BREAKING: Three cheers for Bernie Sanders and Himes!


Stormy Daniels rejected:
Near the end of last evening's 8 o'clock hour, lusty cheers broke out in the analysts' viewing chambers.

We rushed in to see what had happened—and we had to forgive the young analysts. At the start of an interview with Anderson Cooper, they had seen Bernie Sanders say this:
COOPER (3/7/18): I'm joined now by former 2016 Democratic presidential hopeful, Senator Bernie Sanders. Thanks for being with us.

I do want to ask you one question about this thing. Do you think it would have made any difference had this information about this particular alleged affair [with Stormy Daniels] had come out during the election?

SANDERS: Probably not. And I got to tell you, Anderson, there are enormous problems facing our country.

COOPER: I knew you were going to say this.

SANDERS: That's right.

There are millions of people have no health—you know, people are going crazy with deductibles and co-payments who can't pay high cost of prescription drugs. We haven't dealt with immigration reform and DACA. We've got a gun crisis out there. All over the country people say, "Let's do something," making sure our schools are safe. And what are we talking about over and over again? Stormy Daniels.

Let me respectfully suggest that I do not think Stormy Daniels is one of the major issues facing our country.

COOPER: I knew you were going to answer that but thought I'd ask anyway.
Coop just thought he'd ask.

At any rate, it was hard to fault the analysts for cheering a statement like Sanders'. Citizens, let's take stock:

Based upon all indications, Donald J. Trmp had a consensual relationship with someone in the year 2006. Can you think of any reason why anyone with an ounce of sense would give a flying felafel about that?

That said, the consenting party was a porn star, and she has extremely large breasts! Those opioid addicts can go hang in the yard. We want to talk about this!

Sanders was telling Cooper to take this prurient interest and shove it. A few hours earlier, we'd seen Rep. Himes take a similar approach:
BLITZER (3/7/18): We're joined by Congressman Jim Himes. He's a Democrat. He's a key member of the House Intelligence Committee. Congressman, thanks for joining us.

HIMES: Good evening, Wolf.

BLITZER: Is it plausible that President Trump didn't know about Michael Cohen's $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels or his continued efforts to silence her, most recently with this apparent arbitration last week?

HIMES: Wolf, this is one of those things where we're talking about a Russian attack on our election, our response, and somehow we get dragged into a conversation over whether the president knew that a porn star had reached some sort of settlement.
We thought Himes was very good. A few hours later, Bernie topped him.

That said, all over cable, they were were selling Stormy Daniels last night. More precisely, they were selling the product called Stormy Daniels, and the product called The Chase.

Those are the products these con men sell. After he finished his weekend with Bernie, Cooper teased his upcoming 9 o'clock hour:

"There's much more ahead, including new details about the lawsuit filed on behalf of Stormy Daniels against President Trump."

Yay yay yay yay yay! With a hat tip to Bill Maher, blood rushed to new parts of our pseudolib bodies. We'd be serviced by Cooper all night!

Just for the record: The children were all saying last night that the $130,000 might be a campaign finance violation.

There are such violations in every campaign. They typically lead to nothing beyond a campaign being fined.

Gennifer Flowers played this game first. Prehuman swamp things that we are, we like this game every time!


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  2. "We thought Himes was very good."

    Really? The subject of "a Russian attack on our election" is preferable to that of Stormy Daniels?

    Why would you want to sound like a mccarthyist neocon scumbag, Bob? Or, even worse, a circa 2017-18 establishment Democrat?

    1. More good news from the swamp:
      WASHINGTON — President Trump dined at the ornate Georgetown home of a prominent Washington lawyer on Wednesday night with wealthy donors who are expected to play crucial roles in financing his re-election campaign.

      The dinner was the latest in a series of donor events associated with a pair of independent groups — America First Policies and America First Action — that are aiming to raise $100 million this year, mostly in large donations, to support Mr. Trump’s agenda and the election campaigns of allied congressional candidates.

