehumanizing language when he talks about immigrants, before throwing them into wire pens, denying them basic care, separating them from their children, then shipping them out of the country (or just holding them forever where they cannot be found by relatives or attorneys who might help them).

    So now Somerby uses this dehumanizing language to talk about Anderson Cooper, who seems like an attractive wealthy guy with a big TV salary, but is also one of the few "out" gay men with a major job on TV. Gay men were also targeted by Hitler and sent to camps. They have been jailed for their sexual orientation, tortured, separated from loved ones, denied basic human rights, and even randomly killed on the street, for being different in their sexual orientation. But Somerby thinks it is OK to use this dehumanizing language to talk about Anderson Cooper. Why? What does it reveal about Somerby's underlying attitudes and beliefs that he does this? Nothing liberal.

    Needless to say, it angers me that Somerby would behave this way and then claim to be a member of "our tribe."

    1. Somerby wants to see Cooper's birth certificate.

  6. "Trump went on an unhinged rant in Ohio and claimed that Joe Biden is going to take away religion and hurt God if he wins."

  7. Anderson Cooper is in no danger of being tortured, killed, and denied his rights. Neither will he be herded into a ghetto, robbed of his property, separated from his loved ones, shipped to a camp, or killed in a gas chamber. He won't be thrown into a wire pen, denied basic care, or be shipped out of the country either.

    And nothing TDH has written has any chance of changing that or even suggests the possibility of that happening. Except of course in your fever dreams. The real world horrors that the persecuted people suffered and suffer still are not to be used for your ignorant and hysterical rhetoric.

    Stop it, please.

    1. Did you expect to be in the position we all find ourselves in with respect to this virus? Things can change. I don't expect Somerby to do anything bad to Anderson Cooper, but if enough people talk that way, it creates a climate in which people like the Nazis can do bad things without good people stopping them.

      You cannot say what might happen to Anderson Cooper in a volatile and essentially unknowable future. Read the book about what was done to Alan Turing not that long ago. Or read about Oscar Wilde's life, and he was upper class. Or read about the people who are being murdered now, for being trans.

      Somerby is an offensive bigot, but there is a real connection between his ignorant babble and what happens to real people in their actual lives. HE needs to stop it, because it is ugly hate speech.

    2. You speak of Anderson Cooper's safety, deadrat, but what about the immigrants, the folks Trump talks about as pestilence? They are in cages with bad things happening to them. Or aren't they as human to you as Anderson Cooper is?

    3. Moving the goalposts.

    4. Are these the same Anonymous Ignoramuses? Doesn't matter:

      First you say that TDH is dehumanizing Anderson Cooper in ways that lead to people being tortured and killed. Then you say that you don't expect TDH to do anything bad to Anderson Cooper. Pick a lane.

      First you point out that Hitler targeted gay men. But you ignore the fact that gay people in this country are protected by civil rights laws courtesy of the Supreme Court (!)

      Turing killed himself in 1954; Wilde finished the prison sentence that broke his health in 1897. Nothing TDH has done or could have done has anything to do with these tragedies. Stop pretending otherwise.

      You talk about Anderson Cooper and then you ask me about immigrants in cages. Trump's treatment of immigrants is a disgrace, a human rights violation that should land him in the Hague, and a permanent stain on our country, but that's on Trump, not TDH.

      It is unseemly for anyone, let alone someone as prejudiced and ignorant as you, to use the misfortunes of real people as grist for your rhetorical mill. Please stop it.

      Or aren't they [immigrants] as human to you as Anderson Cooper is?

      I'm not going to explain that this is a non sequitur. Instead I invite you to go fuck yourself.

    5. No one invited you to attack me. You can back out of any discussion thread you join. I am expressing my opinions, just as you routinely express yours, and I am not going to stop just because you don't like what I am saying.

    6. Was Anderson Cooper a human being before he came out as gay? Inquiring minds want to know what Somerby is saying. Note that Don Lemon, who Somerby also dislikes, is also gay. And so is Rachel Maddow. Is this a pattern or a coincidence?

    7. 944: gambler's fallacy

    8. No one invited you to attack me.

      Again -- and I will say this every time you claim that you, yourself are under attack -- what I criticize is your reflex prejudice against the blogger, your seeming-inability to read for comprehension, and your abyssal ignorance. None of these all-too-human failings is intrinsic, as you can avoid all of them with a little care and intellectual rigor.

      I distinguish you from our Village Idiot, David in Cal. I've concluded from reading his comments over the years that he's incurably stupid. I call him out for what he is and not what he does. He can't change, and I ask people not to post nasty comments to him. Reasonable people don't ascribe agency to idiots. I think you're different.

      There are people whose bodies, welfare, and reputations are harmed by real attacks. Your self-imposed confinement to your fainting couch in a spurious attempt to join them is cringe-worthy.

      You can back out of any discussion thread you join.

      Yes, I can. Just as you can back out of the deep tunnel of ignorance into which you've wedged yourself. So what?

      I am expressing my opinions, just as you routinely express yours,

      Yes, so what?

      and I am not going to stop just because you don't like what I am saying.

      I'm not demanding that you stop. I have no power to enforce such a demand. I'm asking you to stop your unseemly behavior. It's just a request as indicated by the word please.

      And the least that's wrong with your comments is that I don't like them.

  8. Here is the kind of misinformation you will pick up if you watch Fox News:

    "The Black Lives Matter protests that have rocked the country for months, they’ve [conservatives] implied, are deadly: Just look at the federal officer who was murdered during a Black Lives Matter Protest on May 29.

    But the murder of Federal Protective Service Officer Dave Patrick Underwood, who was 53 when he was killed in a drive-by shooting, was not committed by a violent protester or rioter, according to authorities.

    The alleged killer, Steven Carrillo, wrote a reference to the “boogaloo” movement in blood at the scene of his eventual arrest and reportedly voiced support of a libertarian presidential candidate online. But he did not join the Black Lives Matter protest in Oakland on the night of Underwood’s death. "

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