EVEN ON MATTERS OF RACE: Extraterrestrials school us on race!


Part 1—They wonder if anything matters:
As is true on so many Saturday mornings, last Saturday morning was a morning when The Crazy continued.

Donald J. Trump was sounding off about Amazon's alleged depredations. He made a bunch of inaccurate statements, continuing a diatribe he'd started two days before.

The very next day, on Sunday morning, he offered wild tweets about DACA and NAFTA and such. Donald J. Trump was advancing The Crazy. "Is it possible that he's 'mentally ill?' " one bright analyst asked.

"Shhhh! We aren't supposed to discuss that question," her carrel-mates quickly advised her.

Donald J. Trump has been advancing The Crazy again. That said, silly, absurd, inane diatribe has been the norm in American discourse for at least three decades now.

To what extent have we all been immersed in what we've described as "Trump before Trump?" For a quick overview, consider:

By the early 1990s, a major American clergyman was selling a video about the many murders committed by Bill and Hillary Clinton. This destructive behavior produced little pushback from the mainstream or liberal worlds.

(This very morning, Jon Meacham was seen complaining, on Morning Joe, about Trump's remarks this weekend. Several analysts sadly asked, "What was he saying back then?")

Knowledge of the Clintons' murders managed to spread rather widely. The system-wide lunacy has proceeded steadily downward from there, with various elements of the society taking part in the emerging culture of lunatic tribal claimage.


In March 1999, three weeks after Clinton's impeachment trial ended, the mainstream press corps—not the right-wing noise machine—began the rolling lunatic diatribe which eventually sent George W. Bush to the White House. The culture of widespread ludicrous assertion was already firmly in place.

Barely two years after Bush's inauguration, we were at war in Iraq. In the fall of 2002, star liberal journalists has savaged the vile former Candidate Gore for the speech in which he warned that we shouldn't go there.

(Don't listen to what this vile man says, star journalist Frank Rich advised. He kept this up until Gore won the Nobel peace prize, at which time he executed an instant perfect flip. To the somnolent liberal world, this apparently seemed to make sense.)

As the years went by, this culture of lunacy grew. In 2011, Trump began to fashion himself as king of American birthers. One day after he was elected president, we American liberals—feeling that we'd spotted a problem—launched the "resistance" we've frequently used as a means of praising our hapless selves.

Our failing society is deeply sunk in the culture of crazy claimage. If it feels good, thought leaders say it! So it was that Amy Sullivan started yesterday's front-page piece in the New York Times' Sunday Review with this embarrassing passage:
SULLIVAN (4/1/18): Now that Stormy Daniels has confirmed on national television that Donald Trump initiated sex with her just months after his third wife gave birth to their child, at least half the country is asking: Surely this is a porn star too far for white evangelical Christians, right?

Serving the tribe in thought, word and deed, Sullivan turned an allegation into a "confirmation." But then, it's been widely done.

Stating the obvious, Sullivan doesn't know if Trump and "Daniels" ever engaged in sex at all. She certainly doesn't know who might have "initiated" such exciting activity.

"Stormy Daniels" saying it doesn't make it true! But as the culture has devolved, even the most basic logical blocking and tackling has disappeared from upper-end journalism.

Faithful servants of the tribe keep turning Clifford's allegations or claims into "revelations" or "confirmations." We seem unable to observe even the simplest distinctions of logic and language—distinctions which are lodged in the languages our forebears somehow managed to develop over these trillions of years, despite their lack of cable news.

Our journalistic culture has been openly crazy for decades, but few of our professors or journalists have noticed. Over the past three or four decades, this emerging culture has involved crazy claims about targeted individuals, as well as crazy claims about every major policy matter our thought leaders find ways to avoid discussing, as is their Trumptastic wont.

Increasingly, leading anthropologists refer to this type of collapsed upper-end culture as an idiocracy. Flashing a bit of erudition, Andrew Sullivan (no relation) recently cited Plato's view on the matter, saying we're living in "a late-stage democracy" which threatens to "morph into tyranny."

(For Andrew Sullivan's subsequent hard-copy essay, you can just click here.)

Which philosophical framework do you prefer—that of Plato or that of Judge? For ourselves, we can teach it flat or round. We think it's correct either way.

Last Saturday morning, Donald J. Trump was pushing this culture forward. Having said that, we have to add this:

So was Kirsten West Savali on C-Span's Washington Journal.