      Attendees included donors and operatives who are working to raise money for the America First groups, such as the Dallas financial executive Roy W. Bailey and the Oklahoma oil billionaire Harold Hamm, as well as the president’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., according to someone briefed on the list of attendees and published reports.


      The evening also highlights the extent to which Mr. Trump has embraced features of Washington politics that he denounced on the campaign trail. He had pledged to “drain the swamp” of the city’s permanent political class and to forsake the contributions of wealthy donors, who he said had too much power.

      Mr. Deason explained that the groups are careful not to ask for contributions, or to discuss spending strategies, in the presence of administration officials.


    2. Trump is the best thing to happen to the establishment in ages.
      Everyone knows that, including our very own Mao Cheng Ji.

    3. Mao tries to earn his paycheck by defending his boss in St Petersburg

  3. Stormy Daniels doesn't matter but the payoff sure as heck does. If Sanders thinks it doesn't, there is something wrong with his moral compass. And Somerby's.

    Clinton stayed focused on the issues throughout her campaign. Somerby never once praised that or anything about her campaign, which he called flawed and weak. If Somerby had shown more enthusiasm for her when she said the same things as Sanders is now saying, she might have had a chance against Trump's manipulations. But Somerby was being led by the nose by Sanders and the bros with their Russian funding and dirty tricks. Because Somerby cannot tell the difference between a dirty and a clean candidate, despite his scorn for those who are interested in what Daniels means for Trump's integrity.

    Somerby thinks sex doesn't matter. He doesn't understand that sex is part of life, not something dirty that some people do in the bedroom. He thinks Donald's treatment of women is irrelevant, perhaps because he thinks women and their issues don't matter. He probably thinks the way Sanders treated women doesn't matter either.

    I will admit that Somerby is probably a prehumen swamp thing. I don't think the rest of us are, nor do I think Anderson Cooper is when he does his job and asks about the integrity of a candidate.

    Somerby cannot tell the difference between a campaign finance violation and a bribe. That's why he cannot tell the difference between foreign funding of a campaign and a campaign finance violation either. That's why he didn't care when Sanders answered "What does it matter?" when he was asked about Russia's funding of his own campaign.

    What an ass Somerby has turned out to be!

    1. "Clinton stayed focused on the issues throughout her campaign" - Are you f-ing serious? Clinton avoided the issues. Her campaign advertising was focused on personal attacks to the extent that completely dwarfed all other campaigns for the past 50 years - INCLUDING TRUMP'S!

      Even "Clinton-friendly" VOX had to admit: "Study: Hillary Clinton’s TV ads were almost entirely policy-free"

      Also, Bernie si completely right. The RussiaGate hoax is simply not getting any traction among voters; the Stormy Daniels affair is just one more irrelevant tempest in the DC teacup. Look, if you are facing bankruptcy, living in poverty or hovering on the edge of poverty - as OVER HALF of the people in America are doing, then you are not interested in that crap. You want to know how politicians are going to make your life better. And for the vast, vast majority of Americans, they cannot draw a line between impeaching Donald Trump and getting them affordable healthcare or keeping them from falling into destitution. You people are so out of touch it is not just insulting, it is sickening.

    2. Bravo 628.

    3. Half of the world’s population is at or near poverty but the poverty rate in the us is around 12%, down .8% over 2017. You can throw in people who feel like they are struggling but you are playing games with stats to get to 50%. Hillary addressed poverty AND other issues. If you didn’t like her ads, boo hoo, but you don’t spell out policy in 60 sec spots. Her speeches did and got zero press coverage.

    4. Euro Yankee Blog,
      Those hovering on the edge of poverty ignoring Clinton's plans to help them, in exchange for rolling the dice with a grifter, seems to undermine your theory.
      Go with mine. Trump gives them the shot of white supremacy they crave, and which eases the pain of their economic situation.

