BREAKING: The clock says 4, but it's actually 3!

MONDAY, MARCH 12, 2018

Thanks a lot, Obama:
Early this morning, when we arose, the clock said it was 6 o'clock, but it was really 5.

And not only that! We'd just experienced a 47-hour weekend! One hour had disappeared!

Donald J. Trump inherited this mess. Thanks a lot, Obama!


  1. "Donald J. Trump inherited this mess. Thanks a lot, Obama!"

    True that. If your deity Barry the Hopeless wasn't a useless establishment clown, the equally useless "daylight saving time" would've been eliminated years ago.

    1. If Stalin was still alive, you and your hopeless trolling would have been eliminated years ago, Boris.

    2. Be kind to the troll, we know how his boss treats dissidents, so "Mao" likely has no choice in the matter.

    3. Hey Mao,
      A quick reminder. You are a racist scumbag. Bob's kind of guy.

  2. Why hasn't Trump done something about this?

  3. bye the way mao, stop using black slang (true that). thieving scumbag.

  4. Mao is Trumps clone.
    A liar and a thief.


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