Savali is an associate editor and senior writer at The Root, an online magazine. Originally, The Root was part of the Washington Post media empire. In 2015, it was sold to a holding of Univision and relaunched last year under a post-Gawker platform, according to the leading authority on its peregrinations through the corporate money-making world.

Savali appeared on Washington Journal to discuss the topic of "Race and Police Shootings." Later that evening, ambassadors from other galaxies insisted that her presentation, like so many others before it, "suggests that [our] society has gone a very long way down a very deep rabbit hole."

(Their hair was perfect.)

During her 35-minute C-Span appearance, Savali made an array of infelicitous claims about the topic at hand. Her various statements probably would have seemed odd, if not for the emergent culture we've described above.

As for the visitors of whom we speak, we'll offer these few words to establish some basic context:

They told us a long, remarkable story concerning their presence here. Among other revelations, they told us that the sightings Kevin Drum has been reporting have resulted when they leave our sprawling campus through a favorite wormhole.

Importantly, they also told us this:

Earthlings have sometimes imagined that advanced life-forms have been coming here to save us from various types of annihilation. "Amy Adama? She's one of ours," these unusual experts alleged, seeming to boast a bit.

In fact, these night visitors said, they've been sent to protect us from our downward tribal spiral. "Even when it comes to matters of so-called 'race,' you seem to have lost the ability to avoid this reflexive bullshit," these unusual visitors said.

"You're reaching the point where nothing matters to you except tribe," these thoughtful ambassadors said.

Over the weekend, they were triggered by Savali's appearance. They felt it was time to reveal their presence, to articulate their observations.

"For obvious reasons, so-called race is a matter of high emotion within your world," these thoughtful travelers said. "Because we come from the far side of [NAME WITHHELD], these are less emotional matters for us."

They gave us permission to pass on their other-worldly views. We'll be doing so all week.

They said they've seen it a million times if they've seen it once. All over the cosmos and what's beyond, tribal politics devolves into this.

"At this point, you can't even play it straight concerning race," these night visitors said. "Forget about Mr. Trump's nuclear war. This could lead to the end of your civilization too."

Those were some of the things they said. We decided to listen.

Tomorrow: "When we speak about black men, we cannot forget black women, particularly when we talk about unarmed encounters with police departments. Sixty percent of, according to a new study from Fatal Interactions with Police that came out of Washington State, shows that 60% of black women are unarmed and fatally shot by police officers.


"But again, as I mentioned earlier, 60% of encounters with police officers which are unarmed, in the black community, the victims are black women."

As heard on Washington Journal!
Here's the question the Martians asked:

How is this not like Trump?


  1. In this article, Amy Sullivan is unwilling to say that the (alleged) sex was wrong or even noteworthy. Nor does she quote others who think it was wrong or noteworthy. Instead, she mentions a group of people who, in Sullivan's opinion ought to have thought it was wrong. This is weak justification for continuing to report on this issue.

    1. What sex is that, traitor? Sex between Donald J. Trump, a.k.a David Dennison and a porn star?

    2. Look who's talking about weak justification?


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  2. You want to give Amy Sullivan shit for figuring out the religion of Evangelical Christians" is bigotry?
    Whatever happened to the saying "Better late than never"?

  3. Regarding DACA, Trump tweeted

    Border Patrol Agents are not allowed to properly do their job at the Border because of ridiculous liberal (Democrat) laws like Catch & Release. Getting more dangerous. “Caravans” coming. Republicans must go to Nuclear Option to pass tough laws NOW. NO MORE DACA DEAL!


    Mexico is doing very little, if not NOTHING, at stopping people from flowing into Mexico through their Southern Border, and then into the U.S. They laugh at our dumb immigration laws. They must stop the big drug and people flows, or I will stop their cash cow, NAFTA. NEED WALL!

    I don't see where these tweets are crazy. On the contrary, these brief tweets contain a substantial number of cogent points, whether or not you agree with all of them.

    In particular, Trump is anything but crazy by looking ahead and calling attention to the "‘caravans’ of Central American migrants'. They will be a big problem for the US when they reach our southern border.


    1. My Dude! Did you read the article? It discusses why Trump’s tweets are crazy, including his claim that people in the caravan will take advantage of DACA, a program he himself ended last year! Does Trump not remember ending the the program?