    5. 12:22

      It's the failure of Clintons Democrats and neoliberalism that did it. Playing the race card only postpones you and a lot of us facing the truth and getting to the business of fixing it. Bad trade deals, big bank bailouts and guaranteed profits for insurance companies but no recovery for average people didn't work out. Playing the race card is just denial .Bad business. Wake up please .

    6. Clinton had the overwhelming support of all Democrats except the Bernie bros and Jill Stein supporters. She had most of the centrist Republicans and NeverTrump Republicans too. She had the endorsement of every newspaper except Sheldon Adelson's LV paper. That makes her the consensus candidate, not a Clinton Democratic candidate or a neoliberal (vaguely defined negative terms that are meaningless when you look at actual issues). @12:22 is talking about the conservatives and Trump supporters who went the other way. I agree that race was important to those voters, but this isn't a matter of opinion. There are stats showing that race swung their votes. Visit 538 blog. It isn't the left playing the race card. It is the right. The left was trying to build a big tent, that Bernie and the bros and Jill Stein's comrades didn't want to enter. Why not? I think their reasons are similar to those of the Trump supporters and have a lot to do with racism and misogyny, cloaked in economic bullshit.

  4. Here's the thing. Men do improper things to women and then cover it up via payoffs and nondisclosure agreements. Daniels is suing Trump over whether he can keep her from telling people about his misbehavior using a nondisclosure agreement.

    This matters to women because such agreements are increasingly becoming conditions of employment. Shouldn't there be consequences when someone in a position of power commits assault against someone less powerful? Shouldn't women have recourse to law when the law is broken and they are harmed?

    Somerby doesn't care about women. He doesn't care what Trump did to women. He thinks our only interest in such things is titillation. He doesn't understand that women aren't turned on by this stuff -- we are sickened by it. If it gives him a thrill, there is something wrong with him.

    Stormy is challenging power via the courts. What she is doing is important. That's why it is news and why Anderson Cooper is right to ask about it.

    Somerby is an ass.

    1. "Somerby is an ass."

      Look who's talkin'

    2. @11:44, if you want to be an ass too, it is OK with me

  5. Maybe Somerby thinks this is irrelevant too:

  6. Is Somerby aware that he is expressing his lack of concern for women and their issues on International Women's Day?

    Somerby clearly thinks about Stormy Daniels as a source of sexual excitement and not as a person with her own concerns and rights. He thinks of her lawsuit as a chance to talk about sex, which is exciting to him (since he is stuck at age 12 psychologically). He ignores the implications of this case which involves buying and selling women's bodies, then covering up that activity with a nondisclosure agreement obtained by paying off the woman involved, thereby depriving her of her right to speak about her own life and what happened to her.

    Trump, like many men, thinks that sex workers are all prostitutes. He divides women into good girls who should be respect (but often are not) and bad girls who are anybody's to claim, especially the alpha males, available for the taking. He thinks that if she is a porn actress, she is automatically also a prostitute and available to him for money, which he offered her without solicitation. He then paid her to keep quiet about the illegal sex, abridging her 1st amendment rights via a nondisclosure agreement which she signed but he did not. She alleges that this makes the contract void. He went to court against her to obtain a restraining order prohibiting her from telling what he did with her. So, this incident hinges not on sex but on legal rights to talk about it. When a woman is a full participant, not an object but a person, she has as much right to speak about what happened as the other participant does. Women are often shamed into silence while men brag about their exploits. Being a sex worker, Daniels doesn't have that inhibition, to Trump's chagrin. She has as much right to speak or not speak about what happened as Trump does.

    So this is about women being treated as people, not objects, and this is not about sex but about equal rights under the law.

    That Somerby cannot see this is very telling. That's why he is an ass.

    1. Dave the Guitar PlayerMarch 8, 2018 at 12:37 PM

      Bob appears to be saying that we should focus on what Trump is doing (or not doing), rather than what he did. Nothing Bob or Cooper or Sanders or you say about this case will (or should) affect the outcome. Trump and his supporters are not going to suddenly change their plans for DACA if Daniels gets to tell her story. The Republicans plan for the economy and the environment are not going to be affected. Unless you think that somehow all of this will lead to a big change of heart by the Republicans or somehow bring down the whole Administration (Pence included), then this is not a big deal politically. Why not focus instead on what can be done?

    2. Because DACA is important, nothing else can be important too?

    3. @Dave: Bob "appears to be saying".. yeah, his writing is quite often unclear, so that you can't say definitively what he's actually saying. And what is the cutoff for what Trump "did" as opposed to what he "is doing?" If he committed a crime during the election, and continues by obstructing justice now, why should we simply ignore it?
      And it's just like Somerby to act as if the only story that is ever discussed is the most current one. DACA has been discussed, gun laws (remember how Bob criticized the coverage of that?), tariffs, you name it. This is a current story, and deserves some discussion.

    4. Dave: credit where credit's due.

    5. Trump spent $130,000 to keep someone silent because he thought their speaking up would affect his opportunity to win the election. As Dave pointed out, it doesn't matter at all.

      Donald J. Trump: Worst businessperson ever!

  7. Trump proudly trumpeted his affairs with women for decades. Then suddenly, just before the election, he decides to shut one of his mistresses up. Why? As another way of conning his followers, pretending this didn't happen? To hide evidence of something even more disturbing? It's Trump's MO. Do something crooked, unethical, or slimy, then use his money and his lawyers to sweep it all under the rug. The exposing of this is an embarrassment to Trump, and he richly deserves it. His followers, particularly the evangelical ones, need to be shown what kind of person they elected. I say Go Stormy!

    And really...comparing this to the Gennifer Flowers story...are you crazy, Bob?

    1. Evangelical christianity is about bigotry PERIOD

  8. Sex gets ratings. Serious policy issues do not.

    1. This story isn't just about sex. It's about Trump's corruption.

  9. It is part of the history of the left and its uneasy relationship with the women's movement that women's issues always take back seat to "real" issues (serious policy issues) that are much more important, at least to the male leadership of our movement.

    Cooper says: "I do want to ask you one question about this thing. Do you think it would have made any difference had this information about this particular alleged affair [with Stormy Daniels] had come out during the election?

    SANDERS: Probably not. And I got to tell you, Anderson, there are enormous problems facing our country...There are millions of people have no health—you know, people are going crazy with deductibles and co-payments who can't pay high cost of prescription drugs. We haven't dealt with immigration reform and DACA. We've got a gun crisis out there. All over the country people say, "Let's do something," making sure our schools are safe. And what are we talking about over and over again? Stormy Daniels.

    Let me respectfully suggest that I do not think Stormy Daniels is one of the major issues facing our country."

    This is what happens. Reproductive health issues get back-burnered or traded off against other issues supposedly more important. Equal pay is not important enough to fight for. And so on. Now this issue, which is important to many women, is considered too trivial to concern a big man like Bernie, when there are so many more important things to talk about.

    On International Women's Day, what is more important to talk about? Men's health. Men's pay. Because men's issues are considered to be women's issues too, but women's issues are only of interest to women and do not concern men like Bernie and Bob. Because Bernie can talk about health but never about reproductive health. And Bernie can talk about economic equality, as long as it is not economic parity between women and men. And Bernie will never tell his bros to stop their sexist treatment of Hillary, because he doesn't think women's issues matter in politics, and all's fair as long as he wins, because the system is rigged against him, despite his membership in the he-man woman hater's club, so he can do what he wants to the girl who shouldn't be in the race against him.

    That's why Bernie and Bob are asses.

  10. "With a hat tip to Bill Maher"

    Umm, Bob, have you checked out Bill Maher's Twitter feed lately?