    2. Fair point, hardindr. I hadn't read the WaPo article. I just read it.

      I find more to disagree with in that article than in Trump's tweets. However, I won't call the writer of that WaPo article "crazy" just because I disagree with many of his/her points and arguments.

    3. "Standard issue, run-of-the-mill, bigoted Conservative, hits the mark way better than "crazy", IMHO.

    4. Trump hired his personal physician, a man with zero management experience, to run a VA with over 360,000 employees. He's not crazy. He's a moron.

    5. How's your portfolio doing, traitor David?

    6. Trump is a fucking moron.
      (Hat tip to Former Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, for the quote.)

    7. hardindr - BTW it's appropriate for an opinion journal like Mother Jones to marshal arguments trying to show that there's something wrong with Trump's tweets. But, this sort of commentary is inappropriate in a mainstream media news article. The mainstream media have thrown traditional standards out the window, when it comes to criticizing Trump.

    8. @David: "this sort of commentary is inappropriate in a mainstream media news article." There's a difference between commentary and fact-checking. After reading TDH for so long, isn't it clear that Bob has supported this kind of thing, i.e. keeping the public informed, rather than mindlessly repeating Trump's claims?

    9. Here's your problem, traitor DinC. You at taking this journalism literally, not seriously. As you fucking treasonous bastards are so well aware, that is so 2016, you know, shithead?

      You really are a laugh a minute, traitor DinC. Standards? bwahahahaha, you have no fucking ground to be criticizing the standards of anyone else. You voted for a degenerate abomination lying sack of shit flim flam fraud and racist prick, who has proceeded to erase for all time all standards of decency.

      You have forfeited your right to complain,

      For all eternity.

    10. Thanks for asking, mm. Down 1.5% today. Up 4.0% YTD. Luckily I outperformed the market in this period.

    11. Clearly, every dog has its day, asshole.

    12. D in C, it's not just the 'main stream media' that is so critical of our POTUS - myriads of Republicans are revolted by him, loads of conservative pundits. One example, David Frum. What's your reaction to Frum? Trump has violated so many norms, any one with a stake in the success of the country has to feel very queasy, though for some reason you feel compelled to defend him. The right wing sites were more brutal toward Obama than WaPo or the Times is to our current leader, and far more unfair -

    13. AC/MA - Frum and the rest of the "Never-Trumpers" mystify me. They acknowledge that Trump actions are substantially in line with their political philosophy. (His tariffs are not, but the Never-Trumpers were opposing Trump long before the current tariffs.) But, they continue to oppose him.

      Many criticisms of Trump are fair. I defend him against the ones that I consider unfair. E.g., his actions show that he's highly supportive of Jews and Israel and is a long-time supporter of gay marriage. Yet, ignorant people continue to accuse him of being anti-Semitic or homophobic. A lifetime of achievements show him to be not stupid or insane, but rather pretty darn effective.

    14. Combining strawmen and lies. The consummate trumpanzie - David in Cal.

    15. Trump hates Jews. Trump is a failure at everything he attempts.

    16. AnonymousApril 2, 2018 at 1:43 PM wrote: Trump hired his personal physician, a man with zero management experience, to run a VA with over 360,000 employees. He's not crazy. He's a moron.

      Many Americans voted to elect Barack Obama, a man with zero management experience, to be President. Millions of executive branch employees and military personnel report to the President. Are Obama voters crazy/morons?

    17. David, Obama completed two terms and eight years of his presidency with dignity and grace and at least one massive achievement in the ACA. He never had to hire a lawyer to defend against disgusting scandals that come very day with Trump, he never sucked off a dictator like Putin the way your hero Trump is still doing. You love the feel of Trump's balls on your chin, but you constantly lie and lie and lie, your constant fervent shitty posts to this shitty blog are pathetic. You're deeply stupid, is the only conclusion one can draw from your gullible falsehoods.

    18. Millions of executive branch employees and military personnel report to the President.

      Sure they do, you treasonous bastard. They line up at Maralago every weekend and wait for him to come off the 18th green.

      You're a fucking despicable deplorable enabler. Trump can't even fire the head of the VA honestly. He lies about that too claiming the man resigned, and I'm sure you approve of that also and can explain why the lying sack of shit lied about that.

      Of course you're "mystified" - that 's because you have no sense of decency.