    "Donald Trump, only man ever to pay a porn star to keep her mouth shut. ‪#StormyDaniels‬ ‪#ShitholePresident‬"
    (Jan 20)

    "Trumps wall is kind of more valuable to him as an idea than a reality. Like his marriage. ‪#Stormy‬ ‪#Evangelicals‬ ‪#Mulligan‬ "
    (Jan 27)

    "Being that Donald Trump is so in the doghouse with his wife. We suggested a few cards to help him make up with Melania. ‪#FreeMelania‬ ‪#StormyDaniels‬ "
    (Feb 5 - you have to look at the photo accompanying the tweet)

    That's not to mention tweets like this:

    "It is ironic that Trump was so dependent on Hope Hicks because his whole presidency was about giving hicks hope. ‪#FatNixon‬ ‪#TrumpCrimeFamily‬ " (mar 3)

    "Trump said, ‘So many signs that the Florida shooter was mentally disturbed.’ Yes, we saw. He was wearing your ‘Make America Great Again’ hat. ‪#GunReformNOW‬ "
    (Feb 17)

    "Dear ‪#Trumpsters‬: Everything that wall represents – the bigotry, the racism, the ignorance, the paranoia is already in your heart. The wall has been inside you the whole time. "
    (feb 3)

    ...and on and on.

    Guess Somerby forgot to call out Bill for the way he talks to The Others.

  11. Can we please please please please get back to talking about the Shape of Water and how it shows how liberals like to create monsters of conservatives and thus proves libs' degeneracy? That's good for at least another dozen posts.

  12. Dear Bernie: Stormy Daniels isn't the issue. The story is about the president being implicated in a possible crime. You can kindly shut the fuck up now.

    1. The Resistance, it features quite the collection of wordsmiths. In their own minds they're our intellectual elite- just ask 'em.

    2. Who is "our", CMike? Who are you addressing? You, Mao and DinC? That is quite a coalition you're building - Bernie Burnouts, neo-fascist anarchists, and washed out John Birchers. Good luck with your revolution.

    3. "In their own minds they're our intellectual elite- just ask 'em."

      Now we have our own resident mind reader.

      Write, but watch how you do it, because someone might accuse you of thinking you are elite and all the animals in the barnyard must either be equal or pretend to be equal, except dear leader Bernie. This explains why CMike never uses his own words but only quotes others. Mustn't be eloquent, mustn't show ego by saying "I I I" like Maddow does, must avoid sounding remotely elite because people will accuse you of having too much linguistic self-esteem.

      The best way to avoid being accused of a thought crime is just to play dumb.

    4. 10:25 AM, I've read a number of your repetitive, whiny yet, at the same time, self-satisfied comments. Start showing some self-awareness and post less.

    5. Mm asks, "Who are you addressing? In that instance I was addressing you. I'll start dumbing it down in the future so you can follow along.

    6. Let me help you out here, CMike. You wrote,

      ...our intellectual elite....

      When you wrote "our" in that sad sentence fragment, it is plainly obvious you were not addressing me. You were talking to your comrades. I was just curious who they were.

    7. Took you 3.5 hours to come up with that, CMike?


  13. Riverside ResidentMarch 8, 2018 at 1:46 PM

    Does it bother anyone else that Somerby is abusing his interns by chaining them to their beds? Is this really something to joke about?

  14. "Yay yay yay yay yay!"

    Yeah, I'm cheering. But not for the reasons Somerby derisively ascribes to liberals. I'm cheering that the truth will come out, and the truth will make you free. Otherwise, no one is happy about any of this. Having a corrupt, immoral unfit narcissist as president* is deeply troubling.

    Keep clowning though, Bob. It's what you do.

  15. There are more important issues than this sec stuff, I tell you. More important!

    And when they are discussed, Somerby ignores them. He seems drawn to the "prurient" stuff himself. How many posts did he do examining the dating habits of older men with teenaged girls? Judging from the subject matter of The Howler, you'd never suspect much else was being discussed by the news media.