    19. Don't be mystified by the Frum's of the world. They're trying to build life rafts, so when the shit hits the fan on Trump, they'll be able to row away from him (EXACTLY LIKE THEY DID WITH George W. Bush).
      Fuck that. Any American worth his salt should be knifing their excuses (life rafts). Guillotines can't come fast enough for the traitors.

  4. "Donald J. Trump was advancing The Crazy"

    I know, it's a weird concept to you, Bob, but I got the impression that Donald the Magnificent was advancing his campaign promises.

    I understand, you're accustomed to your tribe's M.O.: hypnotizing unwashed masses with nice-sounding bullshit - only to proceed, once elected, committing neoliberal/neocon atrocities. But that's not the only way to do politics, Bob. Open your mind, please.

    1. Trump has to advance his bigoted campaign promises, because those are the promises his base deeply cares about.

      All the other campaign promises he broke (Wall Street running the economy, the rigged game, stopping corporate malfeasance, etc) , don't matter a whit to his base, so he doesn't need to advance them.

      Of course, me and Mao can write this, because we aren't paid by the corporate-owned media to make believe Trump won the Presidency for a reason other than bigotry.

    2. Mao's a producer in the Russian raw-sewage business.

    3. Mao - what atrocities are you talking about? You are a broken record sycophantic apologist for our POTUS. I'm glad to open my mind if you ever provide any rational explanation for your constant conclusory opinions, with wildly exaggerated invective directed at those you don't agree with. It's entirely possible to reject "neo liberals /neo conservatives" while at the same time not being happy with Trump and his smarmy snake oil salesman style. See Counterpunch, for example. Fulfilling his campaign promises? His campaign promises were largely bogus, and often crazy (e.g, will abolish Obamacare, and bring about healthcare for all at less cost).

    4. More good news from the "drain the swamp" files:

      A swamp monster is running the EPA

    5. It's only grifting when Democrats are involved, no matter how peripherally.

      According to GOPump trolls and pseudo-progressives, when their own kind grift, it's sharp business acumen and skilled deal-making.

    6. A NY Times article provides us with an example of quid pro quo:


      I'll bet Jefferson Davis Sessions will get right on investigating this ----NOT!

  5. Some things not in dispute:
    Trump is a liar and a thief.
    And Putin's bitch.

  6. Mr Trump and Uncle Vova expell each other’s diplomats and keep improving their nuclear arsenals, but they hope to have a cordial meeting.


  7. "All over the cosmos and what's beyond, tribal politics devolves into this."

    Somerby seems to be complaining about Kirsten West Savali and her views on race and police violence. But what "tribe" is he accusing her of speaking for? "Liberals"? Which ones? Clinton supporters? Bernie supporters? The problem is, she doesn't really seem to be speaking from a tribal liberal perspective. She seems to be speaking as a person, an African-American, a woman. She doesn't mention liberal politics or politicians (although she does criticize Rahm Emmanuel at one point, and Trump). She is critical of the media. She doesn't follow MLK in her discussions of society.

    My point is that Somerby seems to express dismay when people like Savali have a platform to speak their views. With the extinction of the "gatekeepers" and the ending of the Fairness Doctrine and the rise of the internet, there is a greater democratization of the dissemination of information. (Misinformation too). Somerby seems to want to return to the past when only certain wise elites approved what the rest of us got to hear about.

    The mainstream media has a responsibility to report true information. No dispute about that. But who will censor voices like Savali, and why should they? The internet gives her a platform, much to the chagrin of Somerby no doubt. And neither "liberals", (elite or not) nor the so-called mainstream media have the power to silence her. Or anyone else, for that matter.

  8. Somerby will believe that Trump is crazy with no proof, but he won't believe Clifford had an affair with Trump. That is what bias looks like.

  9. If everything is so hunky dory with our schools, why are all those teachers protesting in West Virginia, Kentucky, Oklahoma?

  10. Ironically, just tonight, Chris Hayes covered the teacher walkout in Oklahoma and issues surrounding our schools. Did Bob's readers know that two-hundred and ten of the Oklahoma's schools -- in 91 of the state's 512 school districts -- operate on a four-day schedule? We learned that tonight on Our One True Liberal Channel, you know, the one who will never discuss this.

    Among Hayes' guests was Dana Goldstein, author of "The Teacher Wars." Of course, Bob has questioned her understanding of our schools in a past post from several years ago.

    They should've booked Bob Somerby, since no one else seems to know anything about education.

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